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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 13, 2004 on GL
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Monday, September 13, 2004

At Company, Harley and Bill react to Phillip's suggestion that she give up Zack in return for him not destroying her father's restaurant. Bill's phone rings. It's Ross who says Dinah has been arrested. Harley is shocked to discover Dinah is in Springfield and wants to call Cassie to see if she has heard. Before she has a chance, a man arrives with orders from Phillip Spaulding to demolish Company. Harley snatches the order and tears it up, saying this is what she thinks about Phillip Spaulding.

Harley runs outside and tells the protesters what Phillip is trying to do. She taunts the wrecking crew as Bill advises her they will mow the place down whether she is there or not. Harley handcuffs herself to a railing in front of the restaurant. The demolition foreman asks Bill to talk sense into her. He decides to handcuff himself next to Harley. Gus shows up and tells Harley to take off the cuffs. Harley appeals to the foreman and asks him to consider what he would do if this were happening to his family. The foreman says he can't proceed while people are chained to the building. Gus responds, 'Good, so get out of here.' Phillip arrives and tells the foreman to stay put and also tells Gus to do the job he is being paid to do.

Buzz arrives with Frank and Coop at his side after leaving the hospital early. He tells Phillip to go ahead and mow down 'Old Grandpa while he's on his porch.' The Cooper family surrounds Buzz as a news reporter arrives, reporting on a 'battle between the big guy and the little guy. And Springfield has always loved the underdog.' Lillian shows up and sides with the Coopers. Phillip, defeated, calls off the bulldozers. Lillian tries to explain her actions to Phillip who only tells her to never stand in his way again.

At a bar, Father Ray and Sandy meet to discuss an idea Sandy has. He asks Ray to intervene for him with his boss, who doesn't seem to like the little people. Phillip arrives in time to hear Sandy's comment, but listens to his proposal to have WSPR get involved in the 'Rock the Vote' campaign. He likes the idea and tells Sandy to have something in writing on his desk first thing in the morning. When Sandy leaves, Father Ray mentions the things he has heard lead him to believe Phillip may need his guidance. Phillip smugly assures Ray he is fine and only acting in the best interest of his children.

At Tony's new house, formerly Danny and Michelle's, Danny and he are arguing about Michelle, who is outside being mugged. Tony tells Danny to clear his things out and lock up behind him. Tony walks outside and attacks Michelle's mugger. Danny follows and stops Tony as the mugger breaks free and runs away. Michelle screams at Danny for letting her assailant get away. She tells him she packing her stuff and they are going their separate ways. Tony leaves. Danny notices she is limping and after groveling is allowed to help her with the scrape. Michelle admits she fell in the driveway chasing the mugger. Danny tells her he doesn't mean to upset her, but only wants to support her with the Lighthouse after seeing how important the project is to her. He asks her to count on him, not Tony. Michelle defends Tony, 'He's been great to me!' Danny hints Tony may be interested in more than a business relationship. Michelle informs Danny that possibility exists only in his head. They agree to start over and try to get know each other again by leaving the past behind. They kiss.

At the police station Cassie and Edmund arrive to see what is going on with Dinah. Cassie is wondering what lies Dinah will tell to save herself when Tammy and Blake arrive. Blake approaches Ross and tells him she came to see that Dinah gets everything she deserves. Dinah arrives escorted by Jeffrey. Edmund asks Dinah not to cause any more pain to the people she has hurt. She says she only wants the pain to end. Dinah tells everyone she wishes she could go back and change things, but she can't. She admits what she has done and says she prays for understanding. She recounts her time in Europe as not only running from the police, but running from herself as well. She said in order to survive financially she took the opportunity to impersonate Princess Cassie. She stops short of naming Jeffrey as her cohort or mentioning the fact that he asked her to do it.

Blake wants to know why Dinah didn't turn herself in as soon as she arrived back in Springfield. Dinah said she had to visit the farm one last time and what she saw was horrible. Edmund and Dinah have a shared recollection of Edmund whacking Jeffrey in the head with a shovel. Dinah continues, saying the horrible thing was the barn on fire with Cassie and RJ trapped inside. She said she made the decision to stay and help instead of adding one more deed to her list of regrets. She finishes by saying she alone will accept the blame and not involve anyone else. Cassie wants to know who else could possibly be involved with her. Ross pipes in that she is talking about him. He admits he has known for weeks his daughter was back in Springfield. Blake is shocked he knew her brother's murderer was back in town and he didn't tell her. She accuses Ross of knowingly putting innocent people's lives in danger. Ross says Dinah is not threat and he wants to see her acquitted.

Jeffrey leads Dinah away and privately tells her she put on quite a performance. She agrees it was a good one and reminds Jeffrey she could drag him down at any time unless he helps her. Edmund finds her alone in a room where she also advises him to convince Cassie to not pursue her or she will expose his involvement with her.

At the Beacon, Father Ray arrives as Tony is about to make a toast. Tony says he is celebrating his partnership with Michelle. Ray wants to know what is going on between them. Tony muses that maybe Danny and Michelle won't get back together this time. Ray begs him to see reason and not go after his cousin's wife. Tony tells Ray his vow of celibacy won't let him understand the love between a man and a woman.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Exhausted from helping stop Phillip and the demolition, Buzz mistakes Bill and Harley for Gus and Harley. He advises them to be happy together! Later, Bill tries to get Harley to see how Gus was only defending his family, as he did for Dinah recently. When they see a help wanted ad for Spaulding, Bill and Harley decide to put a mole there. Harley assures that Ruth Karloff will go in and turn Phillip's life into a horror show. Ruth will get the information they need. Harley plans on making Ruth a pawn between Bill and Phillip. Bill isn't so sure he wants to pretend about Ruth, but Harley is certain it will work. Fluffing Buzz's pillows, Harley promises he will have something to go home to after all. Directly in front of Phillip, Bill fires Ruth. Phillip overhears, and offers his help. She scores points with him when she trashes the way Ms. Spencer treats her. Phillip even offers to interview her right now.

Beth bursts into Gus' office, announcing Alan wants to see him. Phillip needs an assistant. Reading the Springfield Journal, Alan tells Phillip the upcoming demolition of Company did not exactly please the public. Beth brings breakfast for Gus. She proposes to stop Phillip. Alan praises Phillip, but reminds him who is still head of the family. Alan rises to Buzz's defense. Phillip suggests buying the Journal. Beth claims she does not know who Phillip is anymore. When Gus wonders if there's something he can do to save his family, Alan assures he will support him every step of the way. Gus says it might mean crossing Phillip, and Alan says he will not take sides between his sons. When Gus goes to the board room, Alan points out how WELL Beth and Gus are getting along these days, considering his having to get over Harley. He says how thrilled he is. Beth confidently tells Alan that her dance card is already full, and not to meddle in her life. Beth and Gus wonder if Phillip was released from Ravenwood too soon. Should Gus commit Phillip again? Beth pleads to try to get Phillip the help he needs, whether he likes it or not.

While Tammy remembers Dinah, Joey remembers waking up next to Lizzie. When Joey tells Tammy to forget about Lizzie, Lizzie approaches them. She pretends to support the both of them. Lizzie announces Alan gave her a job at Spaulding, too. Outside, JB, the drug pusher, approaches Lizzie and questions her about Joey. He leaves quickly when Joey comes out. Joey swears he does not remember the night with Lizzie. She pledges her loyalty to Joey. JB reveals he knows she had to drug Joey to get him into bed. Tammy is sure Lizzie will not come between them. Lizzie tries to pay JB off. He plays 52 pick up with her money. Lizzie asks what he must want. He asks to meet Tammy!

Reva speaks to Cassie on the phone, while she waits for Sandy to show up. It seems he has asked Reva to meet him there. Sandy recalls the scene of the unknown man falling from the cliffs. He tells Reva he is leaving town. Reva wants to know where and why. She is not letting him walk out on her. Sandy says he cannot live up to the family expectations any longer. Reva wonders if Sandy is in some trouble, and is running away. She points out how nervous he was acting that time at the police station. Reva says she will stand by him no matter what. Reva asks if he is perhaps being stalked, and once again offers her help. Sandy begs to do it on his own. Reva pleads with him to stay. Sandy agrees. Later, Reva phones for information on Jonathan's schooling.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Sandy warns Reva to stay out of his life. Reva holds her position. Sandy tells Reva that Phillip wants to take Cross Creek. Bill defends Dinah to Edmund. Edmund recalls the agreement he made with Dinah.


Phillip bribes Ruth for Lewis information. Ruth refuses, and Phillip doubles the offer. Ruth declines again, and Phillip tells her that she has just passed the first test of loyalty. Lizzie upholds the lie that she and Joey slept together. Joey gets a call from Tammy, and runs to her rescue. This upsets Lizzie, and she bursts into Phillip's office for help with the problem. Then, Lizzie lays eyes on Ruth. Lizzie cannot believe it! Ruth gives them a moment alone. Outside Phillip's office, an interviewee tells Ruth she'll never get away with it. Phillip tells Lizzie that he will help her with Joey. Ruth tells Mr. James that he is too late, and Phillip has already hired her for the job. Reva arrives, and blasts Phillip about Cross Creek. Ruth asks Reva to leave. Reva tells her to butt out, and then starts in on Phillip about the importance of Cross Creek. Shayne was born there. She and Joshua were married there. And the late HB is resting under the oak tree. Ruth manhandles Reva, ordering her to calm down. Reva tells Phillip that he should be back in the nut house. Ruth calls security. Reva is escorted out. Phillip, impressed by Ruth's actions, hires her. Later, Ruth unveils the person behind the disguise...Harley!


Tammy and Cassie discuss their disbelief in Dinah's revelation that she has changed. Later, Cassie learns Dinah is RJ's imaginary friend. Cassie picks up a big knife and announces Dinah is a dead woman! Edmund takes the knife away from Cassie. Cassie informs RJ that he will never see his imaginary friend again. Cassie tells Jeffrey that she wants to seek the death penalty against Dinah. Cassie figures out that Dinah was responsible for the flower pot nearly falling on her head. Jeffrey tells Cassie about how Dinah will be portrayed as the jilted lover, while she and Hart will be pictured as the adulterers.


Jeffrey steals a kiss from Dinah, then announces that he wants her. Dinah is surprised when Jeffrey offers to take her away, anywhere she wants to go. He offers that he will take care of her. Dinah declines Jeffrey's gesture. Jeffrey informs Dinah that he cannot stop this case if she stays and faces things. Later, Tammy arrives to see Dinah. Tammy tells Dinah that nothing will bring Hart back, and rejects Dinah's pleas that she has changed. Joey arrives in Tammy's hour of need. Dinah throws encouragement at their relationship together. Tammy announces she and Cassie are not afraid of Dinah. Later, Edmund asks Dinah why she was RJ's imaginary friend. Dinah says she would never hurt RJ because he is Hart's son, and she helped bring him into the world. Dinah tells Edmund that if she goes down, then he is going down with her. Later, Edmund calls in a favor.


Lizzie spies Joey and Tammy kissing. She tells them that it is ok. Then, she calls the drug pusher and asks him if he still wants Tammy. He says he does, and Lizzie sets up a meeting tomorrow at Company.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Cassie lays into Jeffrey for hiring the phony imposter. Phillip has Reva arrested - and is put in the same cell as Dinah! Dinah tries to convince Reva she has changed. But Dinah will have to go through Reva first before she will get to Cassie and her family. Reva says it will be the last thing Dinah ever does. Reva threatens Dinah. A guard comes and takes Dinah out of there. Later, Cassie snatches Dinah and takes her into the interrogation room. Cassie demands to know what she has been up to for the last five years. Dinah refrains from telling her the truth about Jeffrey. Bill arrives to see Dinah, but finds Reva instead. He bails Reva out, and tells her that he charges have been dropped. Reva and Bill battle it out over Dinah. Reva figures out Bill knew Dinah was back long before anyone else did. Later, Dinah returns to her cell with Jeffrey right behind her. Jeffrey becomes protective of Cassie. Edmund orders that someone be taken care of. Later, when Cassie comes home, Edmund gets down on his knees and proposes marriage to her. Cassie is taken back!

Tammy works to set the drug pusher up with Tammy. When Tammy arrives, he makes his move. Tammy tells him she is taken, but also finds out he knows Lizzie. He tells Tammy about the night Joey spent with Lizzie. Tammy stands in disbelief. When Tammy confronts Lizzie about it, Lizzie admits that she had sex with Joey. Tammy walks out as Joey arrives. Joey goes after Tammy as Lizzie looks on. Turns out Lizzie and the pusher cooked the whole thing up. Lizzie discourages him against pursuing Tammy. Tammy asks Joey to tell her what happened during the night of the storm.

Tony buys a motorcycle for Michelle. Bill tells Tony it will always be Danny and Michelle. Danny brings supper for Michelle. Michelle announces she has found some gold coins that may be worth something. Danny presents a vegetarian meal for Michelle. And then, they share a kiss. Shortly after, Tony arrives and interrupts the moment. When Tony leaves, Michelle kisses Danny again.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Michelle is at the lighthouse with Danny but she still thinks of Tony and wonders if she isn't trying to have it both ways: the security of Danny's love and the freedom of throwing herself into the lighthouse project with Tony. She feels the need to make a choice but Danny has learned the hard way not to force Michelle to conform or compromise. Danny's come to love the unpredictable, independent woman who also drives him up the wall. When the well-dressed attacker makes an unexpected return, Danny makes it clear that he would gladly die for Michelle. Michelle is deeply moved by this declaration and they appear ready to make love.

Tammy spurns any attempt of Joey's to justify his sleeping with Lizzie. The fact that he claims not to remember any of it only makes it worse for Tammy. When humiliated Tammy runs off, Lizzie is right there to try to heal Joey's wounds. But he wants no part of her, which JB is quick to point out. Later, Tammy sneaks out of the farmhouse, looking for trouble while Joey realizes that Lizzie and JB are in cahoots.

At the jail, Dinah is all alone and depressed, until Blake and Ross pay a visit. While her father holds out hope, Blake sees only the manipulative daughter twisting Ross around her little finger again. Dinah, without even trying, becomes a wedge between Ross and Blake.

Edmund has asked Cassie to marry him. At first Cassie denies she's afraid to take the risk but when Tammy runs home from her encounter with Joey and Cassie sees how everything has been turned upside down since Dinah's return, she admits to her fears. Edmund is strong and sympathetic and admits to his fear too. But together, he knows they can withstand anything. Eventually Cassie says yes, but she's not content to drink champagne, but rather, she's galvanized to take action. She and Blake decide to put Dinah to a test that will decide her fate, and theirs.

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