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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 8, 1999 on GL
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Monday, February 8, 1999
by Soap Central

Today's recap was provided by Jenna

At the courthouse:
Billy tells Reva and Josh that they are losing Lewis Oil in a take over bid. Alan reveals that he is the one that is now the Lewis boy's new boss. He says that he has controlling interest of the company and that the only thing they can do is agree to help Annie. If Josh and Reva refuse to testify against Annie then Alan will sell his interest in Lewis Oil back to them. Reva refuses immediately, while Josh says he wanted to hear more. At the end, Josh agrees with Alan, and Reva is very upset and saying she does not. After Alan believes the deal has been made, he leaves the courthouse and Reva, Josh and Billy start to laugh, it was apparently a setup, to make Alan think that he has the trio divided. They agree to get Lewis oil back and to see any in jail.

At the Spaulding Mansion:
Matt shows up on Beth's doorstep and tells her that his marriage is over. Beth tells him to go home. They talk awhile and Beth tells Matt, that she is attracted to him but that she had to ask him to go home and make up with Vanessa, for both their sakes. Then Ross calls Matt and tells him that Vanessa was arrested. Matt starts to leave and tells Beth that since she too saw Vanessa leave with Dinah, she would also have to go.

At the police station:
Vanessa denies any knowledge of Dinah's whereabouts to Frank. She says Matt must have been mistaken when he thought he saw her with her daughter. Ross arrives and tells Vanessa not to say anything and he begins to question the detectives about the charges. Vanessa tells Ross that Matt will not lie to protect her because of his hatred of Dinah. Vanessa then again, says she know nothing and is booked on aiding and abetting charges. Matt and Beth show up just as they are taking Vanessa to a cell, and she tells them to leave.

At the diner:
Phillip goes in to pick up some stuffed cabbage for Harley when David walks in. Phillip asks David where Harley is, and David said he hasn't seen her all day. Phillip questions David and comes to the conclusion that Harley must be with Susan. Shortly after that, Susan calls Phillip to tell him she and Harley need help. Michelle meets Drew and they discuss Michelle's plan about the Santo's. Deitz stands guard outside to 'watch over' Michelle. They chat for awhile about Jesse and Danny and then leave.

At the Bus Station:
Harley stands up to a mugger for Susan. When it looks like the mugger is going to hurt Harley, Susan calls Phillip for Help. Jim arrives just in time and fends off the mugger. The police take the mugger into custody and all is well when Phillip arrives. Phillips questions Harley about why she lied to him about Susan and he gets a little upset when he tells her how she could've been hurt. At the same time, Jim fusses at Susan for running away and involving Harley in her problems. That is when Phillip and Jim both find out that Harley and Susan have been in contact the whole time. After Harley and Susan leave to get some hot chocolate, Phillip suggests that he and Susan move to Springfield and Jim take an accounting job at Spaulding. Jim, gets mad, thinking that Phillip is trying to control his life and calls him an "arrogant jerk." Phillip tells him the pay has surely got to beat that of a teachers, and for Jim and Susan to go back to the Spaulding mansion to spend the night, and think it over.

Tuesday, February 9, 1999

After spending the night at the Spaulding mansion, Jim angrily confronts Phillip about his reasons for the invitation. Phillip maintains that he only wants what's best for Harley and Susan and hands Jim a large check advance as motivation to consider his offer for a position at Spaulding Enterprises. Initially, Jim rejects the offer with seething hostility but later concedes that he has only been thinking of himself. He announces to Susan that, if she wishes, they can move to Springfield to be closer to Harley. Susan looks at her father in amazement.

Blake decorates Hart's hospital room with furnishings from the farm. When Hart wants to discuss the possibility that he might die with Cassie, she will hear nothing of it and rushes out of the room in tears. She returns with R.J. cradled in her arms, telling Hart that his son should inspire him to get well.

Selena convinces Drew to play up her supposed "date" when Jesse comes into the diner asking about Drew's evening. Reluctantly, Drew plays along with Selena, convincing Jesse that a devilishly handsome, smart and charming guy named "Brad" is romancing Drew in the hopes that it will make Jesse more interested in her.

Ken visits Buzz at the diner asking for a job. Buzz can not forget that Ken once held a knife to Harley's throat and refuses to hire him. As he continues to look for work, he discovers Holly, on the run from her escape from the rehab clinic. Holly tells Ken that she has a plan...Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Ben tells Blake about Holly's escape and tries to convince her that Holly is angry and dangerous. He tells a confused Blake that they should turn Holly in to the police.

Danny and Michelle visit the Bauer home to tell Rick and Meta in person that the wedding is planned for the day after tomorrow. Rick flatly refuses to attend. Later, alone in Michelle's old room, Rick confronts Danny about his true motivations for marrying Michelle and urges him to set her free. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Meta tells Michelle that she is not convinced that she loves Danny. When she has a moment alone, Michelle tries to contact the F.B.I. by phone to get assistance with her plan to bring down the Santos family. She is startled when Danny walks in during her phone conversation.

Wednesday, February 10, 1999

On the run from the police, Holly brings Ken to Camp Cayuga where they spent many summer weeks growing up and having fun. She explains that the deserted place is the perfect place for her to help the children. He thinks it's a bad idea but she smiles and admits that it's too late for him to back out.

Convincing Blake that it's the only choice they have left now that Holly has escaped from the mental institution, Ben stuns Frank with the news that Holly is the nursery rhyme stalker. Later, after blasting Ben for telling the police, Blake becomes frantic when she realizes that Holly has kidnapped the twins.

Danny stuns Michelle with his decision that they will consummate their marriage after the wedding ceremony.

Annie and Vanessa come face-to-face in jail and argue about who is responsible for Dinah's crimes. Matt tries to make amends with his wife and get her out of jail but Vanessa wants nothing to do with him or Beth. Annie realizes her best bet on escaping from jail.

Thursday, February 11, 1999

Jim begins his first day of work as an accountant at Spaulding but warns Phillip that if he or Harley ever go behind his back to manipulate him or his daughter, they will quickly leave town.

Later, he runs into Cassie and remembers her from his past. Reva is touched when she finally meets her granddaughter Susan.

Hart tries to send Cassie home to rest. He later is amazed to see a vision of an angel who offers him advice.

Matt asks Beth to change her story to the police about Dinah's escape so that Vanessa will be released from jail. When she refuses, he questions her why she wants Vanessa left in jail.

While Blake blames Ben for Holly taking her twins, Frank reports that Holly emptied her bank accounts and her safe deposit box which contained her passport. Blake fears that Holly could have left the country. Ross is astounded to hear what has happened.

Meanwhile, Buzz discover that his and Frank's children are missing as well. Lizzie also disappears.

Friday, February 12, 1999

Josh and Billy are astounded when Bill admits that he thinks Annie has changed. Josh explains that Annie tried to kill Reva by leaving her in a burning building.

Selena blames herself when Buzz and Frank find no sign of the kids and Frank reveals that Holly is the nursery rhyme stalker. Harley, Josh and Reva learn that Holly took their kids.

Meanwhile, Holly piles the kids in a van and assures them that their parents gave them the okay for the surprise trip.

Angela the nurse assures Cassie that she will take good care of Hart.

When Jim admits that he remembers her from her stripping days, Cassie asks him to forget about her past as she has done. He hints that it will be hard for him to do and reminds her that she helped him clear his head one particularly dark night.

Alan gives Annie the news that he's worked out a deal with Josh and Reva so they won't testify against her.

Later, when Bill stops by for a visit, Annie uses a fire to make her escape.

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