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Alison Sweeney
January 3, 2005
The year in review
Part two of a two-part look back at the events of the past year in Salem.
Peter Reckell
January 10, 2005
No love lost...or found!
Why in heavens name would anyone in Salem want to get married?! It's been forever since anyone on Days of our Lives actually married for the right reasons.
Martha Madison
January 17, 2005
Little Salemites lost
Due to the departure of one of our columnists, there was not a new column this week. Instead, here's a look back at what was happening in Salem during the week of July 19, 2004.
Suzanne Rogers
January 24, 2005
So little happening
Apparently Salem's going to have a very long winter. Two weeks ago, Philip and Belle had just gotten married, and this past Friday they were thinking about finally getting to sleep on their wedding night.
Deidre Hall
January 31, 2005
A new post, an old friend
The writers used to do a great job at balancing Sami. She did a lot of mean, nasty, evil things, but her actions always came back to her in spades.
John Aniston
February 7, 2005
Soaps used to matter
Somewhere along the line, soap writers decided that the supernatural and way out crazy people were more exciting viewing and ratings boosters than the day to day problem solving.
Lauren Koslow
February 14, 2005
Weep month
This has been the poorest start to a sweeps period that Days has ever seen. No big reveals, no long awaited plot conclusions, no outing of evil people/deeds.
Drake Hogestyn
February 21, 2005
I rest my case
The soap magazines know which side their bread is buttered on, and they make a point of keeping good relationships with all the soaps.
Melissa Reeves
February 28, 2005
Something to talk about
Billy Warlock is slated to reprise his role as Frankie Brady. This should give Jack and Jennifer a juicy storyline.
Matthew Ashford
March 7, 2005
Spare me
Never knowing if you're watching reality, a flashback, a dream, a daydream fantasy or an inept plot turn simply doesn't lead to a viewer investing in either the soap or the characters involved.
James Reynolds
March 14, 2005
Things are not as they seem
James E. Reilly must have a low opinion of soap fans' intelligence quotient if he's under the impression that he's pulling the wool over anyone's eyes.
Josh Taylor
March 21, 2005
If Austin's coming back...
Rumor has it that Austin's coming back to Days of our Lives. Can Carrie be far behind?
Peter Reckell
March 28, 2005
Tinkerings and turnarounds
It would seem that Reilly is tinkering with the characters again. It isn't clear if he's bored, trying to appease the fans or simply throwing logic and consistency to the wind.
Deidre Hall
April 4, 2005
Open shirt, examine navel
Our faves continue to move on, despite historical and emotional info that should have shown them by now that dead, disappeared or captured really mean nothing in Salem.
Martha Madison
April 11, 2005
What will they think of next?
If Jan dies, she'll never end up paying for her crimes...unless you consider her death to be a form of karmic payback.
Frances Reid
April 18, 2005
So long, thanks for the fish
One of our columnists bids Salem a fond farewell, and vents their frustration about James E. Reilly's writing.
Nadia Bjorlin
April 25, 2005
Free at last
The Great Escape is on! Thank goodness we are finally at the end of the wretched storyline involving the presumed dead characters.
Peggy McCay
May 2, 2005
On the whole, the reunions have been a pleasure to watch, especially the one between Marlena and John.
Josh Taylor
May 9, 2005
Back full time
Roman keeps insisting that he and Marlena keep their roll in the hay a secret from Kate and John. Of course the truth will come out, most likely being revealed by Tony.
Kristian Alfonso
May 16, 2005
Billie Jean is not my lover!
Billie didn't just try to seduce Bo (which would have been bad enough) but she actually had sex with him while he was hallucinating that he was with Hope!
Matthew Ashford
May 23, 2005
Sweeps, snores and dirty scalpels!
This is supposed to be Sweeps Month, but the only exciting thing that has happened in the last two weeks is that Roman, Marlena, Jack, and Cassie finally made it home.
Alison Sweeney
May 30, 2005
Sami saves the day!
No matter how low she sunk while being Stan, she did the right thing and saved the guys from whatever fate Tony had in store for them.
Martha Madison
June 6, 2005
The heroes are home!
Why does everyone in Salem conveniently forget that Shawn and Belle have been in love forever?
John Aniston
June 13, 2005
On my mind
Where James E. Reilly fails, and drags the show down with him as a result, is the pacing of his stories, the repetitive flashbacks and dialogue, and the poor character development.
Deidre Hall
June 20, 2005
Ya gotta be kidding me!
Marlena's pregnant? MARLENA? How could she be pregnant? Isn't she a little old to be pregnant?
Melissa Reeves
June 27, 2005
Temporarily disconnected!
Like most typical teenagers, both Chelsea and Abby are drooling over a new guy, a race car driver named Max Brady, who is the younger brother of Frankie.
Drake Hogestyn
July 4, 2005
Not enough information
This past week, Philip and Shawn each pleaded their case, and left it up to Belle to judge. Rarely is anyone so clear, on television or in real life. And then Belle ruined it!
Alison Sweeney
July 11, 2005
Gnarly skin infection
Sami and Shawn are torturing themselves, waiting around for Lucas and Belle to take them back. Lucas keeps giving Sami ultimatums, and she inexplicably accepts his crap.
Lauren Koslow
July 18, 2005
Ciao touti mondi!
Now that Roman, Belle and Mimi know about Marlena's pregnancy, can it be much longer before John and Kate find out?
Josh Taylor
July 25, 2005
Better than expected
The truth about Marlena and Roman's baby finally came out. While Marlena did in fact take a tumble down the stairs, Kate was not to blame.
Deidre Hall
August 1, 2005
Marlena who?
Marlena has amnesia! As usual, Deirdre Hall knocked her scenes out of the park. Marlena's unease as the whole family crowded in around her was very realistic.
Lauren Koslow
August 8, 2005
Savoring payback!
The tapes have been played and everyone knows what Kate and Eugenia did to Sami. After years of getting away with all the lying and manipulating, Kate has finally been caught.
Martha Madison
August 15, 2005
I give up!
Philip is in complete and utter denial. How can he not notice that Belle and Shawn are always making eye contact or always off in a corner whispering together?
Peggy McCay
August 22, 2005
A successful mission!
Victor and Caroline have been rescued, and Tony has finally been captured. The maniac DiMera Jr. is behind bars...for now, at least.
Peter Reckell
August 29, 2005
Finally revealed!
It's official: Georgia Brady is Chelsea Benson. Nothing shocking there.
Julie Pinson
September 5, 2005
Say a prayer
Neanderthal Bo has resurfaced again. You remember him, don't you? The guy who doesn't listen to reason and rushes around threatening people and jumping to conclusions?
Nadia Bjorlin
September 12, 2005
Sami and Lucas, round two
Will Sami and Lucas finally make it to the altar this time? Will they finally be allowed to have a tiny bit of happiness together?
Drake Hogestyn
September 19, 2005
One wedding down, one to go
Chloe and Brady's wedding day is finally over! Hopefully the next wedding will go off without a hitch, too.
Renee Jones
September 26, 2005
A week of disappointments
From yet another failed wedding for Sami, to Kate's convenient ability to transform in to Stan, to Jack's ridiculous decision to leave his family and die alone, this past week was one giant disappointment.
Alison Sweeney
October 3, 2005
Sympathy for Sami
This past week, Sami was revealed as Stan. What a time for Sami to admit the truth! Why does this always happen to her?
Matthew Ashford
October 10, 2005
Painful in more ways than one
If you missed this past week's episodes, you didn't miss much. The Jack/Jen/Frankie situation went over the same ground again, and Jennifer decided to throw yet another party for Jack.
Arianne Zucker
October 17, 2005
Looking up
The storyline between Sami, Lucas, Austin, and Nicole is in full swing, and things are looking up!
Josh Taylor
October 24, 2005
Things to wish for
It would be nice to see Sami grow up and let go of this obsession of hers to see her parents reunited. When is she going to get it through her head that Marlena loves John?
Suzanne Rogers
October 31, 2005
Reasons to watch
The writers are finally starting to focus their stories on the relationships between the characters and are getting back to reality concerning jobs, school and financial matters.
Arianne Zucker
November 7, 2005
Austin and Nicole
Could Austin Reed and Nicole Walker be Salem's next supercouple? These two have so much chemistry together, they practically burn up the screen!
Deidre Hall
November 14, 2005
The battle of the fans
Why doesn't John sue Alex for malpractice? Alex has declared his love for his patient, which is against the rules, so surely that must make Marlena wonder what Alex's true motivations are?
Drake Hogestyn
November 21, 2005
Another husband for Marlena
The mystery of Dr. Alex North has been revealed. That's right folks! Alex is...drum roll...none other than...Marlena's very first husband! The first of four, apparently, but who's counting?
Lauren Koslow
November 28, 2005
Celebrating forty years
Congratulations to Days of our Lives and Happy 40th Anniversary!
Christie Clark
December 5, 2005
Carrie returns
Carrie's return is sans-Mike (unfortunately), but a welcome return all the same. How wonderful to see Christie Clark again, and she looks fabulous!
Alison Sweeney
December 12, 2005
A pox on this triangle!
Nobody wants to see a rehash of the same story involving Austin wanting Carrie and Sami vowing to prevent it from happening.
Martha Madison
December 19, 2005
Once again, rumors are flying that both Days of our Lives and Passions are facing imminent cancellation.
Frances Reid
December 26, 2005
Merry Christmas!
Unfortunately, Christmas isn't going to be that merry for all of the residents of Salem.

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