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Passions Recaps: The week of May 14, 2001 on PS
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Monday, May 14, 2001

Gwen sees Theresa in her wedding gown and meow! The claws come out! Gwen threatens to expose Theresa's secret. Rebecca talks Gwen into waiting to expose Theresa. Pilar urges Theresa, once again, to tell Ethan the truth before he finds out from someone else. Instead, Theresa turns into uber-vixen and taunts Gwen. Gwen says, "Okay, I'll tell you and everyone else your secret right now!"

Julian, Rebecca and the Luis imposter start to finalize their plans when a jealous Julian decides to replace Rebecca as "Luis" lover. Rebecca tries to persuade Julian that the imposter does nothing for her but a kiss that makes her weak in the knees gives her away. Rebecca ends up convincing Julian that he's her only love by using her influence.

Luis leads Sheridan to the gazebo and plays out her fantasy step by step. Luis finally gets to propose and Sheridan says YES!!! Rose petals fall around them as they kiss.

Sam and Ivy plan to meet as Grace has a vision of Sam and Ivy kissing. Pilar warns Ivy that if she continues to pursue Sam, she will lose her soul.

Chad continues to grill the tabloid reporter about the person who sent the famous email. The reporter agrees to let Chad help him in his search for the anonymous emailer.

Tuesday, May 15, 2001

Sam and Ivy meet, as Grace has requested. Sam plans a quick escape, but Ivy won't let him go so easily. She tells Sam that he wouldn't have agreed to meet her if he didn't still feel, somewhere, that he still loved her. She says nothing has changed in those twenty years, and they are still the same people- people who love each other just as much now as they did then. Sam continues to deny this. Ivy finally tells Sam that if he can convince Ivy that he doesn't love her, she will tell Grace that she is the only one Sam loves. Sam doesn't know if he can believe her or not. Later, they share a tender moment when Ivy shows him some pictures of Ethan during his childhood. Sam is angry at Ivy for altering a picture (via computer imaging) to include Sam, Ivy, and Ethan as a "family portrait" picture, but calms down when he sees pictures of Ethan playing baseball- a sport that Sam was always interested in.

Sheridan and Luis are beaming after officially getting engaged. Luis takes Sheridan in to the cottage, which has been filled with flowers and food, thanks to Hank. They happily discuss the engagement, and Luis says that no one can tear them apart now. Meanwhile, Julian and Rebecca continue their sexcapades, but are interrupted by Alistair. Rebecca is terrified to realize that Alistair knows exactly what they are doing, and knows all about their seemingly private discussions earlier, as well. Julian tells her he doesn't know how Alistair does it, but he manages to know all and see all. Alistair informs them that Sheridan and Luis are already engaged, and that Julian must put his plan into action, ASAP. If it doesn't work, Alistair warns, Julian and Rebecca will have to go through with the original plan and kill Sheridan. Rebecca wants to know why she has to be involved, and Alistair tells her that if she wants to be the wife that Ivy never was, she'll have to prove her loyalty. If she ever discusses what she knows about the Cranes, she'll suffer the consequences. Julian and Rebecca head over to the cottage to "congratulate" the happy couple, thoroughly confusing Luis and Sheridan in the process. They can't believe that Alistair would be so pleased to hear about their engagement, but Julian assures them that the celebration is courtesy of dear old dad. Luis doesn't buy it. They become even more suspicious when Julian reveals that Alistair is going to throw a party for the engaged couple.

Pilar tries desperately to get Grace to call Sam and get him to end his "meeting" with Ivy. She tells Sam that if she continues to tempt fate, she may be less than pleased with the consequences. Grace says that if Sam does love Ivy, Grace doesn't want to be with him anymore, but Pilar doesn't believe her. She says that Grace doesn't know what it is like to be without a companion in life for so many years. Pilar believes that Sam doesn't love Ivy right now, but if Grace continues to push him away, Sam could start to love Ivy again. She asks Grace what Grace would do if she were a man- stay with someone who pushed him away constantly and wanted him to change, or stay with someone who loves him unconditionally and doesn't want to change a single thing about him. Grace insists on making Sam go through with the exploration, and Pilar wishes her luck.

Ethan and Chad think that they have successfully fooled the reporter, and that they will soon know who sent the email to the tabloid. However, the reporter walks back into the room and finds the two together, and realizes he has been scammed. He tells them they won't find out until the rest of the world does, and Ethan blows up, pins him to the wall, and demands to know who sent the email. The reporter says he will have Ethan arrested, but Ethan doesn't care- after all, his father is the chief of police. Still, the reporter gets away, and tells Ethan and Chad that he'll never reveal the information, because now that he thinks about it, the only two people who care are Ethan and Chad. Ethan says that he will get the information somehow- he is a lawyer, after all. Chad tells him that as a lawyer, he'll have to follow a set of rules. Rules don't apply to Chad, though- he makes his own rules, and he will help Ethan get the information he needs, no matter what it takes.

Theresa demands that Gwen tell her what Gwen believes Theresa's secret is. Gwen is about to, but Rebecca walks in and convinces her to keep quiet. Gwen abruptly leaves. Whitney warns Theresa that Gwen and Rebecca are up to something, but Theresa is in denial and doesn't believe it. Outside, Gwen watches Theresa and vows revenge.

Wednesday, May 16, 2001

Luis and Sheridan remain suspicious as Julian and Rebecca toast their engagement. In private, Luis and Sheridan conclude her father and brother have an ulterior motive for throwing them an engagement party. Julian is shocked when the couple states they don't want the party. Sheridan softens when Julian claims Alistair wanted to throw the soiree to show his support and love for her. Sheridan stands her ground. Rebecca takes a crack at getting Sheridan to reconsider. Meanwhile, Alistair reminds Julian that if Luis and Sheridan don't attend the party, then he and Rebecca will have to kill Sheridan. Ivy gushes to Pilar about the wonderful time she spent with Sam looking at pictures of Ethan. Pilar urges her friend to leave Sam alone, but Ivy is determined to have a future with her first love. Meanwhile, an anxious Grace asks Sam how things went with Ivy. Sam insists he doesn't have feelings for his ex-lover. Sam pleads with Grace to stop pushing him away before their marriage suffers any real damage. Grace spots the picture of Ivy, Sam, and Ethan when it falls out of Sam's pocket. Theresa makes wedding plans with Whitney. Whitney worries Gwen may know Theresa's secret, but Theresa is confidant Gwen would have thrown it in her face if she really knew. Ethan and Chad arrive and inform the girls about their run-in with the tabloid reporter. Unaware Rebecca and Gwen have set her up, Theresa is excited about Ethan tracking down who sent the e-mail to the tabloid. Meanwhile, Gwen looks forward to destroying Theresa's wedding day.

Thursday, May 17, 2001

Kay tells Simone she has a new plan to win Miguel. Kay reveals she's planning to seduce Miguel and get pregnant! Simone is horrified. Sam and Grace overhear Kay talking about getting pregnant, but she covers. Meanwhile, Tabitha tries to talk Charity and Miguel out of getting married. The couple insists they are ready for a life-long commitment and hope to wed this summer. Timmy is devastated. Ethan is upset after seeing his old bedroom has been remodeled. Ethan reasserts his intention to destroy whoever leaked his paternity to the tabloid. Ethan questions Chad about who knew the truth and didn't tell him. Meanwhile, Whitney encourages Theresa to admit the truth to Ethan before someone else tells him. Theresa ignores her friend's advice and chooses to concentrate on the wedding. Julian and Rebecca fear they will have to kill Sheridan if she doesn't change her mind about the party. Meanwhile, Sheridan tells Luis she wants to give her family the benefit of a doubt, but he insists they are not attending the party. A disappointed Sheridan suggests her family is reaching out to her. She becomes emotional as she confides how much she's longed for her father's love. A sympathetic Luis finally agrees to the engagement party, despite his better judgment.

Friday, May 18, 2001

Ivy smells a rat when Julian begins making plans for his sister's engagement party. Meanwhile, at the cottage, Pilar offers the happy couple her congratulations but begs Luis and Sheridan not to attend Alistair's bash. Kay faints dead away following Charity's announcement. The divining rod flies Tabitha and Timmy over Harmony as it speeds towards its demonic destination. After coming to, Kay whispers to Simone that she'll have to push up her schedule for getting pregnant in order to prevent her cousin from wedding Miguel. Out of Sheridan's earshot, Luis admits to his mother that he also suspects Julian and Alistair of plotting against him. Though Sam and Grace attempt to talk them out of marrying so young, Miguel and Charity remain resolved to tie the knot by summer's end. Propelled by the divining rod, Tabitha and Timmy crash straight into the Cranes' living room. As Ivy shakily greets her "guests", Julian hisses to a baffled Rebecca that Tabitha's doll is not only alive but surprisingly chatty.

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