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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 12, 1998 on GL
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Monday, October 12
by Sarai Long

Josh walks in when Shawn is professing his love for Reva. Reva tries to cover up for him by saying that Shawn meant that he loved the Lewis family, but Josh sees through it. Josh was obviously very angry that Shawn would try to take away his wife, and Shawn soon left the house.

Dinah slipped up in front of her mother and said that she couldn't wait until she and Hart had a baby that was really his. She admitted that the child she was carrying was not Hart's, but it really didn't matter since he loved it so much. Vanessa was amazed to see that her daughter was so delusional in thinking that Hart will love her someday. She tried to make Dinah see how many people she has hurt with her lies, but Dinah refuses to tell Hart the truth. She tells Vanessa that he is the only one who makes her happy, and he was the one who essentially pulled her from the brink of death.

Hart gets drunk at a bar and runs into Shawn. He tries to cause trouble with Shawn, but is not successful. Shawn tells him to leave him alone and go home.

Ken is still holding Harley hostage with a knife to her throat and Phillip is trying to talk him into letting her go. More police bust through the door, making Ken more upset. Just as he is about to let Harley go, Teri aims her gun at him. Frank and Phillip lunge at her to keep her from shooting, and the police restrain Ken. He is taken off to the police station. Harley begs the police officers not to hurt him; she believes that he is not the real stalker. Frank gets in Teri's face and admonishes her for using such rash judgment in aiming her gun at Ken, and possibly hurting his sister.

Tuesday, October 13

Teri confronts Reva with the news that Annie contacted her last night and knows where she lives. When Reva hears from Annie through a note dropped off to Shayne, she decides to ignore a warning from Teri and runs to meet with her at the farm Josh once bought for Annie. At the farm, Reva finds a trap set for her near the carousel. When Blake stops by to talk with Ross about custody of the children and the legal notice she received this morning, she is frightened by his anger and his contention that she likes her men to be rough with her. Beth confides in a sympathetic Ben about her troubles with Vanessa because of her evening with Matt. Harley fears for his marriage when Frank admits that he spent most of the night watching Teri's place after the call from Annie. Frank insists that he was just protecting her but then is forced to confirm her guess that he has kissed his attractive partner. She reminds him of his marriage and his family but they are interrupted by Holly who demands that he release her brother. Frank shocks her by revealing that Ken pulled a knife on Harley. Hearing that Ken's shut down and is now on a suicide watch, Holly admits she lied to give him an alibi but denies that he is the nursery rhyme stalker. She promises to fight for his freedom.

Wednesday, October 14, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Angela Overmyer

Cassie visited a recovering Dinah to give her Hart. She also asked her to take good care of him. Dinah was thoroughly delighted, but her mood changed when the nurse brought her a death certificate to sign. As Cassie returned to her room, she found Dinah very upset. Once she realized why, she comforted Dinah.

Buzz and Hart discussed his current dilemma. Hart thought that Cassie was better off without him and that he could fall in love with Dinah all over again to make their marriage work. Buzz wasn't so sure and asked Hart to seriously think the situation over. Hart headed off to Cedars, where he ran into Cassie. Dinah told Hart that Cassie was just there to see how she was doing and to ask her to take good care of him.

Reva went to the Land of Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams to meet Annie. Of course, Annie wasn't anywhere to be found; but Reva did find a note. As she grabbed it, a bunch of wood fell and Teri pushed her out of the way in order to save her. Josh was furious at Reva for going there alone and Teri was furious that Annie got away. Frank and his men found Annie's car up the road with duct tape, a shovel, and a body bag.

Bill and Michelle were at the beach when he told her about Dinah taking the blood pressure pills. They talked about old times, Bill kissed her and then reminded her that they weren't kids anymore.

Drew and Jesse prepared for the club's opening. She tried to tempt him by changing dresses in front of him, but he quickly reminded her that he was involved with Michelle. She also had another surprise: his art work was being displayed at Millennium. At first, he wasn't too happy about it, but then realized there was no harm done. Selena showed up for work and was confused after Drew complimented her outfit.

Thursday, October 15, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Angela Overmyer

Unfortunately, no evidence turned up in Annie's car except a dry cleaning receipt and a cuff link with the initials "AS". Frank called the store and got a phone number. Alan showed up at the police department and claimed he had no idea why his cuff link was in her car. Meanwhile, Reva jumped on the opportunity to call the number and was stunned when Annie answered. They all headed for her apartment...

Michelle begged Dahlia to go to Millennium with her and told her about Bill. She finally agreed as Bill arrived to pick Michelle up. Millennium was in "full-swing" and Drew was busy trying to keep Jesse by her side. Michelle was bothered to see Jesse's paintings at the club. Harley was paged by the Detroit Police Department and explained to Phillip she was doing a background check on Teri "Hot Lips" DiMarco. Meanwhile, Vicky Spaulding made a grand entrance and was happy to see David. The two danced for awhile until Dahlia spotted Marcus in the crowd -- she cut in on their dance to make Marcus jealous.

Holly paid Ross a visit and asked him to defend her brother. Ross offered a referral instead, until Holly asked him not to give up on his family. Ross was afraid that he was turning into his brother.

Ben visited Blake and reassured her that they wouldn't lose the battle. His plan was that he would re-open the case and she would press charges against Ross for attempted murder. Blake didn't like his idea and told Ben that she didn't want to hurt Ross. One of the twins had a nightmare and Ben offered to comfort him. As they all sat together in the living room, Ross showed up.

Friday, October 16, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Angela Overmyer

Ross apologized to Blake for almost assaulting her at the office. He was surprised to see Ben there with them and calmly asked him to leave. Ben replied by stating that he wasn't going anywhere and that Ross doesn't live there anymore. He continued to taunt Ross by claiming that he was better for the boys as well as Blake. Ross went upstairs to say "good night" to the boys and also told them that he would do anything for them. Meanwhile, Ross reassured Blake that she wouldn't lose her children. After Ross returned, Blake told him that there was no reason why they couldn't have joint-custody. Ross shocked both Blake and Ben by telling them that he wants his entire family back intact (including Blake)...

Dahlia cut in on David and Vicky dancing to make Marcus jealous. Marcus then tried to apologize to her, explaining that "it was a one time thing". At first, Dahlia didn't want to hear his excuses and Marcus asked David to help him out. David only offered the advice that he just tell her the truth. The two sat down and talked -- Marcus told her that he loved her and wanted a second chance. Dahlia was hesitant but agreed that there was something worth fighting for...

The Springfield Police (with Josh, Reva, and Alan) raided Annie's apartment. She was nowhere in sight, but they found a shrine with pictures of Josh all over it. Reva was also in a few of the pictures, but her face was crossed out. Teri warned Alan that if he ever received another email from Annie he had better turn it in to them; however, Alan quickly pointed out that he wasn't the one on her mind and left upset. Reva pointed out that Teri had not checked out a desk. Despite Teri's argument that they needed a search warrant, Reva insisted on opening it. Inside were two letters: one for Josh and one for Reva. Josh's letter reminded him of the love they once shared and Reva's contained a curse...

A man bought one of Jesse's motorcycle paintings for $5000. Michelle was suspicious that Drew set the whole thing up and asked Jesse to avoid letting Drew make a fool out of him. She later apologized for making a fool out of herself, but Jesse only wanted to celebrate -- Drew and Bill jealously looked on...

Meanwhile, Selena caught Mick selling drugs. Mick told her to relax, but she was worried about losing her job. When Buzz showed up they took off to the dance floor. There was a man sitting at the bar who seemed to be interested in Selena, Mick told him that he could have her for a price. Later, as Selena was bringing the man a drink, he offered her money -- Buzz stepped in to defend her, but she disappeared. He found her outside crying and upset that no matter how she dresses, people still think of her as a prostitute...

At the Spaulding mansion, Lizzie read an email from Annie begging for Alan's help: "Alan -- they're after me, I have to get out of here -- I need your help Annie." She quickly showed Alan and he was surprised to see another one requesting that he meet her at the docks. He ran out in a hurry to meet her -- Lizzie was frightened and called Phillip. As Alan reached the docks, Annie's boat was leaving and he cried out that he still loved her and would take care of her. As he watched in horror, the boat exploded!

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