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Passions Recaps: The week of July 21, 2003 on PS
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Monday, July 21, 2003

While enjoying the California sun by the pool, Fox puts some sly moves on an unsuspecting Whitney. Chad tries to call Whitney to say he'll be at the studio for a while, but Fox intercepts. Chad informs Fox he has a chance to work with an up-and-coming singer.

Family and friends wait worriedly as Kay is rushed into the O.R. for an emergency C-section. Despite Ivy's advice that they leave town right away, Ethan and Gwen decide to stay until they know his half-sister is okay. Ivy is thrilled to see how far apart Grace and Sam are growing. Kay clings desperately to Miguel and prays her baby will live.

Beth begins burying Sheridan alive. A horrified Sheridan finally agrees to make the video saying she's in Paris in order to save her baby's life.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Kay begins to panic when she and Miguel realize that their new daughter is not breathing. Kay begs Eve save their baby. Eve immediately begins CPR on the infant. The entire family watches from outside the delivery room. As Kay screams, everyone realizes that the baby is in danger of dying. Jessica arrives with John to hear the news. Charity tells Jessica that it was just like her last premonition. She felt sure that the baby would die. After hearing this, the family isn't holding out much hope. Pilar and Grace asks everyone to join hands and pray for the baby. Ivy wheels in and uses the prayer as a way to get close to Sam. She grabs his hand and assures him that she is there for him. Grace watches and is jealous.

Ivy and Rebecca were overjoyed that Ethan agreed to go to L.A. immediately. They made him promise not to tell a soul where they are going. Even Gwen requested this. She is still unsure of him where Theresa is concerned.

Pilar asks Theresa to think about visiting Whitney. She knows that Theresa is still harboring thoughts of getting back with Ethan. She is sure that putting some space between them will help. Theresa watches Gwen and Ethan comfort each other over the news of Kay's baby. Theresa asks God to save her newborn niece and also asks for a sign about her future with Ethan.

Fox has a fantasy that Whitney comes on to him in the pool. She has forgotten alll about Chad and begs him to take her upstairs and make love.

He comes back to reality when the Whitney's phone rings. Whitney answers it, thinking it is Chad. She is surprised to hear from Theresa. She can't believe that Theresa is coming out for a visit. She promises to pray for Kay's baby. Fox tells Whitney that Theresa can crash with them.

Eve does her best to save Kay and Miguel's baby. She turns to them at one point and says she is sorry but there was nothing more she could do. Kay screams "NO!" everyone is sure that the baby is dead.

The nurse tells Eve that there are vital signs. At closer look the baby heart has started and she begins to breathe.

Kay and Miguel are overjoyed.

Sheridan tires to escape her captor. She does her best to try to get away. She keeps screaming for Luis over and over. Luis wakes with the feeling that Sheridan needs him immediately. He says to Hank that they have to resume the house to house search now.

Sheridan almost manages to get out of the Wallace basement. Beth tackles her hard and Sheridan crashes to the floor. She does not move. Beth hovers over her lifeless body, feeling sure that she accidentally killed Sheridan. As she tells this to Charlie, she can hear police sirens in the background.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Syd asks Chad to take the time to listen to her sing. Chad is in a hurry to get back to Whitney. He tells Syd, some other time. Chad's new boss tells him it would be wise to work with Syd. Chad agrees, even though he is in a hurry to be with Whitney.

Syd tells Chad that one of her favorite song tracks is number six. Syd's version of the song knocks Chad out. While Chad is listening to Syd sing, he does not notice that Syd has designs on him.

Whitney changes into a new outfit, hoping that Chad will show up soon. Fox whistles and compliments her when he sees her. Whitney thanks him but wonders what could be keeping Chad. Fox vows that one day Whitney will be waiting just as anxiously for him.

Chad finally arrives and Whitney throws herself into his arms. Chad planned a night on the town for just the two of them. He wants to take Whitney to a hot spot called "The Marina." They apologize to Fox, who claims to understand that the lovers want to be alone. Secretly, he is looking for a way to interrupt their evening.

Fox finds just what he is looking for when Syd shows up. She asks for Chad. Fox smiles and tells her he knows just where Chad is.

Kay begs to be brought to her baby. The baby was carted off to a special ICU. Before Kay arrives, Miguel tells everyone what a wonderful mother Kay will make. He said that even though Kay was in terrible pain, her only thought was for the baby.

When Kay comes in to see Grace and Charity hovering over her baby, she gets angry. Kay goes off on Charity. She accuses her cousin of bringing on the premature labor by all her talk and premonitions of babies dying. She orders her out. Eve tells everyone to leave except Miguel.

Beth realizes that she did not kill Sheridan. Sheridan is scared for her baby. She tells Beth that it hasn't moved in a while. Beth gets Sheridan to agree to make the DVD. Sheridan is happy to feel the baby move. She makes her captor promise to give her more vitamins so her baby will be healthy.

Beth cleans Sheridan up and dresses her up. She makes the DVD and hands it over to Charlie. Charlie tells Beth not to worry. She knows just what to do with it.

Edna is in the kitchen, staying far away from Beth and Sheridan. She sees that Precious is playing with Beth's sugar sack that makes her look pregnant. Precious has a dream that she is having Luis' baby. Beth comes up from the basement just in time to hear Luis knock on the door and call out to her. She replies with her voice changed disguise. Luis asks if someone is in there. Beth covers by saying she has a frog in her throat. She takes off her clown outfit and opens the door. She is unaware that she is not wearing the sugar sack pregnant belly. Luis comes in and notices that something is different about Beth but her is not sure what. Beth then realizes that she is not wearing her sugar sack and does not look pregnant.

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Whitney and Chad are enjoying their night out in L.A. They share a dance at the club Chad brought them to. Whitney says how much she loves it in L.A. She tells Chad she would be completely happy if it weren't for her father and sister being so angry with her. Chad reminds Whitney that she can't change that. There is a ray of hope considering her mother changed her mind and gave them her blessing to go to L.A. Whitney smiles at hearing this. She tells Chad that if she has him, she will be happy. He in turn says she will have him for the rest of her life. They return to their table and Chad starts to discuss Syd. He tells Whitney that Syd has a great voice and will probably become a star. He does not mention the fact that Syd is a woman. The conversation gets interrupted when the emcee announces that the next performer is Mya. Whitney is thrilled since she is a big fan. Mya performs 2 numbers.

Syd questions Fox about Chad's whereabouts. After some chit chat, Fox realizes that Syd will do anything to make it to the top. This could include wanting to sleep with her producer who is none other than Chad. Fox has a vision that Whitney catches Chad and Syd making love in the back of a limo. He is there to comfort her and profess his love. Whitney then falls into his arms. Fox smiles and takes Syd to ruin Whitney and Chad's romantic night.

Whitney is surprised to see that Syd is a woman. Syd claims she needs to see Chad about today's session. Instead of acting jealous, Whitney suggests that Syd and Chad go over the song at the club since they have open mike. Fox innocently apologizes for bringing Syd to the club. Whitney replies that she understands.

Gwen is excited to be packing for L.A. She can't wait to be three thousand miles away from Theresa. Ethan tells Gwen to stop worrying about Theresa. He tells her that they are married and nothing will ever change that. Gwen is anxious to get on the plane. She is unaware that Theresa will be on the same flight.

Theresa has a little talk with her baby son. She explains why she needs to go to L.A. for a while. She promises to be back soon. The baby sitter arrives and Theresa heads off to the airport. Unaware that she will be on the same plane as Ethan.

At the airport, the attendant shows Theresa to "coach" as the Winthrops go to first class. No one knows that the other is on the plane. Gwen can't seem to get comfortable. She is worried that Theresa will follow them. Gwen falls asleep and dreams that Theresa is on the plane and kissing Ethan. She wakes up swearing that she smells Theresa's perfume. Ethan tells his hysterical wife that many woman wear that certain perfume. It does not mean that Theresa is nearby. Gwen calms down. Ethan excuses himself to go to the bathroom. Since the one in first class is occupied, he goes to "coach" where Theresa is sitting. Theresa strikes up a conversation with the woman sitting next to her. She confesses that the man she loves is married to another woman.

Beth panics when she realizes that she is not wearing her sugar sack. She rushes into the kitchen to get it. Luis stands in the living room and all of a sudden, he realizes that Beth did not look pregnant. Beth manages to get into her sugar sack, with Edna's help. Luis walks in and accuses Beth of not being pregnant. Beth tells him that some tops make her belly look bigger than others.

When he insists that he was not seeing things, Beth bursts into tears. She cries that she knows he wants to have a baby with Sheridan and not her. She says that since he does not want her to have his baby, he is wishing it away. She gets Luis to think he did imagine her flat belly. Luis gets Beth to stop crying and apologizes. Edna tells Precious that even she is impressed with Beth's acting. Luis then announces that he is going to the basement. Beth blows out the fuse to the basement lights, so Luis can't see what is hidden down there.

Friday, July 25, 2003

Tabitha is unhappy to see Julian at her doorstep. Rebecca has followed Julian, thinking he's cheating on her. Julian wants to talk about the baby, but their unborn child attacks Julian by choking him with its serpent tail.

After Syd sings, Whitney is uncomfortable with how she keeps eyeing Chad provocatively and wishes she'd leave. Fox vows to keep Chad and Whitney apart.

Ethan and Theresa barely miss seeing each other on the airplane as Ethan heads towards coach.

Luis searches the basement despite the obstacles Beth puts in his way. Mrs. Wallace is certain Sheridan will hear Luis shouting for her, but Sheridan is in a deep sleep, slowly waking and murmuring Luis' name.

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