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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 21, 2003 on GL
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Monday, July 21, 2003

Edmund asks if Josh would consider fixing up the farm for Cassie and her kids. He describes the life he wants with Cassie, and Josh is moved despite himself. Josh agrees to look at the farm, and Edmund fantasizes about living with Cassie there. Much to Eden's frustration, Marah returns from Europe. Marah senses that Tony is still thinking about her negative reaction to the idea of marrying him. They agree that they are not ready for marriage now, but Marah wants to marry him someday. Tony is hurt when he realizes Marah didn't come back for him. While Eden comforts Tony, Marah encourages Josh to go to Milan to be with Reva. Olivia tells Phillip that Cassie is her birthing coach. Following Olivia to Company, Phillip declares that he is not going to give up. His feelings for her are real, and sooner or later she'll see that. He presents Olivia with the Top 10 reasons he should be her birthing coach, and pulls her into a passionate kiss. On the Beacon roof, Mitch, near the edge, orders Cassie to go away. Mitch throws Cassie's cell phone over the side, and slams the door shut, locking them on the roof. It looks as if Cassie might talk Mitch down when Jeffrey suddenly comes onto the roof. Cassie grabs Mitch's hand; she won't let him die at her hotel. After not finding Mitch upstairs, Frank puts out an APB on him. Edmund wonders where Cassie has gone. Mitch almost backs down, until he sees a police helicopter and flashes back to being in Vietnam. Frank figures out that Mitch is on the roof. Mitch panics and pulls Cassie over the side of the roof with him.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Tony tracks down Bill and guilts him about his fight with Eden. Bill goes to Eden to look out for her and they talk about why neither of them can fully commit. Later, they make love. Harley finds Marina's acceptance letter to Northwestern. Marina doesn't want to burden her dad with the high costs of going to Northwestern, and makes Harley promise to keep quiet. Too many people are interested in Shayne's future, and he wishes he could just crawl under a rock. Marina and Shayne decide to go away to the Bauer cabin. Harley wishes she could tell Buzz about Marina's Northwestern offer. On the roof, Cassie hangs from Jeffrey's arm, and Mitch dangles from hers. Frank orders a worried Edmund to stay put. Mitch lets go of Cassie and falls. Jeffrey pulls Cassie onto the roof. He loses his balance and falls flat on his back with Cassie landing right on top of him. Gus reports that Mitch fell off the roof. Edmund is upset with Frank for not letting him look for Cassie. Cassie's close to Jeffrey, and is reminded how much he looks like Richard and it shakes her. Surprisingly, Mitch Hendon is still alive after the fall and Gus calls for the paramedics. Edmund takes off. He bursts onto the roof and finds Jeffrey with his arm around Cassie. Cassie relates her horrible ordeal to Edmund. The Feds mysteriously whisk Mitch Hendon away. Jeffrey suggests that Gus find the PI Mitch hired to follow Ben. Although no one in Springfield is aware of it, it becomes apparent that Jeffrey is one of the Feds.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Phillip Spaulding shows up at the Beacon and is directed to a table that has dried flowers in a bag. A note was attached from Olivia telling Phillip to knock it off with the flowers. Michelle and Danny join Phillip for dinner at the Beacon. Phillip was unaware that Danny would be joining them. Danny did not want to tell him because he was afraid that Phillip would not hear him out. Danny has a proposition for Phillip. Danny tries to convince Phillip into building or buying a facility within the Fifth Street area to expand Spaulding's pharmaceutical and cosmetics operation. Phillip wants Danny to send over the numbers, but Danny has come prepared and pulls out the documents. Phillip reminds Danny of his former hacking skills and stealing a great deal of money from Spaulding. Phillip agrees to give the idea serious consideration. Phillip, being curious about Danny's obvious persistence, asks Michelle how Danny's persistence finally got them back together. Michelle explains Danny's persistence and surprises. Danny tries one more time to get Phillip to accept his offer, and he finally accepts. After Danny and Michelle leave, Phillip calls the flower store and tells them to double his regular scheduled deliveries to Olivia. He directs them to write "I never give up" on the card.

Marina pleads some more with Harley outside Company about not telling her father about her acceptance letter from Northwestern. Harley then goes inside and tells Frank and Buzz they have a big problem on their hands concerning Marina. Outside of Company, Shayne approaches Marina dressed in disguise. Curious about why he's dressed this way, Shayne tells Marina he can't stand being himself. Harley shows Frank Marina's admission letter to Northwestern. He starts to go outside to congratulate Marina, but Harley stops him. Rick shows up and gives Harley the keys to the family cabin. Marina plans a night away with Shayne at the cabin. Marina tells Shayne the getaway plan. She tells him that she has told her father that she is going to the cabin with Tammy. Remy plans to cover for Shayne. Marina wonders if they should tell their parents the truth, but they decide not to tell anyone so that their privacy is not disturbed. Tammy shows up feeling a little nervous about covering, but she agrees. Frank is inside gloating about his daughters acceptance to Northwestern. Harley and Frank discuss Marina's financial concerns. Harley shows Frank the expenses involved in going to school at Northwestern. Marina and Tammy go inside to get the keys from Harley. Frank tells them to have a good time. Marina scoots out before Frank changes his mind. As Tammy and Marina are discussing the plans, Lizzie overhears. Harley insists that the family put their heads together to try to raise the money for Marina to go to Northwestern. With some hesitation, Frank finally agrees to give it a shot regardless of the step tuition. Shayne and Marina arrive at the cabin. Marina turns off her cell phone. Buzz considers selling his Elvis collection to help pay for Marina's tuition. A regular customer from Company donates money to help with Marina's tuition. Marina had helped him through a rough time when his wife died. Marina and Shayne share a passionate kiss at the cabin. Marina heads off to take a shower and Shayne is feeling the need for some cold water.

Ben and Ross arrive at Ben's home. Ross steps outside to get Ben's bags out of the car. In the meantime, Ben calls Lizzie and leaves a message asking her to return his call; and tells her he's been trying to get a hold of Marina, but she won't return his calls. Gus shows up and implies that Ben must be feeling better. Gus tells Ben that Mitch has had Ben under surveillance ever since he found out that Ben was playing mattress tag with his wife. Gus tells Ben that means there is a private investigator out there that knows Bens every move for the past several months. Ben tells Gus to direct his questions and suspicions toward Eden. Ross enters the room and Ben tells him that a private investigator that Mitch hired had been following him and questions whether the police have any right to the information. Ross demands the name of the private investigator, but Gus doesn't know the investigator's name himself. After Gus leaves, Ross tells Ben that the police have a right to see the investigator's file. Ross asks whether there is anything in the file the police shouldn't see! Ben says he 's just worried about pictures of him with Ramona. Ben puts a suit on to go visit his Grandmother. He tells Ross that he promised his Grandmother a date with dancing. Ross tells him that he just got off the telephone with Ben's grandmother's attorney, and informs him that his grandmother passed away. Ross tells Ben his grandmother had arranged everything for her funeral and goes on to tell Ben that everything was left to Ben in her will. Ross says he will look into the estate and leaves. Ben calls Marina and leaves a message telling her he has really good news. He hangs up feeling that his inheritance changes everything with Marina. Lizzie shows up at Bens and finds out that his grandmother died. She tells Ben that Marina is at the cabin with Shayne. Lizzie draws Ben a map to the cabin.

Gus calls Speedy, a private investigator, and asks if he could use his contacts to find out who Mitch hired. In the meantime, Frank tells Gus that he has the DNA Lab results that the former coroner (murder victim) was working on. The DNA matches Ben's old girlfriend, Bridget. Bridget had a broken neck as though she had been strangled, similar to the other Springfield murder victims. Frank and Gus both agree that this links Ben to the murders.

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Olivia, Cassie, and Edmund meet at Company. Cassie explains to Olivia how Jeffrey saved her life. Phillip, Lizzie, and Beth show up at Company shortly after Olivia arrived. Lizzie notices Phillip's distraction with Olivia in the room and offers to go somewhere else. Phillip says that he is okay with staying right there. A similar conversation is going on at Olivia's table. Edmund offers that they dine elsewhere. Olivia says they don't have to leave, but just in case Phillip comes over, she needs to tell Cassie something. Olivia mentions to Cassie that she told Phillip that Cassie was her birthing coach. A waitress goes to Phillip's table and apologizes for the chaos. She explains that Marina is off and the others called in sick. Phillip offers to pitch in and wait on tables. As Cassie is expressing her feelings about having to lie to Phillip, he approaches their table to take their order. Olivia appears to be a little short with him. Phillip tells them to look over their menus, and he will return in a moment. Just before he leaves, he tells Cassie that he heard she was going to be Olivia's birthing coach. After Phillip leaves, Cassie starts to react to the lie, but Olivia tells her they wouldn't have to lie if Cassie would agree to be her birthing coach for real. Cassie seems quite shocked and suggests that the birthing coach be someone she is close to, but with Sam gone, Olivia explains that she has no one. Cassie finally agrees, but questions why she won't choose Phillip to be her birthing coach. Olivia says that she wants Phillip to be part of the baby's life, but having him be her birthing coach would put him back into her life as well. Phillip returns to the table, and Edmund jokes about not tipping anymore than 15%. Phillip asks Edmund if he would like some lovely strychnine. Olivia asks to speak to Phillip alone. Olivia tells Phillip that she just asked Cassie to be her birthing coach today. Phillip wonders if she is telling him so that there are no more lies between them because she still cares for him. Olivia tells him that she is just trying to be honest. She said that they need to work on their honesty so that they can set an example for their child. Phillip tells her he wants to be her birthing coach, but she still tells him "no." Phillip asks her if anything he has said or done in the past several weeks has gotten through to her at all. Phillip tells Olivia that he loves her. Olivia then says that he just hates losing. She tells him she wants to be with someone who believes and trusts her, and someone she doesn't constantly have to prove herself to. They both take full responsibility for their mistakes, but Olivia says they can't put an innocent baby in the middle of their next indifference.

Edmund and Cassie had stepped unto the porch to give Olivia and Phillip some privacy. As they share a kiss, they are interrupted by Jeffrey again! Jeffrey tells them he has come to get something to eat and Edmund comments that the service is slow today. Jeffrey tells them that reminds him of a hotel he knows of. Cassie reminds him of the luxuries of her hotel including the bath. Jeffrey comments that he's not in to taking baths considering what happens to people in bathtubs at her hotel. Cassie comments that she conveniently placed the blow dryer plugged in right next to his bathtub. Cassie gets a telephone call and Edmund gets the opportunity to talk to Jeffrey alone. Edmunds starts to thank Jeffrey for saving Cassie's life, but Jeffrey comments that Edmund wasn't there when Cassie needed him the most ≠ but not to worry because Cassie probably wouldn't hold it against him. Cassie and Edmund go back inside, and Cassie stops to talk to Jeffrey about Mitch. Edmund is approached by Beth. Beth questions Edmund about his jealousy toward Jeffrey. Beth tells him to stuff the monster inside him way-way down, and don't let Cassie see it or he will lose her.

Beth and Lizzie discuss Phillip's persistence with Olivia. Beth tells Lizzie that she knows what Lizzie is up to by not telling Phillip that Beth was joining them for dinner. Lizzie tells Beth that it is obvious that Phillip and Beth still love each other and waiting for them to do something about it is just excruciating. Beth tells her that she is waiting for something that is never going to happen, and Phillip is with Olivia ≠ or he is trying to be. Lizzie tells Beth that no one should have to try to make someone want to be with you.

Ben calls Lizzie because he thinks he is lost. In the meantime, he kicks and breaks his tail light. Lizzie tells him he is on the right track, and the road he is looking for should be the next one. Ben wonders whether he should even be going up there because Marina is with Shayne now. Lizzie encourages him, and tells him that Marina is the one for him, especially with his new inheritance. Ben thanks her and hangs up. As he approaches his car, a police officer stops him and tells him to step away from the vehicle. The police officer questions why Ben is stopped along a road that is clearly marked "No Parking" and "No Standing Along the Highway"! Ben tells him that he was reading a map. The police officer tells him that these road signs mean there is no stopping unless your vehicle is disabled. The police officer then notices Ben's broken tail light and threatens to follow him downtown to ensure the tail light is fixed and explains that the winding roads are unsafe without working tail lights. Ben tells him to remember what it's like to be in love and he explains that his true love has left him and he may only have this one chance to make things right. The police officer lets him go, and tells him not to make him sorry he cut him a break.

At the Bauer cabin, Shayne seems a little distracted by Marina's swim suit. Marina suggests they go for a swim. She jokingly says that her dad may be a little suspicious if she returns home without a tan. Marina heads out to the pond while Shayne grabs a few things including a little music. Shayne arrives at the pond and offers to put some sun lotion on her back. Marina starts to daydream about Springfield being so far away. Shayne tells her that the problems of Springfield still exists. Shayne tells her that Remi just called and told him that Ben's grandmother died. Marina seems upset by the news. Shayne tells her that he would understand if she wanted to call Ben. Marina tells Shayne that she wishes good things for Ben, but the somebody that Ben shares his dreams with won't be her. She tells Shayne that she has already moved on and this is where she wants to be and who she wants to be with. Shayne reminds Marina about the chicken dinner she promised him. Shayne heads to the store to get some charcoal while Marina stays at the cabin to prepare the salad. Later, Marina hears something from outside. She starts calling for Shayne, but no one answers. She grabs a fireplace poker and opens the door . Shayne was at the door with flowers. While inside sharing a kiss, Ben is watching from outside.

Gus is interrogating a Private Investigator that he assumes is the PI that Mitch hired. The PI insists that he had nothing to do with the case. Gus releases the PI and demands that if he finds out anything, he must let him know. Jeffrey had been listening in outside the interrogation room Harley shows up and Jeffrey defends his eavesdropping by stating that this is his case too! Gus steams out irritated by the fact that he still does not know who the investigator is that might have crucial information on Ben. Jeffrey tells him not to worry about it. He tells Gus to pack his bags and get out of here. Jeffrey tells Gus that he has found the name of the Private Investigator. Jeffrey tells Gus that the PI is staying at a hotel in Amsterdam and that Gus must leave ASAP. Gus explains to Harley the importance of finding all he can on Ben because of the new evidence concerning the death of his old girlfriend, Bridget. Gus is curious as to how Jeffrey found out the PI's name. Jeffrey explains that he felt a big motivator--called "guilt" for letting the FED's wheel off Mitch before Gus had a chance to talk to him. Gus says that the FED's gave him the PI's name. Gus gets ready for his trip. His airline tickets arrive. In the meantime, he is trying to convince Harley to come along with him, but she declines. Harley explains that they need to put some money away for Marina' s tuition. She sends him off with a farewell kiss.

Friday, July 25, 2003

Frank comes into Company to help Buzz out today. Buzz is still short staff. Frank's new love, Darci, lends a hand as well. Buzz tells Darci that he has plans to go fishing with Billy Lewis Sr. Darci questions Buzz about a chart she saw in the kitchen about the Marina's Fund. Buzz explains the college financial trouble. Darci tells him to count her in. Darci starts to get her checkbook, but Frank tells her "no." Frank tells her he doesn't want her to feel obligated, and they have it covered. Darci thanks that Frank doesn't want her money because of her past. Frank explains that it has nothing to do with her money, he just wants to be responsible for managing sending his daughter to school. He feels ashamed enough having to take money from his sister and father. Darci assures Frank that he is a great father and also a great boyfriend. Frank agrees to let Darci help.

Tony is entertaining Eden again. He is going through her planner to find clues regarding the murder case. Tony finds a receipt where Eden had rented a car. Eden said that she used the rented car to go see a sick friend in Chicago. The receipt could prove that Eden wasn't even in town when Renee Peterson was killed. But when Tony mentions that they will need to sick friend to give her an alibi, Eden seems dazed. Eden tells Tony that she lied again and that she really went to see Vinny in New York. Eden tries to explain herself, but Tony tells her that for someone who doesn't like to lie, she sure does a whole lot of it. Tony demands the reason why she went to see Vinny. Eden said that she wanted to put an end to that part of her life. Tony tells her that they need to go to New York and see if Vinny will back Eden up on her story for the police. Eden seems pleased, but then Bill walks in and says, "what the heck, I'll tag along too. So where are we going?" That pleased look is not there anymore. Tony then tells Bill that maybe he should be the one who goes with Eden, but when Bill finds out who they are going to see, Bill says that it would be better if the mobster went rather than the boyfriend. Tony agrees since he and Vinny talk the same kind of talk. Tony leaves to go tell Marah that he's heading out of town. All alone, Bill starts kicking pillows around.

Josh gets an "urgent" message to met his daughter. Marah tells him she just wanted to tell him Bon-voyage. She tells him to go to Italy to be with Reva where he belongs. Josh asks her whether she has something better to do than nag her father. Marah and Josh go inside Company and Marah starts to share some pictures still trying to persuade him to go to Italy. Josh said that he needs to stay in town for Shayne. Marah reminds him that Shayne isn't even there. Josh said that he's not going because he's worried that he would send Reva a message that he doesn't want to send right now. Tony shows up to tell Marah that he is leaving, but Marah tells him there talk has to wait because she is busy with her dad. In trying to persuade Josh into going to Italy, Josh gets offended when Marah tells Josh that he is "an old stick in the mud who is world weary and doesn't want to go on what might be the most amazing adventure of his life." She tells him that he used to jump at these kinds of opportunities. Josh said he is not old. Marah tells him to go then.

Tony is steamed when Marah is too busy to talk to him, and just leaves. Eden is grinning again from ear to ear. As they arrive at the airport in New York, someone is holding a "Santos" sign. The man says that the Salerno family welcomes them to New York. Eden wonders how he knew they were coming, and the man briefly shows them that he has a gun.

At the Bauer cabin, Shayne and Marina share a romantic dinner. In the meantime, Ben is still looking in through the window. Shayne gives Marina a gift ≠ a teddy bear wearing a Cub's t-shirt. Marina's expressing her appreciation and goes in for a hug but is sidetracked by a movement outside. Shayne looks out and coincidently, there is a deer outside. Shayne tells Marina that even though it was her idea to come up to the cabin, he wants to make sure that she doesn't feel pressured. Marina starts going through Shayne's backpack. He had brought his yearbook up to the cabin and asks Marina to sign it. Oooops, she reads some pretty juicy notes that other girls had written on the signature page. Marina takes it in good spirits though. Shayne tells her that he didn't know what they had written and pulls out his wallet to show a picture of Marina in it, and tells her this is the only girl he cares about. As they share their most romantic kiss yet, Ben is getting more jealous outside. Marina is remembering all the times that Shayne had warned her about Ben and tells Shayne that she was so focused on being with the wrong guy that she didn't realize that the right guy was right next to her all along.. Marina tells Shayne that at one time she thought that her first time was going to be with Ben, but she is glad that it didn't happen with him. Ben is outside pacing in anger. He starts to get inside his car. He pulls out a picture of Marina and begins to cry. Shayne and Marah continue there romantic and heavy kiss. Marina interrupts to go and change into some lingerie. Shayne wonders why it is taking Marina so long. He knocks on the door, but Marina doesn't answer. He opens the door and the room is a disaster. Looks like quite a struggle. Outside Marina is in Ben's car unconscious. Ben starts the car, and they leave.

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