One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 12, 1998 on OLTL
Todd's trial began. Jessica learned that she was pregnant. Nora asked Sam to father a baby. Roseanne blamed herself for Cristian losing a scholarship. Jessica changed her plans. Joey and Barbara spent time together.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 12, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, October 12, 1998

I. (i). Asa's office

Asa's working on computer and on paper. Jessica knocks on his open door and enters, smiling. Asa always has time for his granddaughter. Jessica needs a favor that she can't ask of her parents.

(ii). Diner

Cristian scrubs the counter, while on one side Will warns him to take it easy, and Roseanne paces on the other side. She feels it¹s all her fault that he didn't get the scholarship. "We don't know that," Cris counters. She feels like she wrecked his dream, to which he goes somewhere else in the restaurant. Carlotta approaches and comforts Roseanne. Cris will survive. Will comforts her as well, but Roseanne feels horrible, worrying over the kind of life he'll have now.

(iii). Cassie's room

Cassie is thrilled to see fresh pink roses, and when Kevin enters the room, he is struck by her beauty, telling her she looks like a painting. Cassie smilingly tells him he doesn't need to send her fresh flowers everyday. He has also brought her a portable CD player, and CD's from all those bands at the Lillith Fair that she likes. He also brought a romance novel, or "bodice ripper", as Kevin calls it, which is what he wants to do to her when he gets her home. He suggests that he's not interested in going to Todd's trial, and would prefer staying there with her.

(iv). Courtroom (pretrial)

Blair and Max saunter into the hallway. Max is trying to get her to tell him her strategy. She hasn't decided yet. All Max has to do is mention Sam, though, and she spills that she's going to put Todd away for the next 350 years.

(v). Todd's penthouse

Tom/Todd continues his Friday tantrum, refusing to go to court today. He claims he doesn't feel good, gets on the couch, and starts pulling pillows and blankets over him in a jumble of confusion. Sam asks what¹s wrong. Tom/Todd says he should talk to Blair, she doesn't like him and will say awful stuff. Sam argues that Blair believes him, while Téa strongly encourages him to get his suit on. Tom/Todd is way too sick, and hides under the covers.

II. (i). Cassie's room

Cassie firmly tells Kevin that since he got his job back at the Banner, she knows how important Todd's trial is to him. He demurs that he regrets how he's handled things, wishing he'd spent more time with her. He's worried that she hasn't forgiven him for all the stupid stunts he's pulled. Cassie assures him that he's been her rock, and even took her mother's side. Kevin promises to find out who's responsible for the shooting. She tries again to tell him it's OK if he goes to the trial, but he says he won't mind missing it. The tragedy has taught him what really matters in his life.

Outside, WackyBibi approaches Cassie's room. Joey surprises her. He's there to tell her that he's moved out of Llanfair and back to the Carriage House, and would she like to help him fix it up? Throw a house-warming party, once he's settled? Barb would love to. He also tells her that the Banner (Clint) hired him to take pictures of the trial. That makes Bibi nervous, since she's being called by the prosecution. Joey didn't know. But Barb is sure she'll be fine. He also tells her that Sykes wants to take a look at the pictures he took outside the gallery the night of the opening. Barb looks stricken.

(ii). Courtroom (pretrial)

Hank is at his table, going over papers, and Sykes approaches, complimenting him on the jury selection. Sykes is there to make sure everything goes smoothly, so Hank points out that even a damn good attorney like Sam can't make the facts disappear. Sykes questions the short list of witnesses Hank has provided: Asa, a couple of shrinks, Barbara Graham. Hank wants to move fast, and not give Sam a chance to dispute the facts. Sykes asks if he's heard from R.J. Hank has no problem telling Sykes about the letter, and that R.J. doesn't trust the system. Hank goes on the offensive, calling Sykes on being Graham's puppet, telling him that anyone with a brain would know R.J. and Dorian are being set up. Sykes is huffy. Hank will get him a copy of R.J.'s letter.

Outside the room, Blair hangs up a pay phone. Sam had paged her, asking her to talk to Todd. (Apparently she didn't). She can't wait to watch Sam do his trapeze act, and then fall right on his face. She and Max smirk and gloat.

(iii). Todd's penthouse

Sam tries to get Tom/Todd to drink something for his stomach, but Tom/Todd finds it disgusting. Sam tries to get Tom to remember how nervous he'd get before a game, but Tom insists that this time he's really sick. Sam needs Tom to be there today, to be Sam's champion. "Champion! I'm not a champion, I'm a basket case!" Sam counters that Pete's the basket case, the one who committed all those crimes. Tom was just a witness. Tom worries that no one will believe him, but that's why Sam needs him on the stand, so everyone can see for themselves, and he promises to protect him from Hank. Tom still wants to talk to Blair. He's scared that she'll say bad things, since Todd was so mean to her, and he doesn't think Sam should put her on the stand. Todd points out that sometimes Blair will say she'll do one thing, then do exactly the opposite. Sam is firm about needing Blair on the stand, or there's no way he can defend Tom.

III. (i). Diner

Roseanne frets because Cris is ignoring her. Will comforts her, kissing her hand. Roseanne is choked up, comparing the fantasies she had in New Orleans of returning with the reality. But Will is glad he met her. She asks Carlotta to talk to her, since she feels bad. Carlotta points out how much she helped Cris, how she inspired him to get through his block, and to just give Cris some time. Will takes her out of there. Carlotta tells Cris that God doesn't let a talent like his go to waste, and He has a plan. Jessica arrives with great news, and assures him that everything's going to be all right.

(ii). Cassie's room

Cassie has moved to a chair in the room, where Kevin is giving her lovely shoulders a massage. Again, she tries to get him to go to the trial, noting that she doesn't want the responsibility of being his life. He's very gentle and loving with her, telling her that he wants to help her, and wants her to want the same. She tears, wishing she could go home.

In the hallway, Joey and Barb talk about Bo, and his serious condition with pneumonia, which, Joey points out, was brought about from him being so torn up about Drew's death. Joey offers to come back at the end of her shift and give her a ride to the courthouse. They kiss and hug. Joey likes that she's so comfortable with him, doesn¹t have to pretend anymore, and can be flat out honest with him. He exits, leaving Barb looking shaken.

(iii). Todd's penthouse

Tom/Todd throws a blanket over his head! Sam concedes to Téa, who has been weeping (again). Sam exits the room. Téa starts. When he said he loved her, was that all an act? Todd's covered head shakes no. Then, says Téa, take the blanket off and face her like a man. Rod/Todd lifts the covers. "You are so beautiful." Téa is glad to see Rod. She asks what he wants. Rod wants to be with her, today, and everyday. Then he's got to get ready now for court, because there's no more time to waste. She points out that if he doesn't go to court, then Todd will have to go to jail, and Rod will have to go too. Téa asks Rod to help Tom be brave. Téa promises that if he gets to court, and they win, she'll be in his fairy tale forever. They kiss, and Rod dreamily decides to get dressed.

IV. (i). Cassie's room

Cassie and Kevin cuddle on the bed, while Dr. Lange tries to get them to chill out about leaving the hospital today. Kevin asks, since the prognosis is the same, why can't she go home and do out-patient physical therapy? Dr. Lange supposes she could, but.... Cassie interrupts that she'd really like to go home. The sooner that she gets back, the sooner she can adjust. Dr. Lange agrees to prepare the discharge papers, and exits. Kevin asks Cassie which home she wants to return to, and is delighted when she calls the Millhouse the only home she knows now.

(ii). Courthouse (pretrial)

Hank preps Asa for his testimony. Asa mentions that after he testifies, he'll be returning to the hospital. He glares at Sykes across the room, and calls Bo a fighter. Hank thinks Bo's fighting so hard because of that baby Nora's carrying.

Max and Blair coo over the tape. She tells Max about how Todd tried to guilt her with Starr, but how healthy could it be for her to grow up with a manipulative person like that? Max wonders if she's thought of how using the tape might ruin her chances at getting the Sun. She figures once Todd's in jail, she¹ll exercise her option to buy, and come up with the money somehow. Max just loves watching the way she works.

Will and Roseanne arrive. She realizes that he gets off on all this law stuff.

Sam, Todd, and Téa arrive to a barrage of questions, to which Sam firmly tells them that there will be a statement issued later. He tells Téa to take Todd into the courtroom, and wants to talk to Blair, alone. Max doesn't look like he's going to budge.

(V). (i). Diner

Jessica reveals to Cris that they're going to be together all the time, because she talked to someone today who's going to pay for Cris's tuition and all living expenses in New York. She won't reveal the identity of the benefactor. Cris refuses to take money from her parents, since he loves her for who she is, not for her money. She tells him it was Asa, not her parents. He calls it the same thing. He refuses. He would think less of himself if he took it. He wants to have a clear conscience when he asks for her hand. He wants her to let him work this out on his own.

(ii). Cassie's room

Cassie signs her release papers. Dr. Lange says that he'll see her in therapy. Kevin assures him that she'll be in therapy, that she'll have all the equipment she needs at the house, and will even have a private therapist. Dr. Lange wishes her good luck and God speed, then departs. Cassie looks into her huge purse, sees that she left her hair brush in the bathroom, and looks quite pained to have to ask Kevin to get it for her. While he's in there, she sees Bibi looking at her spookily through the window. Bibi enters, with a different expression, all innocent, and says that she hears Cassie is being discharged. Kevin comes out, asking what Barb is doing there. Cassie says it's OK. Cassie tells Barb that right now, they all need to think about forgiveness.

(iii). Courthouse (pretrial)

Max slinks off. Sam just wants to make sure that Blair will not allow the problems between them to color her testimony at Todd's trial. Blair assures him that she can be just as detached as he can. Sam tells her that he doesn't like surprises, and when he puts her on the stand, he wants her to just tell the truth. Blair assures him he can count on it. Sam lowers his voice and tries to apologize, but Blair brushes him off, so he departs. On his way to the defense table, he stops to greet Will and Roseanne, thanking them both for coming.

At the prosecution table, the ADA notes that Todd isn't on the list of witnesses for the defense, which she thinks is odd. Hank explains that if they put him on the stand, then he's open for cross-examination. Blair and Max enter to give smug looks at Todd. The jury enters. Téa holds Todd's hand. Judge Norma Calloway enters.

VI. (i). Diner

Carlotta gets involved with the discussion over money. Cris wishes Jess had more faith in him. He's still going to become an artist, but has to do it his way. Carlotta won't help Jess, and supports his son. Jess decides that if he's not going to New York, then neither is she.

(ii). Hospital

Joey arrives, and sees Barb crying. He assumes it's about the trial, but she tells him it's about Cassie, that she talked about forgiveness, but that she (Barb) doesn't deserve any, after all the things that she's done.

(iii). Courtroom

Hank makes his opening statement. He tells the jury that regardless of what the defense might say, the facts speak for themselves. He tells them that if they listen to the facts, and very closely to the judge's instructions, they will have no choice but to come back with a verdict of guilty.

Sam makes his opening statement. He says he will not argue with Hank over any of the facts. Blair waggles the pink tape at Todd. His entire statement can be boiled down to this: my client cannot be guilty, because my client is not Todd Manning. Courtroom buzzes.

Tuesday, October 13, 1998

The Banner

Mel and Joey are talking. Mel is frustrated because he can't get any information out of the police in order to clear Dorian and R.J. He says that with all that has happened, Cassie getting shot & Drew dying, he realizes life is too short. Too short for two brothers to fight, he tells Joey. Joey asks what he can do and Mel tells him to go to him and make it better. Meanwhile, in Viki's offices, she is preparing to leave to go to the courthouse when Jessica walks in and announces that she is not going to New York and she is enrolling in Llanview U. Viki tells her that is not a decision she can make on her own. Jessica begs Viki not too make her go, she doesn't want to leave Cristian. Viki says it's not like Jess to make a decision like this so rashly. Jessica counters with, "Maybe I have DID too". Viki looks horrified and immediately Jessica apologizes. Viki senses something else is wrong with Jess, but Jess tells her everything is fine. Viki leaves after assuring Jessica they'll talk later and the decision is not final yet. When she leaves Jessie goes to Viki's desk and begins flipping through her calendar.


Sam calls his first witness, Téa. He asks her if she sees Todd Manning in the room. Hank objects. The judge overrules the objection and Téa says, no, Todd is not in the room. Sam asks her if she loves Todd Manning, she answers no, she doesn't love Todd Manning.

The Banner

Back in Viki's office, Jessica is pulling back articles and teenage drinking, condom use and pregnancy. She looks concerned. Cristian walks in and asks her what she is doing. Meanwhile, Kevin has arrived in the city room and he and Mel commiserate over the lack of information they are getting out of the police to find the shooter. Kevin tells him Cassie should work on the story with them, she can get information out of a statue. Just then Mel gets a phone call and runs out. Joey enters the city room and Kevin compliments him on his photographs from the courthouse. Joey thanks him and tells him he is trying to do with pictures what Kevin does with words. The brothers go back and forth a little bit patting each other's backs and Kevin tells Joey he wants to fix things between them. Joey asks if Kevin is willing to accept Barbara. Kevin says if accepting Barbara means he'll get his brother back, then okay, he'll do it. They hug and make amends.


Téa admits that there are different sides to Todd, he's different when he's with Starr, kind and gentle, but sometimes he did horrible, hateful things to Téa. Sam asks her if she ever considered that Todd was mentally ill. What did she think when he was diagnosed with DID. Téa admitted she didn't believe it at first, but now she does. That's Todd's body sitting there, but not his soul, she says. Hank objects to the use of soul and is sustained. She does believe that Todd vanished, so much so that she divorced him on the grounds of abandonment.

A Garage Somewhere

Mel and R.J. meet in a car. R.J. tells Mel that going to jail might actually be better than being on the run with Dorian. They share a laugh. Mel tells R.J. that he is getting nowhere with the police. They won't release any reports to him. R.J. knows they won't because it will corroborate his story, that he didn't shoot Cassie & Drew, he shot the shooter. Mel promises he'll keep digging. R.J. asks how Cassie is and Mel only tells him that she is at home. R.J. gives Mel a present from Dorian to give to Cassie. It is a music box with a ballerina in it, causing Cassie to cry, yet again. (at least she manages some real tears this time!)


Viki is now on the stand. Sam takes her through her DID and how one of her alters killed her father. She discusses her sexual abuse. She tells the court that children who are severely abused want to die, but often instead of dying they create other personalities to help them deal with what is happening to them. She tells Sam it is not conscious. These personalities emerge to protect the child. On cross, Hank asks Viki if Todd knew about her DID and she answers, of course. Did he know about the outcome of her trial? Again, of course, she answers, he's her brother.

The Banner

Cris tells Jess she can't stay in Llanview, she'll ruin her whole future. Jess says she doesn't want to leave him and she can get a fine education here. Cris admits he didn't want her to go to New York without him and is happy they'll be together. He tells her he doesn't know what he'd do if something happened and they couldn't be together. They hug and Jess tells him nothing ever will.


During a recess, Will and Roseanne tell Sam he's doing a great job and they leave to go back to Sam & Will's house. Todd asks Sam if he can pull a miracle out of his hat. Sam asks Todd what has got him so scared as they both look over at Blair. Back at Sam's house, Will and Roseanne are cuddling on the couch and Roseanne tells Will that she knows he'll make a great lawyer like his dad, they both have a way of making people think that they care about them. I do care about you, Will tells her. Roseanne tells him she'll miss him when he leaves for New York. Will asks her what she wants to do, she says, the world always needs a waitress. Will asks, what about in 10 years? All she knows, is that right now, she's with him and that's where she wants to be. They kiss, just as the doorbell rings. Will gets it and Jess enters frantically. Just as she is about to ask him if he used a condom, Roseanne enters the room. Jess is about to leave, when Roseanne does. After Roseanne leaves, Will admits he didn't use a condom. Why, he wants to know. Because I'm two weeks late, Jess tells him.


Mel is badgering Sykes, give me the crime scene report he tells him. Sykes says he is protecting the family of the deceased. Mel thinks it's because it will corroborate R.J.'s story. Sykes assures him it won't. Then prove it to me, Mel says, give it to me. Mel walks away as Hank shoots Sykes a glaring look. Meanwhile, as Blair is about to take the stand, Max warns her that if she doesn't tell the truth, he will. On the stand, Sam discusses Blair and Todd's relationship. Why did she marry him knowing he was convicted of gang rape. He changed, Blair answered. Was Todd romantic, Sam asks? No way, says Blair. Sam then asks her about the opera. Todd would have never done anything like that, Blair says. Blair says it was a romantic, magical evening. With Sam's prodding Blair admitted that she was with a man that night she had never been with before (but...does she mean Todd or Sam...writer's opinion is she's talking about Sam). But what the court is supposed to believe is that she is talking about Todd. At this, Max bursts out, she's lying, she knows Todd is faking and he can prove it. Sam asks for a chance for Max to testify and prove his damaging allegations. The judge agrees to let him testify.

Wednesday, October 14, 1998

Will and Jessie

Jessica has told Will that her period is late. Will replies that that is not so unusual and it is normal for lots of girls. Jessica says that may be true for some girls, some times, but not this girl. She is like clockwork. Jessica is so embarrassed to be talking about this with Will. She can't even remember anything and she cannot believe neither of them remembered to use protection. Will quotes his father and says they should not worry until they have the facts. Jessica only wants to learn one fact: that she is not pregnant!

Llanview Hospital- Renee and Nora

Larry is performing a procedure on Bo and it will take a while. Renee says that Bo is a strong man. Nora frets about the only thing that it keeping her husband alive, the baby she is not having. Renee tells her to think of her wonderful husband, her wonderful marriage and wonderful life. Nora is certain that none of that is as important as the baby which was the only thing that brought Bo back to them. What will she say to him when he is well. Renee replies that she will find a loving way to tell him the truth.

The Banner- Clint and Lindsay

Lindsay teases Clint, asking her very husband whether he would like a quickie-lunch that is. Clint is not very receptive. Lindsay says that maybe she will go to the courtroom to show her support of the Buchanans at Todd's trial. Clint is certain she is just going to see her ex in action and suggests that she lends her help to the more worthy Bo and Nora. Lindsay agrees to follow up on his wishes. Just then a reporter runs over to Clint to inform him something big is happening at the courthouse.

The Courthouse-Todd's Trial

Sam takes Max's challenge. How would Mr. Holden like to testify under oath. Max is not on the list of witnesses as noted by the judge. While Sam tells the judge he would like to question Max if Hank has no objections, Téa asks Todd if he knows what Max is talking about. Todd as Tom asks "Max Who?". Hank agrees to allow Max's testimony and Blair is excused, but subject to possible recall. She quietly tells Max not to do this. Todd says to Téa and Sam that this is not a good idea. This guy hates his guts and will tell lies about him.

Hospital Chapel- Nora and Kelly

Nora is in the chapel praying to God. She asks God to make Bo better and give him the strength to deal with losing his one child and finding out he can never have another. She needs courage to tell Bo how she lied to him just to save him. She knows God is not big on lying but the words just popped out of his mouth about a beautiful, miraculous baby. Kelly arrives and asks if it is true.

A Drugstore-Jessica, Will and Lindsay

Jessica and Will are looking at the different types of pregnancy tests when Lindsay arrives. Will hides the box behind his back. Lindsay tells them that she is here to get a card for Bo. She is going to the hospital. What are they doing here?

Court House- Todd's Trial

Sam asks Max is he believes that Todd is faking. How would he know. What are his credentials? What, he doesn't have any? Well, neither does he (Sam) so he can't diagnose DID any more than the jury or Max. They are all going to have to form an opinion by what the experts say and what they see first hand in this court room. Now just what is Max basing his opinions on. Max replies that Todd told him that he was faking it and even gloated about it. At the defense table, Todd tells Téa that it is a stinking lie. Max hates Todd's guts so why would he even talk to him (Tom). Sam follows this same tack and inquires of Max just why would Todd tell him this. Max says that Todd just wants to stay out of jail. So, Sam replies, he and Todd are good friends. Max admits that Todd hates his guts. Sam also wants to know if Max has know this for some time why did not tell about it until today. Max wants Todd to pay for what he has done. Does Max have anyone to back up his story? Blair and Max look at each other and Max lies and says no to both this question and the one about physical evidence. Sam has no further questions and Hank does not bother to cross examine. The Judge calls a recess. Todd has a smile on his face and playfully punches Sam on the arm when "Coach" asks him what he has to say.

Jessica and Will

Neither Jessica or Will wants to say why they are really in the drug store. Will gives some lame excuse about buying snacks for the trial Lindsay replies that Sam will have his head for crunching during summation. Jessica cuts in to say that she is there to pick up a prescription. She has a nervous stomach. Lindsay assumes Jessie is tense about going to New York. Jessica explains that now that Cris did not get the scholarship, she will be enrolling in LU, which was always her second choice. She just told her mom this morning and didn't mention it to Clint yet. Lindsay hurries off for the hospital and Jessica and Will leave for Sam's house so Jessica can take the pregnancy test.

Hospital Chapel

Kelly is so happy that Nora and Bo are having a baby. She hugs Nora and tells her how happy Drew would be. He was looking forward to having a sibling and making that child a little aunt or uncle when he and Kelly had their own baby. He wanted them to play together. Now every time Kelly looks at Nora's baby, she will see a part of Drew there. Nora mumbles that this might not happen and Kelly assumes she mean she might lose the baby. Kelly replies that it will happen because it would be too cruel to be otherwise.

Court House

In the hallway, Max angrily tells Blair that he was set up. Her testimony made him look like a monkey on the stand. Blair protests that she had every intention of blowing Todd out of the water but she couldn't do it because of Starr. Max is not believing her. He knows that this is all about Sam. Blair asks why he did not tell Sam about the tape. Max is certain Blair already knows the answer to that. He says so and stalks away.

Todd is telling Sam that he should not have allowed Max to lie about him on the stand. Sam admits that Max hates him more than he does Todd because of their competition for Blair. But he had to put him up there. Téa chimes in that it worked. Viki asks if it is wise to put Todd on the stand. The extreme stress may cause the personality who reacts to crisis to come out and she is certain that alter is Pete. Once Pete is out he might not go back in. Sam feels it is necessary and calls his client to take the stand. He does not use his client's name and the judge says that Mr. Manning is not on the list of witnesses. He is lucky that she is eager to see what he has to say about himself.

Will and Jessie

At Sam's house, Jessica retreats to the bathroom to take the test. Will is convinced that now that he is making headway with Roseanne and she is back with Cris, everything is the way it should be, so why would their luck change now?

Hospital- Kelly and Nora

Kelly walks Nora back toward Bo's room and tells her that she wants to knit the baby something. Not that she knows how, but she does have time to learn. When is the baby due? Nora says that there is nothing conclusive yet. Kelly explains that she promised Drew something and she is going to uphold that promise right now. Lindsay arrives. Nora is less than thrilled to see her and LIndsay lets her know that she only came because Clint thought she could help her, but Lindsay's best bet is that only Sam could help Nora now.

Court House

Sam tells Todd to state his name. He doesn't want to do that part and there is a long pause where he gazes ahead and then a different voice tells Sam to sit up straight. It is Miss Perkins. She says she will tell the truth. They should all be ashamed of bullying Tom. Hank yells that this is making a mockery of the court, but the judge overrules him. Miss Perkins tells the judge that she should blend her makeup. The judge looks quizzical, but does not admonish the fussy spinster. Miss Perkins says that her boys have been through enough. Sam inquires who are her boys. She names Todd, Tom, Rod and Pete. Her relationship to them is that she cares for them. Sam is curious about Pete. Miss Perkins says she keeps Pete in check when she can. Pete is angry and his aberrant behavior at the lodge is an example of it. She throws in a question to Sam about whether he is wearing socks. Sam ignores the comment. He promises Miss Perkins to be respectful if he can talk to one of the boys. A male voice says, "You got him here" and gazes at Téa.


Nora asks Lindsay why she feels compelled to throw Sam in her face. LIndsay answers that Nora runs to him with every problem. Nora points out that he is not here at the hospital with her now. Lindsay is amazed Nora has not dragged him out of court but she did go to him at midnight when she knew he had Todd's trial the next day. LIndsay even admits to following Nora to Sam's house. And isn't it odd that Nora blurts out that she is pregnant to Bo and then runs to Sam with the news. Nora orders her to get out. She is surprised that LIndsay has such a nice son. He must take after his father. Lindsay counters that Rachel must take after her mother. Gee, she wonders, who the new baby will take after?

Court House

Kelly approaches Max and he tells her if she hurries, she can catch the floor show. Kelly is not there about the trial, she has come to Max about her promise to Drew to make the Sun respectable. Maybe she, Blair and Max can all benefit. Max says he isn't betting the farm on Todd giving them the Sun. He will probably be back at work next week with a desk for each alter. Kelly replies that Rod was interested in her hefty offer. Now she has Max's interest.

Inside the court room, Rod is telling Téa how beautiful she is and how sorry he is that he is not in charge. Sam asks Rod what his attitude is toward violence. He replies he detests it. At the lodge, he was merely an observer. All those beautiful women and what does Pete do He wraps the dynamite around his stomach. The most beautiful of them all, the woman that makes my heart a song was there (Téa). Hank objects about the irrelevant testimony. Sam tells Rod he wants to speak to Tom. Rod replies that Tom is a moron. Sam says that Tom is just young and it won't take long. Tom tells the court that Pete was responsible for what happened at the lodge. Sam says he has no more questions. Hank is ready to cross examine. He goes right for the jugular vein. "Let's bond. Mr. Manning how did it feel to hold a knife to your sister's throat."

The Banner

Lindsay tells Clint that Nora is low but she got her charge up again. Clint apologizes for being such a grouch. Lindsay asks if he is angry. Clint responds that he was just disturbed that she disappeared the other night. Lindsay says she went after Nora because she just wanted to be part of the family. Clint replies she is part of the family-his part. They kiss and he suggest the do something special for Bo and Nora once his brother leaves the hospital, something to celebrate the baby. Lindsay agrees, but as Clint holds her, her face shows us that this is not what she wants to do.


The procedure went well, Larry says. Bo is making progress and she can go in to see him. He is so excited about the baby.

Jessica and Will

Jessica comes out of the bathroom and she looks rattled, but she tells Will that the test said minus, so she is not pregnant. Will is assured that their luck would not run out. He wants to buy her a burger to celebrate their good fortune. Jessica wants to go home. She has had a rough day. Will is just happy to put that night behind them. Outside the door, Jessica takes the pregnancy test out of her purse. It clearly shows a plus. Téars stream down her face.

Court House

Hank hammers at Tom, asking how it felt to make his sister be in fear of her life. Tom swears it was not him. He was just watching. Hank wants to know if he watched while Asa almost died of a heart attack and how did he feel when he pulled Rachel across the floor by her hair. Was that Fun? Tom says that was Pete. Hank replies that there is just one man responsible for those felonies and "that is you, Mr. Manning. There is no Tom, Rod, Miss Perkins and there is definitely no Pete. Todd stands up and grabs Hank by his lapels and answers in a low chilling growl "You wanna bet".

Thursday, October 15, 1998

Carriage House (Joey & BB)

The gruesome twosome breeze in from a shopping spree and Joey vows to re-do the house from top to bottom.

Hospital (Bo & Nora)

Bo tells Red that he wants to go home and he asks her to promise that she won't do anything for or buy a lot of stuff for the baby til he gets out of the hospital. He doesn't want to miss anything. Nora tells him (again) that she has to tell him something about the baby.

Sam's House (Will & Rosie)

Hey, who finally told this girl to put on some clothes (yippee!). Anyway, Rosie asks Will about Jess, because she seemed a little upset earlier. Will tells her Jess just got some really good news, then the two make plans for a date. Will asks Rosie to come to NY with him.

Courtroom (everybody who's not at the hospital or at Sam's house)

Todd and Hank are holding on to each other's collars while Hank tells Todd that the only Pete Manning, is the one he "cooked up in his twisted little brain". Todd removes his tie and in his Pete voice, screams that he's here and he's in charge [Pete]. He yells out to Sam that they've spoken to Tom, Rod and Ms. Perkins and that he [Pete] couldn't trust them to do anything right. He recounts the dynamite/hostage scenario and blames the other alters for strapping him with fake explosives. During this tirade, Viki jumps up and demands that the judge stop the proceedings because if the alter [Pete] is allowed to remain in control, she'll lose her brother forever. Todd stares at Viki as though her comment touched something within him.

Llanfair (Jess)

Jess stares at the positive sign on the pregnancy test and cries (been there done that). (it was really heartbreaking).

Sam's house (Will & Rosie)

Rosie decides to go to NY with Will and tells him that she wants to go to college. Med school, no less. Yeah right.


Sam, Hank and the judge have a little sidebar chat (learned that from the OJ trial). Sam tells the judge that he's concerned about his client's state of mind.

Proceedings: Hank continues questioning Todd and asks if he kidnapped Téa. Todd says "yeah, she's my wife, is there a problem?" Hank asks if he was really going to strangle her. Todd tells him if he asks one more thing about Téa, that he'll strangle him [Hank] with his bare hands. At this point Blair jumps up and says "Todd please don't do this". Todd says "shut up Blair, you don't care about me you're only concerned with what he thinks" and he motions to Sam.

Hospital (Nora, Bo & Larry)

Nora tearfully tells Bo about the night he was on the boat in the hurricane and how she told him there was a baby just to bring him home. When she finishes this confession (for the 50th time), Bo's monitor goes off. Larry rushes in and does his doctor thing.

Diner (Sykes & Congressman Graham)

Sykes tells Graham that he is under the gun to release the ballistics report. Graham tells him to stall until after the election. Sykes says "damn the election". Then Graham says its not just about the election, but that he is a father (to a loon). So Sykes says, look we both know that Barbara is capable of, I have the scar to prove it. He reminds Graham that two people are on the run for a crime they didn't commit. Then he asks Graham if he is going to wait til BB kills someone else. As Graham ponders this possibility, Joey and BB walk in.

Hospital (Renee & Nora)

Outside Bo's room, Renee wonders how this happened since Bo was doing so well. Nora replies that she caused it by telling him there was no baby.


Todd and Hank continue to go at it, when Todd tells the judge that Hank is mad because he exposed his daughter as a murderer. They lock up again and Sam has to pull Hank off of Todd. The DA is behaving rather poorly. Sam asks Todd if he's okay and Todd answers in his Tom voice. Tom apologizes to everyone for Pete's behavior then he goes on to talk about his dad hurting him. Tom asks Hank not to yell at him anymore. Hank asks the judge to stop this (circus), but the judge allows it. Sam takes over questioning [Ed Note this is the worst courtroom scene I've watched in a long time] and asks him about his 14th birthday. Tom tells about Michelle and the cake and how Peter raped him. Sam rests his case. Blair looks at Todd and shakes her head in disgust. Todd looks back and cocks his eyebrow.

Diner (Graham, & BB)

Graham asks his nutcase daughter what she's doing with the Buchanan boy. He tries to ship her off to Italy and she refuses to go. So he asks her what happens if things don't work out with Joey (duh daddy she'll kill him, don't you know by now?). She tells him that Joey loves her yada yada....


Viki tells Tom to be strong and that the charges should be dropped and he'll be able to get on with life. Todd asks if she and Téa will ever leave him. Téa says she never will. Todd asks Viki if she thinks he's a bad person. She tells him that he's not bad just complicated. Todd tells them that Blair probably won't let him see Starr because of the molestation thing. Téa offers to go get Blair. She approaches Blair and tells her that Todd wants to see her. Blair asks Téa if she really believes Todd's story. Téa replies that after what he just admitted how could they not believe him. Blair goes to see Todd and asks him what he thinks he's doing. He says whatever it takes to stay out of jail. He brags about his performance and how he even had one juror in tears. She tells him that he wins and she loses everything. He says he'll try to make things right between she and Sam.

Diner (Sykes, BB & Joey)

Sykes tells BB that it's just a matter of time before the police find out. (Isn't he the police?) Anyway, she denies doing anything. He begs her to confess before it's too late. Joey comes to her defense.


In the lobby, Sam asks Blair if she loves him. She says that's what she's been trying to tell him. He tells her that she has a funny way of showing it by sleeping with Max. A stunned Blair asks him what he's talking about. Sam tells her about when he went to Max's house and Max told him that they had slept together. As she is about to explain, Téa tells them that court is back in session. Hank does his summation, in which he says that Todd's alters don't matter, the bottom line is that he committed a crime.


Nora apologizes to Bo and he asks for what. The he tells her that he dreamt she told him that there was no baby but that it must have been a nightmare because he lives to hold his baby. Nora remains silent.


Hank finishes his closing argument and says that Todd is faking and urges the jury to find him guilty. Sam gets up to do his summation and as he picks up his note tablet, he reads something and looks oddly at Todd. At any rate, he continues his passionate summation and discusses Todd's DID and the healing powers of love.

Friday, October 16, 1998

Joey was upset to find a picture of Kevin in Barbara's wallet. Barbara insisted that she was over Kevin and to prove it, she burned his picture. Cassie went back to work at the Banner and she helped Kevin and Mel investigate Drew's murder. Cassie tried to find out why Sykes and Graham would want to cover up the murder. After Kevin's visit with Sykes, Kevin received a mysterious phone call and an anonymous tip about the murder - a picture of the killer's footprint. Nora told Sam that she had tried to tell Bo the truth about being pregnant, but Bo had thought it was all a bad dream. Nora then asked Sam to father a baby for her, but he turned her down. Nora got further upset when she received a letter from Rachel congratulating her on her pregnancy. Jessica got nervous when Viki told her that she had made an appointment for her to see a doctor. Although she was tempted, Jessica decided not to tell Viki about her pregnancy. Roseanne told Will that she couldn't go to New York with him right now and then approached Jessica to ask if they could be friends. Will later found Jessica leaving her house with her suitcase and realized that she was indeed pregnant.

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TWO SCOOPS: Quid pro Flo
TWO SCOOPS: Quid pro Flo
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