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Monday, July 20, 1998

Olivia is rushing upstairs to get to her son, Trey. Annie is on her tail, trying to stop her. As she is pulled to the bottom of the steps, Annie and Olivia confront each other, with Olivia screaming with rage how Annie stole her baby. Annie brought up the car crash and as usual, taunts Olivia with what a horrid mother she is, and how under no circumstances should she ever have Trey as her son. Annie threatens to tell Caitlin the truth but Olivia reminds her if she does, she will lose everything. Annie is looking worried as once again Olivia told her, "Get out of my way. I am going to get my son." As Olivia breaks away to head back upstairs, the structure of the house starts to give way. "Oh, my baby!" she cries, as the entire house begins to collapse. Olivia and Annie have been hit. Olivia is pinned under a timber, a chandelier above her threatening to fall on her --she begs Annie for help, which Annie is not eager to offer. "Forget about me," Olivia begs, "Just get Trey." Because Annie hesitates to help Olivia, she is reminded (emphatically by Olivia) that although she and Gregory are no longer married, he would mourn long and deeply for her and not think too kindly if he knew Annie could have helped her and didn't. (Annie has one of her fantasies: She is by a coffin she believes Olivia to be in; she turns and there coming toward her is Olivia in a wheelchair, Gregory holding one hand and AJ the other. They are telling her that they are not at all pleased with her attitude towards Olivia, and as they are lambasting her in this fantasy, she shrivels before the coffin which holds (unfortunately) Lourdes, the deceased.)-------- As Annie begins to free Olivia from where she is pinned, the chandelier is....loosening....falling....falling.....

Tim and Ben are having a confrontation; Tim accuses Ben of Maria's death, and Ben reminds him that it is none of his business. All of a sudden, a horrific tremor is felt; Hank and Joan in the hallway are thrown to the wall; Meg and Dana are thrown to the floor...Joan and Hank see the head nurse running through the halls screaming warnings to get out. She becomes trapped and it seems as though a ceiling has fallen on her.... Meg tries tro grab Dana and screaming drags her away from the window which seconds later would have exploded in her face. Time stands still and there is no movement from anyone; all lie dazed and hurt. Ben gets to his feet helping Tim also. "I've got to find Meg," he says, and Tim responds, "Not without me! She may love you, Ben, but I have a lot to make up to her." (Seems Tim forgets to whom Meg is betrothed.) In the meantime, Meg is stirring with Dana nearby, both seemingly dazed but not badly hurt. Dana begins to have trouble breathing. Tim starts a song and dance with Ben about how he and Meg would be married now except for .....yadayadayada.... Ben really is not interested, but Tim continues, "Meg and I belong together." ... Dana starts hallucinating. As Meg and Dana climb out from the ruins they spot one of the nurses obviously dead, crushed by a collapsed brick wall. While trying to calm Dana, Dana screams out to Meg, "That is not my name!"

Inside the apartment Vanessa is thrown to the wall, and outside, close by, Virginia and Jimmy are also reeling. Vanessa is trying to find a safe place by the door: Virginia and Jimmy seek shelter in a corner but in moments another tremor occurs and they are thrown to ground, debris falling on top of them. When the tremors have stopped, Virginia cannot find Jimmy. She spots his , bloodied hat under some of the rubble. She panics, searching frantically for her son, terrified with fear that he is dead under tons of collapsed building materials. Vanessa joins her, and together they rip at timbers and other debris in their search for Jimmy. Virginia blames herself for Jimmy's death, believing that her being a rotten person (which we all know she is) the reason Jimmy was taken from her. Virginia told Vanessa," I'm the reason that my son is dead. I am a horrible person: I've done evil, horrible things to you and Michael." She sobs. Vanessa has no idea what she is talking about. Virginia is babbling, "That crazy witch doctor.. she told me there would be a price to pay." Vanessa ignores her. "I'm the reason why you and Michael are not together," she sobs. Vanessa looks at he perplexed.

Tyus and Michael are in the lab, Michael having figured out the whole story about Vanessa's Martin's Syndrome and that Tyus has known and been helping her all along. The tremor hits the lab and all the precious drugs begin to collapse, including the key ingredients of her treatment and possible recovery. Michael is frantic. He had intended on being a guinea pig for Tyus's newest Martin's Syndrome cure. He is unaware that Tyus has already put himself up as a guinea pig with an earlier drug. It looks now like they may lose them all, as the bottles, cabinets, test tubes, and apparatus come crashing down in a jumble. Tyus tries to physically hold up one row of equipment but is not successful as it crashes with him to the floor. Tyus has lost most of the cure but believes that he may be able to recreate it from the minute amounts he can recover.

AJ and Gregory are in the midst of their business when the structure starts to collapse around them. A giant beam falls on Gregory, and AJ is also struck by flying objects. We do not know how badly they have been hurt!

Tuesday, July 21, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jane Johnson

Casey walks up to Sara near the ballroom entrance aboard ship. It is all clear on deck. But, he did hear that the ship seems to have lost radio contact with the shore. Sara replies "No more news bulletins about my sordid love life."

Cole spots Francesca across the ballroom. He remains distracted as they exchange pleasantries with Sean and Emily.

Ricardo and Gabi look over the items for auction with Antonio nearby. Gabi draws Antonio's attention to the fact that the proceeds from the auction will be split with a parish in Mexico. Antonio asks "Who did this?"

Virginia told Vanessa "I did this to you." "Did what?" "Took Michael away from you. I wanted him. I ruined your life. And, now, my son is being punished for it."

The chandelier falls on Olivia and Annie. Annie is unconscious as a result.

Virginia says "I thought all I had to do was make you disappear, get you out of the picture. But, you were never really gone. Michael would have looked for you forever, and, I knew it. But, I wouldn't stop. I wouldn't let go until you had nothing left." They hear Jimmy calling out.

Antonio says, "I organized this whole event. I thought I knew where the money was going." When Gabi questions Antonio about whether he knows the place where the money is going, he becomes evasive, saying that the area is impoverished and the money will be appreciated.

Casey told Sara that not everyone believes what they read in the newspaper. "Not everyone cares. Don't worry about things that you can't control."

Melinda peeks at Sara and told the cameraman with her to get his camera ready. She thinks the confrontation "will be a great selling point for movie rights."

Cole and Francesca stare at each other and then meet. "Francesca, it has been a long time."

Vanessa and Virginia dig for Jimmy. He can't see anything. He thinks he is all right but wants them to hurry. He is scared. They need to be careful so that they don't cause more damage. The rubble keeps moving. "He is trapped. What are we going to do?"

Olivia helps Annie with the explanation that she needs Annie alive to help rescue Trey. Olivia is not going to leave without her son.

Casey and Sara dance. Nearby, the recorder is not working for the man with Melinda.

Sean and Emily discuss Next New Years Eve. She is free.

Bette walks up to Sara and Casey.

Cole introduces Caitlin to Francesca. "What is your secret, Caitlin? How did you ever convince a man like Cole to settle down?" Francesca's husband walks up and is also introduced. "You always had an eye for the most beautiful women in the room." He invites them to his stateroom.

Antonio, Ricardo and Gabi discuss the auction items. Gabi asks Antonio about Mexico. He brushes the question aside. After he leaves them, Ricardo tells her that Antonio was in Rosario, San Teresa parish.

Virginia says "What we need to do is put another brace under that wall."

Lourdes doesn't answer Olivia's calls to her. Annie starts to tell Olivia that she might not reach Trey in time and Olivia won't listen. It cannot be.

In the stateroom, Philip toasts to "Old friendships and new." Philip takes Caitlin to look at the auction items. Francesca and Cole are left alone. Cole says that he loves Caitlin very much. "Did you expect me to spend the rest of my life loving you?" he asks.

Bette has a proposition, a forum to say what Sara did and why. Bette is available when Sara is ready. Sara admires her honesty.

Amy and Sean have words. She wonders "What is so special about Emily?" Amy starts plotting to "bring her down a notch or two".

Gabi and Ricardo dance until Ricardo went to get her a drink. She approaches Antonio with more questions about Mexico. "Ricardo told me that you were assigned to St. Theresa's parish. Why didn't you just tell me that you worked there when I mentioned that is where the funds are going?"

Philip admires Caitlin's taste in jewelry. She told him that Cole won't be bidding against Philip at the auction. Philip says that lack of funds was never an obstacle for Cole in the past. Caitlin told him that Cole's past is his past.

Francesca and Cole continue to discuss their time together. He wonders if she is happy with Philip.

Vanessa and Virginia discuss options for getting Jimmy out. Vanessa warns Virginia that her plan will risk her life.

Sean approaches Emily. He inquires if Amy bugs her. It seems that she is trying to avoid someone or something.

Melinda and her accomplice continue to prowl around the ballroom, waiting for an opportunity.

Antonio told Gabi that Mexico is ancient history. Ricardo approaches and Antonio leaves. Ricardo and Gabi dance.

Cole and Francesca stand very close. Philip and Caitlin reenter the stateroom. After a quick call, Caitlin says that the ship's captain has lost contact with shore.

After Cole and Caitlin leave Francesca says, to Philip, "You set me up."

Virginia is ready to help Jimmy escape. She will be stuck when he gets out, but wants to do it that way.

Casey and Sara stop dancing. Melinda walks up and hugs her. "It is all so horrible that everyone had to find out about your affair with Congressman Blythe." "You!"

Jimmy gets out, but the rubble shifts and Jimmy calls for his mother, who is now stuck.

Caitlin and Annie hear Trey cry.

Cole and Caitlin dance. She thanks him for turning down Phillip's invitation.

Philip and Francesca continue to discuss whether or not he planned the meeting with Cole. She turns down Phillip's advances, saying that they have all night. As she leaves the room, Philip says to himself, "If my wife is going to spend her life pining after Cole, she is going to be pining after a dead man."

Wednesday, July 22, 1998

The S.S. Neptune's passengers are enjoying their cruise; Cole and Caitlin among them. They are walking along the deck where Caitlin remarks how wonderful it is to be there together; also bringing up their meeting with Francesca and waiting for Cole to tell her more about this most-beautiful woman, her husband and their (obvious) past. Cole steers Caitlin to another topic and remembering she left her purse in the stateroom, she rushes back to retrieve it. Cole, walking into the casino has visual memories of himself and Francesca and their past relationship--She is looking up at him; dressed to the nines and in a casino much like this one; they kiss and she says to him: "You and I, we're going to go places." Caitlin returns to the Casino; seeing Cole in a somewhat pensive mood she asks Cole if he misses 'his old life' and, as the classy and 'knowing-just-what-to-say-guy-that he is told her he 'wouldn't change a thing.'-They find a quiet corner and begin to make love-only OOPS, they're not alone.

Francesca, too, has the same fantasy/memory (with Cole), as the camera comes back to her beautiful face and Phillip whispers into her ear, "I hope you were thinking of me, my dear!" He the continues: "Interesting choice of a wife, wouldn't you say? " (referring to Caitlin) as Francesca's husband, Phillip, caresses her hair, "a home-spun girl--almost virginal--a far cry from you, my darling,--" Francesca and Cole both seem to be having the same fantasy -- each in their own space. Knowing Cole and Caitlin are making love Phillip sends Francesca on an errand where she will run right into the same area.

SARAH and Casey are enjoying themselves when Melinda rushes up, embraces Sarah in a big bear hug and, in a sickeningly sweet voice, purrs "Oh Sarah it's all so horrible that everyone had to find out the truth about you and Congressman Blythe." Pushing her away, Sarah, eyes blazing; "IT'S YOU!!." Melinda begins to tell Sarah 'how sorry she is that all this dreadful news has come out,' but with a mighty blow, in mid-Melinda sentence Sarah hauls off and gives her a slap across the face. Pretty soon it becomes clear that a man nearby is taping the whole confrontation (more fodder for Melinda's (hopes to be) best selling book; Casey seeing this guy and takes off after him. Sarah told Melinda she is well aware of her part in exposing her affair and all the pain she's suffered because of it. "And I share your pain," Melinda coos to Sarah, "I had a higher calling; I had to tell the truth, I watched over you like a big sister...It breaks my heart to see you like this...I know how a Washington scandal can rip your life apart...and you a mere farm girl from Nebraska, for heavens sake." --Sarah explodes: "KANSAS, I'M FROM KANSAS." -- "THAT'S EVEN WORSE," Melinda retorts.

Casey was unable to catch the guy with the tape. Casey and Sarah find a quiet spot and Sarah chastises herself for being such a dummy. She thanks Casey as he once more takes off to find the guy with the tape. Sarah hears's Melinda (dearest). Melinda viciously told Sarah she would never be a friend with a scheming little tramp such as herself. Sarah is stunned to hear this horrid woman-- seems Melinda was out for the Congressman herself...and the green-eyed monster caused her to react as she had. 'I'M GETTING EVEN WITH BOTH OF YOU,' she hisses. Sarah, in a most classy way, retorts with: 'YOU KNOW MELINDA, I ACTUALLY FEEL SORRY FOR YOU.' Casey returns and has a big Casey-hug for her. Sarah has gained strength and Casey is proud.--Melinda is not finished...she meets up with the-guy-with-the-tape declaring they aren't finished with this 'tramp' - there are more surprises to come.

A young man looking for AJ comes upon the fallen timber and rubble at the resort site. He spots Gregory and after helping him free himself of the mess he is under asks after AJ. Gregory, with his usual great concern tells the young man, pointing to what seems to be a foot sticking out from under some ruins, "Hey, kid--appears that AJ didn't make it." The young man begs for his help, however, Gregory assures him he will send help as he hurries off to save Olivia, Annie or whoever might be waiting for him to be saved. Gregory returns to the site --not to help but to get the kids car keys so he can take his car. Gregory offers money. The young man is furious: "There's a man trapped here..we're going to get him out-we'll talk CAR later." ---AJ is coming around; he looks up surprised to see this young man: "LEO" AJ cries. "IT'S OK DAD, I'M HERE," as they embrace and cry in each other's arms.

Tim and Ben struggle to find a way out of the blocked door and window of Tim's hospital room. Tim seems hell-bent on causing friction and heartache of every kind between himself and Ben. He continues to blame him for all that has happened. (Harping on this so much I'm surprised Ben doesn't deck him.) "Meg went through hell because you left out a few pertinent details," Tim screams at him, "If you would have just told Meg maybe some of the stuff that's happened would not have happened!!!" Tim accuses Ben of walking around like some kind dark secretive brooding guy who is still obsessed with his first wife. There is no end to Tim's harping.

Meg is sitting with the girl they call "Dana," as she continually insists Dana is NOT her name. She cries to Meg that 'no-one in the whole world has even asked for me or missed me,' and so she is still a mystery to the staff and to herself. She told Meg her name was taken from the site where she was found; a place called Dana Point. She speaks of an accident and it is assumed that she knew who she was before the accident. Meg continues to encourage Dana regarding 'finding herself' as well as their being able to get out of their current predicament. Meg calls out 'HELLO, IS ANYONE THERE??...WE NEED HELP," answer. They find a nurse; dead...Dana says a Spanish prayer, not knowing why or how. Meg hears sirens; she tries to comfort Dana who is becoming more and more of a basket case. Meg tells Dana the story of how she met Ben on the Internet as she listens intently. She told Dana of Ben's identical twin--Dana reacts..she felt an identical twin was somehow a part of her life????

Thursday, July 23rd">

Gregory is anxious to get to Olivia. A trapped A.J. will only allow Gregory to use his car if he can accompany him to the Richards' house. When the men arrive at the house, Annie tries to take the spotlight by rescuing Trey. After she retrieves him the floor gives way underneath her. Francesca discovers Cole and Caitlin making love and realizes that she still loves Cole. A jealous Philip is now determined to kill Cole. Gabi tries to cover for Antonio when Ricardo asks her why he's so upset. What appears to be a light kiss turns into passion. Amy cuts up Emily's dress to the dance which prompts Sean to vent his stress to Bette. What he doesn't realize is that Bette is Emily's mother. Before Emily can appear and reveal this, Bette is gone. Amy and Brad vow to take revenge on Emily.

Friday, July 24, 1998

Tyus and Michael are trying desperately to get out...Michael has taken the drug (which will give him Martin's Syndrome). Tyus is worried. He doesn't want to let Michael leave. He encourages Michael to 'be still' or the disease will spread too quickly and he (Tyus) may not be able to cure him in time. Michael is adamant. He must go to Vanessa "We're not going to take any chances with Vanessa's life." he says. Tyus realizes Michael is right, he agrees and they rush off to find her.

Vanessa and Jimmy are trying to free Virginia. She is urging them to leave. "Get out before it's too late." Jimmy refuses to go. "You need me, you can't get out of there without me," -- Virginia begs Vanessa to take Jimmy. Jimmy is fighting "NO-NO" but Vanessa drags him off kicking and screaming. Virginia believes this is payback for all her evil deeds. She prays for forgiveness; if being alone- if dying- is her fate she wants it to be now. Vanessa overhears her and told her she is not giving up. She eases her fears about Jimmy, "He'ok, he'll be fine. "Go while you still can," Virginia pleads. "Boy something really hard must have fallen on your head," Vanessa told her; what happened to the fighter..the woman who would stop at nothing to get what she wants." Virginia cannot believe Vanessa would put her life on the line to help her.

Meg and Dana are discussing her memory loss. She has told Meg she has flashes of memory and then, nothing but when Meg speaks of (her love for) Ben she "felt a sort of connection."

Ben and Tim are finally out of Tim's room. Tossing rubble and other materials aside. They see Hank and Joan. Are they hurt? They rush over to them. They're ok but frantic with worry about Meg. Joan won't be stopped 'Let's go, we've a daughter to find,' she announces--no dilly/dallying with this mama. Ben reassures Hank he will do all that is humanly possible to find Meg. They begin stepping over all the mess that had fallen around them = calling out Meg's name. Suddenly they hear her voice..

Ben yells for Meg 'to hang' on as he and Joan, Tim and Hank frantically work to free a path to get her out. They clear a small spot and Meg encourages Dana to go before herself, however, Dana is frightened for whatever reason and will not move. Meg makes her promise to come (crawl through the opening) after her and as she reunites with Ben (embracing him, her parents and Tim) Dana has yet to appear. "Hurry," Ben yells..."come on, come on." He tells the others he fears a gas leak; they must get this girl out and get the hell out of there. Suddenly another shock; the opening is being covered over. Meg, Ben, Joan, Tim and Hank are being thrown to and fro. We don't know if they will all be buried under what's left of the building!

Tyus and Michael meet up with a paramedic outside of Tyus' building. The guy points toward the building and explains some people are trapped inside. Michael bolts for the door: "Vanessa, Vanessa, can you hear me." He goes toward her...she turns away. Michael asks her not to turn away from him as he grabs for her. "Thank God you're all right he cries as he holds her close and they embrace. He looks into her face and she into his. If he notices anything, any disfigurement, he shows no sign. Only the sheer joy of being with the woman he loves once again. Suddenly Tyus spots Virginia. They rush to get her out from under all the rubble, they are successful. She is ok. Virginia is grateful; thanking Michael and Tyus with kisses and hugs; and, as she thanks Vanessa she went to her, she hugs her close. It appears Virginia is truly sorry for her misdeeds...for now. Momentarily there is another shock--a big one and the three of them are thrown to the floor.

Annie is in the corner holding Trey. She is becoming more hysterical by the moment as little by little the house gives way. Olivia is desperately reaching for Trey. 'SAVE THE BABY, SAVE TREY," she cries with pure terror in her voice. Gregory talks Annie down, so to speak..calming her..soothing her. AJ and his son begin a plan. Gregory turns attention to Olivia who is crazed with fear. Gregory asks for the baby, Annie refuses (maybe she thinks without Trey they will let her die ?) Annie won't give up the baby (knew it) --she is certain they will let her die as long as they can walk away with Trey. Gregory sweet talks her. "You're the only one who can save him, the only one I can trust," he told her. She's listening, she's frightened; her face a mask of terror. "It's the only way Gregory continues...."You have to hand us Trey." Olivia, held by Gregory and AJ reaches out; she pleads, "Annie give me the baby, I promise you everything will be all right...EVERYTHING will turn out allright (does she mean she won't talk....does she mean she won't tell ...) Annie looking terrified, carefully, gently reaches out as Olivia catches the baby. Annie is about to come when Olivia screams out the baby isn't breathing. Gregory leaves Annie still waiting for help as he rushes over to see Trey. Gregory looks at Trey and terrified as to what may be wrong rushes him out...leaving Annie still hanging on for dear life. Annie is crying, AJ is talking to her, calming her.. assuring her he will save her...AJ holds his son...his son reaches out..Annie...crying grabs on...he catches her...she is safe. Gregory and Olivia are racing to the hospital. "What were you doing in the house anyway?" he questions her. "I...went to see grandson."

Annie, AJ and his son are catching their breath...when...oh no.....another one; an aftershock; then we see AJ, his son and Annie as they, oh no...they drop as the floor opens up beneath them.

Olivia and Gregory feel the shock, Olivia screams out, Gregory swerves...they are sickeningly aware of what's happening--an aftershock; "Hang on Olivia," Gregory screams as he loses control of the car-- it crashes and the windshield is shattered!!!!! We cannot see if Olivia or Gregory or Trey are hurt; only the horribly broken windshield.

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