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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 6, 1999 on GL
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Monday, September 6, 1999

Due to coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, Guiding Light was not shown.

Tuesday, September 7, 1999

In San Cristobel , Josh and Richard finally managed to find Reva already underwater and unconscious. After Josh went under the water and broke the shackles, he pushed Reva up a bit in order to permit Richard to retrieve her from the watery pool. Once Reva was out of the hole, Josh still hadn't come out of the water. Richard reached in and pulled out his adversary and then they both focused on Reva.

Josh began CPR and after what seemed to be forever, Reva choked up the water and breathed once again. Richard was relieved and fell back against the cave wall. Josh was trying to convince a dazed Reva that she wasn't dreaming or dying, that her Bud was really there. Reva finally regained her mind and sat up. That was the first time she saw Richard.

Reva smiled at Richard and told him that she was okay and wondered if he was. He told her that Edmund was dead and that he was sorry for everything. Josh said everything was great since it was all over. Reva revealed that it wasn't over, not for her and Richard, not until they took their son home. Richard agreed, and he and Josh helped Reva out of the cave and headed back to the palace.
Meanwhile at the safe house, with Olivia still locked in the closet, Cassie was headed out the door with Jonathan when Marissa and her husband showed up. They released Olivia and begged Cassie to let them leave. Cassie told them that Jonathan was not their son, and she could not let them run away with him. She begged them to take Jonathan to the palace for her sister to see him. They all seemed very intent on leaving San Cristobel , with the boy.
At the palace, Jim, Matt, Danny, and Michelle were ready to go out on the hunt for Reva, Josh, and Richard, when the guards, led by Colonel Dax, entered. The guards claimed that they were all traitors and would be punished as traitors. They assaulted Danny, who tried to pick a fight so that Michelle could leave, and manhandled the rest of the bunch. The guards took them down into a secluded spot where they put the four Americans in front of a firing squad.
Reva, Josh, and Richard returned to the palace, where they told the guards to find the safe house where Olivia was keeping Jonathan. They were then informed that Danny and crew were all facing the firing squad for the bomb and for the death of Edmund. Reva begged Richard to stop the guards, and he and Josh went off to help. Reva got cleaned up and was sitting in the courtyard, crying about the whole ordeal, when Jonathan approached, put his hand on her shoulder, and asked her if she was okay. Reva recognized him immediately and reached out to the little boy.

At the Jessup Farm, Blake was still talking to Hart and wishing that she could be with Ross. She stumbled onto Sam and Holly and asked what was going on. Holly told her the story about Sam being in jail for murder and that she was trying to investigate for a story she was writing. Sam got upset thinking that Holly was embarrassed to tell Blake that she was seeing him, so he told her it was all business.
Blake went out and was talking to Ross. She said that she was going out of town with her new boyfriend and was going to take the twins. Ross said absolutely not, that he would move into the house with Holly and the boys while Blake was gone. Blake assumed that meant that he wanted to move in with Holly but agreed anyway. Alone, they both decided they had to go on with their lives since they both had someone new in their lives.

At the Santos estate outside Springfield, Ben stopped Carmen from plunging the ice pick into his throat, and they finally got things out in the open. The baby was not his, and Carmen was the one he was with, not Blake. They argued a bit; Pilar walked in and told Ben to get away from her mother. Bill pulled Pilar out of the room, and she told him how much she hated Ben. Back in the study, Ben wanted to know what was really going on. Carmen admitted that she was falling in love with him and felt powerless to her emotions. Ben told Carmen that he was falling for her, as well, and that he had always been honest with her about his feelings.

Wednesday, September 8, 1999

In San Cristobel , Richard and Josh arrived just in time to stop the guards from firing their bullets into Danny, Michelle, Jim, and Matt. Josh apologized to everyone and said that he was sorry for putting them into that position and that he was glad that everyone was safe. Michelle was concerned that it was the way her life was meant to be as long as she was a Santos. Danny comforted her and told her that he would get out, in time, and that she just needed to trust him.

Cassie approached the group and told everyone that she was glad that they were all right. She watched as Jim called Beth and told her that he had been thinking about her, and Matt called Vanessa and told her that he was going to Paris to see her because he loved and missed her, and Manny kissing on the sidelines. Cassie looked very lonely.
Jonathan asked Reva why she was so upset, and she was dumbfounded to find her son standing over her. She was overcome with emotions and was about to tell him how glad she was to see her son, when Cassie stepped in and introduced Reva as Jonathan's new "friend." She reached out to hug him and then pulled back and talked to him a little. Richard ran in with the news that he ha stopped the firing squad and that Reva's friends were all right.

Just as Richard burst in, he was face-to-face with his son, Jonathan, and was taken aback with tears. He looked happy and besieged at once. He was introduced as the prince, and he and Jonathan talked and got acquainted. Olivia told Jonathan that his parents were unpacking and that he would be staying in the palace for a while. He was excited and wanted to know where the dragons were.
Olivia pulled Richard aside and apologized for keeping his son from him. Richard told her that he was glad that she had kept him safe and that he realized that Edmund would have probably killed the boy if he were with him. Josh walked in and saw Reva and Richard interacting with their son and could see the closeness between them. He told her that he had to take care of getting everyone on planes to their respective destinations. He left and breathed heavily after getting a few rooms away.

Jonathan walked out and was roaming the palace when he met up with Josh. He talked about the prince and the princess, and Josh explained that Reva was not the princess, but his wife. They talked a bit, and Olivia appeared to tell Jonathan where his room was and that his parents were waiting on him. She talked to Josh after the boy left and told him that Reva and Richard had become close and that Richard would want Reva to stay. Josh denied that Reva would even think about staying there, but Olivia told him to go with her and she would show him his wife's history. She took Josh into Catherine's old rooms, and he was confronted with the portrait of Princess Catherine.
Reva was with Richard, who was frantically happy. He said he felt that he finally had his whole family back and asked Reva to stay with them. He told her that Jonathan would need his mother to help mold him into the young prince that he was destined to be. He would need help to become the man who would someday rule San Cristobel.

In Chicago, Drew and Selena were in a campus pub looking for clues to the identity of Drew's dad. Drew left for a moment, and Selena freaked out after seeing a young girl trying to get "a date." She went up told the John to go home and told the girl to get smart and stop it before she couldn't help herself anymore. Drew came in to find the girl and Selena scuffling a bit and pulled her mother back and told her to calm down.

When Drew and Selena got back to the table, Drew said that she was selfish to think only of herself and that she was sorry. She said that they could leave and go back to Springfield. She also said that she loved Selena. They left and went back to their hotel room and found the room full of "I love you" balloons. They couldn't figure out who in the world had done that, so they were about to call the hotel manager, thinking the balloons had been put in the wrong room, when two more bouquets of balloons were taken in, attached to Buzz and Jesse.

Thursday, September 9, 1999

In San Cristobel , Reva reminded Richard that her family in the states was waiting patiently on her to return and had been for a long while. Richard told her that if Josh cared for her at all that he would understand and be supportive of her staying in San Cristobel to help raise her son. Reva got angry and told Richard that he had no right to question Josh's devotion for her; he didn't even know Josh. Richard offered to get her family to San Cristobel to live -- Marah, Shayne, and even Josh -- that way she could have her family and also have Jonathan. Reva told him that she would talk to Josh about it. She left, and Richard thought to himself that once she decided to remain in San Cristobel , it would only be a matter of time before he had her back and Josh was sent packing.
Olivia was still trying to tell Josh about how Richard would try to get Reva to stay and how Reva would probably want to stay. Josh denied that Reva would ever want to stay there and leave her family with him. Olivia showed Josh Catherine's letters to Richard, but still he insisted that he knew his wife; she would not want to stay there.
Reva walked in and told Josh of the offer Richard had made to move them all to San Cristobel. Josh got a little tweaked and told Reva that he was leaving San Cristobel , with or without her. She could stay if that was what she wanted, but he and his children would be in Springfield, USA.

In Chicago, Drew and Jesse made love. They decided that they did want to get married and would make it a long engagement. Meanwhile in the Campus Pub, Selena reminisced about how her life could have been if she had not been a hooker. One of the ex-frat boys that had taken the scarred boy to Selena, years before, appeared and introduced himself. He told her that the scarred boy had been named Ben Warren.

At the Santos Compound outside Springfield, Ben gave Dietz an order, and it ticked Dietz off. Dietz said that he only listened to Carmen, not Ben. Carmen walked in and straightened things out. He left. Pilar told Ben that her mother wanted him to move in with her, to try to make trouble, but it had backfired. Carmen and Ben talked and agreed that they did want to live together.
Pilar, still mad, met an angry Dietz and they talked about how sleazy Ben was. Pilar told Dietz that she was a Santos; she did not care for Ben and she wanted him to get rid of him.

Friday, September 10, 1999

Due to coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, Guiding Light was not shown.

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