One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 5, 1999 on OLTL

Dorian offered to help Lindsay, against Madame Delphina's advice. Dorian had bad dreams. Téa and John broke up. Blair asked Max for a divorce. Roseanne continued to make a play for Cristian.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 5, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, July 5, 1999

Dorian returned from Switzerland worried that some evidence against her might have been discovered in her absence. But to the contrary, R.J. tells her that not only is she not a suspect, but Lindsay has been arrested and charged with vehicular homicide. Lindsay calls Dorian again, but R.J. won't let Dorian take the call. Hearing Dorian's voice in the background, Lindsay decides to go to Dorian's instead. When she gets there, she asks Dorian to be her alibi for the time when the accident occured. Dorian isn't sure what to say and tells Lindsay that she doesn't think she can because Cassie's doctor wants her to spend lots of time in Switzland with her daughter. Dorian does promise that she will find some other way to help Lindsay.

Rae and Grace had a confrontation at the Sun, with Rae blasting Grace for having an affair with her husband, Daniel. Grace insists that she didn't know that Daniel was married and wouldn't have had an affair with him if she had known. She does insist that she and Daniel loved each other, which only angers Rae more. Rae asks Grace where Daniel is now, he left her and took a lot of Rae's money with him. I don't have any idea where he is now, Grace insists.

Blair arrives at the Palace restaurant to find Max passed out on the floor and Ben taking care of him. She rushes over to him and begs him to wake up. Max finally does wake up and refuses any medical attention. Renee wants him to go to the hospital for a complete physical. Asa is suspicious of Blair's reaction when she saw Max lying on the ground. She tries to pretend the only reason she acted that way was for Starr's sake, because Starr is very attached to Max. Asa isn't buying it and tells her to stay away. Later, Blair talks to Ben privately and asks if he could examine Max. But I'm not liscensed to practice in Pennsylvania, he explains to her. Blair asks if he's ever operated on an aneurysm. Asa tells Max that if the tests do prove that he is their son, he will give Max anything he wants, with one condition. Max must have nothing more to do with Blair.

At the police station, Téa is still obsessed with the hit and run case. John asks her out to dinner and she off-handedly agrees, not really paying attention to a word he's saying. When he later asks if she's ready for their date and she doesn't even remember agreeing to go, he gets furious and tells her to foget about it. In fact, maybe they should forget about their whole relationship.

Lindsay was just about to tell Sam about where she really was the night of the accident, when Bo suddenly appeared and she changed her mind. Bo and Sam had a discussion, which Lindsay overheard, in which Bo advised Sam to pleabargin her case. Hurt by Bo's apparent lack of faith in her innocence, Lindsay leaves the necklace he gave her on his desk.

Tuesday, July 6, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Marti Dixon

At the beginning of today's show, John was at the penthouse, packing his things. Roseanne came in and they had a little argument about Téa. Roseanne said that she's attracted to abusers like Todd and R.J., who will push her around. John defended Téa, saying that their relationship is going to work. He asked Roseanne why she hates Téa so much and Roseanne said that Téa owes her. Roseanne left for the diner, where Téa was talking to Carlotta and Nora about the case and its effect on her and John. Carlotta said that Téa should tell John that this hit and run case is really about what happened in New York. Téa said that it wasn't and she didn't want to talk about the past. Téa came home after Roseanne left and begged John not to leave. She convinced him to stay and talk. John wanted to know why this case is so important and what she ever did to Roseanne. Back at the diner, Cristian was frustrated by the heat and the broken air conditioner. Roseanne began rubbing ice on the back of his neck.

Lindsay had been at Dorian's, asking her to provide an alibi for the night of the accident. Dorian agreed to tell the police that they were together. After Lindsay left, R.J. came and was angry with Dorian for helping Lindsay. Then Madame Delphina came, telling Dorian that she has been getting messages from Mel. The message was that Dorian should undo what she had done.

Grace met up with Sam at the Palace Restaurant. On her way to the table, Rae confronted her about Daniel, Rae's husband. Grace maintained that she did not know he was married. Rae did not believe her and privately warned Kevin, who had joined Sam and Grace, to beware of her.

Jessica and Will arrived at a hotel. Will gave Jess the hospital bracelet that was Megan's. Jessica told Will how sorry she was that he had to grieve alone. They made a pact to keep no secrets from one another.

When Lindsay got back to the gallery, a mover was taking the art pieces because her clients cancelled their contract because of her arrest. Nora arrived and accused Lindsay of lying to Sam... again. Lindsay told Sam she was with Dorian and a psychic. Sam said he never believed she was guilty.

Wednesday, July 7, 1999

by Soap Central

Blair Seeks Help

Max and Blair were at The Palace, Max recovering from his fainting spell, and Blair is in a state of panic.

Ben walks into the restaurant and is immediately cornered by a reporter wanting to know Viki's reaction to the news that Lindsay Rappaport has been accused of hitting Jessica. Ben blows him off and when he turns around, he sees Blair. Blair asks Ben questions about aneurysms, telling Ben she is asking him as a reporter. He knows it's about Max though, and when he tells her this she admits she is worried.

In the meantime, Bo is talking to Max about his belief in Lindsay's innocence, when he notices Max is not quite himself. When he asks Max about it, Max plays it down.

Ben tells Blair about the symptoms she might see when Max's aneurysm gets worse. He also told her that Max's recent fainting spell might be the warning sign of a stroke. Just then Asa walks into the restaurant and Blair and Ben abruptly stop the conversation.

Asa goes to Max and Bo, and again harasses Bo about his belief in Lindsay's innocence.

Blair and Ben resume their discussion about Max, and she tries to get him to take the case. Telling her that he is not yet licensed to practice medicine in PA, he gives her the name of a colleague that he believes may be able to be of help.

Asa also notices that Max doesn't seem to be well and asks him about it. Max explains that he just has a feeling of pins and needles in his hand. Turning the conversation over to the DNA test being done to determine if Max if his son, he tells Max that if he is a fraud, he'd better head to the nearest cliff and jump.

Just then Bo gets off the phone and announces to a disappointed Asa that Lindsay has an alibi.

When Asa leaves, Blair tells Max he's going to a doctor, if she has to take him kicking and screaming. When Max refuses, she backs down, "for now".

Dorian Gets A Warning

Madame Delphina is visiting Dorian and strongly advises her to not back up Lindsay's alibi, saying she would be making the biggest mistake of her life. Dorian insists that she can't let Lindsay take the rap and Madame Delphina tells her that if she goes to jail, it will hurt Cassie. She also warns Dorian that being Lindsay's alibi will be lies upon lies. Dorian, referring to Mel's wish that she make peace with Viki that night, cries out, "What is the point of doing the right thing, if it always goes wrong."

Dorian kisses a picture of Mel and asks him for guidance. She then asks Madame Delphina to hug her like she did the night Mel came to her. Nothing happens, but then Madame Delphina tells her that Mel wants her to know that she shouldn't alibi Lindsay. She looks at the phone and points.... and the phone begins to ring. When Dorian picks it up she finds it is Cassie, and she immediately assures her that she will be back in Switzerland to visit her. At the same time Madame Delphina leaves the room and is approached by R.J. who wants to pay her for her work. She refuses the money, telling him she did it because she likes Dorian. But she warns him that no good will come of the mess for Dorian, Lindsay, herself, and looking directly into R.J.'s eyes, "and not for you."

Dorian tells R.J. she still wants to be Lindsay's alibi, but he encourages her to just go back to Switzerland in the morning. When the doorbell rings, R.J. leaves. Dorian opens the door to find Bo, Lindsay and Sam standing there. They come in and Bo immediately asks her, "Were you with Lindsay on the night of the accident?"

Lindsay and Sam

Sam tells Lindsay that he believes her, but she has to be honest with him. She doesn't want Bo to ask her any questions that Sam hasn't asked her already. Then he tells her, "If there is one single solitary hole in your alibi, there is nothing that can save you." Lindsay assures Sam she would never lie to him, and then tells him that she and Dorian were together the night of the accident - talking about Madame Delphina. Sam tells her that if she can get through this, she can get through anything.

Téa and Sykes

John tries to get Téa to tell him the truth about why she is so involved in the hit and run case, but she refuses to speak. He then tells her he knows she is hiding from him and that she doesn't trust him. He asks her to "let me love you. All of you."

Téa doesn't believe she belongs to John, pointing out that she belongs to people like Todd, that they're two of a kind. John gets upset and tells her he will not start mistreating her. He turns to leave and Téa asks him to wait, but he turns around and says, "I'll wait, but not here, and not for long."

Roseanne Tries Again

Using Jessica and Will's recent loss as a reason to keep them together in Cristian's eyes, Roseanne makes yet another play for Cristian's attention. He's not buying though, and remains determined he will get Jessica back.

Later Ben comes into the café and he and Cristian go outside to talk. Téa comes in, crying, followed by R.J. who tries to console her. She hugs him and then realizes what she has done, abruptly leaves. Roseanne was watching everything from a distance.

Thursday, July 8, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Nancy Fox


Kelly and Joey's romantic evening is interrupted when Sophia shows up. Sophia says she has to tell Kelly about Dorian: she's really upset, not sleeping or eating much - a total "wreck." She convinces Kelly to go check on Dorian by saying that the police commissioner came to the house. Joey agrees that Kelly should go, but Kelly won't leave without Sophia going too. After they leave, Joey takes a gift-wrapped box out of the desk and places it on the coffee table before going upstairs. Sophia sneaks back in, snoops around and takes the box.


Will enters the motel room with a bouquet of flowers and Jessica wakes from a nap. She tells him she dreamt of being pregnant and asks him, "When is it ever going to stop hurting?" He tells her that the hurting may stop, but not the memory. Later, Jessica asks Will why it is so easy to be with him. Instead of sharing his growing feelings for Jessica, Will told her she would soon feel comfortable with Cristian. "You don't have to mention Cristian every time I say something nice," was Jessica's response.


Bo continues his questioning of Dorian from yesterday while Lindsay and Sam await the answer. Dorian says that Lindsay had been with her earlier that evening, but she left around 8pm and Dorian had no idea where Lindsay went. Lindsay attacked Dorian while screaming, "Why are you lying? You're supposed to be my friend. You liar." Sam restrained Lindsay while Bo and Dorian went to the foyer. Dorian assured Bo that Lindsay hadn't asked her to lie, that she was probably just "confused." Dorian then told Bo that she was sure Lindsay was innocent and that he should be, too. After Bo went back into the living room, R.J. showed up at the front door and asked Dorian what had happened. She told R.J. she had done what "Mel" wanted her to do: she couldn't lie for Lindsay. Although Sam instructed Lindsay not to talk, a distraught Lindsay wailed, "I didn't do it. No one believes me. I keep hoping the truth will come out." A saddened Bo tells Lindsay that she's getting "in deeper and deeper; you'd better have a really good reason not to tell me where you really were" that night. Lindsay just replies, "No one believes me."


Nora sees Bo sitting at his desk and comes in to ask if he's busy dropping the charges against Lindsay. Bo tells Nora that Lindsay's alibi "fell apart." Seeing his sadness, Nora asks Bo when "it" got so serious - you and Lindsay, not the case. Bo shocks Nora by admitting that he has fallen in love with Lindsay. While Nora wipes tears from her eyes, Bo tries to explain that Lindsay's odd combination of traits somehow got under his skin: she's devious one minute and totally without guile the next. He admitted that although Lindsay had lied to him, she wasn't really very good at it; she has "an odd kind of innocence about her like a little kid begging for attention." Seeing the irony in the situation, Nora pressed Bo. "You're in love with her and she lies to you. People lie for a lot of reasons, some good and some not so good. I lied to you once and at the time I thought I had a good reason, but I hurt you badly." Bo responds by saying that Lindsay's lies aren't hurting him, she is hurting herself for some reason. Nora admits that she isn't comfortable with Sam defending Lindsay because of the physical, mental and emotional investment that he is making by doing so. Nora thinks that if he lost the case because of Lindsay's lies it would kill Sam - and maybe Bo, too. Bo says, "I've survived worse."


Sam brings Lindsay home to the gallery and tries to leave, but Lindsay insists they talk. Sam tells her that when a client lies to him, he tells them to get another lawyer. Lindsay begs Sam not to tell Will anything, "I'll have lost everything if my own child doesn't believe me." Sam says he's not promising to represent her but, if he continues, she will have to cut a deal: plead guilty for a reduced sentence. Lindsay doesn't want to do this because it would mean saying she did it when she didn't. Sam says she will have to deal or tell him the truth about where she was that night. Sam leaves and Lindsay dissolves into tears.


Dorian tells R.J. that Lindsay doesn't want to clear herself because of "a minuscule microscopic strand of DNA." She won't elaborate on this but asks R.J. if her life could be any more "ghastly." As he tells her that it certainly would be if she were in jail, Kelly walks in and asks Dorian if she is in trouble. Dorian and R.J. both deny Dorian is upset, but Kelly questions Dorian about why Bo was at the house and why she is spending so much time with R.J. Dorian ducks Kelly's questioning by agreeing with R.J. that she is tired and going to bed. Later, Sophia comes home and is confronted by R.J. about telling Kelly that Dorian was in distress. "Don't mess with me. You'll force me to do something I don't want to do", he threatens. After R.J. leaves, Sophia opens the stolen gift box and sees a beautiful pearl bracelet.


Kelly and Joey discuss Dorian and R.J. Joey advises Kelly to "investigate" the situation. When Kelly asks about her present, Joey finds the box missing and has to cover.


Sam and Ben (who has been babysitting Matthew) discuss Sam's situation with Lindsay. Sam tells Ben that Lindsay's lies are tying him in knots; he has managed to defend other clients he didn't trust, but this is different and he doesn't know what to do. "Every fiber of my being tells me it's not fair to risk what I have with Nora", but do I abandon Lindsay? Later, Nora argues with Sam about what Lindsay is doing to them. "She destroys people and relationships; all she understands is lies and sabotage." As Sam tells Nora that he might withdraw from the case, Will telephones his father to check in. Sam covers for Lindsay by telling Will that "nothing conclusive" has been uncovered about the hit-and-run.


Jessica is tossing and turning in her sleep while Will lies awake on the floor. He gets up and goes to the bed and lies down beside Jessica and puts his arm around her to comfort her.


While Sam sits in the dark playing his guitar, Nora joins him on the couch. She tells Sam that she hates what this case - and Lindsay - is doing to him and, even worse, that she can't do anything to help him. Nora assures Sam that they have come through too much to have this come between them; "whether you decide to defend her or not, I'm with you." Sam tells Nora that he loves her, for that and a million other reasons; he knows she will be there for him "no matter what he does" but that the decisions he has to make will have to be made alone and that he doesn't "even know where to begin."


Hank comes in to urge Bo to go home. "There's a lot more to life." Bo says he's heard "that dirty rumor." Bo asks Hank how he felt when R.J. was in legal trouble. Hank remembers that it's very difficult when someone you care about and love is in trouble. But Hank assures Bo that he doesn't feel that Bo's objectivity is an issue in this case, he doesn't feel that it has affected Bo doing his job. Hank tells Bo that he hasn't "rushed to judgment."


Lindsay has a nightmare that a rock crashes through her window. A bloody newspaper that proclaims, "Lindsay Rappaport Pleads Guilty" covers the rock. Jessica enters the gallery in a wheelchair pushed by Will who says he threw the rock. Jessica asks Lindsay how she could have killed her own granddaughter. Sam enters the dream and asks Lindsay where she was that night. She pleads "I wasn't there", but Sam says it must be true because it says so in the newspaper. Bo enters the dream and tells Lindsay that it is true because "nobody pleads guilty to a crime they didn't commit." As Bo admonishes Lindsay by saying, "You took her baby away, you deserve to spend the rest of your life alone", he handcuffs Lindsay. They all echo, "You deserve to spend the rest of your life alone." Lindsay shouts, "I didn't do it...I can explain" and wakes up.


Dorian dreams she has another of her "visions" of a pregnant Jessica in that yellow flowered dress. She hears Jessica tell her, "I know Lindsay didn't do this. I won't let her pay for what you did. If you don't tell them, I will..."

Friday, July 9, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Diane Hopkins


Kelly is asking Joey for her present, but Joey can't seem to find it. Kelly thinks that Sophia stole it.

Dorian's house

Sophia is in awe over the bracelet she stole from Joey and Kelly. She says to herself, "you have good taste, Joey", as she looks at the bracelet on her arm in the mirror. Sophia is in the mirror talking about Kelly. Sophia hears Kelly at the door and runs into another room to hide. Kelly comes in and tells Joey that Sophia stole the bracelet, so they began to look for Sophia and when they do, Sophia runs out the door. Later, Sophia comes back in and Kelly is standing inside the door, accusing Sophia of taking the bracelet. Sophia denies stealing it. Kelly says, you won't get Joey, you will never be loved by Joey. Sophia is furious. After Kelly leaves, Sophia is on the phone trying to order an exact duplicate of Kelly's bracelet and charging it to Dorian's credit card.


Kelly comes in and rants and raves about Sophia stealing the bracelet, when Joey stands up with a box in his hand, which he found under the couch. We accused her unfairly he says. Kelly looks at him and says are you taking up for her. he says "no", and "open the present" She opens it, says its beautiful and that she loves him.

Police Dept.

Rae is at the police department speaking with John. Rae seems to know everyone's business in the town as she brings up Téa's name to John. She wants to file a missing person's report on her husband. Rae said he has been missing since December. John says jokingly, since December, haven't you missed him since then? Rae tells John about her husband's latest trophy. Rae is in Llanview because Grace, her husband's lover, is in town(she doesn't mention Grace by name). I want him found, but I don't want him back, Rae tells Sykes. I want my money, and my divorce, she says. Rae's husband wrote poems and letters to Grace, so Rae knows he will be back for her. She's going to wait there in Llanview until he returns. How can she be so sure her husband will come here, Sykes asks. Rae is sure about a lot of things, she knows his need to win, he wants Grace back and he will return for her. Rae is going to stick around for the finale. John says your husband deserves everything he gets. Rae wonders what could be wrong with Téa, that she would throw away a good man like John. Rae wants to talk about Téa, but John does not, although he enjoys Rae's company. In due time, Rae says, he will start talking to her about secrets of the heart. Rae leaves and Roseanne comes in to bring John his tie. He asks about Téa and she says Téa is great. Roseanne is stirring the pot herself, telling John that R.J. was with Téa last night and today. Kevin and Grace rush in looking for Bo as Rae walks back in after unsucessfully searching her car for a picture of Daniel to give to Sykes. Rae tells Grace she put out a report on Daniel. Let the police know if my husband contacts you, she requests. Kevin wants to talk to Rae, have you ever thought that your husband ever hurt anyone besides you, he asks. I will keep it in mind, she says.

Max's Place

Blair is talking to Max, who has no control over one of his arms. He has suffered a stroke and hasn't said anything about it to anyone. Blair is glad that he will be accepted into the Buchanan clan. Blair is concerned about his health, but says that soon they will be able to afford any doctor they want. Meanwhile, Asa and Renee are outside the door discussing Max and what will happen depending on whether or not he has passed the DNA tests. They knock on the door and Max makes Blair hide behind the couch, even though Asa and Renee remain at the front door. Max tells them he has something to tell them. Max lies to Renee and Asa as he further stirs the pot, trying to work his con on Asa and Renee. Asa has the results in his hands. Max says he will learn to love and respect Asa. Asa opens the envelope, and says you are my son. Blair in the meantime is behind the couch, silently saying, thank you Lord. Renee hugs Max and speaks good things to Asa and Max, Renee is so happy. Max hugs Asa and says he does not need the power of the money or the mansion. Renee says, I will give you a party in honor of being a Buchanan. Asa tells Max he will have to change some of his choices in life, like his women. Asa doesn't want Blair with Max and for that matter, no other trashy women in the Buchanan family. Renee tells Max to move in the mansion today. Act like a Buchanan, Asa says. They leave and Max hugs and kisses Blair. Blair feels guilty or left out as she hears Max's speech to his new parents. Max is packing to go to the Mansion as Blair is watching. She is not looking happy with her plan, Max wants to take a honeymoon with Blair, Blair is quiet, he asks why. She says, I want a divorce.


Grace is tapping away on her laptop when Kevin sits down and talks to her about the heat and how she can stand it. He is saying that she does not like to confront things, and how Rae Cummings should not affect her. Grace asks, what did Rae tell him. Grace was Rae's husband's lover. Kevin wants to know if she still loves him. Grace tells Kevin about Rae's husband and tells him she does not love Rae's husband. She never knew he was married. When did you find out he was married, Kevin asks. She explains that she went to a reception to surprise him and he was with his wife. So, she left and hasn't seen him since. Kevin smiles at her, and says he understands a lot more about her. Rae is at the diner talking to Roseanne, saying she is glad someone is getting what they want when Roseanne says she's making progress with Cristian. John walks in and talks to Rae again, he did not expect to see her again so soon.


R.J. is at Téa's house on an unwelcomed visit. Téa tells him that she and John are not together again. R.J. is shocked. Roseanne, sneaky Roseanne is looking on, watching quietly on the stairs. People are not what you think they are, Téa says to R.J. R.J. thinks she's talking about John, but Téa's talking about herself. R.J. is talking about John in a negative light, R.J. still wants her and he flatters her, John had no clue how to take care of a woman like Téa. R.J. likes it because Téa turned to him, she denies it. She was in need and he was there. Why are you here, Téa asks. He felt she wasn't okay so that's why he came over. He says just call me, if you need me. She asks him to leave and he does. Meanwhile, Roseanne is still watching. She comes down the stairs innocently and asks who was at the door. Téa lies to her. Roseanne says, Carlotta told me that you and John broke up. What else did Carlotta say, Téa asks. Nothing, says Roseanne. John goes over to see Téa and rants and raves about R.J. to her. You left, that was your choice, Téa says. R.J. has no respect for the law, John says and Téa replies that R.J. is a friend. Leave, Téa says. Don't turn to a criminal, you are better than that, John says. After John leaves, Téa says to herself, "no, I'm not" and cries. Téa turns on the answering machine and listens to John's message again and says, "What have I done?."

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