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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 14, 2002 on GL
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Monday, January 14, 2002

Falling in love again:
"To Paris," Josh and Reva exclaim as they share a glass of champagne at Towers. Reva is afraid Josh used a romantic dinner as the setting for a second marriage proposal. Josh surprises her by asking for his proposal back. Paris got the better of him, and he jumped the gun. They agree to take things slow so as to avoid another romantic catastrophe. They dance and reminisce over the last time they danced together - when Reva was getting her sight back. Josh offers to fill her dance card, and Reva accepts with the giddy of a love-struck girl at her high school prom. It took traveling back in time to realize there's just no running away from Josh Lewis. She has again "seen the light." Reva is scared someone might see them together and tell Marah and Shane that their parents are an item once again. Josh promises to "court" Reva the old-fashioned way. Reva thinks they will look ridiculous acting as if they've only just met. When he tries to kiss her, Reva laughs and says "you'll have to wait." Steady as she goes...

The honeymoon's over:
A the Rusty Anchor, a mysterious man in black studies Camille's face in a photo. Then he spots the real thing at the bar. Camille cannot hide her excitement over the prospect of spending an entire year with Alonzo on the presidential yacht. A generator problem has caused a slight delay, so Alonzo has a drink as Camille talks about the sunset. A less-than-enthusiastic Alonzo tells her to call the weather station to check the tides. As she goes for the phone, Rawley, the bartender comments on what a lucky guy Alonzo is, "setting off to sea with a beautiful babe." Alonzo tells him it's not what he thinks, that he's not as crazy about Camille as he used to be - he has grown up and "things have changed." He confides that he's only taking Camille away to stop her from making trouble for people he cares about. (Although, she thinks it's a romantic getaway). An eavesdropping Camille tries to call Dax in a panic. She is told he's been transferred (to the Royal Academy) and that he cannot be reached. She knows something is very wrong...

Camille tells Alonzo she's changed her mind about the trip, that this generator problem is a bad omen. Alonzo tries to calm her fears. She begins to tell him something important, but Alonzo leaves to check on the generator. The man in black approaches Camille and introduces himself as Les Harper, (a reporter) from the San Cristobel Register. He wants to interview Camille about the (appropriately titled) "Good Will Tour." He asks her about life in the palace and the stories she must have... but which one will she tell?...

To be or not to be:
Ross and Tory break from their impassioned kiss at the airport just as an old friend stops to say hello. Ross introduces Tory to Cal Arundel, a client and friend. He says he has a plane to catch and leaves the embarrassed couple. "That was close," Ross says and pulls Tory to him. Tory pulls away and says that is the reason why she has to leave - she will not break up Ross's happy home. Ross is afraid Tory will throw away her career just because he was careless enough to confess his true feelings for her. Tory says it is her fault, that she kissed him. Ross says it isn't fair and insists on taking the blame. He will get her a job with a colleague so that she can stay in school. Tory tells him to go home to his family, and that she can't tell him where she is going. "You'll thank me later," she says, and starts to cry.

As the final call for her flight fills the loudspeakers, Tory sits in the terminal staring with uncertainty at her tickets.

All's fair in love and war:
At Company, Blake tells Holly all is well with the Marlers once again. Ross chose her and now Tory is out of their lives for good. Besides, Blake insists, Tory needs to make a life for herself anyway (with a man her own age). Holly seems unconvinced - she is worried about Ross's part in all this. She tells Blake she is afraid that Ross will revert back to being depressed - he needed this change (teaching) and now he wants to give it all up. Is it a wise choice or is Ross just "a walking time-bomb?" Ross joins them to break the news that Tory has left town. Blake seems surprised, but is relieved, agreeing Tory needs to make a brand new start. While Ross takes a call from a client, Blake tells Holly that all Ross needs is a long romantic kiss. When Ross hangs up, Blake does just that, while a pained Tory watches from outside the window...

The royal secret:
Cassie confronts Richard about Camille's accusation - that Alonzo is his half-brother. Camille said Richard knows the truth and that's why he is sending Alonzo away. Richard asks Cassie to walk away from this conversation and to forget what Camille said, but that only convinces Cassie that her accusations are true. Richard gives in and tells her he does suspect Alonzo is the true prince, but that's he's only just found out and he's still in shock. He'd love to tell the whole world that his brother, Prince William is alive and well. Cassie says that he can tell everyone - it wasn't his fault that the real prince was taken away from the palace all those years ago. Richard swears no one can know that Alonzo is Prince William and that their son is the true heir to the throne. Cassie doesn't care about politics; she just wants Alonzo to know his true identity. Richard is only trying to protect his family. He is afraid that once this story goes public, Will's adoption will come into question, and worse yet, the Monarchists will claim Will as the true heir and take Richard and Cassie to court. They could lose their son.

Richard insists he sent Alonzo away with only Cassie's happiness in mind. She is upset that she was kept in the dark. Cassie thinks Richard no longer trusts her. He admits, "It's not you I don't trust." Cassie says Alonzo deserves to know who he is, but Richard is not convinced that, once he knows, Alonzo will walk away from the prospect of being prince. Richard wishes he never knew he was royalty. But Cassie says that with Alonzo on his side, Edmund will never again have a chance at taking over the island. Richard breaks down and tells Cassie the real reason he sent Alonzo and Camille away: he is jealous of Alonzo and thinks Alonzo is in love with his wife. Cassie doesn't believe it. Richard says Alonzo is shipping off to sea with a woman he doesn't love because he loves Cassie and wants her to be happy. Cassie is angry that Richard is playing with the fate of another man because he can't control his jealousy. Richard is afraid he will lose Cassie. "He's your brother..." a dramatic Cassie pleads. Richard promises to "make sure Alonzo will have a happy life... but not at the expense of ours."

Cassie, now alone, dials the phone and tells the yacht not to leave under any circumstances. She leaves to stop Alonzo and Camille.

The family name:
At Towers, Alan tries to lure Danny back to Spaulding Enterprises with a gift for Michelle - a Colombian sculpture. Alan implies that the best pieces of South American art are hard to come by, but "there are ways" of getting them...conventional or not. Danny thinks it is a bribe and promises Michelle that he will not let Robbie grow up hating the name Santos and all that comes with it. He is going to find out the reason for Carmen's sudden interest in art dealing...

20 questions:
At Company, Carmen browses an art catalog as Gus Aitoro joins her. He claims to have a client interested in hard-to-come-by art... art not found in Carmen's gallery. She seems uninterested, reminding Gus that he no longer works for her. But when Gus mentions his "rich clientele," he's got her undivided attention. His client, he says, wants an untraceable piece.

Danny finds Carmen at Company and asks for the truth. He wants to make sure she's not doing anything illegal. Carmen insists she is going straight so that she can be a part of Danny's family again. She sees her son doesn't trust her. When Danny leaves, Carmen calls Maurice at the warehouse and tells him too many people are asking questions. She orders him to torch the warehouse tonight. Insurance will cover her losses. Outside Company, Danny calls Michelle to tell her he came up empty with Carmen, but not to worry... he'll get his answers.

At the warehouse, Maurice is outside on the phone with Carmen - he's ready to set it ablaze. Carmen wants to be sure no one will be hurt. Maurice insists it is empty... but he didn't see Danny sneak inside to investigate...

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

When Gus runs into Harley at the mall and realizes his former partner is shopping for her trousseau, he's flustered. After Rick shows up and shoos the detective away from his fiancée, the couple heads for Towers. When Rick goes to make a phone call, Harley takes the opportunity to talk to Father Ray. Although she doesn't seem so sure, Fr. Ray tells Harley that he has faith in the couple and their plans to marry. When Rick returns to the table, Harley excitedly convinces him that they should elope - Rick agrees and the two are off and running with baby in tow.

When Danny arrives at the warehouse, he finds Carmen's henchman there. When the two begin to fight, the mobster tries to warn Danny that the place is about to go up in flames - they must leave. A doubtful Danny refuses to leave, and when he's knocked unconscious in the struggle, he's left behind when the fire breaks out. Armed with Harley's new information that the warehouse where Sam was injured is owned by the Santos family, Gus heads down there. The detective arrives to find the place in flames and an unconscious Danny trapped. Gus frantically tries to cut Danny free, injuring himself in the process. Finally freeing his enemy, Gus struggles to pull Danny free of the debris and carry him to safety.

Mel's father shows up while she is commiserating with her mother about Rick's upcoming nuptials, and tells his daughter he is delighted for the couple. After Mel leaves, Felicia tell her husband that their daughter has feelings for Rick - but he already knows and is glad that Mel will be forced to put an end to that "dead end work place infatuation."

While the Cooper family is out looking for Marina, Shayne runs into the girl at the mall. In spite of the fact that a snooty Marina all but snubbed him at first, Shayne comes to her rescue when she's caught shoplifting. Angry that he butted in, Marina tells Shayne that she could have gotten out of it one her own - there was no need for him to pretend to be her boyfriend and pay for the stolen clothes. After suggesting to Shayne that he check with the damsel to make sure she's in distress before rushing to the rescue, Marina walks off leaving a stunned Shayne wondering what just happened.

Upon arriving at the hotel in Mexico, Phillip calls Lillian. Beth/Lorelei is touched when she overhears him telling Lillian that he will not let her daughter get hurt. Although Beth/Lorelei tries to convince him that it may be better if she doesn't regain her memory, Phillip is on a mission. Worried over what he will find, Beth/Lorelei tells Phillip that she doesn't want to remember and asks "why can't you respect me on this; why can't you just let this go and then we can move on?" But Phillip will back down only so much - he won't force Beth/Lorelei, but he will pursue it on his own. After Phillip leaves, Beth/Lorelei is stunned when she answers a knock at the door and finds Edmund. When Edmund learns that Phillip has gone in search of the mission where Beth/Lorelei "recovered", he is concerned. But when Beth/Lorelei begins defending Phillip, and then storms out, Edmund worries that "she's lost it."

Wednesday, January 16, 2002

In Mexico, Edmund and Lorelei/Beth are discussing what Phillip is going through to find the mission. Ed knows that Phillip is not going to locate the mission, because it does not exist. Angry and hurt, Edmund said the real Beth is dead. Edmund wants to know why she agreed with Phillip to do this and tells her if Phillip finds out they will end up broke and in jail. But Lorelei/Beth admires Phillip because he is trying to help her. Lorelei/Beth feels that Phillip wants Beth to get her memory back for his sake. Edmund gets a brainstorm and says that he has a solution. Edmund thinks that if the man of the cloth answers Phillip's questions, they are ok. Edmund is going to try to bribe a priest or nun if he has to. He wanted to know if she has s better idea. She said that bribing them is got to be some kind of sin. A gentleman, Raphael a local actor, enters the cabin and gives them a flyer advertising a local show. He wants to know if they want tickets. Edmund asked him if there is a mission with a priest. He exits. Edmund tells Lorelei/Beth not to sulk. She says she cannot do anything right. Edmund yells at her to keep quiet for a few minutes. Feeling guilty, he apologizes for yelling. He tells her they are on a mission to find a mission. She says Phillip is not the stuck up freak that Edmund thinks he is. She continues by saying he is sweet and generous and she thinks Edmund is jealous. Edmund ignores the comment and reminds her they have a job to do. She said she would not do this if there were not a fat payoff in the end. All of a sudden there is the sound of thunder and lightning, and she ends up in Edmund's arms. Beth said she likes being with Edmund because she can be honest with him and he accepts her as she is. As they are sitting on the bed, he said the storm takes him back to the storm in Mexico when Beth died. She wants him to tell her about it again, but he says you know all there is to know. Edmund says Beth came to Mexico to get a divorce, but he followed her. He found her in the plaza and she looked beautiful. He came up to her in disguise and danced with her. As Edmund continues, Lorelei/Beth lies on Edmund's shoulder as they say on the bed. With a lost look on his face, he continued to tell the story how Beth was forgetting about the divorce. He said they were being chased so they went to the riverbed. He said he finally convinced her that she was safe with him and then she slipped to her death. Edmund said it's amazing how you can be with someone for a moment, then the next moment they are gone. Lorelei/Beth fell asleep on Edmund. Edmund gets up and puts the flyer in his jacket pocket. He has another brainstorm. He covered her with a blanket and kisses her on the cheek. Then he exits the cabin.

Harley and Rick are at the church at Brewster Falls waiting for the minister. Since Jude was born at Brewster Falls, they felt this was the appropriate place to be married. Rick is nervous and says here we are. Rick jokingly commented he has always imagined what it would be like to elope. Harley suggests he sit down. As Rick sits down, he finds an article about Harley describing the events when she had Jude. Rick is upset because there was no mention of his presence during the birth of Jude. Rick talks about Gus being there, and she said to forget about that. She wants to move on. Minister enters the room and reminds them to sign the license. Minister explains it is simple ceremony and asked then for their blood results. Minister exits the room and said he will be back. Rick keeps asking if she is sure about this. Rick is concerned that Harley is upset because they are not having flowers and the normal things people include in weddings. Harley doesn't care about flowers or anything like that. Minister enters room and said that he forgot his Bible. Minister begins the ceremony by talking about love and how love brought them together. Rick is trying to find the rings and realizes they are in the car. He exits to get rings out of the car. As the ceremony begins, both of their cell phones are ringing. When they answer, they are both told of Danny's accident. Harley said they should go to the hospital. As they are leaving, Harley attempts to explain to the minister they will be back soon.

While Michelle was sitting at a table at Company, Claire enters. Claire decides to sit at the table with Michelle and starts a conversation. Michelle says she isn't relaxed because she feels Claire is trying to absorb her. Claire said she is proud of the woman that Michele has become. Claire wants a chance to prove she can be a plus in her life, but Michelle says to give it some time. Michelle left the table to make a phone call. Carmen shows up and tells Claire that if she is going to beg to be in Michelle's life she needs to do it right. When Michelle returns to the table, she asked Carmen if she had seen Danny. Claire is surprised that he would be on speaking terms with her because of what she had done and says it loud enough for Carmen to hear. Michelle said that Danny wanted to talk to Carmen to find out about her artwork and antiquities business. Carmen said her business was on the level. Claire hears her phone ringing and finds out that Danny has been hurt and she is needed at the hospital. She tells Michelle about Danny being hurt in a fire and he is in critical condition. Michelle and Claire exit Company to go to the hospital, with Carmen on their heels. Michelle arrives at the hospital as they are wheeling Danny into the emergency room. Claire wants her to wait outside. Mel talks to Michelle and tries to calm her down. She tells her that he is in critical condition, and he will probably need surgery. Mel tells Michelle that Danny was hit in the head with a box and has a blood clot. She continued by saying there was a fire in the warehouse and Danny would have died if Gus had not pulled him out. Michelle approached Gus and thanked him for saving Danny's life. Gus said there was s fire and it was instinct to help. She said his instincts kept her from being a window. Carmen enters the waiting room and asked about Danny. Upon hearing someone mention the warehouse, she wants to know where the warehouse was. Carmen sees Maurice and tells him that Danny is in critical condition. He tells her he tried to tell him to get out of the warehouse. Carmen accused him of leaving Danny to die. Carmen angrily dismissed Maurice and said she would deal with him later. As Carmen is talking to Maurice, Michelle is listening in the background. Michelle sees Rick and runs to him. Carmen asked the doctor if Danny is going to be ok. Rick goes into the emergency room and talks to Mel and Claire. Michelle is telling Harley that Gus saved Danny's life. Harley sees Gus and asked if he is ok. Michelle enters the emergency room and sees Danny. As she leans over him, she talks to him and tells him she waited for him at Company. Even through tears, she tells him she doesn't know what happened, but she intends to find out. Michelle exits the emergency room. In the waiting room, Harley tells Gus to sit down since he is getting woozy. When she turns around, he had collapsed. Harley tells them to be careful as they lift him because his left leg is hurt. With a puzzled look, Rick noticed her concern.

Thursday, January 17, 2002

Sam tells Olivia he has decided he wants to be a journalist, and has applied to Henley College - the best journalism school. But when he's turned down, he's disappointed and Olivia feels responsible. Olivia wants to help her brother realize his dream by using her newly found money and power to secure a place for Sam at Henley. When Alan offers to make a phone call and handle Sam's problem, Olivia turns him down - she will pull the necessary strings herself.

Catalina and Ben are at it again - sparring over Tony and Marah. Catalina tells Ben that he needs to face the truth and admit that Marah is still in love with Tony. Furthermore, Catalina tells Ben, she doesn't like his chances of getting Marah into bed. Armed with that knowledge, Ben can't help but wonder why Catalina is so confident. "Tony is gonna forget all about Marah sooner than you think" Catalina tells Ben. Ben suddenly realizes that Catalina plans to trap Tony by getting pregnant.

Meanwhile over at the mall, Tony and Marah run into one another. Marah is still mad at her former flame for checking up on her during her ski trip with Ben. But Tony thinks Marah needs his protection. Tony tries to tell Marah that Ben is playing games, but she defends her new beau's ankle injury as real and insists he wasn't faking. As their talking, it becomes more and more obvious that Marah and Tony miss one another. After a particularly close moment in their conversation, Marah confesses "I wish we were always like this."

Ross informs his students that he won't be returning to school next semester. Unbeknownst to Ross, Tory is eavesdropping at the door. When she sees Blake and Clayton coming, Tory ducks into hiding. Blake and Clayton are there to try to change to Ross' mind about leaving teaching. Blake reminds her husband that "life is too short to give up on anything you love." Blake wants Ross to take her to dinner, but he has papers to grade - he will try to meet her at Company later. After Blake has gone, Tory slips into the classroom where Ross is grading papers. "Tory, what are you doing here?" His young paramour answers "I couldn't stay away."

Richard and Cassie are at odds about when they should tell Alonzo about his true identity. Richard is worried that the couple will lose their son, Will, if the truth comes out, but Cassie "cannot let that man sail off without knowing the truth." While the couple struggle with the situation, Alonzo enters waving the newspaper. Reeling from the news that he is the real prince, Alonzo demands to know the truth. Richard tries to tell his half-brother that he only learned the truth recently, but Alonzo believes the news account that Richard has known all along. Cassie backs her husband up, but to no avail - Alonzo's mind is made up - "all you two care about is money and power" he shouts, and wonders aloud if they were planning an accident at sea for him. Hurt, Cassie replies "you know we're not like that; we would never hurt you." Alonzo doesn't believe the couple and storms out. Against Richard's wishes, Cassie goes after Alonzo.

Friday, January 18, 2002

The princess and the pauper:
At the Rusty Anchor, Cassie finds Alonzo and tries to explain. Alonzo thinks he was played for a fool by the very people he considered friends. Cassie says she does care about him and his feelings. They sit down, and Cassie attempts to calm him by saying how rough the past year has been for Richard (finding out he was not the true prince). He is a good man who only recently found out the truth and intended to tell Alonzo had the article not been printed first. Alonzo says he and Richard do not trust each other and that Richard has always felt threatened by him - threatened that Alonzo will take his power (and the country) away from him. Cassie explains that Richard was not afraid of Alonzo, but of the monarchists taking Will away from them and siding with the true heir to the throne. Cassie says that Richard is not threatened by Alonzo for the reasons he thinks. She cannot look him in the eye. Alonzo demands to know the real reason. She hesitates but reveals Richard's fears that Alonzo has feelings for her. She insists that Richard is protective and misreads things. Alonzo says Richard is not imagining it - he "saw exactly what he thought he saw." Alonzo apologizes for his feelings - he never meant to fall for Cassie, but he is crazy about her. It's his fault; she never did anything to make him feel that way. Cassie is speechless. Alonzo reminds her that he has a reputation for being a womanizer (a "girl in every port" kind of guy). He says he doesn't blame Richard for wanting to send him away and that if the roles were reversed, he'd have done a lot worse to Richard. Cassie says she can't hear this and abruptly leaves.

Richard the lionhearted:
At the palace, Richard stares at the newspaper and asks Dax to leave. When he doesn't, Richard confronts him about his orchestration of the entire fiasco. Dax admits he did it and gives a shallow apology followed by a statement that the people of San Cristobel are angry... Richard grabs Dax by the throat and throws him against the wall. Richard says that because of Dax he may have lost the chance to know his brother and lost his wife as well. He explains that the Monarchists are having a field-day with this scandal and that Richard's closest colleagues and supporters are accusing him of a cover-up. He says Cassie has gone after Alonzo because he was upset when he found out his entire life has been a lie. Dax agrees it was unfortunate that the article came out but that Richard left him no other choice. He says it was not he, but Richard who threw San Cristobel into chaos. He insisted on pursuing the mystery of the christening cup (which led to the revelation that Richard was not the true heir to the throne) and for creating a democracy. Richard said he would not lie to the people because he trusts them to decide for themselves what is best for the island. Whereas Dax doesn't trust them at all. Richard gave them a choice. Dax says that if the people had known that William was alive before the elections, they may have been on the side of the monarchy (with Dax). He says the people would not have chosen a democracy. An enraged Richard orders Dax to leave the palace and never come back. Dax leaves saying, "you won't be giving orders much longer, Richard."
Cassie returns to the palace and tells Richard about her talk with Alonzo. She says she told him everything, even Richard's suspicions that Alonzo is in love with her. She looks at Richard and tells him she was right after all. Alonzo is not interested in her.

The favor:
At Company, a frustrated Olivia hangs up her cell phone. Sam enters, orders coffee, and asks his sister what's wrong. She says there has to be someone else she knows with an "in" at Hunley College. She feels guilty that her SEC charges may be stopping her brother from getting into school. Alan arrives and tells them an old business associate owes him a favor, so he asked him to put in a call to Hunley. He announces that Sam was accepted after all. Sam tells him "thanks, but no thanks" - he doesn't want himself or Olivia to be in Alan's debt. Alan can't believe Sam would pass up an opportunity for a first-rate education just because of his pride. Alan says Sam will never make it as a journalist unless he takes every opportunity given to him. Olivia pulls Sam aside and encourages him to accept - "most people at Hunley are there because someone put in a good word for them." Sam gives in and thanks Alan. Alan gives him some paperwork and tells him to call admissions. Sam leaves and Olivia assures Alan she is not grateful enough to jump into bed with him. Alan says that was not the reason he did her the favor.

If she only knew:
Blake sits at a table in Company and realizes her phone is missing - she must have left it in Ross's classroom. She pays the bill and runs into Holly on the way out. Holly wants the latest update on her daughter's marriage. Blake admits her mother was right (which Holly loved to hear) and that Ross shouldn't give up teaching. She tells her how she got Clayton to help her convince Ross to stay, but to no avail. Now Ross is starting to act depressed again. Holly says Ross associated teaching with Tory and now that Tory has left town, he's "throwing out the baby with the bath water." She reminds Blake that she has always had ways of making Ross feel "young." Blake leaves for the college to give her husband a much-needed pep talk.

The seduction of Professor Marler: Ross sits at a desk in his classroom. Tory enters and admits she "just couldn't stay away." She tells Ross she couldn't get on the plane because she kept thinking about their kiss and how she never wanted him to stop. They kiss again but Ross pulls away and says "we can't do this... it's wrong." He tells her to go, but she stands with her back to the door. Ross says he was the one who started it but there is a difference between feeling and acting on one. He is committed to Blake even thought they are not legally married and this would hurt her tremendously. Tory says they both have feelings for each other and they can't be ignored. She starts to cry and apologizes, saying she's had a rough day and feels pulled in a million directions at once. She asks Ross if she's a terrible person. He assures her she's not. She tells him that if he really things this is wrong, she'll go. Ross doesn't answer. They kiss again. He tells her they shouldn't be doing this. She tells him to make love to her - "I need you." Ross gives in to her seduction and takes off his jacket. He kisses her against the door to the classroom, and pulls down the shade...

Ross and Tory lay in each other's arms on the floor under the chalkboard. Tory's eyes are closed as she holds him, content. Ross looks away, worried and regretful...

Later, they are getting dressed and Ross is touchy. "You feel guilty," Tory says followed by an "I love you." Ross begs her not to use that word - what happened was a one time thing and they must never do it again. Tory says they both needed it and it was beautiful. Ross insists she forget it ever happened - that it was his fault and he takes full responsibility. He tells her to go. She does against her will, telling him to call her. He holds his face in his hands and says he will. Outside the door, a determined and hurt Tory says, "this isn't goodbye, Ross. I won't let it be."
Again Ross sits at his desk, his back to the door. "What the hell is happening to me?" He hears the door open and says, "Tory, you shouldn't have come back." Blake comes into the classroom, "Tory?" She thought Tory had left town. "Why would you think I was her?"

South of the border:
Lorelei paces and panics in the hotel room. She is worried that Phillip is out trying to find this imaginary mission and that he's going to find out she's not the real Beth. Edmund tells her not to worry as there is a knock at the door. She thinks it's Phillip but Edmund reminds her that Phillip would use his key. He orders her to calm down and answer the door. The actor from the "Huevos Rancheros" show enters dressed as a priest. He is in full character as he pretends to be surprised to see his former patient, Beth, after so long. He is followed by a nun, nurse and doctor who are all happy to see her. The priest recalls the story of the night Beth first came to his mission. He forgets a line but the nun says it for him, and assures him he'll get it right. They all clap at his performance. A bewildered Lorelei looks at Edmund, "what the heck?"
Lorelei yells at Edmund for hiring such bad actors, saying Phillip will see right through them. Edmund tells her all they need is to rehearse. He says he found an abandoned mission outside of town and that they only have to fix it up a bit. Lorelei is afraid it won't work. Edmund says these actors are professionals... Lorelei looks across the room at the nurse and doctor sharing a flask, while the nun and priest make out. "We've got our work cut out for us."
Lorelei decides to give Rafael (the actor playing the priest) an audition. Edmund pretends to be Phillip, American accent and all, and asks the priest if he recognizes a picture of Beth. Again, the priest tells the story of the rainy night when Beth came to the mission. He is very good as Edmund and Lorelei glance at each other, impressed. The nun and nurse look on crying, as Rafael gets down on his knees, dramatically screaming "Please, lord, she's too young to die!!!" Edmund stops him, reminding him not to ad lib. Rafael begins again and forgets a line. Lorelei is worried, but Edmund assures her that it will work because they don't have time for another plan. Lorelei is unconvinced, "we're sunk."
At the mission, the actors clean and try to make it look convincing as Lorelei calls Phillip and tells him she found the mission. She's decided to stay there overnight and try on her own to get her memory back. She tells Phillip he can come in the morning to meet the priest and he can answer all of his questions. He agrees, and Lorelei is thrilled at the prospect of playing Beth a little longer. She tells Edmund she is happy with Beth's life because she feels like she's "worth something." She owes it all to Edmund. He, in turn, thanks her for coming into his life and admits he cares for her. Lorelei giggles and sets back to dusting. Things are really coming together, and they feel like they may be able to pull it off, when a car pulls up - it's Phillip a day early! Lorelei panics.

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