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Passions Recaps: The week of September 6, 1999 on PS
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Monday, September 6, 1999

Timmy was frightened when a vicious dog emerged from the basement. He feared that Tabitha had been eaten by the dog but then also guessed that she had changed into the dog . Theresa was pleased that she managed to elude Frank again. Whitney wanted to forget the idea of going to the movies but Theresa insisted on seeing the revival of her favorite movie, Gone with the Wind. At the theater, Whitney spotted Ethan and Gwen arrive and they bought popcorn at the concession stand. Whitney panicked when she couldn't get past them to warn Theresa, who was already inside the theater.

Meanwhile, Frank came up with a new plan to get the truth out of Theresa and Whitney. Grace was thrilled to hear that Charity and Faith were going to move to Harmony in the morning when the "forces of evil" were weaker. Faith warned Charity about the danger involved, but Faith insisted that she would finally have the happiness that she had always wanted for her. Both were unaware that danger was already approaching. Miguel and Charity talked about a future together. Meanwhile, Kay made a last-ditch effort to tell Miguel about her feelings for him. Grace almost caught Timmy when she dropped by to see Tabitha. Smelling something strange coming from the basement, she considered climbing down the stairs.

Tuesday, September 7, 1999

Theresa, a.k.a "the Stalker," was very content watching Gone With the Wind in the theater. Ethan had inadvertently sat down beside her, thinking she was Gwen. It was dark, and her hat might have misled him, as Gwen, Whitney, and Theresa were all wearing identical hats. As Theresa realized the mistake he had made, she decided to take full advantage of it. As she sat cuddled up to the man of her dreams, she pictured herself in the lead role of Miss Scarlet with Ethan being in love with her.

Theresa's fantasy was constantly interrupted when Gwen happened upon the happy Southern Belle repeatedly during her thoughts. Before it was over, Gwen and Theresa had engaged in a food fight over Ethan as she stood by and watched. She also fantasized herself a sizable diamond ring and an engagement to Mr. Crane. Later, with Whitney advising her, she left the theater without Ethan recognizing her. As Whitney used the PA system to page Ethan to the concession stand for Gwen, Theresa made her escape. Only then did Ethan realize that he had been seated next to and had been kissing the hand of someone other than Gwen.

Miguel lay in his bed, thinking of his beloved Charity. He recalled moments of their time together, along with new ideas he had for the two of them in the future. Charity lay in her bed in Castleton, dreaming of Ethan, but her dreams proved to be more deadly.

Timmy discovered that Tabby was still gone, and he became his usual paranoid little doll self. He decided to read a book, The Hound of the Baskervilles, dressed appropriately in his Sherlock Holmes outfit. He soon realized that Charity and Faith were in big trouble.

The German Shepard jumped through Faith's window as she lay sleeping on the couch. Charity was off in dream world in her bedroom and heard nothing. Faith struggled to get away from the dog and looked into its eyes. At that point, she recognized the dog eyes from a 300-year-old picture as the Evil that was stalking her and her daughter. She shouted at the dog, and the dog transformed back into its true self, Tabby, the not-so-teenage witch.

A nice little catfight broke out between the Charity and Tabby. They broke things, fell over tables, jumped on top of one another, choked one another, and forced each other against the walls. Charity slept through it all. Finally, after knocking over one of Faith's candles, Tabby changed back into the dog and jumped through the window. Faith lay on the floor, and the candle fell into one of her moving boxes filled with newspaper. Soon, the whole room was in flames, and Faith collapsed on the floor. Tabby transformed back to her human form and laughed hysterically as the flames shot throughout the house.

Grace was busy talking to the priest. She told him of her sister and niece that she had recently found. He listened as Grace told him of the statue coming to life and warning her for weeks about danger, evil, and her family. He believed her because he had also had an encounter with the statue. It had been crying tears earlier and he had felt them with his hands. They prayed together, and the priest concluded that he had indeed met Faith before, and she told him of the forces of darkness.

The priest knew the twins were in grave danger. Grace felt a panic attack and left to call her sister. She knew somehow that Faith was not safe, and she had to help her. She raced home, leaving the priest praying for her and her family. Grace found Faith's phone number and called. She did not get an answer. Little did she know that at that very moment, her sister was surrounded by fire, just as she had been in Boston, 20 years before.

Wednesday, September 8, 1999

When Luis, while relating back his date to his mother, mentioned how Sheridan had reacted to the box, Pilar became worried. Luis told Pilar about Sheridan's fear and the things she kept saying and asked his mother if it had anything to do with Sheridan's past. Pilar changed the subject, but Luis' curiosity wasn't satisfied, and he wouldn't drop the issue for long. Later, when Luis went for a walk, Pilar called for a car service to the Crane mansion. Sheridan thanked Hank for his support. She carefully questioned him until she was convinced she hadn't revealed too much when she was panicked. Alone, Sheridan asked if she would be plagued by her past for the rest of he life.

As Faith's house burned down, a pleased Tabitha turned back into the hound and trotted back to Harmony. Faith tried to overcome her injuries and weakly cried for Charity to get out of the house. Charity continued to sleep as smoke seeped into her bedroom. Back in Harmony, Grace became worried when no one answered the phone at Faith's house. Sam started to offer to go out to the house to check on his wife's family when Grace suddenly passed out. Tabitha returned home to tell Timmy that Faith and her Charity were out of her hair for good.

Thursday, September 9, 1999

Pilar questioned Sheridan about why she had agreed to get in the magician's box in the first place. Sheridan admitted that it was a bad idea because it had made her think back to memories of the terrible thing that happened to her when she was a child. Pilar hoped that Ms. Crane could find someone to love so that she could start to put the past behind her. Sheridan doubted that any man would love her if they knew the truth about what she had done. She was especially concerned by Luis and his dogged pursuit of her secret. Pilar swore that she would never tell her son anything.

Simone was horrified by Kay's plan to seduce Miguel and lose her virginity. Kay realized that her time was running out, since Charity and her mom were moving to Harmony in the morning. She knew that she had to put her plan into motion that night.

Sam and Eve were alarmed by Grace's deteriorating health. Unbeknownst to them, she was exhibiting the very same physical symptoms as her sister, Faith. Grace was certain that her sister was in grave danger. At the same time, overcome with smoke and flames, a weakened Faith called out to Charity, to no avail. Asleep and unaware of the danger she was in, a troubled Charity called out to Miguel.

In the Lopez-Fitgerald house, a startled Miguel awoke and thought that he had heard Charity call his name. He convinced himself that his fears about Charity were just a bad dream.

Pilar offered Sheridan a glass of warm milk to help her sleep better. Sheridan confided in the older woman that her former habit of sleepwalking had resulted from her nightmares about the incident that had occurred -- apparently a killing. She thought that the nightmares would stop if she knew who it was that she had killed. As Pilar got ready to leave, Sheridan thanked her, and the two shared a warm embrace.

Miguel found Hank and Luis down in the kitchen. They teased the younger man about his "girlfriend" Charity. All jokes aside, Luis and Hank both hoped that things worked out for Charity and Miguel. The three of them couldn't get over the fact that Grace and Charity had turned out to be related to each other. Luis needled his baby brother about his preoccupation with his appearance. He noted that since Charity was moving to Harmony, Miguel would be even more vain. The two brothers playfully tussled as an amused Hank looked on.

Grace's condition continued to worsen. She angrily rebuffed Eve's attempts to doctor her. She tried to convince Sam that Faith was in real danger.

Kay realized that she had to use drastic measures to get Miguel for herself. Simone's attempts to reason with her best friend fell on deaf ears. A wide-eyed Simone watched as a negligee-clad Kay -- with condom in hand -- sneaked over to the Lopez-Fitzgerald house.

Though Hank and Luis expressed their envy over Miguel finding true love with Charity, they both admitted that they were not ready to settle down. Miguel shared his disturbing dream about Charity being in danger and asked for their opinions. They allayed his fears, and Miguel decided to turn in for the night.

In a final effort to placate Grace, Sam connected the computer's video hook-up in order to see what was going on in the Standish household. Nearly unconscious, Faith struggled but managed to turn the computer on when she heard the Bennetts trying to contact her.

After a shower and a warm glass of milk, Sheridan fell asleep on her couch. A short while later, she sleepwalked her way into the living room of the Crane mansion.

Hank confessed to his best friend that he might have let his best chance at happiness slip away. When Luis pressed him for more details on the woman, Hank clammed up. Once Luis was out of earshot, Hank added that since Luis was a cop, there was no way he could tell him more information.

Sam, Eve, and Grace were stunned to see that the Standish house was on fire.

Father Lonigan prayed for the Bennett and Standish families. When he reached out to touch the statue of the praying girl, he felt the wetness of tears. He feared that evil might keep the sisters apart.

A sleepwalking Sheridan, who was in the living room where the original incident had occurred, picked up a letter opener and began to replay the trauma she had endured as a child. The adult Sheridan futilely exhorted her younger self to run from the room to escape the horror that was to come.

As an unsuspecting Miguel called out for Charity in his sleep, a scantily dressed Kay hovered over him. Just as she leaned in close, Luis and her uncle Hank entered the room. A groggy Miguel awoke and wanted to know what everyone was doing in his room. Luis was especially interested -- and amused -- to find Kay in his brother's bedroom. He wanted to know what she was doing there and how she had gotten past him downstairs.

Embarrassed and trapped, Kay was still searching for a plausible explanation when a frantic Simone burst in and spoke about the Bennetts' house being on fire . A quick-thinking Kay chimed in saying that was her reason for going over. Throwing some clothes on, a worried Miguel headed over to the Bennetts', and the others decided to join him. A livid Kay was furious with Simone for interrupting her seduction attempt.

Sensing that she was dying, Faith begged her sister to forget about her and concentrate on saving Charity. Grace was devastated by her sister's words. As the flames drew nearer, an agitated Charity, who appeared to still be asleep , begged Miguel to save her from death.

The "angel" child appeared before Father Lonigan and, for the first time in years, he regained his vision.

Friday, September 10, 1999

In spite of the fact that Simone had interrupted her seduction of Miguel with news of the fire, Kay was more determined than ever to seduce Miguel that night. In fact, she was sure that Charity had just started the fire to draw Miguel to her and get his attention. Meanwhile, Charity continued to sleep as the fire blazed around her. As she slept, the little girl appeared in Charity's dream and managed to wake her in time for Charity to avoid a burning beam that crashed upon her bed.

The fire had grown to the point that Charity was trapped in her room . Faith lay unconscious in the living room while the fire continued, and Tabitha strained her powers to strengthen the fire so that it would consume both Charity and Faith and get rid of them once and for all. A panicked Charity began to pray and called out to Miguel to save her.

As Miguel, Sam, and Eve stood outside Faith's house with her, Grace realized that Faith was dying. Though they were told the house was probably empty, neither Grace nor Miguel truly believed their loved ones were out of the house. They all stood helplessly as the fire raged through the house. Suddenly Miguel thought he heard Charity screaming from inside, though the fire chief told him it was just the crackling of the flames. Miguel was convinced it was Charity.

Back in Harmony, a dreaming Sheridan experienced another flashback to "that night." The Adult Sheridan watched as the young Sheridan hid behind the sofa, holding a letter opener, and a shadowed figure approached. The adult Sheridan tried to take control of the dream and moved slowly, but purposefully, towards the shrouded corpse laid on the floor to find out once and for all the identity of her victim.

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