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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 14, 1998 on GL
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Monday, September 14

Harley leaks to Jenna that the doll Lizzie received was probably bought in Springfield and sent to her in town. Jenna warns Harley that she be aware since Annie would obviously want to seek revenge against her. Phillip confides to Beth his fear that Annie is back in town and that their daughter's life may be in danger. Beth angrily blasts Phillip for accusing her of sending the threats to Harley and Holly. Dahlia complains to Michelle about the fact that she's not a priority in Marcus' life any more. Michelle can't believe it when Dahlia claims that Marcus is cheating on her and urges her not to assume the worst without finding out the truth first. After Michelle introduces David to Dahlia, David offers some answers to some of her unanswered questions. Knowing he is deep in debt, Drew makes Jesse a tempting offer of turning the bar she just bought into one of the town's hottest night clubs. Running into Cassie with the kids in the park, Vanessa is worried when she finds her short of breath and dizzy. Cassie is forced to reveal that she is pregnant and sheepishly admits she hasn't told Hart yet. After another childbirth class, Hart infuriates Dinah when he reveals that he and Cassie are going on vacation for two weeks. She warns him never to abandon their child or she'll make sure he never sees the child again. Mick mugs Jesse and steals money he borrowed from Buzz.

Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Joyce Rose.

Cassie asks Vanessa not to tell anyone about her secret (her pregnancy by Hart). Dinah shows up and asks what the big secret is? She says that because of the baby, she's decided they shouldn't keep secrets from one another. After all, the three of them will be in each other's lives from now on. Cassie agrees. Dinah says, "I bet you're thinking I'd be upset about you and Hart going away together". Cassie asks how she knew that, and she says Hart told her. She says she and Hart don't keep things from each other anymore. "Hart tells me everything!"

Ben is giving Ross a deposition concerning the rape trial. Ben asks how good Ross' eye sight is. Ross says "it's excellent". Ben asks him then how come he shot Blake instead of him? He accuses Ross of wanting Blake dead, rather than to see her with another man.

Blake has asked her psychiatrist over. Blake tells her she can't breathe and that she has lied so much, she doesn't know what the truth is anymore. She says she doesn't know what to do. The doctor tells her she just needs to give herself some time, but Blake says she is running out of time! The boys need a mother who can run and play with them, and Ross needs a wife. She says that Ben is trying to prove that she's a slut, but that she's much worse than that!

Jesse comes into the diner and announces that he was mugged. Michelle leaves to call Rick. Buzz points out that it's too much of a coincidence that he gets mugged right after Buzz gives him $500. Buzz says he must have been set up. He asks Jesse who knew about all of this, and he admits only Drew knew. Jesse notices Selena listening in, and asks her how much she overheard. She says, "enough to have heard the D word!" She promises Jesse she won't say anything to Michelle about the loan shark and Buzz lending him $500. She then takes her purse and leaves.

Cassie tells Dinah that her and Vanessa were just discussing the secrets of raising great kids. Dinah says she feels so different now, but Cassie tells her that pregnancy will do that. Dinah says it's because of Hart and rubs in how close they've become and how helpful and caring he is. She adds that he will make a wonderful father. She tells Cassie that the "old" her would have had a fit about she and Hart going away together, but she wants them to go and have a great time, because when they get back, Hart will need to concentrate on the baby completely. Cassie says it was nice talking with Vanessa, but she has to leave so she can meet Hart at the Diner. She leaves. Dinah looks at her mother and says, "O.K., mother, what did the witch really want?" So much for the "new" Dinah!

Hart comes into the Diner and tells Buzz all about the birthing classes. He says that women are incredible and that he's hoping to have another son. He says he's really excited about the whole thing, and guess who walks in? Cassie, of course!

Michelle tries to talk Jesse into calling the police, but he says no, and tries to change the subject. He tells her how nice it was waking up next to her and she agrees. She tells him she finally feels that things are going to work out for them. He agrees. She again mentions calling the police, but he says "NO!"

Ross asks Ben if he is implying that he would shoot Blake to keep her away from him? (If the shoe fits.....) Ben is reprimanded for his line of questioning, and he apologizes. He asks Ross why he had a gun in his jacket in the first place. Ross says, as he mentioned previously in the police report, the police had sent him a gun by mistake in a case that was already closed. He called the police and told them he would return the gun to them right away. Ben asked why he brought the gun home instead of to the police station. Ross says he was distracted from going there, because Vanessa had told him that Ben was probably at his house alone with Blake. Ben asked him if he noticed the expression on Blake's face when he first entered the house. He says yes, that it was unmista.k.ably fear. Ben asks if it were possible that the fear he saw was Blake's fear of her husband walking in on her with another man, but Ross denies it. Ross says she cried out for him, but Ben says, "are you sure she wasn't crying out for me?" Ross loses it, calls him a few names, and says he raped Blake to get back at him. He said that he and Blake both knew Ben was after them from the beginning because he told them so himself. Ben asked if he and Blake were together in their scheme to destroy him. Ross calls him an ignorant bastard and says he should have kept shooting while he had the chance!

Blake tells the psychiatrist she is worse than a slut because she's a woman who can't feel at all, and is cheating her husband out of the kind of wife that he deserves. The doctor asks her how she felt emotionally when she and Ross were trying to make love, and she says "dead". She asks the doctor why she shut down with Ross. She said she thought that if she made love to Ross, everything would be O.K., but it wasn't. The doctor tells her that Ross can't solve her problems, but Blake says, "But he always did! He always fixed everything!" The psychiatrist asked her what had changed since the last time she and Ross made love and then asked her how she feels about Ben Warren. (A loaded question!!) Blake said, "He's ruthless, a liar, and not a good person, but, God help me, I wanted him!"

Drew is all happy thinking that she'll soon have Jesse to herself (because he'll be so desperate), and Selena walks in. She tells Drew to back off Michelle and Jesse and that she better figure out how to undo what she's done. Drew denies she did anything, but Selena says she knows that Drew set Jesse up to be mugged. Drew accuses Selena of always being in her face and reminds her that she's just a street walker and an ex con. The two of them argue, and Selena cuts Drew down to size. Drew tells her to get out, but Selena threatens to call all of her old street friends and tell them to come and hang out there. Drew tells her she won't do that, but Selena says that unlike her, she has nothing to lose!

Dinah tells Vanessa that Cassie just hates the fact that she's having Hart's baby, and she admits that she can't stand Cassie! She accuses Cassie of trying to get information to use against her, and tells her mother she hopes she doesn't turn on her. Vanessa says she isn't going to turn on her, but insists that Cassie was not trying to ply her for information. She tells Dinah that Cassie is not the enemy, but Dinah says she is, because she is trying to wreak her life with Hart and their baby. Dinah says Cassie just can't stand it because she's starting to see the love that Hart has for the baby spilling on to Dinah. Vanessa grabs her arm and tells her to stop it and face the truth!

Cassie tells Hart that she can't wait until they go away together. Hart tells her they have to postpone their trip because of Dinah and the baby and the birthing classes. He says he has to be there for Dinah.

Jesse tells Michelle he doesn't want her to call the police because he hates the police and the police hate him. Michelle asks Buzz to talk some sense into him, but Buzz agrees that they should probably keep the whole incident quiet. He tells her he'll call Frank instead. Jesse asks Michelle if she would still love him, no matter what. She assures him she will, and tells him she's so proud of him. Mick walks in. Michelle leaves the room. Jesse tells Mick he can't pay him the money he owes him right now because he just got mugged. Mick tells him that's a tough break. He says he'll give him a few more days, with another 10% of interest added on. Jesse says he can't come up with that kind of money, but Mick tells him that's not his problem. He either pay him back, or else.

Ross takes a break from the deposition, but then insists he wants to finish it up, even though he is losing his composure with Ben. Doris suggests they call it a day, and finish up when Ross can get himself more together, but he says no, he's ready now! Been says he wants to know why he just recently forgave Blake for having an affair with Rick Bauer, but he shot her for having an affair with him. Ross says because she didn't have an "affair" with Ben, he raped her. Ben tells him he'll have lots of men testifying that Blake was promiscuous, but Ross tells him to go ahead. He tells Ben they will also hear about Ben's past, including, but not limited to, how he had an affair with a defendant when he was district attorney, and how he withheld information regarding the true paternity of a certain child, which is a federal offense. Ross tells him, "the truth is, you're a coward, and I'm going home to my loving wife, but you are going to jail where you will probably learn firsthand what you did to my wife. That's my statement, and this deposition is over!" I thought that Ben got to tell him when the deposition was over!

The psychiatrist asks Blake if she's saying that Ben didn't rape her, but Blake says, "no, he raped me, he wouldn't take no for an answer, but I somehow feel that the whole thing was all my fault!" (It was!) She said that maybe Ben felt that she wanted him, and thought she was just playing hard to get or something. She told the psychiatrist she keeps praying for help, but maybe she should just stop and accept her fate. The doctor asked her if she felt that her paralysis was a punishment for her feelings for Ben Warren. Blake said that her life was over, even though she survived the ordeal. She said she doesn't know how to fix things. The doctor tells her if anyone can fix things, it's her (Blake). Blake asks if she can be cured. The doctor says, absolutely, but you may never get out of that wheelchair, unless you tell the truth!

Selena tells Drew to pay back Buzz or else! Drew accuses her of giving favors to Buzz, but Selena tells her to not even go there. She tells her to pay back Buzz, or she's going to call all her friends.

Vanessa tells Dinah that Cassie and Hart love each other, and will have a life and a family together. She tells her she needs to learn how to stand on her own two feet. Dinah insists that it's Cassie that will have to learn how to fend for herself, because Hart is coming back to her. She tells Vanessa that the baby may have started out as a bargaining chip to get Hart back, but now the baby is the most important thing in her life. She said it's changed her for the better, and Hart sees the change, and likes it. She asks her mother not to ruin things for her by being negative. She says Hart is so into her and the baby, Cassie doesn't stand a chance! Dinah says everything she's ever wanted is going to happen. She wants Vanessa to want it for her, because she can see how much Dinah has changed, and is proud of her. She says she can't handle the thought of anything going wrong right now and begs her mother to tell her that she believes Dinah can have all of this. She begs her to tell her she believes she can be happy. Vanessa tells her with all her heart, she believes Dinah can be happy.

Hart tells a stunned and angry Cassie that life is not perfect. If it were, it would be just he and Cassie, but it's not. He says he has a responsibility toward Dinah and the baby. He says after taking the birthing classes, he's starting to get really excited. She tells him she really needs to be alone with him to talk with him about something. He tells her they can be alone anytime they want to. They'll just have to wait until after the birthing classes before they can leave town. She is angry, but he asks her to just be understanding. She says she's always expected to be understanding and forget about what she needs, but not this time. He asks her not to leave angry, but she tells him she wants to be alone right now, and leaves.

Buzz asks Selena where she's been, but she says, "there was just some garbage I had to take care of" (what a great line!) Buzz thanks her for standing up for Jesse. Michelle goes out back and runs into Mick. He tells her what a beautiful and perfect face she has. She gets away from him, and he asks her to say hello to Jesse for him.

Ben tells Doris she's fighting a losing case. He says she has no evidence to link him to raping Blake. She tells him maybe he did rape Blake and maybe he didn't, but he's a disgusting person, and has done lots of other illegal things that he never got caught for. She says it would be deserving if he gets convicted, even if he didn't do it. She tells him if he's counting on Blake to help him out, his chances are slim to none!

Ross comes home. Blake asks him how the deposition went. He tells her it went very badly for Ben. He says that Ben's case is falling apart and he's sweating. He tells her that eventually he believes Ben will be found guilty. She asks him if Ben could be found guilty, but not spend any time in prison, but he says no, that he believes the judge will give him the maximum sentence! He tells her they won't be seeing Ben for a long time. She starts to cry and tells Ross she has something to say to him.

Wednesday, September 16, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Kathy Parker

Unable to keep her lies to herself any longer and fearing that she will never walk again, a frightened Blake finally admits to Ross that she lied about Ben's attack and confesses that Ben didn't rape her. As he stares in disbelief, she admits that she wanted to make love to his brother. Ross runs out into the night. When Ken arrives, Blake pleads with her uncle for the videotape he retrieved for her.

Updated by Teri on the clues they have, Harley insists on being involved in the search for the Nursery Rhyme Stalker and offers to act as a decoy. Frank's against it because she's too close to the subject but Teri likes the idea.

Bringing her a bouquet of helium-filled balloons, Hart asks Cassie to accept his apology and understand why he had to cancel their vacation. He offers to take her to the Springfield Inn for a mini-vacation. Before they leave, Cassie considers telling him that she is pregnant but finds that she can't. An unseen stalker manages to leave a newspaper at Cassie's door. Later, Cassie's upset when she reads a phony obituary notice. Hart is furious and guesses that Dinah is behind it.

Soothing his bruised ego with a couple of stiff drinks at the Towers, Ben decides it's time to leave town but doesn't want to go by himself.

Sean tries to help when he sees Dinah upset again about Hart and Cassie.

Thursday, September 17, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Kathy Parker

Beth urges Ben to realize that Blake is nothing but heartache for him but Ben can't stop thinking that she will go away with him so they can be together. Beth accuses him of being obsessed with Blake but Ben doesn't care, taking great pleasure in saying that he always gets what he wants.

Blake hands Ross the video of her with Ben and rolls out to the front porch to wait for his reaction. Stunned by the videotape which proves Blake's lies and cheating, a crying Ross mentions all of Blake's lovers and asserts that Blake deserves his deranged brother. He then heads to the police station and turns himself in for shooting his wife.

Shocked to read her own obituary, Cassie immediately guesses that Dinah was behind the special edition. Hart can't believe it and claims that Dinah's not diabolical enough to plan such a thing. However, he does call Frank who tells Teri, Harley, Holly and a nearby Dinah.

Harley rushes to question Cassie and tries to convince her that Annie is behind this threat. She offers to stay the night with Teri to keep her and Tammy safe. Hart angrily confronts Dinah later about the obituary of Cassie in the newspaper. Meanwhile, Teri, Frank and Harley work together to lure Annie into the open.

Friday, September 18, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Angela Overmyer

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