One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 6, 1999 on OLTL
Sam thought about telling Nora the truth about Lindsay changing Bo's test results. Skye moved into Dorian's house. Max and Kevin both fell from the hospital roof. Asa learned that Will had stolen money from their foundation.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 6, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, December 6, 1999

Jess and Will take in a movie at the drive-in. Jess confesses that she saw Cristian, they talked and visited Megan's grave together. She asks Will if it's ok with him. Will tells her it's ok because Jess is with him, not Cris; they have a trusting relationship.

Cris dashes into the NY apartment to find Roseanne waiting for him. He's upset that she left Llanview without a word to him. She welcomes him home with a kiss. She tells him she was upset that he was with Jess but she's gotten over it. She realized that Jess was upset about her brother and that Cris was only helping out because he's such a good person. She knows he cares about her and won't let her down.

Lindsay half heartedly welcomes Dorian into her place after thinking it's Bo. She tells Dorian that she scared him off and should have left things alone. She doubted herself because of Nora telling her she wasn't good enough for Bo. She can't help it but she's jealous of Nora's ring and new house and commitment from Sam. Dorian thinks Lindsay is neurotic and Lindsay admits that she'll do insane things to keep Bo. Dorian tells her to let Bo go before anyone finds out what Lindsay's done but she says no one will ever tell Bo anything.

Bo decides to give Kevin alone time in a jail cell to save him from himself. Kelly blames Joey for Zack getting a black eye by not watching Kevin but Joey says he seemed fine and he had to leave for a story. They argue while Sophia stands by, listening intently. Joey thinks that Kevin will be able to work it out and accuses Kelly of wanting to be needed. He wants to go home but Kelly wants to stay. She heads for the jail cell. Sophia confronts Joey and tries to plant the thought that Kelly is getting awfully close to his brother. Joey emphatically states that Kelly likes to help people, unlike Sophia and he still doesn't know why he ever slept with her.

After Kevin is placed in the cell, Bo stops by to talk to his nephew. He tells him that people love and care about him and this is to protect them also. He is sympathetic to the way Kevin is feeling because of what happened to him when Drew was killed. He didn't care about living either and drove Nora to being dishonest and thus changed everyone's lives. His grief hurt many people besides himself but he will make sure Kevin only hurts himself. He hands him a bottle of scotch so that he can drink and not feel anything and not hurt anyone. Bo says he felt he couldn't help Drew when he was needed and that's how Kevin is feeling now about Grace. He knows it hurts to think about it and that liquor equals oblivion so he won't ever have to feel again. He's disappointed when Kevin asks for ice to go with the scotch, so he leaves. Kelly watches outside of the cell and Kevin orders her leave as well. Kelly tells him that he wouldn't leave Cassie when she was in pain so she won't leave him. She tells Kevin how much Grace loved him. Grace always understood her and now there will be no one else. Kevin says he understands and the two grab onto each other at the cell door. Joey watches from beyond.

Nora and Sam are at their new house, getting dressed. Nora was really surprised by this gift and wants to know if Sam has any other secrets or surprises. Sam asks Nora if she has any secrets and she says there are always things in your past that the other person doesn't know about and they should be left unsaid. She trusts him. When she gets a call on her cell phone, she tells Sam she has to go to the police station.

Back in his office, Bo gives Lindsay a call and apologizes for their earlier conversation. He's ready to give her a commitment. Nora comes in and is surpised to learn that Zack is pressing charges and that Kevin is being held. Bo tells her if someone had locked him up when Drew died things may have been different now. Nora tells him they can't play the "what if" game and can't change things. She agrees that jail may be good for Kevin.

Lindsay is thrilled with Bo's call but after Dorian leaves she receives a call from Sam. He needs to come over and see her. He tells her he can't base his new marriage on anything but honesty and will not be able to keep her secret any longer. He's going to tell Nora that Lindsay changed Bo's sperm test results. Lindsay can't let him do that because Nora will tell Bo. She warns Sam that if he ruins her life she will destroy his.

Will and Jess spend a passionate evening together as do Cris and Roseanne.

TUESDAY, December 7, 1999

Lindsay's Gallery

Lindsay is livid as she threatens to destroy Sam's relationship with Nora. She reminds him that he promised never to tell Nora about the sperm test switch. Lindsay tells him she has ways to ruin his life if he doesn't keep his mouth shut. Sam says that Nora deserves the truth, but Lindsay tells him Nora will run straight to Bo. Sam tells her that Nora won't run to Bo if he asks her not to. Lindsay can't believe that Sam is so naive and continues her threats.

The Board Room at Llanview Hospital

Bo enters the boardroom where he finds Asa, Larry and Sky. Asa tells Bo that Sky has information on Sam. Sky tells Bo about Ben and Jackie McNaughton and the hit that was arranged. Sky continues to add fuel the fire as she describes Ben and his temper and how she begged him not to operate on Max. Asa blames Max's brain damage on Ben's surgery and wants to be sure that "butcher pays for it." Bo asks to be left alone with Asa.

After everyone leaves, Bo asks Asa how he can discourage him from going after Ben. Asa says never.

Emma's Hospital Room

Viki, who can't seem to stay away from the hospital and is now making rounds with Ben, goes into Emma's room. Ben asks how his patient is (because, you see, he is also a pediatric neurosurgeon along with being a trauma surgeon, a general surgeon and regular neurosurgeon). Emma gives Ben and Viki flowers and thanks them for being her guardian angel. Ben takes Emma's mother aside and Viki stays behind with Emma. Emma tells Viki that Ben told her she was just like the little girl he always wanted. Viki looks distressed as Ben enters the room to examine Emma. Viki still has her distressed look as she leaves looks behind at Emma and Ben.

Sam's House

Nora is talking to Bo's baby about their new house (that baby has gotten awfully big). She tells Bo's baby that there will be no reminders of any mistakes in the past.

Lindsay's Gallery

Lindsay still can't believe Sam's naïveté. She tells Sam that Nora was gloating about her engagement to Sam (which she wasn't) and that Nora was happy that Lindsay was not engaged to Bo (which is true). Lindsay continues her tirade by telling Sam that when Nora finds out she's moving in with Bo, she'll flip. Sam can't believe it, but insecure Lindsay tells Sam it will be over when Sam tells her the truth about the sperm switch.

The Hospital Board Room

Asa tells Bo that Ben is trying to pay him back for Grace. He tells Bo that there were several witnesses in the operating room that heard Ben say so. Bo points out it could have been that Asa barged into the room, but Asa refuses to believe it. Asa tells Bo to visit Max and see for himself the damage Ben has done.

Max's Room

Blair goes into Max's room and tries to talk to Max, but Max continues to babble. Max can't understand why Blair is upset. Blair sees that Max might not be faking this particular act. She lays down on the bed next to him and cries as Max tells her he loves her.

Sam's House

Viki visits Nora and congratulates her on her engagement. Nora tells her the good news about the new house. Nora tells Viki that she feels like she's breaking free of the past and is moving ahead. Viki sees Nora's happiness and enthusiasm and asks if it would be the same without a child? Nora says yes, but that Bo's Baby is the miracle that brought them together. Nora leaves the room to heat up a bottle for Bo's Baby and Viki has the distressed look on her face.


Lindsay's Gallery

Sam realizes it's not about Nora, but about Lindsay and her insecurity about Bo (he finally gets it). Sam tells her that Bo should know the truth, that she should take control of her life. Lindsay is too unsure. Sam tells her if her relationship is meant to be, it will endure, (but honesty isn't Lindsay's strong suit).

Max's Room

Max is sleeping as Blair prattles on about how she needs Max. Max wakes up (let the man rest, he just had major cranial surgery!) Blair spies Sky outside the door and rushes to her. Blair tells her to leave and Sky coolly tells her about the adoption certificate. As Blair realizes that Sky has come across the document that reveals the real Buchanan son, she tells Sky to get out.

Lindsay's Gallery

Nora asks Sam to reverse the situation; what if it was him? Would he forgive her if she had switched HIS sample? Lindsay points out that he can't even forgive her now. She hammers on: if he keeps his mouth shut, he gets the girl, the house and the baby. Lindsay warns him not to force her to take it away from him. Sam asks her what's she's talking about, what will she take away? Lindsay tells him "his son."

Sam's House

Nora brings Bo's Baby in and asks Viki why she really came by. Viki tells her about Ben and Emma and how crazy Ben is about children. Nora knows that Viki has had her family, Viki agrees; she doesn't want to adopt, she's raised her children.

Emma's Hospital Room

Bo is outside of Emma's room. Ben sees him and goes outside. Bo asks Sam if he deliberately hurt Max.

Lindsay's Gallery

Sam mistakenly thinks that Lindsay means by losing his son, she means Will. Sam finally gets a backbone and tells Lindsay that she's so desperate to perpetuate the lie that would destroy her own family.

Sam's House

Viki tells Nora that she loves the freedom of having her life back. Nora asks if she's talked about it with Ben. Viki says that Ben has alot on his mind with Grace, Asa and Max; all she wants is a long and happy life with Ben (not much chance of that, it's a soap!). Nora asks if it includes children? Viki has been there and done that and Nora tells her to tell Ben, not to keep it a secret. Secrets come back to haunt you. Nora tells her she can always come by and get a baby fix. Viki looks distressed again.

Outside Emma's Hospital Room

Bo asks Ben about Jackie McNaughton. Ben admits his connection, but tells Bo he called off the hit. Ben gets angrier as he tells Bo that he wants Asa to suffer. Bo realizes that Ben has a big problem with his anger towards Asa and that he's capable of anything. As Asa approaches, Ben leaves and Bo tells him to do what he has to do (with the hospital board).

Outside Max's Room

Ben looks in on Blair and Max and Sky approaches. Sky goads Ben about his hearing and how she plans on being the star witness. When Ben tells her he doesn't care what she does, Sky tells him not to walk away, she controls his fate. Ben gets into the elevator and leaves.

The Hospital Board Room

Larry tells Asa that Sky's testimony could damage Ben, but reminds him that Asa could have caused Max's brain damage when he interfered with the surgery. Larry tells Asa to let the system work. Asa tells Larry that the system better work or he won't have a job.

A Hospital Corridor

Ben is walking with a chart and drops some papers and swears as Viki comes in. Viki asks if it's about Emma? Ben says Emma is fine. Viki asks Ben if he's done with rounds, she wants to talk with him.

Lindsay's Gallery

Lindsay tries to placate Sam by telling him that he should leave things alone, keep the secret. Bo comes in and asks if he's interrupting something? Sam tells Bo to talk away as Lindsay tells Sam not to say something they would both regret. Bo is puzzled and Sam leaves. He asks Lindsay what it was all about?

A Hospital Corridor

As Ben and Viki are about to leave, Larry tells Ben that the hospital disciplinary committee wants to meet with him the next day about a complaint filed against him. Viki is outraged. She tells him she'll be with him, but Ben wants to do it alone. Viki is distressed, again.

Max's Room

Blair just won't shut up! She yammers at Max's sleeping form. She tells Max about Sky and the threat she poses. She continues to tell Max that she can't do it by herself. Asa enters and tells Blair that she's good for Max and he never thought he would have any use for her. He tells Blair she looks tired and tells her to take a break, he'll stay with his son.

Asa sits down and talks to Max about missing out on his childhood. Asa tells Max a parable about willing his son back to life. As he tells the story, Max wakes up and hears Asa. (I think he's faking the whole thing).

Lindsay's Gallery

Lindsay lies to Bo about her argument with Sam. Bo tells her he's looking forward to her moving in and Lindsay tells him that she wants to wait a few weeks. Bo says he's sure he wants her to move in now, but Lindsay say she wants it to be right. Bo the gullible fool, believes Lindsay. Now Lindsay looks distressed.

Sam's House

Sam walks in on Nora telling Bo's Baby the biblical story as she lights the candles on the menorah. As he listens, he realizes that Lindsay mean Bo's Baby and not Will when she said she could take away his son. Sam looks......DISTRESSED!

Wednesday, December 8, 1999

Skye runs into Kelly at Dorian's house, and Dorian informs Kelly that Skye will be living with them. At first, Kelly thinks that Skye must be blackmailing Dorian, but is then convinced the two of them are just trying to make trouble for Viki. Skye asks Kelly where Kevin is, and she tells Skye about Kevin being arrested after the incident at the Banner.

At the Llanview jail, Kevin refuses to let Joey bail him out. Kevin just wants everybody to leave him alone. "Be careful what you wish for," Joey tells him. Joey acts jealously towards Kelly when she insists on going over to the jail to bail out Kevin. She tells Joey she feels like she has a connection with Kevin and has to help him. However, Joey thinks they should let Kevin sit in jail because he doesn't want any help. Later both go to the jail just in time to find Skye and Kevin leaving together. Skye has bailed out Kevin!

Blair is panicking about Asa finding out the truth about Max. Since is Max is acting so strange, she is afraid she is going to take the fall for the whole scheme. Renee goes into Max's room and tells him she loves him, but she has to tell Asa Max isn't his son. Renee heads for the boardroom where Asa, Sam, Ben and the hospital board are meeting to determine if Ben is at fault for Max's condition. In the hearing, Ben gets fed up with Asa's vendetta and storms out, "Forget it, I quit!" Then Max wanders in completely disoriented. He thinks he is going to a picnic, so he opens up the window, climbs out and hangs from the ledge of the building!

Thursday, December 9, 1999

Hospital Corridor

When Viki meets Ben, he informs her that he wouldn't "give them the satisfaction of passing judgment" so he quit his job at the hospital. Viki is afraid that "leaving under a cloud" could cause Ben to be unable to practice medicine anywhere and worries how that will affect him. "It's who you are." But Ben counters, "It's who I was" and wonders if he is his father's son who wants revenge or his brother's brother who wants justice. When Viki tries to assure Ben that her love will help him with his anger, he surprises her with his reply, "Our love is the best thing in my life...but it can't fix everything." Viki offers to talk to the hospital board, Asa, even Clint, to "do something" to fix things for Ben. Ben warns Viki to "stay out of it" and stop trying to "mother" him, which brings a violent reaction from Viki: she slaps Ben across the face. Later, both apologize but Ben insists that he is in the "middle of a war with Asa" and he can't have Viki fighting it for him. "It's making me insane...I'm not healthy to be around...I've got to be by myself for a few days." As Ben leaves, Viki asks him to remember that she loves him, "wherever you are, don't forget that."

Sam's House

Nora is impatiently waiting for Sam to arrive home so she can find out about Ben's hearing. He tells her it didn't go well and he is worried about Ben because he is "acting so strange." Nora thinks Ben isn't the only one acting strangely and asks Sam if something else is wrong. When Sam's response is, "What's right?" Nora gets worried and tries to joke about Sam's "whopper secret." Just as Sam is about to spill to Nora, the doorbell rings and, of course, it's Lindsay. Lindsay has decided she will tell Nora her "secret" herself: Bo has asked her to move in with him! Nora just begins to laugh, explaining that she finds it "hard to imagine your style meshing with Bo's" but that she is "in favor of anything that makes Bo happy." When Nora leaves the room to check on Matthew, Sam wants Lindsay to explain whether it was really Will or Matthew she "threatened" to "take away" from him if he told Nora about the sperm test result switcheroo. Lindsay plays dumb, "What could I do to take Matthew away?" but Sam isn't totally convinced by Lindsay's assurance that she meant Will. "Matthew is the reason Nora and I are might enjoy seeing me lose Matthew." Nora excitedly interrupts to tell Sam that Matthew just said, "Da Da." Sam is thrilled, but shoots a quizzical look at Lindsay. When Lindsay excuses herself from the "heartwarming family scene" and leaves, Nora asks Sam to tell her why Lindsay really came by and why Sam was so happy to see her leave. Later, after putting Matthew to sleep, Nora explains to Sam that she has spent "a great deal of time thinking things over" and has figured out what is bothering Sam: he's afraid that Nora still has "some sort of connection to Bo." Nora thinks that even though she, Sam and Matthew have "the perfect life" that Sam is "still afraid that it's going to disappear...that one day you're going to come walking in that door and I won't be here...that I'll be at Bo's." While Sam protests that he doesn't believe that, Nora goes on. "We all have foolish thoughts...I was foolish...I thought my words were enough for assurance...but I thought long and hard...and I realized exactly how I wanted to ring in the next 1000 what are you doing December 31st?" Sam's idea is "a magnum of champagne, a noise maker" and "the woman I love." Nora's idea is to "spend it with my husband...come on Sam, do you want to get married on New Year's Eve?"

Llanview Police Department

Kelly is loudly confronting Skye about posting Kevin's bail while Sykes, Sophia, Joey, Kevin, Bo and Hank either look on or overhear. Both women "want what's best for Kevin" while claiming to "not interfere" in his life. Kevin just wants people to stay out of his life and takes Skye aside to set her straight. Skye offers her services as Kevin's "own personal Dante" for his "trip to Hell" unless he changes his ways and starts to attend AA meetings with her. Kevin insists he is not an "alcoholic" just a man who likes to drink. Bo suggests to Kevin that he see a "counselor" that the department uses, but again Kevin refuses. When Bo gets a call from the hospital about Max, Kevin overhears and wants to tag along with Bo so he won't "miss a story." After Bo and Kevin leave, Sophia gets in her digs to Joey by observing that two women (Skye and Kelly) are "vying" for Kevin. Joey wants Kelly to realize that Kevin is his brother, he should know what's best for Kevin. Kelly thinks Skye is befriending Kevin just to hurt Viki and Ben while Kevin really needs "someone to understand his problem." This line of conversation escalates loudly until Hank asks them to "take it elsewhere" and Joey implores Kelly that they need to talk and "Kevin's only the start of it."

Dorian's Mansion

R.J. has brought Téa along with him to give Dorian a "house re-warming present" although Téa "doesn't harbor warm and fuzzy feelings for Dorian." R.J. wants the "two women I like most in the whole world" to get along. Dorian wants to give Téa a "few words of wisdom - alone" and takes Téa into the remodeled living room. Dorian explains that she is "most passionate about loyalty" and that she loves R.J., that they are "very good friends" and that if "someone or something hurt him" she "might do something criminal." Téa sees this as a "refreshing change" since most people feel that R.J. will hurt her. Dorian feels that is because "most people don't know R.J." and Téa explains that "most people don't trust R.J...but I do and so should you." Later, R.J. promises "not to be a stranger" to Dorian and as he and Téa leave, Skye comes in feeling sorry for herself as "the most unpopular person in Llanview" since Blair and Kelly have added their names to the list of her enemies. Skye pumps Dorian for "something about Kevin to help me understand him" while acknowledging that "making Viki nuts" with her friendship with Kevin "wouldn't bother her too much."

Later, Kelly and Joey continue their argument about Kevin at Dorian's. Kelly wants to know why it bothers Joey that she "cares" about Kevin. Joey explodes, "He doesn't need that economy size heart of yours...I need that right've been so involved with Kevin that there has been no time for us...since Grace's death, I don't want to take one moment for granted." Kelly is touched and agrees to "forget about the police station" and "move on" by spending some time together alone. As Joey leaves and Kelly returns for her purse, she stops and picks up the phone to call Kevin, but changes her mind and leaves to join Joey.

Hospital Board Room and Ledge

Max has climbed out onto some scaffolding outside the boardroom window and is hanging upside down and swinging like it's playground monkey bars. Larry is trying to take charge and keep Asa and Renee cool while waiting for the neurosurgeon to show up to handle Max. Blair comes in looking for Max and immediately freaks out when Max tells her he is "taking a stroll" and reaches out to "almost touch the clouds." Max wants to have a "cookout" with marshmallows on an imaginary campfire. Asa insists that he is "the only one who can bring my son back in here" but relents when Larry asks him to "give Blair a chance." Blair whispers to Max that if he is doing this so Renee won't tell Asa about their deception, she doesn't "think it will do it" and he should come back inside. But Max says he feels "calm and peaceful" on the ledge. Later, Bo arrives, followed closely by Kevin. While Bo is waiting for the EMS team and trying to keep Asa and Renee calm, Kevin slips by and joins Max on the ledge saying he has "brought the marshmallows." Max tells Kevin that he wasn't invited and he should "go inside" since this is "a private picnic - just me and Blair." Kevin persists in trying to get Max to come in off the ledge. Bo is afraid that Kevin "doesn't care one way or another" and could end up dead, but wants to give Kevin a chance to convince Max to come inside. Kevin seems to succeed and is leading Max back toward the open window but as they approach, Max slips and Kevin follows Max down off the scaffolding - 12 floors to the bottom.

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Friday, December 10, 1999
by Soap Central

Dorian offered Will and Jessica money for the Foundation, but Will promptly refused to accept it. Jessica made Will realize that Dorian was merely trying to make amends and he agreed to accept the money. Asa learned that Will had taken a significant amount of money from the Megan Foundation and vowed to make him pay. Bo sprang into action and saved Kevin's life after his fall from the window. Kevin later downplayed his near death experience. Skye tried to counsel Kevin and said she knew he was purposely trying to harm himself. Kelly and Joey arrived and Joey was annoyed to witness firsthand Kelly's devotion to Kevin. Max escaped his fall without injury, but continued to act oblivious to his actions. Blair and Renee got into a shouting match over Renee's determination to tell Asa about Max's lie. Max's ordeal forced Renee to rethink her decision to tell Asa the truth. Later, while hiding in his bathroom, Skye overheard Max make a few comments and realized that he was faking his condition!

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