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Kristian Alfonso
January 4, 2010
It's amazing how time flies, yet oddly stays the same in Salem. Ten years later, Hope is still acting strange, Doug and Julie are still concerned, and Kate and Viv are still battling it out.
Suzanne Rogers
January 11, 2010
Mickey died last week. He died at home, while packing for a cruise that he and Maggie were going to take together. Suzanne Rogers' show-stopping performance was heartbreaking.
Susan Seaforth Hayes
January 18, 2010
Mickey's memorial was much like Mickey the man -- classy and warm, but filled with a lot of drama. The love for Mickey and Maggie was felt, just as it should have been.
Louise Sorel
January 25, 2010
Since Melanie is Carly's daughter AND Philip's fiancée, Vivian will have to choose between avenging Lawrence's death and bonding with Philip. Does Vivian love Philip more than she hates Carly?
Suzanne Rogers
February 1, 2010
Unlike Hope, who's changed to the point where even devoted Hope fans are fed up with her, Maggie is still the same old wonderful Maggie.
Lauren Boles
February 8, 2010
Ciara is going to need so much therapy. Bo and Hope are both good, attentive parents, but they've BOTH somehow managed to miss the fact that Ciara has gotten worse since Hope moved out.
Molly Burnett
February 15, 2010
Philip only has eyes for Belle -- whoops! MEL! He only has eyes for Mel. But Mel's in love with Shawn-Douglas, too. Drats! Nathan. Mel's in love with Nathan, too. We've seen this before.
Shelley Hennig
February 22, 2010
Nathan dreamt of Melanie while in bed with Stephanie. Have fun fighting that uphill battle for Nathan's affections, Steph. Keep an eye out for your self-respect while climbing said hill.
Louise Sorel
March 1, 2010
Last week, Melanie Layton-Manning/Jonas-Kiriakis managed to accomplish the unthinkable -- she melted Vivian Alamain's heart and took the fun out of revenge!
Suzanne Rogers
March 8, 2010
Were she twenty years younger, all of the lightheaded spells would mean that Maggie's pregnant with a miracle baby. Unfortunately, Maggie's condition seems to be far more dire.
Arianne Zucker
March 15, 2010
Nicole seems edgier than before. Much edgier, actually, and downright mean. She's over prison, she's over E.J., she's over Sami, and she's over being pushed around by guards.
Alison Sweeney
March 22, 2010
Rafe constantly treats Sami like a child. In all fairness, Sami acts like a child around Rafe. At this point, it's the chicken-or-the-egg argument. Who cares which came first -- just make it stop!
Judi Evans
March 29, 2010
Some might blame Hope for being a buttinsky, and some might be right. But because of Hope's butting in, Adrienne is home, and that kicks, well, butt. That alone gets Fancy Face off the hook.
Jay Kenneth Johnson
April 5, 2010
Philip should be cool and ruthless, but right now he's just insecure and pouty. He's one step away from peeing in a circle around Melanie so that Nathan will stay away from her.
Joseph Mascolo
April 12, 2010
After a long lull in the passenger's seat, Stefano finally regained control of the wheel last week, just in time to breeze through the finish line at the Master Manipulator Grand Prix.
Mark Hapka
April 19, 2010
The idea of Stephanie prancing around Salem and trying to run other people's lives is a little silly, considering that she can't run her own, but at least she's a proactive schemer.
Kristian Alfonso
April 26, 2010
Who would have thought that even with Vivian and Nicole roaming around Salem, Hope would actually be the craziest woman in town?
Nadia Bjorlin
May 3, 2010
Chloe and Philip had sex because they felt sorry for themselves. Now, they wish they'd just jumped into a carton of Ben and Jerry's like the rest of us.
John Aniston
May 10, 2010
Brady's bump to the head brought on some good things. For starters, it helped bring the ironic mugger mystery to another level by reigniting Victor's fury.
Chandler Massey
May 17, 2010
Sami has always needed a man to suck up to, regardless of his disapproval and disrespect. She's done it with Austin, Lucas, Roman, and Rafe; now, she's focused on acquiring Will's approval.
Lindsay Hartley
May 24, 2010
When Arianna and Nicole are together, Arianna is smart and quick-witted. When they're not, it's a tad maddening to watch her I.Q. plummet as she starts to obsess over Nicole more than Brady.
John Aniston
May 31, 2010
The actual marriage itself doesn't mean much. The new Mr. and Mrs. Kiriakis live in Salem, where it's a requirement to have at least two divorces before you can get your driver's license.
Kristian Alfonso
June 7, 2010
Kristian Alfonso is the bee's knees. We've seen her seamlessly go from Regular Hope to pill-popping, Judy Garland Hope. But with Bo back in town, we got a glimpse of something deeper last week.
Frances Reid
June 14, 2010
We all grieved for Frances Reid and her family when we learned of her death. So, we knew that Alice's death was going to be something special. Her memorial should be a celebration of a life damn well lived.
Melissa Reeves
June 21, 2010
Having Jen back is wonderful. Melissa Reeves is a class act; she brings the same charm and calming effect to Jen that Frances Reid brought to the role of Alice.
Frances Reid
June 28, 2010
Alice truly was the heart and soul of Salem. What fan didn't want her to welcome them into her home, or receive an ornament with their name on it? Her mere presence was like a warm, comforting hug.
Christie Clark
July 5, 2010
Alice's death scenes were well worth the wait. Watching Jennifer and Carly catch up, Bill and Kate chitchat, and Carrie and Mike awkwardly wrap things up was great.
Crystal Chappell
July 12, 2010
Carly's decision not to tell Daniel about Chloe's fling isn't right, but it does make a lot of sense. If Daniel isn't the father of Chloe's baby, it makes Carly's decision a lot easier.
Kristian Alfonso
July 19, 2010
The best part about Hope-Gate starting to unravel is the fact that the obvious isn't being overlooked any longer. Hope is not acting like Hope, and people are finally starting to notice.
Peter Reckell
July 26, 2010
The writers have been setting the stage for Crazy Hope to kill Bo for a couple of weeks. Can Bo be Hope's hero and her victim at the same time?
Casey Deidrick
August 2, 2010
Will and Chad weren't friends before, but now they sort of are, and it's a weird gray area. Since Will is Stefano's golden boy, will that change if Chad turns out to be a DiMera heir?
Eric Martsolf
August 9, 2010
Love her or hate her, Brady's never indifferent to Nicole. He can't just logically walk out on her. Only a wave of rage can get him away from her.
Arianne Zucker
August 16, 2010
One would think hitting rock bottom would mean you learn a lesson or two. Normally, one would be right. Unless your name is Nicole Walker, that is.
Kristian Alfonso
August 23, 2010
Despite Abe, Justin, and Bo testifying in her defense, Hope still wanted to avoid a trial for Ciara's sake...because going to prison for ten years was a MUCH better option for Ciara's psyche.
Shelley Hennig
August 30, 2010
Carly and Stephanie need to have a conversation about being second-choice gals. Steph seems to play along solely out of a desperate need to cling onto Nathan, but Carly seems genuinely torn.
Lauren Koslow
September 6, 2010
Lauren Koslow rarely gets the kudos that she so richly deserves. She has successfully played opposite of John Aniston, James Scott, and now Joseph Mascolo. Kate's so delicious to watch.
Alison Sweeney
September 13, 2010
Sami could really use Will's help, and he's shown recently that he's actually capable of forgiveness and compassion. Will he subdue his Horton self-righteous streak long enough to help her?
Chandler Massey
September 20, 2010
Will is keeping both Kate's and Sami's secrets. The all-about-me kid is finally seeing that if you're going to be part of a soap family, you're going to have to occasionally scheme to keep them together.
Eric Martsolf
September 27, 2010
Watching Brady struggle, and at the same time enjoy his revenge against Vivian, is only cementing what most of us have known all along -- Eric Martsolf is great!
Jay Kenneth Johnson
October 4, 2010
The fastest way to drive a wedge between Bo and Carly would be if Carly did anything to hurt Bo's family...such as screwing over Bo's brother by keeping Philip's child from him.
Shawn Christian
October 11, 2010
It should be awkward that Brady is Dr. Dan's best man, considering the good doc's marrying his ex, but Brady and awkward just seem to go hand-in-hand these days.
Lindsay Hartley
October 18, 2010
In an interesting twist, Rafe wasn't the most annoying Hernandez last week. Arianna seems to be getting more irritating as Lindsay Hartley gets closer to exiting the show.
John Aniston
October 25, 2010
Victor was plenty mad at Vivian for planning to hurt Maggie, and for moving Isabella's remains, but he was furious because Vivian defied him. He got so mad, he cited Greek mythology.
Kristian Alfonso
November 1, 2010
Hope is now around someone who is an even worse liar than Bo. Sheesh! Lee has as much of a poker face as a frat boy at the Playboy mansion.
Peggy McCay
November 8, 2010
Kayla perfectly summed up Caroline's involvement in the paternity switch when she said that her mother was acting like a totally different person. Still, that different person is interesting.
Casey Deidrick
November 15, 2010
It was nice to see the writers address the fact that birth-certificate Chad is actually a year older than real-life Chad. Congrats, Casey Deidrick, you may be the only character in history who was SORASed without changing actors.
Suzanne Rogers
November 22, 2010
Poor Maggie! It's heartbreaking to see her in Vivian's sarcophagus. It's sort of like seeing a Care Bear thrown into a blender -- it's just not right.
Joseph Mascolo
November 29, 2010
Chad went to see Stefano with a knife and tried to get a DNA sample. A lock of hair or a cheek swab would do the same thing, but the fact that he's out for blood is funny in a DiMera-like way.
Lauren Koslow
December 6, 2010
Not only did Stefano call Kate out about calling Sami, he also forced her to confess to sending Chad's birth certificate. That's two reveals for the price of one, folks.
Alison Sweeney
December 13, 2010
E.J. is reaching all new lows of jerky when he tells Johnny that Sami doesn't care about him. Lying to Sami is one thing, but lying to Johnny is terrible.
Shelley Hennig
December 20, 2010
Secrets are like sex tapes. They're eventually going to get out, so be mindful where you put them. Stephanie wasn't so mindful, which caused Dr. Dan to go ballistic!
Frances Reid
December 27, 2010
Part one of a two-part look back at the events of the past year in Salem. This week, our columnists discuss the best that Days of our Lives had to offer in 2010.

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