One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 21, 1999 on OLTL
Sam was revealed to be Matthew's father. Lindsay wasn't certain that the results were correct. Jessica left the hospital and regained her memory. Asa and Renee learned that Max was their son. Lindsay surprised Bo with a candlelight picnic.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 21, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, June 21, 1999

The Homecoming

Ben gives Viki the welcomed news that Jessica may be released from the hospital. When Viki leaves to tell Jessica the good news, Will arrives. Ben tells him that Jessica is going home, and is perplexed when Will responds that he doesn't want to visit her because she likes him. He then explains that he thinks she will hate him when she remembers everything.

Meanwhile, Jessica is grilling Dorian about the night of the accident. While she can't remember that Dorian was the driver who hit her, she continues to see Dorian somewhere in the picture, but just can't say where. When she asks Dorian if she was there when she was hurt, Dorian responds that she was visiting a friend that night. Just then Viki walks in and immediately throws Dorian out of the room. Dorian tries to make amends for past transgressions, but Viki is unrelenting in her demand that Dorian stay away from Jessica and herself.

Just as Viki is wheeling Jessica out of her room, Will appears. Jessica is happy to see him and asks him to visit her at Llanfair.

At Llanfair, Viki puts Jessica to bed and returns to a waiting Ben in the hallway. They talk about their plans for Ben to move into Llanfair.

In a dream, Jessica is looking for Megan and sees Will. When he tells her that Megan is there and she has to find her, Jessica wakes up startled.

Viki goes into Jessica's room and is alarmed to find she is missing. Jessica is wandering around outside looking for Megan.

And the Winner Is.... (or is it?)

Nora, Sam, Bo and Lindsay anxiously await the test results in Dr. Conklin's office. Dr. Conklin walks into the office and presents the results to Nora, allowing her the opportunity to read them first before telling the men. The report states that there is no match between the baby's DNA and Bo's, and conclusively names Sam as Matthew's father.

Bo leaves the office and Lindsay is waiting to comfort him, then Nora asks if they could talk alone.

Dorian finds Lindsay standing in the hallway, obviously upset. She tells Dorian the news, but that she is not sure if the results are correct because Barnes has disappeared and she has no idea if he changed them or not. Dorian tells her that it is too late to do anything and that she should forget it, but Lindsay's guilt is too deep.

Bo and Nora talk about Matthew and Bo expresses both disappointment and relief. Nora gives him the signed divorce papers and he tells her it was never about Matthew. As they hug each other and say goodbye to their six-year marriage, Sam walks by and discreetly makes himself scarce, but not before Nora sees him walking away.

Will sees Sam and Matthew and joins them. He says he is looking for Lindsay and leaves as Nora arrives. When they are alone, Nora asks him why he took off when he saw her with Bo, and he admits he was afraid that they were getting back together. Sam is astonished when Nora tells him that she presented Bo with the signed divorce papers.

When Will finds Lindsay, he asks her about the black car with her license plates. She explains that it had some scratches and when they couldn't find the right match of red paint, she decided to have it painted black.

Back home, Sam walks out of the house and sees a packed up car. Nora tells him they are taking their first family vacation.

Barmaid vs. the Cramer's

An unsympathetic Joey tells Sophia to cut the act and get out. When she refuses to leave, Kelly announces she is returning to The Palace until "the trash is taken out."

Later Joey and Kelly are still talking by the poolside and Dorian walks over to them. Kelly tells her that she won't live under the same roof with Sophia and can't understand why Dorian is putting up with her. Just as it seems that Dorian is reconsidering though, an eavesdropping Sophia walks over on cue and says she would like to have a word with Kelly about Dorian's little accident. Kelly asks Dorian, "What accident." After Dorian stifles Sophia and distracts Kelly, Kelly walks off saying she's out of there, but a few seconds later turns around and says she won't give Sophia the satisfaction of seeing her leave. When she returns to her room to unpack, Dorian and Sophia bare their claws and Sophia vents her hatred of Kelly. Dorian asks her how much will it take to get Sophia out of their lives. Sophia begins to taunt Dorian about Cassie and goes too far. Dorian tries to slap her but Sophia stops her, revealing she was beaten by her father and no one will ever hit her again. Dorian makes it clear that Cassie is off limits and Sophia apologizes, but Dorian goes on to tell her that Kelly is off limits as well, and Sophia is to stay away from Joey. Dorian throws her out, and a seemingly compliant Sophia begins to walk away then asks to make a phone call. She picks up the phone and tells a 911 operator that she wants to report an accident.

Bo and Hank Go Fishing

Bo storms into the LPD on fire to start to work. Determined to find the hit and run driver that struck Jessica, he asks for a list of all DWI's in the last two years. Hank walks in a commiserates with him, but Bo is in denial about his pain. Hank tells him he is sorry to hear about the divorce papers, and Bo for the first time seems saddened that Nora signed them. Hank leaves the office telling Bo that the two should get away and go on a fishing trip someday.

A few minutes later, Bo storms out of his office and the boys go fishing!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Marti Dixon

As the show opened today, Renee walked in to find Asa breaking things. He told her that Bo had just called to tell him that Matthew is not his baby. Asa was so upset and worried that his dynasty is not worth much, since Cord and Clint are in London, Drew and Megan are dead, and Matthew is Sam's. Renee reminded him that they still have another son out there. Just as they were discussing what their boy might be like, Esther the nurse called to tell them that she has the information they want. She had been at Max's with him and Blair, finalizing plans and driving them crazy. After Esther called Renee, Max and Blair dropped her off at Asa's house. Renee recognized her from when she used to take care of the health of Renee's girls. She began to tell the story of the night that Renee had their baby. Asa got fed up of waiting and grabbed her purse out of her hands. The adoption certificate said that the parents were the Holden's. Asa was in denial that Max is his son, but Renee was happy.

Meanwhile, in the park, Ben found Will sitting alone and thinking. Will told him that he was going to leave. Ben tried to talk him out of it, but Will insisted that he could do nothing to help Jessica right now. He wrote a note and left it under Sam's door, telling his parents that he loves them... he just needs some time alone. After Ben left Will, he went to visit Megan's grave. He told her that she has a wonderful family, who love and miss her. He also told her that they will come see her as soon as they are able.

At Llanfair, Viki went into Jessica's room to find her, but she wasn't there. Viki found her outside at the gazebo. She was looking for Megan. When Viki got there, Jessica asked her where Megan was. Viki told her that she wasn't there, but Jess insisted that she had seen her. Jessica finally realized that she had lost her baby, as well as some fuzzy details about the accident, and breaks down in VIki's arms. Viki assures her that they will heal their pain together. Jessica doesn't think the pain will ever go away. Viki sang to her, and tried to comfort her.

In Angel Square, Cristian was trying to sketch a picture of Jessica. He was mad and frustrated that Jessica doesn't remember him. Carlotta came to see him, and he expressed to her his frustration. He told her that he can't go to art school in New York without Jessica, because they had planned to go there together... as husband and wife. He plans to stay in Llanview until Jessica is well and remembers him.

Wednesday, June 23, 1999

Viki told Ben that Jessica had regained her memory about Megan and had gone searching for Will to comfort him. Ben assured a shaky Viki that Jessica had the strength to make it through the loss of her child. When Jessica was unable to find Will, she started to pack a bag to head out to find him, but Viki convinced her to wait until morning. Renee was thrilled at the thought that Max was her son, but a skeptical Asa refused to believe it until there was proof. Meanwhile, Ester reported back to Blair and Max about her meeting with Renee and Asa. Blair convinced Max that they could beat a DNA test by getting a sample from Asa's real son. Lindsay surprised Bo with a candlelight picnic in his office. A touched Bo promised he would return the favor with a romantic celebration for her upcoming birthday.

Thursday, June 24, 1999

Jessica arrived at the gallery looking for Will, but ran into Bo instead. Dorian overheard Jessica tell Bo that she didn't remember anything about the accident. At the police station, R.J. listened as Sykes questioned Téa about her keen interest in Jessica's case. Sykes informed a reluctant Bo that forensics should check Lindsay's cell phone. Bo was surprised to learn that Lindsay had her car painted from red to black. Nora and Sam returned to Chicago and visited the courtroom where they once worked on an important case. Sam and Nora decided to represent the owner of their favorite restaurant after she fired her attorney. Grace brought a woman to Kevin who claimed she was a witness to Jessica's accident. Grace turned down a job offer from Kevin to work at the Banner while accepting one from Kelly to work at The Sun.

Friday, June 25, 1999

Dorian admitted to R.J. that Sophia was blackmailing her. R.J. threatened to take care of Sophia, but Dorian paid him off in exchange for his promise not to hurt Sophia. At R.J.'s urging, Dorian agreed to visit Cassie in Switzerland. Blair looked on as Max feigned ignorance when Asa told him about Ester's visit and that there was a strong chance Max was his and Renee's son. Max told Renee that he would be honored to be her son. Asa warned Max that he better not break Renee's heart. Jessica told a devastated Cristian that she didn't remember how it felt to love him. Jessica then ran off when Cristian vowed to make her love him again. Bo learned that Lindsay had been upset when she came in to have her car painted. Bo also learned from the security guard at the gallery that Lindsay lied about her alibi.

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