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Passions Recaps: The week of June 16, 2008 on PS
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Monday, June 16, 2008

Luis and Fancy wanted to be the fourth couple to get married as a part of a group wedding, so Luis asked Miguel if it was okay to join the group. Sheridan overheard and asked Pretty about her plans to stop Luis from marrying Fancy. Pretty was confident that she was able to prevent Luis from marrying Fancy. As soon as Fancy and Luis were in deep discussions about the wedding, Pretty feigned being in pain, and she claimed that she could not deal with the stress of Luis and Fancy getting married. Luis mentioned to Fancy that they should call off the wedding until after the baby was born. Fancy was against the idea and thought that Pretty was using the baby to delay the wedding. Fancy yelled at Pretty and accused her of faking her stress pains. Fancy tried to explain to Luis that Pretty was manipulative and would do anything to come between them, but Luis was not buying it. Pretty cried out, and Luis ran over to her side. Luis postponed the wedding and told Fancy that nothing would come between them, but Fancy stated that Pretty had already come between them. Luis insisted that Pretty needed to see a doctor regarding her pain, and Pretty realized that there was a chance of her being exposed for faking her pregnancy.

While Gwen was cooing about being married to Ethan, Gertrude (Theresa) tried to hatch a plan to stop the wedding. Gertrude wished that Ethan would finish reading the letter that she had left for him in the attic since that was her only hope of getting Ethan to back out of the recommitment ceremony to Gwen. However, Gwen talked Ethan into taking off the jacket so that she could remove the letter. Gwen read the letter and convinced herself that there was nothing that Theresa could do from the grave to hurt her.

Pilar tried to talk Theresa into leaving Harmony with her, but Theresa was confident that Ethan would not marry Gwen. She was depending on the letter to Ethan to save her. Pilar did not want to see Theresa hurt since she had been hurt so many times in the past. Theresa suddenly realized that Ethan had walked out of the room, without his jacket with the letter in it, so she decided to go and retrieve the letter before Gwen got a hold of it. Unfortunately, Gwen read the letter and decided not to let Ethan see it. Theresa and Pilar overheard Gwen stating that she would not let Ethan read the letter. Gwen ripped the letter in pieces and threw it in the garbage. Disappointed, Theresa walked off with Pilar.

Ethan returned with the food for Gwen and ran into Pilar and Gertrude in the hall. He told Pilar that he was moving up the ceremony due to her trip and that he would always have Theresa in his heart. Pilar gave Ethan her blessings.

Ethan and Gwen toasted their upcoming wedding, and Ethan reassured Gwen that once they committed, nothing would tear them apart. Theresa looked on with disappointment in her eyes and complained to Pilar that she had lost Ethan. Theresa made up her mind to leave Harmony with Pilar and the others since Ethan was moving on with Gwen. Theresa changed her mind again and decided to stay in Harmony to fight for Ethan. Pilar tried to talk Theresa into leaving with her since Little Ethan was also in danger, but Theresa refused to listen.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Eve and Julian were frantic about finding Vincent since they knew that he was planning a crime spree based on what he mentioned to Eve. Julian questioned Eve regarding practicing medicine at the hospital since her license was revoked. The earthquake left a few victims helpless, so the hospital turned a blind eye at Eve practicing medicine. Eve remarked that she would be kicked out of there as soon as the crisis was over.

Back in Ivy's hospital room, Sam issued a "shoot to kill" order if anyone spotted Vincent. Eve and Julian begged Sam not to issue such an order. Sam realized that Eve and Julian were lying about Vincent still being dead, so he pressed them to tell the truth about Vincent and his whereabouts. Eve begged Sam to get rid of the "shoot to kill" order if she told him the truth, and Sam agreed. Eve told Sam that the story would be quite bizarre. When Sam asked Julian about the baby Sheridan mentioned in her statement, Julian replied with the truth by stating that Vincent was the mother of the baby. Ivy thought that she'd had too much medicine, and Sam thought that Julian was on drugs because he could not believe what he was hearing.

After Eve told the story about Vincent and Valerie being the same person, Sam thought that it was oddly fascinating, and Ivy noted that it was more like the Twilight Zone. Eve asked Ivy to be more sensitive since Vincent was still her son. Sam insisted on finding Vincent, and Eve begged him not to hurt Vincent. Sam reminded Eve that Vincent was very dangerous and had killed quite a few people.

Meanwhile, Vincent and Viki toasted to being partners in crime. Viki commented on the excitement of killing her victims one by one but found mass murder quite challenging. Vincent shared her views. Viki became agitated because she did not know how to get all her victims in one place. She wanted to kill something, anything, so she looked at Vincent. Vincent quickly said that if she killed him, she would no longer have a partner in crime. Vincent suggested that Viki get Esme to throw the rehearsal dinner. That way, all their perspective murder victims would be in one place. Viki gushed about seeing lots and lots of blood. Vincent got curious and asked her if she was planning on using a gun, but Viki expressed that she liked using knives, machetes, or even a chainsaw. Vincent tried to put things in perspective, and suggested an alternative plan that was less bloody.

Luis insisted that Pretty see a doctor since they were already at the hospital. Fancy had not changed her mind regarding Pretty's condition in that Fancy thought that Pretty was pretending to be ill in order to halt Luis and Fancy's wedding plans. Unaware that Pretty was faking her pregnancy, Sheridan warned Pretty that she could not keep up her stunts for long because Luis would marry Fancy as soon as he knew the baby was no longer in danger.

Juanita and her henchman arrived at the hospital in order to set their plans in motion. Juanita eavesdropped on Luis and Fancy. She overheard that Luis was postponing his wedding to Fancy, and that did not sit well with Juanita since it interfered with her plans to destroy Pilar and her family. Juanita decided that Pretty was the problem, so she planned to get rid of Pretty. Juanita ordered her henchman to create a distraction. She intended on bumping into Pretty and causing her to fall, and as soon as the opportunity presented itself, Juanita would prick Pretty with a hypodermic needle.

The henchman pushed a wheelchair into the hospital wall, and it made a loud noise. Luis, Sheridan, Fancy, and Pretty turned to the direction of the noise. Juanita quickly bumped into Pretty. Both Pretty and Juanita fell to the ground. Unfortunately, Pretty's fake belly detached from her stomach and fell directly at Luis' feet. Fancy, Luis, and Sheridan turned to look at the fake belly, and Luis exclaimed, "What the hell is that?" Sheridan said that she should have known while Fancy stood there speechless. Pretty muttered to herself that it was all over.

Juanita apologized for bumping into Pretty and then walked away. Luis asked Pretty to explain herself, and she mentioned to Luis that it was a pregnancy pad actresses used in the movies. Luis was extremely upset at Pretty. He violently threw the fake belly to the ground and called Pretty a sick freak. Pretty said that she was not a freak and said that she did what she did for Luis. Fancy yelled at Pretty for being despicable and said that Pretty was no longer her sister. In addition, Fancy said that she no longer felt guilty for Pretty's scar because she was an ugly person inside. After Fancy ordered Pretty to stay away from her and Luis, Sheridan blasted Pretty for being so horrible to Luis. Pretty ran off when she realized that no one wanted to be around her. Juanita then turned to walk away, but Luis stopped her. She was worried that Luis had recognized her, so she held her hypodermic needle as if she was about to use it on Luis. Amazingly, Luis hugged a very shocked Juanita and invited her out to dinner since she changed his life. Fancy also offered a reward, but Juanita turned them both down and quickly walked away. Luis admitted to Fancy that she was right all along. Luis hugged Fancy and told her that nothing was standing in their way of getting married. A very uneasy Sheridan looked on.

While hiding behind a curtain, Juanita was disappointed to hear that Luis was so happy now that he was free to marry Fancy. She wanted Luis to be miserable. The henchman pointed out to Juanita that the plan ended up working in her favor since the wedding was back on. She could now blow up the church with everyone in it.

Gwen distracted Ethan from reading Theresa's letter by suggesting that they go upstairs to continue their celebration.

While in the hallway with Pilar, Theresa vowed not to give up on Ethan and decided to remain in Harmony, even if it meant that her life was at stake. Theresa kept changing her mind. One minute she wanted to get away from Harmony, and in the next, she wanted to stay and fight for Ethan.

Little Ethan ran downstairs and expressed how much he loved his mom. Theresa pointed out to Little Ethan that he had to stop playing tricks on Gwen because Theresa did not want anyone to know that she was alive.

Pilar decided to interrupt Ethan and Gwen to tell them the news about the trip around the world with the family. It meant that Little Ethan and Jane would be away from Harmony for a while, but Ethan did not want to be separated from Little Ethan that long. Gwen thought that it was perfect because they would get to go on their honeymoon and the kids would get the chance to travel. Ethan changed his mind and agreed with Gwen, but Gertrude (Theresa) was disappointed. Ethan asked Little Ethan if he was excited about the trip, but Little Ethan shouted to Ethan that he would not go on the trip and that no one could force him to go.

Gertrude decided to go and speak to Little Ethan. She told him that he should take the trip, but Little Ethan stated that he was only behaving the way Theresa would have behaved. Theresa advised Little Ethan that he should not behave like her. In addition, she reassured Little Ethan that she was taking the trip with him. What Little Ethan wanted was to have his father, Ethan, accompany him on the trip. Theresa explained that he had to call Ethan "Uncle Ethan" and that it was not possible for Ethan to be on the trip.

Little Ethan, Gertrude, and Pilar returned to the living room, and Little Ethan apologized for misbehaving. He agreed to go on the trip and asked that Gertrude accompany him. Gwen was excited and stated that all her dreams were coming true.

Pilar apologized to Theresa and mentioned that they wouldn't be gone forever. Theresa said that she would be leaving Harmony for good since there was no hope left for her and Ethan since Ethan told her that once he recommitted to Gwen, it would be for keeps.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tabitha began packing to leave Harmony, gathering things from the attic while Endora was sleeping in her old bed, which was stored in the attic too. Endora didn't want to leave Harmony, but Tabitha reminded her that she spent time in hell and nothing was scarier than that. Endora would make new friends in Florida, Tabitha said. While packing, the Hourglass of Destruction appeared, the darkest warning the dark side had ever sent, Tabitha said. She stumbled upon Timmy's old doll outfit and remembered the good times she had with him. She promised to tell Endora about their time together when she was old enough to understand.

While she was reminiscing, a light shone down on her from above. It was Timmy. She told him she knew he was always watching over her. In her haste to pack and leave town, Tabitha almost forgot about Fluffy. She needed to find a home for her cat while she and Endora were in Florida. Tabitha called around and couldn't find anyone to take Fluffy at first, but she finally found someone on Skull Island who was willing to take him since the island wasn't the same without King Kong. She warned Fluffy to behave himself and not eat any villagers that weren't tied up as a sacrifice. Then, Tabitha said goodbye for a while to Fluffy. Tabitha wondered if there would be anything left standing in Harmony once disaster struck. Before she could leave, the house started to shake, but she begged the spirits not to let the evil begin before she could take Endora and leave. The shaking stopped, and when Tabitha looked for Endora, she was gone.

Paloma gushed over the roses she thought Noah sent her, only to find out they were from Roberto. Noah was enraged by Roberto's romantic gesture and decided to go talk to Roberto. Paloma warned Noah not to lose his temper, but he refused to calm down. He said Roberto was out of line for trying to steal Paloma away when he knew they were engaged to be married. Noah vowed to kill Roberto. Paloma asked Noah to promise her he wouldn't do anything crazy. Noah said that was up to Roberto. Paloma worried that Noah and Roberto would kill each other.

Upstairs, Noah walked into Roberto's room and saw a table set up for a romantic dinner. He heard the shower running and knocked on the bathroom door demanding to talk to him about Paloma. Downstairs, Paloma heard them arguing and then a loud crash that sounded like someone falling out of the window. When Paloma went upstairs to Roberto's room, she saw someone had crashed through the window. Noah came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his fist. She asked where Roberto was and if Noah killed him.

Luis agreed with Fancy that it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders finding out that Pretty wasn't really pregnant, but he admitted that he was sad because he believed in a baby that never existed. Fancy said Pretty had nothing to hold over Luis' head anymore. Pretty would never come between them again, Luis said. Fancy said she never wanted to see Pretty again. While Luis was upset with Pretty, he said he didn't hate her. He felt sorry for her. Fancy couldn't understand why he didn't hate Pretty. Luis told Fancy to try to understand the root of Pretty's unhappiness. Fancy said Pretty was using her scar as an excuse to get away with murder for years, but Luis said what was going on inside Pretty was more painful than what was going on outside. Luis said Fancy had a right to be angry with Pretty, but Pretty was treated like dirt by Alistair while Alistair treated Fancy like royalty. Fancy said she wasn't as forgiving as Luis and wrote Pretty off as her sister. Luis told her she had nothing to worry about, because Pretty was probably so embarrassed by what she did that she left town. Fancy said if Pretty and Sheridan would just leave them alone, they would have no worries. Fancy said all she wanted was to marry Luis and live in peace. Luis vowed nothing would come between them again.

At Sheridan's cottage, a surprised Sheridan found Pretty waiting for her. Sheridan yelled at her for faking her pregnancy. She suggested Pretty get out of town and said Pretty was as crazy as Beth. Pretty said she didn't have a chance with Luis before, and she still didn't, Sheridan said. Pretty vowed that she would be with Luis after all and no one would be able to stop her. Pretty was convinced that Luis loved her. Sheridan called her delusional and said Luis had sex with Pretty because Alistair forced him to. Pretty said when she and Luis made love she felt beautiful. Pretty said Sheridan was going to wallow in her sorrow over losing Luis while Pretty would do anything to get Luis back. Sheridan thought to herself that Pretty really was crazy. Pretty said Luis was meant to be with her and once Fancy was out of the way, Luis would be hers. Sheridan told Pretty she cared about her, but her fantasies were getting out of control. Pretty said it wasn't a fantasy. She said she didn't plan to kill Fancy. Pretty planned to pour acid on Fancy's face the way Fancy did to Pretty years ago. Sheridan tried to talk some sense into Pretty, but Pretty said she had to destroy Fancy's life the way Fancy had destroyed hers.

Theresa, dressed as Gertrude, packed to go on the trip around the world with her family when she got a visit from Ethan. He admitted that he wasn't excited about renewing his vows to Gwen. He said he wished it were Theresa he was marrying. Gertrude told Ethan his love with Theresa would live on forever. Ethan was amazed at Gertrude's insight into Theresa's mindset. He wondered how she knew so much about Theresa. Ethan said he felt a connection with Gertrude that was similar to what he felt with Theresa. Gertrude said he could still have what he had with Theresa, but Ethan asked how, since Theresa was dead. Theresa contemplated telling Ethan that she was alive to keep him from marrying Gwen. Ethan assumed Gertrude meant that he could have the life he would have had with Theresa with Gwen, but he said it wouldn't be the same. Gertrude asked Ethan why he would waste his time remarrying Gwen when it wouldn't be fair to her. Gertrude said Theresa wouldn't want him to marry Gwen, but Ethan was convinced that Theresa would want Jane and Little Ethan to have a mother. Not that mother, Theresa thought to herself. Ethan said Theresa would trust his judgment and even agree that Gwen was a good mother, but Theresa thought to herself that Gwen wasn't a good mother anymore. Ethan left to find Theresa's letter in the attic. Theresa said to herself that Ethan would never find the letter because Gwen destroyed it.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

There was no Thursday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Friday, June 20, 2008

There was no Friday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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