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Viki ended her relationship with Charlie. David and Addie announced that they were married. Starr made a decision about her baby. Marcie turned down Starr's request that Marcie and Michael adopt Starr's baby. Natalie disclosed that David was Asa's long-lost son. Cristian agreed to keep Tina hidden.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 16, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, June 16, 2008

She's My Sister, She's My Daughter

At the carriage house, Gigi interrupted Brody and Shane's bonding session. After sending Shane upstairs, Gigi informed Brody that she was aware that Adriana paid him to come to Llanview and claim Shane as his son. Brody admitted that he had been enticed to come to town because of the payoff, but revealed that Dorian had offered him more money to leave Llanview, in hopes that Gigi would lure Rex away from Adriana. Brody told Gigi that he believed Adriana had done him a favor because he would have never learned that Gigi hadn't run off with another guy had Adriana not located him. Brody reminded Gigi of the promise he made to her years ago-to return to her and help her raise her son. Gigi wasn't receptive to Brody's plea. Instead, she left to face Dorian at Buchanan Enterprises and collect her paycheck and possibly a pink slip.

Later, Shane came downstairs and asked Brody to help him exercise. When Shane stated that he couldn't do pushups, Brody told the child that he would have to work hard at it. Appearing to have thoughts of Gigi on his mind, Brody said, "When you want something bad enough, you don't give up."

In his cell at the police station, Jared had a nightmare about pushing Nash through the skylight. He awoke and found Natalie had come to visit him. Natalie told Jared that Jessica blamed them both for Nash's death and didn't know if her sister would ever forgive her. Feeling guilty, Jared told Natalie that he knew a way she could regain her family's trust. He insisted that she leave him and he would tell the family that he had forced her into deceiving them. Refusing to give him up, Natalie suggested that Jared fight for his freedom. Jared told her that he would be in prison for a long time and there wasn't anything that either of them could do about it. Natalie stated that she had an idea and took off to set her plan in motion.

Nora and Clint arrived at B.E. and found Bo attempting to prevent a workman from removing Clint's nameplate from the door of the office he once occupied. The Buchanan brothers learned that Dorian was responsible and found her sitting in Clint's old office. Dorian ordered them out of the building, but, after being pressured by Nora, decided to allow them a few moments to gather their belongings. Clint and Bo advised Dorian that they would fight the takeover and asked if she truly believed she could get away with her plan. Dorian was certain that she could and began gloating about the brothers being unemployed. After giving Dorian a few parting words, Clint received a call from Natalie. She asked him to meet her at the police station to discuss an important matter.

Clint, Bo, and Nora met Natalie at the police station. Natalie asked Clint to drop the charges against Jared. When Clint questioned Natalie's sanity, she announced that she had an offer for him. Natalie told her father she would reveal the name of the true Buchanan heir, if he would drop the charges.

When Gigi arrived at B.E. (now Cramer Enterprises), Dorian asked her to continue working for the company. Refusing Dorian's offer, Gigi said that she couldn't be bought as Brody had been. Gigi stated that she knew about Dorian's blackmail and was aware that Dorian was the one who had sent Rex the anonymous note concerning Adriana. Dorian presented the note (containing letters cut from a magazine) to Gigi and informed her that Adriana had given it to her, but denied any involvement.

At the carriage house, Brody read a magazine. He looked suspicious when he realized several letters were cut from the pages of the magazine.

In his hospital room, Charlie sadly stared at a picture of him and Viki. David barged into the room wishing to discuss Charlie's drunken escapade. David accused Charlie of hurting Viki. Although he initially denied it, Charlie quickly admitted the truth. David began asking Charlie if he believed that Dorian was involved in the events that led up to him getting drunk. Charlie said that he didn't remember taking a drink; his last memories were being in the emergency room with Rex. David continued to insist that Dorian could somehow be involved, but Charlie was unsure. David admitted to wanting to get revenge against Dorian. David was convinced that Dorian might have been with Charlie the final minutes before he lost consciousness. Before leaving, David suggested that Charlie attempt to make amends with Viki. Charlie said he would if he believed it were possible.

At Llanfair, Viki sat with Bree in the library. She told the child that she wished she could bring Bree's father back, but she couldn't. Viki promised Bree that her mother needed time to rest and would see about her as soon as she could. Outside on Viki's stoop, Tina read the headlines from the Banner newspaper. The paper contained articles relating to Nash's funeral arrangements, The B.E. takeover, and the mystery woman who was being sought in connection with Ramsey's murder. Upon realizing that the police were looking for her, Tina became nervous. With Bree in her arms, Viki went to pick up the paper that had been left at the front door. Hearing Viki approaching, Tina ran and hid in the bushes. As Viki held Bree, she reminded the child of the loving family that would always be there for her. From a distance, Tina listened to Viki's words and appeared to be happy to catch a glimpse of her sister.

Back at the police station, John told Antonio and Talia about the events that led up to him being shot, and Ramsey's murder. John gave them a description of Tina. He described her as wearing a huge hat and sunglasses, and carrying a small dog in a purse. Referring to Tina as, "The Hat Lady," John told Antonio and Talia that she and Ramsey had made an exchange. The Hat Lady gave Ramsey cash for the Mendorran jewels and, right after the shooting, escaped into a fleeing limousine. John, Antonio, and Talia surmised that "The Hat Lady" didn't kill Ramsey. John went on to tell them about finding Todd in the penthouse after the shooting and no sign of Ramsey's "sick houseguest." The trio was convinced that Todd wasn't telling the truth about why he was there, but believed he wasn't the killer either. John informed them that he had put out a trace on the license plate from the limo, but had no idea how they would even begin to find the jewels, cash, and the two missing women, as well as the man who had shot him.

Antonio was surprised when Cris and Sarah arrived at the station and informed him that a man had held them at gunpoint earlier. When Sarah mentioned that the man demanded that they give him information about a woman wearing a big hat and sunglasses, and carrying a dog, John became alarmed. He asked Cris for a description of the man, but Cris presented him with an accurate sketch of him instead. John, Antonio, and Talia further surmised that "The Hat Lady" had become afraid after witnessing her companion shoot John and escaped from him. They believed that he was in Angel Square Park earlier trying to locate her. John stated that the Feds were handling Ramsey's murder, but Antonio told Talia that John planned to do some investigating of his own. Cris and Sarah headed to Llanfair to spend some time with Viki and Bree.

En route to Llanfair, Jonas Chamberlain placed a call to someone. He informed the person that he had been unable to take care of the princess because a cop had derailed his plans. Jonas stated that he had shot the officer and would soon take care of the princess. Jonas informed his associate that he had a lead on her; he was aware that she had a connection to the Llanfair estate.

As Viki read Bree a story, Tina relocated to the terrace and eavesdropped on her sister. When Viki told Bree that Sarah was coming to visit, a smile crossed Tina's face. Sarah and Cris arrived at Llanfair. As she continued to listen unnoticed, Tina was all ears. Sarah told Viki that she had spoken to Cord earlier and asked Viki if she had spoken to Tina recently. After informing Sarah that she hadn't heard from Tina in years, Viki said that she realized that sometimes a woman needed her mother-even a mother like Tina. Tina looked devastated. Viki assured Sarah that she had many people in her life that loved her. Sarah was saddened, but put on a brave front. When the doorbell chimed, Viki handed Bree to Sarah and asked her and Cris to watch the child while she answered the door. Tina listened as Cris asked Sarah if she thought she had heard her mother's voice in the park. Sarah quickly chalked it up to wishful thinking and stated that her mother would never be in Llanview looking for her.

Viki found Jonas standing at her front door. He informed her that he was the Ambassador of Mendorra and was looking for the Crown Princess. Jonas stated that he had reason to believe the princess was at Llanfair. A stunned Viki told Jonas that the princess had no reason to come to her home unannounced. When Jonas persisted, Viki became agitated and asked him to leave. Sarah and Cris decided to put Bree down for her nap. They walked past Viki at the door with Jonas, but didn't see him. Jonas didn't see them either. As Jonas appeared to get upset with Viki, David arrived and shooed Jonas away. Inside, David gave Viki his condolences. David told Viki that he had visited Charlie, and suggested that she consider forgiving Charlie. Viki was adamant that she wanted nothing to do with Charlie and began stating the many lies he had told and the trouble it had caused. As Tina listened, David told Viki that he wasn't much different from Charlie, and reminded Viki of the time he pretended to be the Lord heir and married Tina. David said that she had forgiven him and could also forgive Charlie. David told Viki that she loved Charlie and the two of them were good together.

As Charlie prepared to check out of the hospital, he was surprised to see Viki enter his room.

Outside of Llanfair, David placed a call to someone and suggested that they get together.

Tina continued to spy on Sarah and Cris. Sarah showed Cris photos of her and Tina. As she listened to Sarah state that she had learned to take care of herself but still wished her mother were around, Tina was heartbroken. When Cris went upstairs to take Bree a toy, Tina appeared to Sarah. A stunned Sarah called out to her, but Tina stood speechless.

Jonas placed a call to his contact and informed the person that he was unable to gain entry into Llanfair, but promised to take care of the matter. The contact told Jonas that he would send him photos of "persons of interest." Seconds later, Jonas looked down at his cell phone as photos of Antonio, Talia, Cris, and Sarah all appeared on the screen. A devilish smile crossed Jonas' face.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lovers & Other Strangers

At the police station, Natalie made the terms of her deal clear to Clint, Bo, and Nora: Let Jared walk, free and clear, no strings attached, and she would give them the name of the true Buchanan heir. The Buchanans were shocked to discover that one of their own knew all along. Clint was thrown by Natalie's betrayal, and reminded her that Nash was dead, leaving Jessica without a husband and Bree without a father. He could not believe that she could follow that up by blackmailing her own father. Emotional, Natalie swallowed a lump in her throat and managed to say, "Well, if Grandpa were alive, he'd be really proud of me." Clint said he loved Natalie but could not abide by her terms. "Do you want to know who your brother is?" Natalie asked. Struggling to keep it together, a steely Natalie reminded her loved ones that she could dictate terms when she was the one holding all the cards, and insisted that Jared was the lesser evil compared to Dorian. She told them Jared had worked hard at Buchanan Enterprises despite his initially impure motives. "Who cares?!" Clint retorted. Natalie challenged him, claiming that Clint had been responsible for unleashing Dorian's wrath by spurning her in the first place, and asked why he hadn't taken care of her sooner instead of allowing her rage to reach critical mass. She said that she and Jared had planned to tell earlier, but Dorian had beaten them to the punch. Furious, Clint ordered her to get Jared out of his cell, "right now."

Charlie was pleased when a somber Viki entered his hospital room. Viki told him they needed to talk, but instead she ended up sobbing in a corner. Charlie tried to console her, begging for forgiveness. "I wish we could go back in time," Viki cried, wishing to return to a time before all of Charlie's lies. Charlie told her they had something worth salvaging, and Viki said she didn't want to end things between them but had no choice. She told Charlie she didn't know who he really was: "Charlie B.," the quiet stranger she'd met in Texas, "Charlie Balsom," the wayward father, or "Charlie Banks," the con man. "Who are you? I don't know who you are!" Charlie swore that he was still the man she'd taken into her heart, despite his flaws. Charlie said they were good together, that "life is just...a little sweeter together." He said he knew that wasn't much, but Viki disagreed: "Charlie, that's everything." Nonetheless, Viki said it no longer mattered. Charlie wanted to tell her "his version of the story," but Viki said that in her version, her daughter's husband and her granddaughter's father was dead, Buchanan Enterprises was lost, and Dorian was triumphant, "all because of Jared and you," and she doubted his version of events was all that different.

Charlie said that Nash's death was an accident, but that he blamed himself for not reining Jared in. He told Viki that when he'd found his son after years of exile and drinking, he felt he'd "owed" it to him to keep silent about the con, after so many broken promises. He said he'd tried to talk to Jared out of it, but to no avail. Viki said that even if she could understand his motivations, Jessica would never forgive her if she kept Charlie Banks in her life. Charlie suggested that time could heal the wounds and asked her to not choose others over her own happiness as he had, but Viki said she couldn't have both in their situation and neither could he. She blamed him for not trusting in their love together, and said Charlie had never given her a chance to hear the story and try to help find a careful, quiet solution before it was too late. Charlie realized she was right, and said he had simply been afraid of losing her. Charlie said he knew he still meant something to her after she saved his life in the alley behind Rodi's, and made an emotional plea for a second chance.

At "Cramer Enterprises," Dorian insisted that she had nothing to do with the anonymous note sent to Rex at the shareholders' meeting, and said it was more Gigi's kind of work, needling her about her deception regarding Shane's paternity. Dorian said Gigi had potential if she was willing to do whatever it took to get what she wanted, and offered to help mold her. Dorian said she wasn't ashamed of going after what was "rightfully" hers, and urged Gigi to do the same and get Rex for herself. On cue, Rex barged into Dorian's offices, full of recriminations for his mother-in-law. Gigi told Dorian she'd rather starve than take her job offer, and Dorian asked her who would take care of Shane: "His father?" Rex encouraged Gigi to stand firm against Dorian, and Gigi shrugged off Dorian's veiled taunts and left the office. Rex confronted Dorian about Adriana leaving for Paris, and was surprised to learn that Dorian hadn't even known where her daughter had gone. He told Dorian that Adriana was miserable, but the mother of the bride glibly told him that it wasn't her fault. Rex warned Dorian that she was dead to Adriana, but Dorian told him that her bond to her daughter would never be broken; his was another story. She suggested Rex and Adriana annul their marriage, but Rex insisted that they were merely separated and would work things out. Dorian relished in Rex's discomfort.

At Llanfair, Jessica woke to a knock at her bedroom door. She was surprised to find Antonio there to see her. Jessica thought he was there to question her about the accident, but Antonio said he wasn't there as a cop, but as a friend. She hugged him and let him into her room. Antonio told her that Nash didn't deserve to die and offered his sincere condolences. Crying, Jessica was stunned to hear him be so selfless after everything she'd done to him. Antonio was sanguine, however, saying that he'd been angry for a long time, but it had passed. He said he knew that you couldn't fight true love, and that he hadn't wished such a tragedy on her or anyone. Jessica confessed to Antonio that she was pregnant, and Antonio comforted her. Jessica told Antonio that Nash's death had been no accident: "Natalie and her boyfriend killed him." Antonio said he knew her kind of anger, and that the important thing was to not expose her children to it. "Did I make you feel this way?" Jessica asked, agonizing. Antonio said she had, but that he had gotten through it, just as she would. He urged her to remember her love for Nash, and take solace in it, and that day by day, as her children grew, things would change, and she would move on and live a full and happy life, just as Nash would want. Jessica thanked Antonio for his generous sympathy. "We had our time," Antonio said. "No regrets." Antonio embraced his ex-wife again and left, leaving Jessica to mumble, "Thank you."

Sarah was stunned to see her mother enter the Llanfair drawing room. All she could say to Tina was, "you look great." Tina said she had been away for far too long, but that she was back to make it all up to her daughter. When Cristian returned, Sarah reintroduced him to Tina. Cristian demanded to know where Tina had been over the years. Tina demurred, asking where the guards were: "Y'know, I have been telling Viki for years to beef up security, but does she listen to me? No! No, so I am just able to crawl right over the wall." Sarah asked Tina if she was in trouble, and Tina covered, saying, "Not at the moment." She told Cristian he'd "filled out nicely" and said she could remember him as a child following after Carlotta at La Boulaie.

Cristian shut down Tina's prattling by asking her what kind of trouble she was in, and asked her if she had anything to do with the gunman looking for a mystery woman in the park. Tina admired Cristian's protectiveness of Sarah and admitted that she was the woman Jonas had been looking for. When Cris tried to press Tina for more details, Sarah asked him to stop grilling her mother and said that despite their issues, she still loved her and was glad to have her home given all the family strife. As Sarah hugged Tina, Tina whispered to him to "lighten up, boyfriend, it's all good." Tina took a seat on the couch with her pet "David Vickers" and kept on yammering, batting away Cristian's questions about her pursuers. Cristian threatened to get Antonio, who was still on the property, but Tina said that wouldn't be necessary, and begged Cristian and Sarah for their help, asking them not to let her and "David Vickers" suffer. Sarah was perturbed to realize Tina had named her dog after her ex-husband. "Well, yeah, why not?" Tina asked. "I mean, I think they look a little bit alike, especially around the eyes, and you know what, David's nose was always so cold, I never understood why; maybe it's the champagne." She told Sarah she needed a place to stay, but Cristian warned, "Over my dead body!"

At the cottage, Brody looked through Gigi's magazine and realized Shane was the culprit behind Rex's anonymous note. When Shane entered, Brody confronted him and Shane confessed. He explained how he'd gone through Gigi's shareholder files to put Rex's note in the right folder, and said that Adriana was a liar and someone had needed to tell Rex the truth. Brody realized that Shane had wanted Rex free to marry his mother, but Shane said that with Brody back, "She should marry you, not Rex." Suddenly, Gigi returned home, and told Shane she needed his help updating her resume, because she was out of a job. As Gigi and Shane rushed off to their task, Brody quickly tore up Gigi's magazine.

At the Llanview police station, Jared was brought up to the bullpen from the cells to face Clint and the Buchanans. Clint asked Jared if he'd put Natalie up to her gambit, but Jared was clueless. Nora took Clint and Bo aside and urged Clint to take the deal, but Clint seethed at the thought of having to tell Jessica and Bree he let "the man who killed Nash" walk free. Bo reminded him that according to Natalie, Jared did not push Nash. Nora said they had to get the Buchanan heir on their side in the battle against Dorian, and asked what was more important: Sticking it to Jared, or getting the company back and securing the future for Bree and the next generation? When Nora made it clear that Jared could possibly be out in five years on good behavior despite the charges, Bo ordered Clint to make the deal.

Alone with Natalie for a moment, Jared was horrified to learn what she had done. "I love the fighter in you," Jared said, but begged her not to lose her family over him. "I won't lose you to prison," Natalie declared, and, with pain in her voice, said she'd spent half her life not knowing she was a Buchanan, and could survive losing them, but not his love. Clint returned and agreed to Natalie's deal despite his disgust. "I didn't work at BE for the last year sorting paper clips," Natalie proclaimed. "I want it in writing."

David arrived at "Cramer Enterprises," dressed in a suit and asking to see Dorian, but he was rebuffed by a security guard who held up his photo, saying he had orders not to admit him. "God, I look tired in that photo," David lamented, and then stormed into the corner office, interrupting Dorian's sparring with Rex. He told Rex they were both newlyweds, and Rex stalked out, ignoring Dorian's taunts about losing Adriana and "poor Rex." "David?" Rex asked as he closed the doors behind him, "Kill her." David told Dorian she had that effect on men, and Dorian spun around giddily in Clint's chair as she warned David he had no job at her new empire, even with a suit and tie. David explained that it was his "wedding suit," and Dorian assumed that he had recycled what he had worn to marry Alex, commenting on the tackiness of it. Dorian told him he had no second chance with her and no seat back on the gravy train. David smugly told Dorian he had all the money he needed thanks to his new wife, and flashed his wedding ring at her, asking if she wanted to kiss the groom.

Back in her room at Llanfair, Jessica examined a framed portrait of herself with Natalie. Enraged, she threw it against the wall, shattering the glass.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My brother, your mother, my wife:

Starr called Cole to invite him over to her home for dinner. Later, as Starr prepared the food, the kitchen filled with smoke and triggered the smoke alarm. Blair ran into the kitchen to help Starr. She advised Starr to order take-out food but Starr wasn't interested. Cryptically, Starr told her mother that the least Cole would deserve, after she broke his heart, was a home-cooked meal. Before Blair could delve further into what Starr meant by that statement, Blair received a frantic phone call from Dorian about Addie. At the same time, Cole arrived for his dinner date with Starr. After Blair's abrupt departure, Cole and Starr sat down and ate. Starr seemed unprepared when Cole proposed marriage to her. To avoid answering him, Starr began clearing the table. Cole seemed to realize that Starr wasn't thrilled with the idea of getting married. He began listing all the reasons why it was a great idea but the more that Cole tried convincing Starr, the less thrilled Starr seemed. Finally, Starr stopped Cole. She told Cole that she didn't think they were ready to raise a baby together and that she had decided to give their baby up for adoption. Cole appeared stunned by Starr's decision.

At the new offices of Cramer Enterprises, Dorian was at a loss for words when David announced that he had married her sister, Addie. At first, Dorian was in complete denial, even after Addie waltzed into Dorian's office wearing a wedding dress and veil. Dorian was convinced that Addie had stopped taking her medications and had relapsed. She quickly called Blair and begged her to come to C.E. While Addie, David, and Dorian sat down to await Blair's arrival, David brought up the newlyweds' living arrangements. Dorian bristled at the idea of David moving into her home. She told David, in no uncertain terms, that he would not be welcomed. David appeared unfazed and suggested that he and Addie move in with Viki. He seemed to take delight in telling Dorian that he was certain that Viki would happily offer them a place to stay. Just then Blair arrived. Blair was furious when she realized that David's marriage to Addie was legal. She turned her rage on David and punched him in the face, knocking him to his knees. Addie finally brought the mayhem to a quick end by asking to speak to her daughter alone. Dorian and David stepped out of the office. Once they were alone, Addie told Blair that she didn't have any illusions about David. She knew that David didn't love her and admitted that she didn't love David. Addie went on to explain that David's appeal was that he understood that his "ticket to ride" depended on Addie's happiness. Blair was concerned that Addie was still in way over her head because of the Dorian factor. Addie didn't appear worried. She told Blair that she had experience dealing with Dorian and was more than confident that she could handle her sister.

In the hallway, Dorian attempted to bribe David to leave Addie. She failed miserably.

At Llanfair, Sarah asked Cris to hide Tina out at his studio. Cris refused to agree without a few answers from Tina. Tina promised to answer all of Cris's questions once they found a safe place to talk. Cris reluctantly agreed to wait until they got to Cris's apartment. Tina was thrilled when she saw Cris's place. She thought it was the perfect place to stay out of sight. Unfortunately, Tina proved to be quite evasive when Cris began firing questions at her. Finally, Cris threatened to call the police. Tina insisted that her situation was too dangerous to involve the police. Cris seemed stunned. He asked Tina why she would involve her daughter in a situation that was too dangerous for the police to handle.

Jonas was in the back of the limo, talking on his cell phone while he looked at a picture of Sarah and Cris. He vowed, to the person on the other end of the line, that he would find Tina. Jonas then took out his gun and promised not to miss. Before ending the call, he asked the person to gather more information on Talia. Jonas also wanted to know how Talia and Antonio factored into his business in Llanview.

Viki went to see Charlie before he checked out of the hospital. She cried as she broke off their relationship. Charlie pleaded with Viki to reconsider but she felt that he had irrevocably broken her trust. Viki admitted that she loved Charlie dearly, but things had changed. What they had once shared was gone forever. After Viki left, Charlie reminisced about how he and Viki fell in love. He also decided to attend a 'Friends of Bill W.' meeting. At Llanfair, Viki came home to an empty house and then broke down sobbing. Later, Viki carried a tray of food into the living room but found that she didn't have an appetite. She was consumed with thoughts of Charlie and their journey to love.

In Bo's old office at the police station, Natalie bargained for Jared's freedom. After Clint and Bo signed affidavits, swearing that they wouldn't press charges against Jared, Natalie revealed who the true Buchanan heir was. Clint refused to believe that it was David Vickers. Bo pulled Clint out of the office when he began accusing Natalie of lying and calling her a Judas. Bo asked Clint to settle down and think about what he was saying. He suggested that Clint take a long hard look in the mirror and ask himself if he liked what he saw. Meanwhile, back in the office, Natalie told Nora that she knew her father would react as he did upon learning the truth about David. After Clint calmed down, he returned to the office with Bo and began grilling Jared and Natalie. Jared was careful not to incriminate Nigel as he answered Clint's questions. Clint decided that it would be best if David didn't learn the truth about his paternity. He swore everyone in the room to secrecy. Natalie tried to make peace with her father before she left, but Clint rebuffed her efforts.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Mother Is Always The Last to Know:

Cris refused to cut Tina any slack for the way she had treated Sarah over the years. He continued to grill Tina with questions about the danger that she was in but Tina remained tightlipped. Sarah took control of the situation before things escalated. She asked Cris to take a walk and cool off while she spoke to her mother privately. As soon as Cris left, Sarah and Tina began talking. Sarah told Tina about Nash's death and the song that she had composed for his memorial. Tina remembered hearing Sarah sing it in the park and told her daughter that she thought it was beautiful. Sarah was flattered by the praise but changed the subject. It was too soon, Sarah said, for her to talk about Nash. When Tina apologized for missing a large part of Sarah's life, Sarah suggested that they remain focused on the present. Sarah then asked about the trouble that her mother was in. They were interrupted by a call from Cord. He wanted to check on his daughter. Tina seemed nervous when she realized he was on the phone. Sarah, meanwhile, hinted to Cord that her mother had returned to Llanview. From what Sarah said, it appeared that Cord wished them well and hoped that Tina would stick around for more than a brief visit.

Carlotta walked into the diner and found Antonio and Talia kissing. Carlotta was furious and began chastising her son for becoming involved with the woman who had broken his heart. Talia and Antonio were forced to confess their duplicity. Carlotta was hurt that they didn't tell her sooner but understood why the felt they couldn't, given the circumstances. When Cris entered the closed diner, Carlotta scolded him for his role in the deception but forgave him almost immediately. While Carlotta went to the kitchen to prepare a take-home package of food for Cris and Sarah, Antonio brought Cris up to speed on the events surrounding Lee Ramsey's murder. Cris appeared somewhat uncomfortable when Antonio and Talia insisted on finding the mystery woman who had been seen fleeing Ramsey's penthouse.

Cris returned to his studio a short while later. Tina asked Sarah to walk the dog, David Vickers, while Tina had a word with Cris. After Sarah left, Tina told Cris that she wasn't trying to be evasive but she wanted them to have deniability if something happened to Tina and people came around asking questions. She went on to tell Cris that she thought he was good for Sarah and respected the way he always stuck up for her daughter. Tina surprised him by asking Cris to turn her over to the police if he thought it would be for the best. Tina trusted Cris to know what would be in Sarah's best interest.

At home, Marcie talked to Michael about her new volunteer job at the hospital. She showed him a picture that one of the kids drew for her. Marcie then confessed that she had seen Sam and Starr at the park earlier that day. Michael was concerned but, before they could discuss it further, John stopped by to talk to Michael about the x-rays and CT scans that he had found in Ramsey's office. Marcie insisted that John stay for dinner. Fearing Marcie's culinary skills, John tried his best to wiggle out of the invitation, but Marcie refused to accept no for an answer. She finally managed to bribe John with cold beers in the fridge. Michael wasn't thrilled with invitation. He continued to be worried about Marcie's reaction to seeing Sam in the park and wanted to talk to her. Marcie assured her husband that he didn't have anything to worry about.

When John returned from the kitchen, he asked Michael if he had a chance to review the x-rays. Michael did and informed John that the woman in the x-ray was lucky to be alive. From what he could see, she had suffered a debilitating spinal injury that most likely left her barely ambulatory. He also concluded, from the CT scans, that she had suffered a severe head trauma that in all probability resulted in post head injury dementia. Michael speculated that the woman most likely had a complete shift in personality. As they discussed the case, Michael wondered how the woman managed to escape. John didn't know but he did mention that the only other person at the penthouse had been Todd. As John studied the CT scan, he noticed a series of numbers on the bottom of the page. When he asked Michael about it, Michael told him that the numbers identified the machine that had taken the scan. A short time later, just as Marcie was ready to seat everyone for dinner, John received a phone call. Moments later, Michael was paged to the hospital.

Marty woke up and found Todd in her bedroom. She seemed rattled and asked for Lee Ramsey. It became clear that Marty was suffering from profound memory loss because she didn't recognize Todd. Todd asked her to trust him but Marty wasn't inclined to do so. She accused Todd of trying to feed her pills to make her sleep. Todd didn't deny it. He told Marty that she needed her rest. Marty kept pressing Todd for answers about Lee and was stunned to learn that he was dead. She told Todd that Lee had planned to take her to a new doctor that very day. Todd asked Marty what she remembered of the incident before he had arrived. As Marty recalled fractured sounds, she became quite distraught and nearly violent. Todd seemed taken aback by Marty's odd behavior but didn't have time to question it.

Marty demanded to know if Todd had murdered Lee. Todd told her that he had nothing to do with it; he had arrived after Lee had been killed. Marty then asked Todd what his name was. Todd waited for a reaction when he told her "Todd" but there wasn't one. A short time later, Janet, Marty's nurse, came into the room. Marty was happy to see her. Janet reassured Marty that Todd had saved them and that he could be trusted. Marty seemed to settle down after that, so Janet left to get Marty's prescriptions refilled. Todd followed Janet out and thanked her for helping with Marty. She reminded Todd that she only told Marty what he had told her to say. Before continuing with her errand, Janet warned Todd not to make a liar out of her. After Marty woke up from a brief nap, she asked Todd how they knew each other. Todd seemed surprised by the question. Marty pointed out that his reaction earlier, when he had told her his name, suggested that they knew each other in the past. Marty wanted to know every detail about that association.

Langston and Markko were hanging out with their friends in a hotel room during a class trip when one of the chaperones heard the commotion in the girls' room and knocked on the door. She warned the boys, who were hiding, that they had until 11p.m. bed check to get back to their rooms. After the chaperon left, one of the girls asked Langston and Markko why Cole and Starr didn't join them. Langston tried to provide a plausible excuse but the girls didn't appear interested in hearing what she had to say. Another girl was full of gossip about Starr's dad and tried to imply that it was because of him. Langston bristled when she heard the unflattering comments and went to defend her friend. Unfortunately, Langston's reaction prompted one of the teens to ask if Langston was hiding something about Starr.

At La Boulaie, Starr told Cole that she didn't want to hurt him but that she didn't feel that she was ready to become a mother. Cole pleaded with Starr to reconsider her decision to give the baby up for adoption. He told her that the baby was the only family that he had left. Starr pointed out that he still had her, but soon learned that wouldn't be the case if she gave their child up for adoption. Before he walked out, Cole told her that he couldn't be with her if she could give away his child. Starr was upset after Cole's departure but she remained steadfast in her determination to give her child up for adoption. She went to see Marcie McBain to tell her that she was pregnant. Starr then made a surprising request. She asked Marcie if she would be interested in adopting her baby.

A night guard at the cemetery showed John some damage to a lock on a gate before pointing to Cole. Cole was huddled up against his mother's final resting place, visibly upset.

Jonas learned some important information about Talia. As he passed the diner, Jonas happened to look in just as Antonio and Talia, caught up in the moment and tearing off clothes, were passionately kissing.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Gift Horse

Todd showed signs of nervousness when Marty asked how the two of them were ever acquainted. When Marty remarked that she couldn't believe she ever liked Todd in the past, Todd laughed and stated that she may have lost her memory but was the same old Marty. Marty questioned why she should put her trust in someone she didn't know, and demanded that Todd give her answers concerning her past. Realizing that Marty was aware that they shared a past connection, Todd admitted to meeting her in college but refused to divulge any further information.

John found a distraught Cole crying near his mother's burial site. When John questioned why Cole broke into the cemetery and couldn't wait until morning to visit his mother, Cole stated that he needed to tell his mother about the horrible mess that was occurring in his life. Cole revealed that Starr wanted to give their child up for adoption. Cole told John how much he missed his mother and felt that losing his child would leave him with no family at all. John understood Cole's desire to raise his child, but suggested that perhaps Starr felt her decision was best for all concerned - including their unborn child. Cole expressed his anger with Todd. Cole felt Starr's decision was a result of her fear of Todd's possible actions if Starr were to have Cole's child. Cole was angered that his mother was dead and Todd was still alive. John agreed that Todd was a terrible human being, but was more concerned with Cole's state of mind.

Janet was worried when she entered the room and found a frantic Marty questioning Todd. Marty told Janet that she was frustrated because she had learned that the man she trusted was dead, and she was now forced to trust Todd-who wouldn't provide her with any answers. When Marty refused to take the pills that Janet offered her, Todd convinced her to take her medication and sent Janet off to prepare Marty's dinner. Before leaving, Janet handed Marty the picture of Marty and John. Instantly, Marty grew calm. Todd observed Marty's reaction to viewing the photo. Marty told Todd that the worst part of her condition was feeling such a strong connection to the picture, but having no idea why. Marty had one last request of Todd-she wanted to know about the man in the picture. Todd told Marty that John was a bad man who had left her for dead. Marty didn't appear to believe Todd, but Todd insisted that John was a horrible person and besides a flaky aunt, she had no other living relatives. Todd's words pained Marty.

Inside the girls' hotel room, Langston, Markko, and the teens gathered. When the other teens began questioning Langston about what was actually going on with Starr and Cole, Langston became agitated. The teens were aware of the night that Todd found Starr and Cole in bed together, and began to wonder if something more had occurred that night. Markko convinced their friends that Starr and Cole had snuck off to be together, and urged them to give the couple some privacy. Alone together, Langston confided in Markko that she wished she and Starr were able to live a fun and carefree life like their friends, but instead they had to deal with life-changing issues. Markko told Langston that she and Starr might have been forced to grow up fast, but he assured her that their situation was unlike that of Starr and Cole. Markko stated that they didn't have to deal with the same problems that their friends faced, and attempted to convince Langston that Starr wouldn't be upset with her for enjoying life.

At Marcie's apartment, Starr blurted out that she was pregnant and informed a shocked Marcie that she wanted Marcie and Michael to raise the baby. Sensing that Marcie was upset with her, Starr asked Marcie what was wrong. Marcie lashed out at Starr and reminded her of the terrible lie that she had told about Todd abusing Sam. Marcie was furious with Starr and stated that Starr's actions caused her a lot of pain. Starr apologized but insisted that Marcie was the perfect person to raise her baby. When Marcie asked if her parents knew about the pregnancy, Starr admitted that Blair did, but warned Marcie that is was important that Todd not be made aware of her condition yet. Starr stated that she had researched closed adoptions and informed Marcie that legally no one could prevent her from giving her child to Marcie and Michael. When Marcie inquired about Cole's thoughts concerning her decision, Starr deflected the questioning and assured Marcie that Marcie was the perfect person to raise Starr's child.

Starr expressed her sorrow over hurting Marcie. Marcie attempted to convince Starr that she was fine, but appeared bothered when Starr admitted to witnessing her breakdown after the decision was made at Sam's custody hearing. Marcie stated that she was distraught over realizing that Sam was permanently out of her life, but insisted that she had come to terms with the situation. Marcie suggested that perhaps Starr was using her to seek revenge against Todd, but Starr was adamant that her decision had nothing to do with getting back at Todd. Starr insisted that her decision was in the best interest of her child. Marcie asked Starr to consider the possible outcome if the McBains were to adopt the baby. Marcie told Starr that Todd had threatened to kill her and Michael if he wasn't granted custody of Sam. Marcie feared that Todd would cause a great deal of problems if she were to grant Starr's request. Marcie commended Starr over her decision to do right by her child, but insisted that she needed to do the same. Marcie said it would be in the best interest of Starr's unborn child if she declined Starr's offer.

With certainty, Marcie told Starr that she couldn't adopt her child, and assured her that many other couples would love to care for her baby. Refusing to accept no for an answer, Starr asked Marcie to discuss the matter with Michael. Marcie believed Michael would agree with her, and said goodbye to Starr. The two shared an emotional embrace. As Marcie closed the door behind Starr, she looked saddened. On the other side of the door, tears welled up in Starr's eyes.

Cole told John that he wouldn't sit back and allow Starr to give away his child. The two discussed how much they missed Marty. Cole asked for a moment alone with his mother and John obliged. Standing next to his mother's crypt, Cole vowed to find a way to keep Marty's grandchild.

Todd watched Marty as she slept.

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