One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 29, 1998 on OLTL
Rachel was released on bail. Cristian and Jessica grew closer. Todd kidnapped Téa. Renee admitted her longtime love for Asa. Sam advised Lindsay that he was moving on. Téa managed to hit Todd over the head with a shovel.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 29, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, June 29, 1998

Written by: Molli Weedlun


The NuCristian lets Jessica into his studio apartment, where his art adorns every inch of space, and he himself displays almost his entire body to us and Jessica, since he is in his boxers. He throws a bone to modesty by putting on some pants, but leaves his top half bare, as it remained for all the rest of his scenes. (I must say that even though he's obviously "beefcake", he does look a lot like Carlotta and his older brother, and to me he also was able to show a decent amount of acting ability, considering how little acting experience this actor has and that this was his first day.)

Jessica enters, restless. "I don't want to be who I am." She compliments Cristian for always making her feel "listened to", and for making her feel like an adult. Cristian tries to find out what's wrong, but she initially resists his attempts. She wants to spend the night (not in the 'let's have sex and spend the night', but in the 'let me crash here and spend the night' kind of way). When Jessica mentions the art show in New York which was his reason for not showing up for her graduation, he doesn't seem to know what she's talking about. Jessica doesn't really pick up on his blank look and confusion. He admits that he is still in love with her, which, in a way, surprises Jessica. She finally admits some of the reasons for her presence, that Asa had a heart attack, and that Clint had sent her home to protect her. She¹s tired of being protected, of being treated like a child.

Well, it's late, so Cristian offers her the bed, while he'll sleep on a futon on the floor. He warns her not to look at his latest painting, which is covered with a tarp on an easel. But later, after he's asleep, Jessica creeps over and takes a look, and doesn't like what she sees.


Outside Asa's hospital room, Clint berates the doctor for trying to limit Asa's visitors to family members only, and sets her straight that Renee *is* family. In the room, Renee chuckles, listening to how much Clint sounds just like Asa. She looks at Asa, her heart in her eyes, and says that it appears that their Wednesday nights together have been "outed." She tells Asa that she has loved him for 35 years.

The doctor arrives to escort Asa to surgery, but won't allow his good luck bottle of Jack Daniel's Black to go with him, so Renee holds on to it for safekeeping. Asa comforts her that soon they will be drinking a toast from that bottle. While Asa is in surgery, Renee asks Clint how long he's been aware of the Wednesday nights. Clint shares that actually Bo was the first one to figure it out, and clued him in, then hurries to assure Renee that they both completely approve.

Viki arrives from the mountain (see below), and lets Renee and Clint know that Todd is on the run again. Renee is shocked to discover that Rachel committed the murder, though she understands it a bit better when Viki explains what she knows about what happened that night. Renee is worried about Max, since Viki hadn't seen him for a long time, and leaves to go try to find him.

Viki tells Clint about her confrontation with Kevin, and bemoans how unfair it is that she can't be allowed to love both her son and her brother, crazy as he is. She tells Clint that she thinks Kevin hates her, and that she doesn't know Kevin anymore. Clint seems to believe that Kevin's actions and emotions are natural, a part of growing up.

Renee returns from a fruitless search for Max in time for Asa to get out of surgery. Asa gestures for Viki to come in the room with them. In the room, Asa gives Viki a very pleasant surprise by complimenting her integrity and honor. Viki's very pleased. Renee loves it too. But the doctor comes in and shooes the women out of the room so she can check on her patient. In the hallway, Viki becomes aware of the look on Renee's face, and asks.. "Are you and Asa......?" Renee admits it, that she and Asa are still in love with each other. Viki assures Renee of how happy she is for the two of them, and then goes in search of Clint.

To an old version of the song "Someone to Watch Over Me", Renee slips the bottle of Jack next to a sleeping Asa, smiling lovingly at him, while Viki finds Clint and they embrace.


Cassie is in Barbara's room, talking to her about everything that happened. She is worried about Kevin because he hasn't come home yet, and is out there somewhere with a gun. She doesn't understand how he got a hold of one, unless Asa kept some at the lodge. Barbara admits that the weapon is hers. Cassie seems angry that there was a gun in the house, and also that Barbara gave it to him, as angry as he is with Todd. She cries, terrified that Kevin will kill Todd out of revenge, but Barbara defends him, saying Kevin wouldn't kill anyone... except in self defense.

Cassie changes the subject, asking Barbara how she managed to end up at the lodge. Barbara informs Cassie that Kevin called her to come tend to Todd, who was cut when he and Kevin were fighting over a knife, the idea of which scares and shocks Cassie. Cassie can't believe Kevin would endanger Barbara like that, calling her into that tense, violent situation. She goes on to call Barbara a "real heroine", and tells her that she doesn't know how she's ever going to thank her for her bravery. Barbara looks distinctly uncomfortable in the face of Cassie's praise. Cassie makes Barbara feel worse when she calls Barbara a role model, and apologizes for taking so long to realize what a great person Barbara is. Kevin arrives, and as he and Cassie hold one another, Kevin and Barbara exchange meaningful looks over Cassie's shoulder.

All three discuss the exciting events, Kevin vows again to get Todd, and eventually Cassie starts talking about how hot it must have been for Kevin and Barbara, stuck in the cellar together. (Again, as if cellar's get hot.. but ah well). Barbara and Kevin exchange quick glances and are uneasy with the discussion. Cassie and Kevin leave to go to bed, but Kevin pauses in Barbara's doorway after Cassie exits to significantly tell Barbara "good night."

Later, Kevin is downstairs in the dark, still dressed, sitting on the couch deep in thought. Cassie, in her nightgown and robe, comes down, and lovingly asks where he's been. Kevin, placing a phone down on the coffee table, says he went to the hospital to check on Asa. He then decides to go to the Banner, since someone has to take control and get things done. Cassie wants to go too, but Kevin denies her, saying it's not fair to Barbara, leaving River and David in her care after all she's been through. So Cassie says she'll keep his side of the bed warm. Kevin leaves, and Cassie pauses with a sad look on her face before heading upstairs, turning off the light as she climbs to the bedroom.

As soon as the lights are off, Kevin sneaks back in.

Barbara is looking at herself in the mirror. She slips her robe off her shoulders and looks at her breasts, when there is a gentle knock on her door. She covers up again and lets Kevin in. Barbara says that they should forget about what happened and wants to leave. Kevin says she "can¹t" do that to David, and "what if I told you I want you to stay." Barbara relents and won't make a decision tonight. Kevin, in response, just looks at her and walks out of the room, without a touch, a good bye, or even a smile. What a guy.


Earlier, in the woods, Viki calls for Kevin, who jumps out of the bushes, angry that she's alerting Todd to his presence. Kevin says he's "motivated" and that it's about "honor". He blames poor Viki for everything. Viki insists that she was getting through to Todd, but Kevin again tunes her out. He expresses his pleasure at the thought of Todd being tortured and killed in prison, and refuses to give up the gun, thinking Viki is only trying to save Todd. Viki counters that she's trying to save *him*, while Todd listens from a hidden spot in the bushes. Viki tells Kevin that she and Kevin are alike in that their hatred has a "killer" aspect to it, which convinces Kevin to unload the weapon and give it all to Viki, much to her relief. However, Kevin denies that Viki loves him, and lashes out about Todd again before leaving for home. Viki heads to the hospital, as reported above.

Todd evades the cops in the woods, and then Téa arrives. Todd is happy to see her, and seems to think they will wait together in the woods for things to blow over. Téa is dumbfounded. She has added it up. All the charges against him add up to 300 years in prison, but Todd thinks the Buchs should pin a medal on him for uncovering the real killer. Téa calls Todd a psychopath, explaining to Todd what a psychopath is, and that he fits every description. Todd ignores her and expects her to leave with him. Téa isn't going anywhere. "It's too late for us" She asks him if he realizes that he'll never be allowed to be alone with Starr again, but Todd refuses to believe her. He wants to go to Canada, and makes a grab for Téa. Téa screams. Todd covers her mouth with his hand and manhandles her from behind.

Carefully, he takes his hand from her mouth, but she screams again. Todd clamps her mouth shut again and drags her off to what appears to be a shack in the woods, with all kinds of gardening equipment everywhere. When they arrive, we see that he has gagged her. She tries to flee, but he throws her back. He takes off the gag. Téa sputters that Todd blew it. He doesn't deserve a second chance. Todd claims it¹s her fault, which enrages an already enraged Téa. He tells Téa that he loves her, but she will have none of it. Téa tells Todd that he doesn't love her, he abuses her. She goes on and on, describing all the ways Todd has abused her while Todd looks confused. She gets extremely angry, and finally taunts him to just go ahead and rape her, which enrages Todd, and he slugs her, knocking her unconscious.

Immediately, Todd looks horrified. He carefully carries Téa's limp body to a cushioned patio chair, and lays her on it. He looks at her unconscious face, deeply tortured. He looks to the heavens and screams a long, painful "Noooooooooo!!!"

Tuesday, June 30, 1998

Cris' apartment:

Cris wakes up Jessica, who is sleeping on the couch, to tell her to call home. Jess says that she has called home already and checked on Asa's condition. She also admits that she's lied to Viki and claimed to be sleeping over at a friend's. When Cris steps into the shower, Jessica sneaks another look at the nude painting on his easel.

When Cris gets out of the shower, Jessica confronts him about the painting. How could he spend hours with this naked woman and feel nothing? Cris tells her that the model is just a model. It does frustrate him that even though this is one of the most important paintings of his life, he can't bring himself to feel anything. Jessica asks why is this painting so important. Cris confesses that he is applying to the New York Institute of Art so that they can be in New York together in the fall. Jessica is very excited at the prospect of being with Cris and the two of them kiss.

The hospital:

Kelly shows up with a bunch of balloons for Asa. Drew reports that Asa is doing fine and apologizes for running out on Kelly. Kelly compliments Drew on forgiving Rachel, but questions whether or not he is truly over Georgie. Drew says that he isn't sure how he feels, but he is afraid that he will hurt Kelly again and he doesn't want to do that. Kelly says that she doesn't want to be hurt either and leaves..."while I still can."

Inside Asa's room, Renee is right by Asa's side when Max comes in and blasts Asa for spilling the beans to Blair. Asa tells Max that he did him a favor, but if he is truly in love with Blair, then he should go offer her a "man-sized apology." If Blair really loves him she will forgive him, if not then he shouldn't waste anymore of his time. Max leaves to go find Blair telling Asa "you take care of your ticker...I'll take care of mine."

Bo and Drew visit Asa who tells them both to fight for their jobs or else Georgie wins.

Sam's hotel room:

Blair wakes up in Sam's bed alone and softly complains to herself how typical it is. "You give a man your body, your heart, your soul and he leaves before he even says 'thank you ma'am.'" From the corner of the room Blair hears "Thank you ma'am" and turns around to find Sam sitting in a chair. Embarrassed, Blair admits that she thought he left and asks about Todd. Sam admits that the police are still looking for him. As Blair prepares to leave, Sam gives her a couple of presents: a new pair of shoes and a new dress (to replace the one he tore). Blair thanks him for the presents...and for the company. He returns her sentiments.

Sam is just finishing up a phone call when Blair emerges for the bedroom in her new dress. They awkwardly quiz each other over their plans for the day. Both say that they are headed down to the police station. Blair leaves first, but Sam catches up with her just as she changes her mind and returns to the room. The two of them head to the station together.

Llanview jail (which at this rate will soon be mistaken for the country club!):

Rachel begs to be released while Hank and Nora assure her that she will be released as soon as they can post bail. Rachel wonders why she would even need bail, since she confessed and Drew forgave her. (Excuse me?) Hank says that even though that's true, she still has to wait a little longer before she can leave. Bo pulls Hank and Nora to the side and tries to make them face the possibility that Rachel will probably go to prison and that by placating her they are only making it worse. Rachel says that she won't survive prison. Bo tries to make them all understand that it is a "very real possibility. It's Rachel's word against a corpse." He recounts the fact that Rachel let him take the fall for Georgie's murder. She also let Drew go to jail. She kept quiet during the whole hostage situation and while Asa was having his heart attack. Rachel repeats again that she is sorry.

R.J. visits Rachel in jail. He tells her how disappointing it is to see her on the other side of those bars. He asks her how does she feel about what she did to Georgie? Rachel angrily says that if he is there to make some kind of point she is not in the mood. R.J. tells her that she has to face up to what she did. Rachel continues to claim it was self-defense. But R.J. asks: Did she absolutely have to kill Georgie? Was that the only way? Until she can answer that question truthfully, she will never stop paying, in jail or out. He cites his own experience with losing the club, his fiancé, everything he has ever worked for, all because he couldn't take responsibility for his actions. Rachel remembers Max's twins and R.J. says that no matter what he will always have to deal with what happened to them. Just like Rachel will have to deal with what she did to Georgie. Rachel admits that she has gone over the events of that night in her head time and time again and she has to admit that part of her killed Georgie out of revenge.

Hank and Nora return to the cell with the news that Rachel has been released on bond and they all head home.

The police station:

Bo approaches Sykes and asks if there has been any word from the Congressman about when he can get his job back. John tells Bo that neither Congressman Graham, nor the Governor want Bo to get his job back. When Bo asks why, John reminds him that he gave a false confession and therefore has compromised the integrity of the department. When Bo asks if those are their words or his, John agrees with them. Bo then asks whether Drew will be getting his job back and Sykes tells him no. Drew is guilty of obstructing justice. Bo becomes angry and accuses Sykes of playing politics. He then storms out.

Blair and Sam arrive at the police station and bump into Max. Nora runs up to the three of them and comments that the bail hearing is in a few minutes and why didn't he pick up the phone all night? As Sam and Nora go to discuss Rachel's plea, Max asks Blair the same question. Why didn't she answer the phone this morning?! "Because I was sleeping with Sam!" screams Blair.

After Blair finishes giving her statement, Max corners her and tells her that he knows that she only slept with Sam to hurt him, but he still wants to be with her. Sam comes over and tells Blair he would appreciate it if she wouldn't scream his sex life to the whole police station. He also tells her that it is obvious that she and Max still have very strong feelings for each other. So since he doesn't feel like being caught in the middle again, he is going to bow out and let the two of them work things out on their own. Max tells Blair whether she believes it or not, he is still in love with her. Blair tells him that nothing he says could make any difference now. Max says "Oh yeah, try this on for size: Marry me."

Bo and Nora's:

Nora puts Rachel to bed and then goes downstairs to discuss strategy. Sam suggests that Rachel plead guilty. She would probably only get 3-5 years and be out on probation in six months. Nora thinks Rachel should plead "not guilty" because she would make a very sympathetic defendant. Bo says that she won't be very sympathetic with the attitude he saw today. Nora jumps on Bo for his negativity. Bo gets Nora alone and says that he sees that he can't help with this so he is going to go away for a few days to see the Governor in the hopes of getting Drew his job back. Nora asks if the are going to be okay. "One of these days..." says Bo and leaves.

Back in the living room, Nora, Hank, R.J. and Sam all argue Rachel's defense. Nora and Hank want her to plead not guilty by reason of insanity. R.J. is afraid that could lead to a Rachel having a breakdown. "Stop it!" Rachel screams. She refuses to plead insanity because she is not insane and she has already judged herself. "I killed that woman. I killed Georgie Phillips. I am guilty and that's how I want to plead!!"

Wednesday, July 1, 1998

Carlotta and Viki- Diner

Carlotta and Viki discuss Todd and Téa and not knowing where either of them have gone. Then Viki mentions how Jessica left a message on the answering machine that she was going to be at her friend's house. When Amy called this morning, Viki knew that Jessica was not there. Now she is wondering if Cristian knows where her daughter is.

At Cristian's apartment....

Jessica does not want to leave and they seal it with a kiss. They begin to make out hot and heavy. Cris asks Jessica to go home. Jessica replies that she wants it, but Cris feels she is too young and he doesn't want to be responsible. Suddenly there is a knock at the door and Carlotta and Viki march in right after Jessica goes into the bathroom and Cris buttons up his shirt. Carlotta asks her son if he has seen Jessie and Viki says she is not there to make accusations. She just wants to know her daughter is alright. Did Cris hear anything from her? Cris hems and haws not liking to lie and not want to tell the truth. Jessica settles the dilemma by coming out of the bath room. Cris says that Jessica was just upset about Todd and Asa's heart attack. Viki replies she can appreciate that her daughter was upset. But as for Jessie, she broke a trust when she lied to her. Jessie turns the tables and says that her mother broke the trust when she showed up.

Mother and daughter leave and Mother and son discuss the situation. Cris assures Carlotta that nothing happened, but he feels that Jessica would be better off with a more appropriate person. Like someone rich and lily white, his mother asks. No, it is not that, Cris replies, it is just that she is extra innocent and he does not want to pressure her. He is not sure if she really wants to or not. Right now life, his art and Jessie are all on the line at the same time. The New York Art Institute scholarship is so important to him. The portrait he has to enter is all technique and no heart. The person he drew is not alive, she is just a painting. But he doesn't want Carlotta to worry. Carlotta teases him that he worries about everything, including worrying her. Cris smiles and Carlotta says she wishes Jessica could see him with that smile on his face.

The Diner

Meanwhile Viki and Jessica are at the Diner discussing the same topic from a different perspective. Viki tells her daughter that she would walk through the lion's den for Jessica. Jessie believes all Viki cares about is stopping her from sleeping with Cris. Viki asks if she did and Jessie tells her that Cris stopped it. And if he hadn't Viki's voice in her head would have. She kept hearing Viki say to stop things before they went too far. Her mother has her brainwashed. Viki explains that whatever choice Jessica had made, Viki would have still loved and respected her. She just doesn't want her hurt. Jessica doesn't get it if Sex is so great why all the worry about getting hurt. Viki tells her that being intimate changes a relationship and she does not know if Jessica is ready for that. Jessica bemoans the fact that she is the only virgin left in Llanview. Viki is shocked that all Jessica's friends are already experienced, but Jessie does not want to go there. She asks Viki not to tell Clint that she slept at Cris' place. She admits she is just crazy about Cris, but is worried about losing him.

Viki questions if this is why she wants to have sex with him. Jessie frets about the beautiful naked women hanging around Cris. Viki poo-hoos the notion saying that they are models and there are many other artists in the room. But Jessie is envious of all of Cris' older and more experienced friends and says she can't compete. She is not even pretty. Viki tries to tell her she is. Jessie replies that her mother would say that since she is her mom and they look alike. Viki replies Thanks and tries to interest her daughter in the exciting time she will have when she goes to the university in New York City. Jessie needs to consider how hard it will be to keep a longtime relationship going. That requires more than sex. Jessie says that with Cris it would always be more than sex. She explains that he has applied for an Art scholarship in New York. Viki is worried that they both have bright futures they might jeopardize. Jessie replies that It sounds like her mother thinks she will get pregnant. Viki reminds her that she will not get pregnant if she does not have sex.

Cris shows up with his Mom and Jessica says that she and Viki have squared things away. Cris promises Viki she can trust him and he will always treat Jessica right. Viki plans to hold him to it. Jessie said she told Viki about the scholarship. Cris wishes she hadn't because he is not sure how talented he is. Cris goes back home to work on the portrait. Jessica excuses herself right after he leaves. Carlotta comments that we all spend a lot of time wishing we were young. but neither she nor Viki would go back to that age for the world.

Back at Cris'....

Cris throws the painting on the floor and Jessie comes in and picks it back up. She says it is great. The wheels appear to be turning in Jessica's mind. Will she be Cris' new model?

Llanview Police Department- Max and Blair

Max proposes to Blair. She is taken aback. She taunts him that there must be a bonus in it from Asa for him. Max says that he means it. He wants all the traditional vows- in sickness and health etc and no more rebounds with Sam. He believes it was always meant to be him and Blair. Now it is time to do the right thing and make it official. He wants her to marry him. Blair replies that timing is everything and his is lousy. She would have married him in a second after the wine cellar, but now she now she knows how ready he was to sell her out and use her. Max admits how wrong he was and tells her that there is something between them and has been since the first night he saw her across a crowded dance floor and could not keep his eyes off her, from the night she gave him her virginity, from the night he asked her to marry him, from the night he tried to stop her from marrying Asa. Blair admits it is not every bride who gets ravished on her wedding day on her wedding dress by a man she never married. Max says she just chose the bigger wallet. But that did not change the fact that even after he married Luna, they went on a wild ride that almost cost him everything he had. Blair says the past doesn't matter anymore. Max agrees and that is why they must look to the future. Blair replies that if they marry, they will kill each other before their first anniversary. Good, Max teases, they will go out in a blaze of glory.

Blair is afraid of the intensity stopping, she is afraid he will not put their love before money or opportunity and where would that leave them and their children. They should thank Asa for making that deal with him. Max warns her that she may spend the rest of her life wondering if she made the wrong choice. Blair replies she is ready to make that choice. She needs more than money. She wants a man who can buy her a dress when she needs one, Someone who will be there for her physically and emotionally, but she thanks him anyway for the proposal even though the answer was no. She will never forget that Max Holden asked her to marry him. She walks away with just a little regret.

Palace- Sam and Lindsay

Lindsay comes to Sam's door wearing the same dress as Sam bought for Blair. It is their wedding anniversary and she charged the dress to his room as a present. He reminds her they are divorced and tells her he is moving on. She waxes sentimental about how hot it is like the day they got married. He remembers that a storm came in off the lake. Does he think it was an omen, she asks. Maybe it was, he replies. She doesn't want him to make jokes. She takes these post divorce anniversaries very seriously. He promises her he will take her out, but he has a few more things to take care of. She read about Todd and wonders why he stays involved with him? Sam says he has been involved since Todd was a damaged child. Lindsay wonders how long Todd gets to be a damaged child. Sam replies that as long as Todd draws breath, he will be there to help him. They agree to meet fro a drink after dinner. Lindsay finds Blair's torn dress and asks her ex about it. Sam just repeats he is moving on. Lindsay is not sure Blair is the one. He obsesses about Nora and then just like that he moves on. Sam assures her he will not pine for the rest of his life. He will always care about Nora but he needs someone without an attachment. Lindsay asks if that person is Blair. Sam says to just say he has commenced moving on.

Dorian's- Mel, Blair, Dorian, Starr, River and Sam

Mel is wondering, like the rest of Llanview, just where are Todd and Téa. He is on the phone with a contact and no one seems to know. He hangs up and criticizes Dorian for the expensive gifts she got River and Starr, whom she enjoys spoiling. Mel comments maybe she is right and that Todd would have been better off if he had been shown the finer things in life rather than the back of Peter Manning's hand. Blair comes home and Dorian quietly asks where Blair has been. Cassie dropped the kids off in the morning. Blair just says she has been around. Dorian tells her that Melador is unsalvageable. It is a sunken ship and no one is interested in buried treasure. Blair had named Melador after the Cramer sisters and she had hoped it would be the realization of al their dreams. Maybe they could start it again with Kelly's money, Blair suggests. Dorian says they can start again without it.

Then she notices the dress and asks what is the story behind it. They begin to discuss Sam and Dorian is thrilled Blair is seeing him. but not happy to hear Max proposed. Blair tells her that she turned him down. Dorian replies that financially Sam is the better catch. Blair has a number of crises to handle with Todd on the lam and Sam is just the ticket. Blair says he has a thing for Nora. Dorian replies that no one holds a candle to her niece. She is beautiful and full of life. He would be out of his mind not to fall for her.

A little later, Sam shows up and Dorian gushes all over him. He is really only interested in seeing Blair, but Blair is at the Palace Hotel She knocks on the door and is shocked to see Lindsay wearing the same dress Sam bought for her!

The Potting Shed-Todd and Téa

Todd has brought Téa to a place familiar to him the last time he was on the lam, when he and CJ and Sara became friends and they thought he was their Genie.

Téa comes-to to see Todd sponging her forehead. He seems to be concerned and maybe she could accept that if it was not for the fact that he has hogtied her to a slatted garden lounger. "You can be tender when you have tied me like a chicken on a rotisserie". Todd replies that he lost it when she began talking about rape. Téa asks if he is saying it is her fault. He denies that is so. Téa says this is well planned for someone who has lost it. Todd tells her that love is nothing but giving someone a better weapon. Téa is furious as she struggles to break free of the ropes. All he knows is control and domination. "This time if you want me to shut up, you are going to have to kill me". Todd says it is just that he can't get through to her . He did not kill Georgie, Rachel did and the Buchanans would be more than happy to set him up. Kevin points a gun at him and who do the police go after but him. Téa reminds him that he did hold all those people hostage including Kevin's mother, Viki. Todd replies that the dynamite was not real. Téa says that they believed it was. Todd is angry at her for not defending him. Téa says she has always defended him and God knows it was not easy. He explodes and says that "you called the cops, you lying little two faced...". His voice trails off but he looks like his lips were about to mouth the word bitch. Téa asks if the word is whore, rat, traitor. Todd replies that was not the word he was looking for. Téa tells him she is through bending over backwards for him. He understands only his own needs. He is a monster. Todd gets up and walks away. Téa begs him don't go.

A few moments later he is back with some strawberries, courtesy of Llanfair Farms. He tries to feed one to her but she spits it out. Téa says she is through to being afraid of him. He says he is not trying to scare her. He draws toward her, his lips moving slowly toward hers until he finally kisses her. She responds just a little but then asks him if the only way he is comfortable kissing a woman is when she is hogtied. He pulls away. Téa tries a different tact. She says that is doesn't have to be this way. She is sorry she didn't eat the strawberry, but she was angry. Todd replies he has been angry all his life. Téa admits how frustrated she is with him. He had come so far before this. She was wrong to defend Kevin when he is the one who made Todd do this. They could go to Viki. Todd says that he crossed the line with her when he kidnapped her and took the hostages. Téa says she is sure Viki would help him. Todd replies that he can't think, she is confusing him. Téa says they can figure this out together.

Téa says that she was wrong screaming like that. She can't think tied up like this. What does he think she would do, hit him with a garden shovel. Todd knows she has never hurt anyone. So why not let her go and untie her? After all she is the woman he loves. As Todd undoes the ropes, Téa focuses on the garden implements behind him and against the wall.

"Thanks for trusting me", Téa says. "There is something I forgot to tell you. You don't know me at all!" She grabs the shovel and bashes him over his head.

Thursday, July 2, 1998

Dorian argued with Drew and Kelly when she found out that Drew had been staying in her house. Drew went to pack his bags and Kelly told Dorian to butt out of her life. Barbara heard Asa ranting about Sykes not giving Drew his job back. Barbara said that she and John grew up like siblings and she offered to talk to him about getting Drew reinstated. Meanwhile, Téa turned the tables on Todd and tied him up. Téa ranted about the events of the past year and then threatened Todd with matches. Todd told Téa that his father used to do the same to him. Téa sympathized with Todd, but wouldn't accept that abuse as an excuse for his behavior. Todd pleaded with Téa that if she ever cared for him, she would help him. Téa agreed and her form of help was to call the police and turn him in. After Barbara talked to Sykes, he gave Drew his job back and his first assignment was to arrest Todd. Viki and Clint had dinner at The Palace and he stunned her by proposing. Viki gently turned down Clint's proposal and said that she needed time to be by herself for a while. Clint said that he couldn't wait for Viki's love, wished her well and walked out. Meanwhile, Sam panicked when Dorian told him that Blair went to his hotel room looking for him. At The Palace, Lindsay realized that Blair was the new woman in Sam's life. Lindsay hurt Blair when she lied and told Blair that Sam bought her the same dress as an anniversary gift. Lindsay said that Sam was just playing with Blair. Blair was upset when Sam walked in. Blair took off the dress he gave her and walked out. Sam found Blair eating in The Palace dining room in a robe. Sam explained to Blair about the misunderstanding with Lindsay. Blair softened towards Sam and allowed him to join her for dinner. Lindsay watched as Sam and Blair made up and became upset. Distracted as she turned to leave, Lindsay bumped right into Clint and fell to the floor!

Friday, July 3, 1998

There will be no episode of One Life to Live today due to World Cup soccer.

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