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Passions Recaps: The week of July 24, 2006 on PS
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Monday, July 24, 2006

Arriving at the inn, Fox hopes he's not too late to prevent his fiancee from having sex with Miguel. Meanwhile, on the beach, Siren is enraged to see Miguel and Kay making love. Fancy tries to console Luis as he bemoans the fact that he's lost Sheridan forever. Theresa accidentally spills her tea on a stranger at the Blue Note and is miffed when he not only refuses to accept her apology but immediately begins insulting her. As Siren waits impatiently for her tail fin to dry up and disappear, a group of blind hikers happens by and mistakes her for a beached porpoise. Theresa and Jared finally call a truce but he irks her again by insisting on calling her "Tess." Later, Whitney suggests to her fuming pal that Jared would make a terrific catch. Luis thanks Fancy for being such a caring friend. Unable to get the "porpoise" back into the ocean, one of the blind hikers appeals to Miguel for help saving the sea creature. Whitney asks Chad to check Jared out for Theresa. Siren manages to regain her land legs and scoots out of sight before the others return.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

At the Blue Note Whitney and Chad stopped by Julian's barstool to say hello. He told them that Eve was at the hospital looking after T.C. He looked at Chad with a funny look and said it was strange to think of him as his brother now instead of his son. Chad told him that he still wanted to talk to him about his parents. Julian agreed, but told him they'd talk later because he wanted them to just enjoy their night out. They went off to sit with Theresa and Rebecca joined Julian. She wanted to cheer him up because his bride-to-be was off tending to her ex-husband. He wouldn't rise to her bait, but Rebecca didn't want to leave and ordered a martini from Noah. Julian asked her to leave so he could drink alone and she said she wasn't going to leave him there depressed. She kept needling him about Eve being with T.C. and he got upset and told her that nothing could get between him and Eve. Rebecca skewered him with, "except T.C."

Chad and Whitney joined Theresa, bringing her a new cup of tea. She asked them if they'd talked to Jared and they thought she should pursue him. She said he wasn't her type and they replied as one that it was because he isn't Ethan. Ethan and Gwen walked in and went dancing. Theresa saw them and looked at Ethan with sad longing. Theresa acknowledged that she really was moving on. Jared came up to their table and calling Theresa "Tess" he told her that she wasn't looking well. She said she was fine. Whitney commented that he and Chad seemed to get along. He agreed that they had a lot in common. Whitney tried to draw him into a conversation with Theresa saying that he should ask Theresa about what she does because she's quite a businesswoman. Jared said he didn't need to hear more because he was already impressed with Tess. Theresa balked at him calling her that and Chad and Whitney decided to go dance. Theresa asked Jared if he wanted to dance and he asked if he could call her Tess. She said he could if he insisted on being stubborn. They danced very closely and she seemed to be trying to get under Ethan's skin by fondling Jared. Whitney asked Chad to make friends with Jared for Theresa's sake and he agreed after she told him that they needed to help Theresa move on. Gwen finally noticed Theresa with Jared and swore to Ethan that Theresa had followed them to annoy her. She commented that Theresa was clinging to the new guy to impress them. Ethan told her to cut Theresa some slack and they went to get a drink. As soon as Ethan left the dance floor, Theresa pulled Jared back to the table and asked him to get them drinks. Whitney saw and sent Chad to get drinks as well so she could head off trouble with Theresa. Jared and Chad went to get drinks and Whitney sat with Theresa. She accused Theresa of putting on a show for Ethan. Theresa said she was trying to move on and Whitney called her on it asking if she was really through chasing after Ethan or not. She told her it was obvious and she should be glad that Jared didn't notice. Theresa said she wasn't trying to get to Ethan, she just wanted to give Gwen payback for being nasty. Whitney didn't buy it. Theresa told her that she had given up on Ethan, but it didn't mean she didn't believe they should be together. Chad got back to the table with Whit's drink and pulled her onto the dance floor. Jared asked "Tess" if she wanted to dance again and she agreed. Ethan and Gwen were at the bar when Gwen headed out to powder her nose. Noah asked Ethan what was going on with Theresa and that guy. Ethan wanted to know what Noah knew about him and wondered if he was trying to get to Theresa because she is the CEO of Crane Industries. Noah said that all he knew was that he was new in town and tipped well. Ethan said he didn't want to see her get into a relationship with the wrong guy. Noah said that he got the feeling any guy would be considered the wrong guy for Theresa. Ethan told his brother that it wasn't what he said and Noah rebutted him with, "but that's how you feel." Noah told him that it was obvious that Ethan was still in love with Theresa. He asked if Ethan was going to spend the rest of his life with a woman he didn't love. Ethan swore that he did love Gwen. Noah asked him how he was going to deal with it when Theresa actually starts dating or gets married. Ethan laughed it off and said he just didn't want her to get hurt. Noah told him that now that Theresa is finally moving on with her life, he should just let her. Ethan agreed. Gwen got back from the restroom and convinced Ethan to share one more dance and then take her home to bed. After she made the point of kissing Ethan in front of Theresa, they flew out of there, leaving Theresa crestfallen and falling out of Jared's arms. At the bar Julian ordered another drink and Rebecca asked him how many he'd had. He said not enough because he could still see her. She prattled on about Eve taking care of T.C. Julian asked her to just leave him alone. She said she would, but she wanted him to remember their good times. She reminded him that Eve had good times with her family that she'd be remembering and wanting back. Rebecca finally left him. Jared asked Theresa if she wanted to sit down and she was too preoccupied to hear him. He asked her again and she acceded. They sat down with Chad and Whitney and Jared commented on the music selection. Whitney proudly told him that Chad had been the DJ and set the playlists. Jared leaned to get closer to Theresa and asked if she wanted to go somewhere more private. She wanted to know what he was doing and as he got in tighter he said he was doing what he thought she wanted. She pulled away and said she didn't want that. He demanded to know why she had been all over him on the dance floor and now wanted him to back off. He asked if it was because the guy she'd been trying to impress had left. Theresa hemmed and hawed and denied. Jared told her he didn't like being used and that she had used him to make the guy jealous. He asked who the guy was to her. She apologized for being childish. He asked again who he was and she said he wasn't important. Jared told her that whoever he was he clearly didn't want her and that made him a fool in his book. He told her that he hardly knew her but could tell that she was an incredible woman so he would forgive her just this once. He said he didn't play games and didn't like games, but he liked her. Then he went to pay the check and said good night. Chad and Whitney told her that she'd met the perfect man to get over Ethan. They extolled his virtues to "Tess" and she said that would be the deal breaker since nobody called her that. Theresa said she didn't even know his last name and Chad popped up with "Casey. Jared Casey." She said it didn't matter because after the stunt she pulled on the dance floor, she'd never see him again and besides, she was too busy. Chad said she couldn't never have time for love. He reminded her that one is the loneliest number and Jared made eye contact with her in a long steady gaze before he walked out of the Blue Note. Rebecca sat at the end of the bar and gloated that she knew Julian was worried about Eve and T.C. and when he got tired of waiting, she'd be there for him.

At the Bed and Breakfast Ethan brought glasses of wine and began undressing as Gwen started asking him about Theresa's date. She hoped he'd stick around long enough for Theresa to stop obsessing over Ethan and he said that she'd already claimed to move on and quit following after him. She came into the room in a sexy black nightie and he totally lost his train of thought. Ethan and Gwen made very passionate love as thoughts of Theresa slipped from their minds.

At the beach near the Inn where Miguel and Kay were staying, (At Tabitha's house she watched Miguel and Kay being confronted by Siren and Fox and blamed Endora for this whole problem. Endora said she was trying to keep Miguel away from Kay. Tabitha reminded her that mermaids are fickle and Siren could quickly dump Miguel. Endora countered that then he couldn't be with Charity because of the Mermaid Curse. Tabs waffled saying that she couldn't trust that to keep him away from Charity.) Fox told Kay he had to tell her something and Miguel warned him off so he just said that Maria needed her at home. Kay wanted to know what was wrong with her so she called Tabitha who said Maria was fine. Endora wanted her mother to tell Kay to come home so she zapped her with energy bolts. Tabs ignored her and told Kay to stay put. Endora wasn't happy with that. Kay got really snippy with Fox and wanted to know why the heck Fox and Siren had come out there. Siren mumbled that Tabitha must have gotten Maria settled down so Kay and Miguel could go back to making love or whatever they were doing. Fox exploded on Miguel for that and Kay got really upset with Fox. Fox pulled Miguel aside and Miguel said he was just going along with Kay's alternate reality and then posed a question to Fox. He wondered if Kay was not remembering her real life because she couldn't take the stress. Fox wanted to know what stress and Miguel said that maybe there was too much pressure on her pretending to be in love with Fox when she really loved Miguel. (Tabby was overjoyed to see the boys in her bowl flexing their muscles and strutting as if to begin fighting.) While the guys were verbally jousting, Siren told Kay that she was going to make love to Fox and Kay didn't care a bit. When the men finally started pushing on each other Kay hollered at them to break it up. Kay swore at Fox to leave them alone and then grabbed Miguel to go back to their room and lock the door. Fox was upset that Kay hadn't gotten her memory back. Siren asked him what he'd do if she never got it back. He told her that he wouldn't lose her. He said he's Fox Crane and Cranes never lose. Tabs told Endora that she'd told Kay not to get engaged when she did. She told her to wait until the planets were aligned. She thought Fox would bring pain to everyone if he kept pursuing Kay and her missing memory.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ethan begged Gwen to stay home from work, and he got his wish when Collier called to let her go (with two week's severance). That made them a no-income family. They celebrated by making love. Theresa, meanwhile, was busy at work. Whitney had arrived at her office just in time to hear her tell Collier he didn't have to keep Gwen on the payroll anymore. Whitney was concerned, but Theresa swore her tricks were a thing of the past. She insisted her future was with Crane Industries and her son and MAYBE a man, but not Jared. Whitney reminded Theresa she used to have a sense of humor and pushed Jared on her. "I just have a good feeling," she said, before going to check on Miles. When Whit returned, a very overwhelmed Theresa was working with Valerie. Val was both uncomfortable and bitchy toward Whit and quickly excused herself. There was talk of going to the kids' little league game and Chad's league game, but Theresa started to panic about her workload. Whit agreed to help out with some filing. When she suggested Theresa lose the pictures of Ethan on her self, Theresa put them through the shredder.

Kay and Miguel cuddled in bed and reminisced about having sex the night before, but Miguel stopped short of a repeat performance to discuss Fox. He got Kay to say she'd choose him over Fox any day, would never love anyone the way she loves him, etc, etc., which made her ask about what he would do if Charity returned. He insisted Kay was the only one for him. Back at home, a mopey and tired Fox whined to Siren about Miguel taking advantage of Kay. "To be fair, Kay couldn't wait to get into Miguel's pants," Siren noted. Then she suggested they make things better by making love. "You can't be serious," he marveled, and asked why she wasn't as stressed as he was. She countered that he was stressed because he feared Kay really did love Miguel more, but he said this was about Kay's past feelings, not her present ones. With Kay and Miguel on their way into the house, Siren convinced Fox to at least make out a bit so Kay would be bounced back to reality by some old-fashioned jealousy. (It didn't hurt that it would annoy Miguel, either.) Unfortunately, Kay thought it was great that they were together and Miguel had nothing to say about it.

Fancy thought she was dreaming when she woke to a passionate Luis...and she was right. The hand that actually woke her was Sheridan's. She asked why Fancy was expecting Luis. Fancy made up a story about dreaming of Italy and acted a bit defensive. She turned the conversation to Sheridan's miscarriage and offered her support. She asked Fancy if she could hide out with her for a bit and Fancy of course said yes. After raving about Chris for supporting her, Sheridan admitted, "a part of me will always love Luis." Fancy couldn't help smiling when Sheridan then confirmed that there was no future for her and Luis. She pushed her aunt to say she hoped Luis would find someone. "He deserves to fall in love, get married be happy," Sheridan sighed. "You both deserve to." Luis, meanwhile, was back in uniform and catching up with Sam. Noah came down to the kitchen and bitched about living with Spike. He was at his wit's end, but Sam felt that at least they could keep an eye on Jessica. Luis then got down to business. He told Sam that while he understood having his rank dropped due to his absence from work, he planned to take the exam to be reinstated as a detective, was signed up for training recruits and would appreciate any overtime Sam would give him. He wanted to "keep busy [and] save as much money as possible so I can leave Harmony." Noah commended Luis for taking the high road with Sheridan by letting her go, and wished he could do the same with Fancy...especially since she was already in love with Luis. The top cop rolled his eyes at the idea, but Noah "guaranteed" Fancy was at least falling for him. "Fancy is a great girl. End of story," Luis concluded.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Many of Harmony's residents gathered at the baseball diamonds of Harmony. Chad and Jared played softball on one field while Little Ethan's team played T-Ball on an adjacent field. Despite the fact that she'd suffered a miscarriage recently, Sheridan, Chris and James ran a lemonade stand. Her friends kept asking her if she should be out so soon. When Sheridan said she wanted to put the whole horrible experience behind her, Theresa asked her if that included Luis and Sheridan said yes. Theresa said she understood and she'd moved on too. Ethan, Gwen and Jane were there to cheer on little Ethan and his team that was being coached by Miguel. Kay, Fox and Siren tagged along-Kay to root for Miguel and the other pair to keep an eye on Kay and Miguel. Kay kept making sexual innuendos to Miguel and wrapping herself all over him and his open shirted chest. Fox spent the whole time trying to think of a way to bring Kay out of her alternate reality, while coaching Miguel on how to keep his shirt on around Kay. Fox told Kay about a time that he'd gone to a Red Sox game and made love in the Crane skybox and then his father walked in on them (it was Kay) and she started to have flashes where Miguel and Fox's faces kept flipping back and forth.

Theresa and Whitney (with Miles) found a spot to sit between the two games and Theresa continued to work throughout the game using her PDA and cell phone. She said that she had Valerie helping her find some more executive help so she could spend more time with little Ethan. A couple walking by commented on Ethan, Gwen, Jane and little Ethan as the All-American family and Theresa was glum about Gwen getting to live Theresa's dream life. She whined that this was the reason she couldn't tell Ethan that he's her son's dad. If Gwen ever found out, she'd sue for custody and Theresa would lose her son. Just as they were feeling comfortable, Jared ran to catch a fly ball from his game and landed on Theresa while he caught the third out. She demanded that he get off of her. He tried to make light of the situation, but Theresa was miffed. (Gwen saw them and commented to Ethan that maybe Theresa finally found his replacement.) Little Ethan dragged Ethan over to Theresa so he could compliment Jared on his great play. Theresa hesitantly introduced Jared to her son. He questioned Theresa about the same names - big Ethan, little Ethan and Whitney chimed in that Ethan was little Ethan's godfather. Gwen came up with Jane in the stroller and Jared commented that she was cute and asked if she were her daughter. Gwen proudly said she was and Theresa bitterly said under her breath that she wasn't. Theresa then commented innocently that if Gwen wanted to get back to work she'd watch Jane. Gwen told her that she'd been let go and Ethan said he'd be on the jib hunt the next day and hoped that he wouldn't run into the same roadblocks he'd had before. Jared could feel the tension in the air and asked if there was something going on. Chad told him that Theresa would have to tell him later because they had to get back to their game. He told Tess that it was nice "running into her" and hoped to see her later. She quickly responded "not if I can help it." Gwen said they made a really cute couple and Theresa bit her head off. After Jared left Whitney agreed with Gwen and Theresa said that she had thought he'd never leave. Gwen made another poke at her and then Theresa ran off to answer her cell phone. Gwen said that Theresa and Jared bickered like an old married couple and Whitney said she thought there was something there too but Theresa would never admit it. Gwen thought that was fantastic because Theresa never admits the truth so she must be attracted to Jared. Ethan didn't seem to think it was such a great idea, even if his wife did. Kay interrupted to let Theresa know that little Ethan was up to bat and after Kay carried on about Miguel's coaching, Theresa made a crazy face at her. Whitney decided to go watch Chad's game and invited Theresa who turned her down because she didn't want to watch Jared. Whitney tried to encourage her friend to be open to love. Theresa said she didn't even like Jared. Whitney said she was missing out. Theresa said there was no way it would work with her and Jared. After his game was over, Jared came over and asked Theresa if he could watch her son's game with her. He apologized for hollering at her the night before for looking at Ethan-he hadn't realized they had a son together. She asked him who said her son was Ethan's. She admitted that she named her son after Ethan because she'd hoped to become his wife, but things have changed and that is all in the past. Jared said he'd once loved someone he couldn't have and he'd done a lot of stupid things trying to get her attention. Theresa said that she hadn't been trying to get Ethan's attention the night before but was trying to rattle Gwen's cage and apologized. He said he was sorry he went overboard, but he really liked her and he thought she was gaga for Ethan. She told him that her top priorities were her son and her job. He mentioned that she had been working the whole time she was there and any job that made a person work through their son's T-Ball game wasn't worth it. She just smiled and said she had a very demanding boss. He laughed and said her boss must be a woman because every woman he'd ever worked for was like that - overcompensating and trying to prove she was as tough as the guys. She harrumphed and said, "just when I thought you weren't the missing link..." Chad and Whitney arrived just in time to hear her say that he was a sexist pig (Gwen overheard and was sure that love sparks could develop from these sparks). Whitney stuck up for him and Jared said he wasn't a sexist and he was just talking about the female bosses he'd had not all female bosses. Theresa said that maybe he was a lousy employee and Jared smiled and said that he was tops at everything he did. Chad suggested that he and Jared go get a beer. Theresa made a wise crack about crushing cans on his forehead and Jared told Chad that you can always tell when a woman has gone too long without a man. Theresa told him he wouldn't be that man. After the guys left, Whit chastised her friend for chasing off a guy who was interested in her, especially as Harmony isn't exactly teeming with eligible men. Whitney told her she'd just have her son and her job the rest of her life if she kept acting this way.

Luis was on highway patrol near the end of his shift. He hoped he could still make it to little Ethan's T-Ball game. Fancy sped along oblivious to the posted speed as she thought about all the things she needed to do as well as the fact that Sheridan had as much as given her the go-ahead to go for Luis. Just as he was going to return to the headquarters, Fancy sped by doing 70 in a 30 mph zone. When she finally heard the siren and pulled over, she was rehearsing what she'd say to talk her way out of a ticket. When he saw her he remembered how he first saw Sheridan when they met when he gave her a ticket for reckless driving. She was floored that it was Luis and even more dumbstruck when he told her he had to arrest her. She couldn't believe that he couldn't just give her a ticket so he patiently explained that after a person ignores paying traffic tickets, a warrant is issued for their arrest. She was shocked that her Grampy or Crane legal hadn't taken care of her tickets like they used to. Luis took her in and booked her and told her to get a hold of Ethan or Crane legal to bail her out. He didn't want to leave her in the holding cell with the "working girls" so he told her if she couldn't get one of the suits down there he'd have to take her with him to Ethan's game. She pretended to call and not get anybody. She offered to have him take her to the game and he couldn't believe she'd go with handcuffs on. She said she'd cover hands with her sweater. They arrived at the game and Sheridan jealously asked Chris why Luis would be there with Fancy.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Eve tells Julian that she is getting back together with TC. Julian is shocked and still wants to be with Eve, but Eve wants to hang around TC despite Simone's insistence that she spends time with Julian. It is going to take Julian a while for Eve's news to sink in. He is still making plans as if Eve hasn't told him about going back to TC.

Kay is a bit confused about her memory. She is getting flashes of Miguel and Fox, which is making her dizzy. Miguel notices and rushes over. He gets into a fight with Fox about jogging Kay's memory. Siren is a bit upset that Kay is possibly getting her memory back because she wants to have a chance to sleep with Fox. She picks up a baseball bat wanting to bash Kay's head in. Fox continues to ask Kay if she remembers anything about his story. It seems as if the flashbacks have stopped because Kay is right back to making plans with Miguel.

Sheridan is still mourning Marty and her other baby that didn't make it to term. Sheridan is bothered that Luis is moving on with Fancy, but it's not what she thinks. Chris vows to make Sheridan forget about Luis. Luis finally takes the handcuffs off Fancy and wishes that he could play baseball with Marty and Sheridan. Fancy tells Luis that he could find love again, but Luis wants to leave Harmony as soon as he has enough money saved up. Fancy wants to make Luis fall in love with her before he leaves Harmony.

Theresa thinks that Jared is a male chauvinist, but she can't help being drawn to him. Whitney insists that Theresa pursues Jared, but Theresa is putting on quite the show to dissuade Jared, even though she has the hots for the guy. Gwen believes Jared and Theresa are about to be an item, but Ethan is in denial since Theresa won't be chasing him anymore. Gwen wonders if Ethan will let Theresa moves on. Theresa challenges Jared to a game of baseball: men vs. women. She is a bit tired of his sexist remarks and wants to put it to rest once and for all. Let the games begin! Jared misses his first shot. He makes the second shot. Oops! Theresa is hit and she collapses. Ethan, Miguel, and the others go to assist Theresa, who is out cold. Ethan is calling out Theresa's name, but there is no answer. Gwen mumbles to herself that Ethan is still under Theresa's spell.

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