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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 29, 1998 on GL
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Monday, June 29, 1998

Blake hides in the closet when Ross comes over to Ben's apartment. She hears Ross warn Ben to stay away from his family.

Josh rushes into the poolhouse to find Real Reva wrestling with Clone Reva. Real Reva falls into Josh's arms, and he takes her back to the house. Clone follows and tries to say that she is sorry, and Josh tells her that she doesn't even know what sorry is. He calls and makes him see both Revas, and points out what destruction he has done. He also admonishes Clone for locking up Reva to die. Josh realizes that this is why Clone kept asking him questions about dehydration the other night when he almost drove to Cross Creek.

Cassie comforts Reva and is so happy to see her. Reva asks Cassie to please take care of Shawn, since she owes him for her life. Cassie assures her that he is ok for now, and has her car. Clone disappears, but Cassie finds her outside. She tells her that she is sick, and demented. Clone keeps begging for forgiveness, but find no sympathetic ears.

Josh later tells Reva that he is so sorry to have had anything to do with the Clone, but he missed her so much, and thought that he had a solution.

Ross comes home and tells Holly that he went to see Ben. He can tell from her reaction that Blake was over there. He demands that she tell him about what is going on, but she won't.

Blake finally comes home, and Ross is sitting in the dark, waiting for her. She comes up with a lame excuse for being late; claims that traffic held her up. Ross asks her to please tell the truth.

Jesse leaves the party, angry that he doesn't fit in with Michelle's fellow pre-med student and fraternity crowd. Michelle tries to make him see that she loves him no matter what. She also points out that her friends were impressed with the fact that he refurbished motorcycles, and some of them were even familiar with Jesse's work! He shows her some pretty impressive drawings of motorcycles and one also of her. Michelle is so impressed that she gets busy with him in the shower.

Tuesday, June 30, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Angela Overmyer.

Ross demanded the truth from Blake about the restraining order and why she hadn't gone to him for help. She claimed it was to protect him and the boys; however, Ross didn't exactly buy it. They apologized, Ross headed for the bedroom while Blake hid the videotape in a desk drawer. Josh and Reva shared some quiet time together and she told him that she needed some time to think. She explained to him that she had seen a darker side of herself in the Clone and may never be the same again. Cassie and Cleva went to Harley's and shocked her with the Clone story. Unable to believe them at first, she listened as Cleva talked about losing Josh. Later, as Cleva slept, Cassie and Harley talked about their own love problems. As Michael prayed for forgiveness, he was interupted by a priest who told him to stop whining and make something good out of his life -- one day at a time.

Wednesday, July 1, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Vicki Fox

Harley is alone in her apartment straightening up from the night with Cassie and Clone Reva, when Jenna and "baby" arrive. Jenna sees the used wine glasses and the open sofa bed, and assumes Phillip must have spent the night, but Harley denies it. They discuss Harley's relationship (or lack thereof) with Phillip. Jenna's point is that Harley should not give up Phillip yet, and Harley's point is that the whole thing with Phillip is hopeless. Then Harley remembers that she has to take her out-of-town case report to Ross at the courthouse. She gets dressed and leaves. Jenna and "baby" decide to stay a little while longer to do Cooper-Bradshaw company business.

At the Marler house, Ross leaves to go to court. Blake attempts to do something with the infamous videotape she'd shoved in the drawer last night, but just then Ben calls. He tells her to be sure to watch that videotape, but Blake tells him she's already thrown it away (she hasn't). Ben doesn't buy that -- he tells her again to watch the thing. Blake hangs up on him, but yet again, before she can do anything with the tape, the doorbell rings -- it's Beth. Beth tells her that she's desperate to help out Ben, and that Blake is the only one who can convince Ben to take Ross's "leave town and I won't prosecute" deal. Blake refuses, and Beth pounces: "You don't really want Ben to leave town, do you?" They argue over Ben, and over Blake's true feelings for Ben. Finally, Beth tells her that "we both know what it's like to love one man and go to bed with another." Then she flounces out the door to go to the courthouse. Blake is not far behind!

At the Bauer's, it's "Bauer Barbeque Preparation" time, with Meta as the General in charge. Jesse, Michelle, Bill, Abby, and Selena are all there helping out. Turns out that Jesse forgot to bring over his famous homemade guacamole, so he and Michelle leave to go to his place to get it. Meta takes this moment to tell Bill that she'd always imagined that he and Michelle would get together, but Bill tells her that he and Michelle are strictly friends. Drew arrives, bearing donations for the Second Chances auction to be held at the Bauer Barbeque. When she discovers that Jesse and Michelle are at his place, she convinces Bill that they need to go get those love birds, and then take them out to lunch. Bill, happy for an excuse to escape General Meta, agrees, and off they go.

Meanwhile, at Jesse's place, Michelle admires Jesse's sketches and drawings, and Jesse confesses he would love to do a nude drawing of Michelle. She's too modest at first, but then agrees to do it "for the man she loves." There ensues scenes a la "Titanic" where Michelle lounges on a sofa and gazes into Jesse's eyes, as he makes several tastefully nude drawings of her. Then, Bill and Drew arrive, and Michelle scrambles to dress. They can tell Michelle is just finishing dressing, and assume they must have interrupted an intimate moment, to Drew's distress. They convince Jesse and Michelle to come to lunch with them, and when Bill and Jesse and Michelle go into the other room to sample that infamous guacamole, Drew phones a restaurant to make lunch reservations. She accidentally comes across the nudes, and a scheme hatches in her head -- she steals the drawings, with the idea that she'll donate them to the Second Chances auction!

Back at the Bauer's, Buzz arrives with dessert for the barbeque. Abby introduces him to Selena, who looks very familiar. Buzz asks where they've met before. Selena assumes he must be one of her former johns, and embarrassed, makes an excuse and heads for the door. Buzz is confused by her behavior, and Abby, no longer that naive Goshen girl, explains to him what the problem is. Buzz runs after Selena to apologize, and he tells her it's that she looks a lot like his ex-wife Nadine did. They talk, and hit it off. Buzz offers Selena a job at the diner, and she accepts. Then Jenna arrives, and meets Selena. Buzz and Selena leave to go to the diner, and Jenna is left feeling a little uneasy about Selena.

At the courthouse, Griffin is the presiding judge over the hearing to decide whether to issue an injunction against Ben's practicing law. Ross starts to present his case against Ben, when Beth bursts into the courtroom and demands to testify. Naturally, they say OK. At that moment, Harley and Blake slip into the courtroom and sit in the back. On the witness stand, Beth describes how helpful and considerate Ben was during her ordeal with Lizzie. Ross then questions her about her night in the sack with Ben, and she tells the courtroom that she'd do it again. She further says that Ben has no need to coerce women into bed, and (looking Blake in the eye) that there are plenty of women who'd willingly climb into Ben's bed. Beth's performance on the witness stand convinces Harley that Beth doesn't deserve Phillip, so she's going to fight to get him back instead of just going away. When the lawyers' arguments are finished, Griffin makes his ruling: Ben is forbidden to practice law. Beth consoles Ben, and asks him to attend the Bauer Barbeque as her guest. Out in the hall, Harley pulls Beth aside, and puts her on notice that the fight for Phillip is back on!

Thursday, July 2, 1998

Cassie, Reva, and Josh discuss what to do with the Clone now that Reva's back. Josh gets angry with Cassie for taking the Clone to Harley's last night.

The Bauer Barbecue kicks into full swing.

Drew brings the stolen portrait of Michelle nude to the Bauer's and gives it to Rick as a donation (it's wrapped in brown paper).

Harley declares her intention to pursue Phillip again.

Beth shows up with Ben Warren amid a lot of negative reactions.

Dinah tells little Billy she's pregnant, then Hart explains to Bill that they're not together. Bill comes down on Hart for this, and Vanessa has to come to Hart's defense. This makes Billy question why Vanessa isn't standing by her daughter.

Blake calls Ben to ask him to leave the BBQ before she gets there, but he refuses.

Cassie tells Reva she gave Sean her car to escape, pointing out how much Sean risked to help her. She questions exactly what Sean and Reva mean to each other.

Harley tells Beth "the deal is off" since she's parading around town with Ben Warren. Harley reveals her accidental meeting with Phillip at Oak Ridge, and says that nothing happened, "but not because we didn't want it to." Then Beth slams her back, saying she also encountered Phillip there, but "not by accident," and adding, "I can't say that nothing happened."

Once Blake and Ross arrive at the BBQ and see Ben, Ross tries to make Ben leave, but Blake decides against calling the police to enforce the restraining order. She simply asks that Ben stay away from her and her family.

Buzz and Jenna bicker over names for their baby boy -- Ian or Stavros.

Aunt Mayda tells Michelle that Drew is as cheap as the paper plates at the picnic.

Vanessa tells Dinah she knows the pregnancy was a set-up, just like trying to seduce Matt on New Year's Eve was a set-up.

When Rusty brings the kids home, the clone hides in the pool house. The kids ask to go to the Bauer BBQ and Josh says yes after Cassie volunteers to babysit the Clone.

Michelle tells Jesse how close she feels to him since he drew her in the nude, and he asks, "Is that why you took the sketches? They weren't where I left them when Drew and Bill came over." Michelle says she didn't take them.

As Beth and Blake exchange hostile words about Ben, Ross interrupts them to say that Jason is missing!

The Clone convinces Cassie to leave her alone while she goes to the Bauer BBQ. She plays on her sympathies, saying she's never tasted a hotdog before and promises to stay put while Cassie gets her one.

Bill overhears Dinah and Marcus discussing the paternity test and causes Dinah to explain how she and Hart broke up and he's with Cassie now. She lies and says that Cassie is the one insisting on the paternity test.

At the BBQ, Reva sees Abigail and assures her of her friendship and love.

At show's end:

  • The Clone decides it's not fair that she's left alone -- she should be the one at that BBQ with Josh and the kids. She decides to go to the BBQ herself, saying, "It's my Independence Day."
  • Ben pulls a nearly drowned Jason from the Bauer Jacuzzi. Blake is so relieved and thankful she throws her arms around Ben in front of an astonished Ross.

  • Friday, July 3, 1998

    Todays recap courtesy CBS Online

    Reva's ecstatic to be back among family and friends as we see the clone watching from a secluded spot. Marah's disappointed when she and Reva lose an egg-tossing contest. When Reva moves off to get cleaned up, the clone slips in, determined to prove she's the better Reva. Later, Reva sees her and pulls her aside without anyone seeing the two of them together. Ross shoves down his feelings of seeing Blake hug Ben and thanks Ben publicly for saving Jason's life. Ben goes right back to his old self, though, outbidding Ross on a brooch and presenting it to Blake. When the nude sketches of Michelle are held up in front of all, Michelle and Jesse seethe at Drew. Phillip calls Rick and says he plans to propose marriage but the phone keeps cutting out and Rick can't catch a name. Harley and Beth walk in, overhearing, as the two women wonder which one Phillip plans to marry.

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