Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 26, 1999 on GL
Danny and Carmen made an arrangement, but Carmen was untrustworthy. Susan tried to impress Max and promised to make him supper in the diner, but disaster struck. Selena wanted to tell Drew the truth, but Jesse changed plans. Reva got a letter from her mother two years after her death.
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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 26, 1999 on GL
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Monday, April 26, 1999

Kate told Holly that she knew Fletcher still loved Holly and that she was only at the mental hospital to give Fletcher some things. Holly was at first wary of the woman's appearance in her hospital room but calmed down when Kate started talking about Meg and showing Holly all of the work that Meg had been doing at her special school. Blake and Fletcher showed up and were startled that Kate was in with Holly.

Blake and Fletcher entered, and Fletcher took Kate out of the room after Kate gave her best wishes to Holly. Kate told Fletcher that she missed him, and Fletcher replied with his demand that she not try to impede Holly's progress or their lives together because he remained determined to stay in Springfield. Blake told Kate to get out of Springfield for good.

At Millennium, Danny told Pilar to run -- to get out of town while she could and to never look back. He said it was too late for him, but she still had a chance. Pilar tried to question him, but then Bill stumbled in, all beaten up and bruised. While Pilar went for the first aid kit, Bill accused Danny, and the two of them discovered that Carmen had engineered the beating. Danny admitted to Bill that he felt Pilar was safer with Bill than with any of the other people in his family.

Danny told Bill not to confide that information to Pilar and that he would take care of it. He left. Pilar returned and was upset that Danny had left. She talked to Bill, who lied and said he had been mugged. Later, after many pleas, Bill admitted to Pilar that it had been Carmen.

Danny entered the Santos estate and immediately lambasted Carmen's henchman and yelled at Carmen that she could not control him. He revealed that he would do anything to keep Pilar safe from her.

Michelle walked in on Drew and Jesse at Drew's apartment. Jesse ran to her in the hall and talked to her. He told her things had just happened and that he had not intended on hurting Michelle, but both of them knew things weren't as they should be between them. Michelle apologized for all that she had done to him, and the two realized that their relationship was at an end.

At the Firehouse, Buzz sorted through Jenna's things and planned on getting rid of them. Selena walked in, and they talked. She realized that Buzz was just not ready to do that yet. She unpacked that things and told Buzz that he had time.

Tuesday, April 27, 1999

Josh arrived home early from his business trip and found an anxious and distracted Reva. He pressed her to tell him what was bothering her. Reva told Josh about her concerns about becoming pregnant and her frightening dream and about Marah's fear of abandonment. She did not tell him about the mysterious ring, however. Later, as they flipped though some travel brochures, discussing their upcoming honeymoon, Reva seemed to know about a place called "San Cristobel," even though she claimed to have never been there.

Like the perfect wife, Annie greeted Alan in a lovely pink suit with perfectly styled hair, eager to tell him all about her community service work and her plans to help raise money for a new youth shelter in Springfield. Alan quickly deflated Annie by telling her she was not acting like herself. Annie fired back that she was simply trying to be the woman he wanted her to be. Alan argued that he liked the "Annie" that he had fallen in love with -- one that was full of surprises. Later, in response to their conversation, Annie surprised Alan by wearing nothing but her birthday suit underneath her raincoat.

Michelle arrived back at the Bauer home, asking Rick and Abby if she could move in for a while. Forlorn, she talked to Abby about the end of her relationship with Jesse and Danny. Abby convinced her that she obviously still had strong feelings for Danny and that she should follow her heart.

Meanwhile, at Millennium, Danny was at the bar, getting tanked. When a rude customer started to harass Pilar, Danny hauled off and slugged him. Later, Carmen arrived, with Ben in tow, and proposed to Danny that he go out to the West Coast and work for his "Tito Frederico." Although Carmen wouldn't admit it to Danny, she was concerned that he was out of control and was going to get himself killed. Danny agreed to go, on the condition that if he did, Carmen had to promise to stay out of Pilar's life for good.

Wednesday, April 28, 1999

Meeting Matt about Lewis Oil business, Jim remarked that his relationship with Beth was going great. Matt stunned him with the revelation that he had been the married "jerk" Beth had dated before Jim. Jim apologized for sticking his foot in his mouth, but Matt assured him it was okay.

Beth leaked to Vicky that she had been pumping Susan for information about her dead mother so that she could have a successful relationship with Jim. When Beth suggested that it was not a good idea to invite Max to her party, Susan accused her of siding with Harley.

Phillip downplayed it when Harley worried about her daughter's interest in Max. Susan interrupted and insisted that Harley invite Max to her party. Running into Jim, Beth used Susan's tennis tip to be with him.

Though Bill lied about the cause of his black eye, Michelle discovered that one of Carmen's goons had beaten him, and she was outraged that he was helping Pilar. She reminded him of all the trouble they'd faced because of that mob family, but he assured her that he was just a friend and nothing more. He guessed that she wanted to remain married to Danny.

Meanwhile, Pilar urged Danny to stay in town and be with Michelle. When Bill leaked to Pilar that Michelle still had it bad for Danny, she set up her brother to run into Michelle. Carmen leaked to Ben about Danny's threats to ruin the family.

Thursday, April 29, 1999

Michelle and Danny were embarrassed when they realized that Pilar had set them up to meet in her room. Danny leaked that he was leaving town and heading to California that night. Michelle urged him to reconsider, and the two talked about what life would have been like if they had met under other circumstances. She then returned his wedding ring.

Downstairs in Company, Bill stuck his foot in his mouth when a smiling Pilar leaked that she had set her brother and Michelle up, and he stated that Michelle deserved better. Pilar defended her brother, and Bill backed off.

When Max showed off a new bruise on his arm and claimed a friend of his foster parents had given it to him, Drew announced in front of Jesse that she was going to file for custody of her "brother." After accusing Max of lying about the injury, Jesse confronted Selena and demanded that she tell Drew the truth.

Selena defended her lies and later thanked Buzz for his unique support. Meanwhile, Max talked with Drew about what his mother was like.

After making love, Josh surprised Reva with a lost letter from her mother that had been found at the post office and delivered to Lewis Oil. Reva took comfort in Sarah's words.

Friday, April 30, 1999

When Jesse found her upset that Max wouldn't be at her family dinner, Drew hinted that he was to blame. Buzz and Selena closed the diner early and learned that Max had other plans for the night.

Susan invited Max to return after the place was closed so that she could cook for him. However, when they did return, Max accidentally dropped a match and started a fire. Susan then discovered that they were locked inside.

Danny said goodbye to his mother as he prepared to leave for California and found it amusing that she couldn't tell him that she loved him. When he made a snide remark about his father, she quickly defended her husband and the life he had left her with after he had been killed. When she touched his face tenderly and reminded him that he was her only son, Danny announced that he no longer had a mother and demanded that she forget him.

Rick rushed to embrace his sister when Michelle revealed that Danny was leaving town. When she remarked about his show of concern, he confessed that he had been worried that he'd wake and find her in the morgue. He then congratulated her on making a commitment to go to med school and urged her to believe that she would one day find the man of her dreams.

Jesse stopped Selena from telling Drew the truth.

Danny overheard Carmen order Dietz to take care of Michelle but got into a car accident before he could stop his mother.

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