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Gigi confessed that Shane was Rex's son, but Rex couldn't hear her because of the headphones he was wearing. Adriana didn't hear the confession as she walked into the house, but she grew suspicious of Gigi's profuse apologies. Jared managed to get Natalie to erase his conversation; he lied that he had spilled his feelings about her to Nigel. Charlie realized his failure as a father after hearing Jared speak of his childhood.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 24, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, March 24, 2008

At the diner, Rex accused Jared of attempting to take advantage of Gigi. After being called a woman abuser, Jared responded by punching Rex. While Charlie broke up the fight, Gigi, Viki, Natalie, Layla, and Marcie looked on. When Gigi announced that the kiss between her and Jared meant nothing, Jared agreed and demanded to know why Rex made such an issue of it. Afterwards, Rex became defensive when Charlie questioned why Rex enticed Jared into a fight. When Charlie asked if Rex were jealous, Rex informed Charlie that he was in love with Adriana and a wedding date had been set. Rex invited Charlie to the wedding, and Charlie accepted. Nearby, Natalie chastised Jared about attacking Rex. Natalie wondered if Jared had violated Buchanan Enterprise's sexual harassment policy, but Jared asserted his innocence. When Jared stated that the kiss meant nothing, Natalie was disgusted by his reaction. Rex approached Jared and apologized for his behavior. With Natalie's urging, both men agreed to bury the hatchet. Viki asked Gigi if Jared had acted inappropriately towards her, but Gigi insisted that the kiss was mutual. As Marcie questioned why Rex would act so irrationally, Layla watched Gigi's reaction. Gigi stated that Rex had always been protective of her, and didn't realize she had grown up since their high school years. Observing Layla's negative reaction towards her, Gigi confronted Layla about calling Adriana in Paris and informing her of a nonexistent relationship between Gigi and Rex. Gigi was convinced Layla would tell Adriana what she witnessed at the diner, and told Layla that she would upset her friend over nothing. Before storming out of the diner, an angered Layla insinuated that perhaps Gigi sought attention from both Rex and Jared. Later, Jared asked Gigi if he could speak with her. Jared apologized to Gigi and they decided to not allow their indiscretion to affect their work relationship.

Adriana confronted Dorian about deceiving her once again. As Dorian pleaded with Adriana to understand her side, Adriana accused her mother of attempting to destroy her relationship with Rex. Dorian questioned if Adriana's anger was a result of Rex's friendship with Gigi. Adriana dismissed the idea and ordered Dorian to leave the apartment. When Dorian refused to leave the loft, Adriana told Dorian that she wasn't welcome at the wedding and tossed Dorian's belongings out the front door. Dorian pounded on the door and begged Adriana to forgive her, but Adriana refused to listen. Finally, Adriana opened the door and told her mother she would give her one last opportunity to redeem herself. Adriana told Dorian she would give her a second chance only if Dorian did exactly what Adriana requested. Adriana ordered Dorian to ensure that her marriage to Rex took place no matter what. Adriana told Dorian that if her marriage to Rex didn't take place, she would leave for Paris and never return. Adriana even threatened to become involved with Jean-Pierre if Dorian didn't ensure that nothing prevented Adriana and Rex from marrying. Cornered, Dorian succumbed to Adriana's demand.

Inside Ramsey's office, Antonio tried to convince Ramsey of his plans to rid Angel Square of crime, but was met with resistance. While Antonio and Ramsey discussed crime strategy, both men noticed that Talia and John appeared to be getting along quite well. When Ramsey mentioned the observation, Antonio seemed bothered. Later, Antonio wasn't pleased when he observed Talia and John playfully teasing one another. Ramsey interrupted John and Talia's conversation when he ordered John into his office. Inside, Ramsey stated that he wanted to discuss John's work performance. Ramsey warned John to keep his relationship with Talia professional. Ramsey declared that John was the cause of Marty's death, and stated that every woman that became involved with John was doomed. Ramsey threatened to take John's badge for good if John caused any problems. Meanwhile, when Talia attempted to converse with Antonio, he lashed out at her. Antonio questioned Talia about her behavior with John. John suggested that Talia learn to take her job seriously. Talia stood up to Antonio and informed him that her relationship with John was innocent, but Antonio refused to listen.

At La Boulaie, Starr was skeptical when she learned that Langston and Markko planned to sneak Cole into the mansion. Starr feared that Todd would find out and attack Cole again. After Langston convinced Starr that Todd and Blair would be out the entire evening, Starr looked forward to reuniting with Cole. While Cole entered the mansion through the opened terrace doors, Todd and Blair returned home. Blair attempted to convince Todd to attend the charity event, but Todd stated that he wanted to stay home. As Blair opened the doors to the library, she was horrified to find Cole standing there. Blair quickly motioned for Cole to hide, and attempted to distract Todd. As Cole hid behind a door, Todd entered the library. While Todd criticized and threatened to harm Cole if he came anywhere near Starr, Cole listened quietly. Blair made several attempts to lure Todd from the library, but Todd insisted on remaining downstairs. Todd nearly discovered Cole, but Blair continued to run interference. Meanwhile, Starr and Langston nearly panicked when they realized Todd and Blair were home. The girls attempted to enter the library, but Blair told them to go upstairs. Todd allowed the girls to remain downstairs, and insisted that Blair escort him upstairs. The girls rushed into the library in search of Cole. When Starr discovered Cole, the two happily embraced one another. Langston stood guard outside the library. Alone, Starr and Cole were delighted to be together. As Starr told Cole the truth about her decision to end their relationship, Blair stormed into the room. Angered, Blair told Starr and Cole that they risked a great deal and could never do it again. Cole declared that he couldn't live without Starr, and didn't care what Todd did to him. Starr told Cole that Todd threatened to send him to prison for shooting Miles Laurence. When Cole insisted that the case was closed, Blair informed Cole that Ramsey would reopen the case if Todd gave him any ammunition. Seconds later, Langston signaled them that Todd was returning downstairs. As Blair hurried Cole from the house, Starr and Cole shared one last kiss. In the hall, Todd pushed Langston aside and entered the room. When he found Blair closing the terrace doors, Todd questioned what exactly was going on. Blair begged Todd to reconsider keeping Starr and Cole from each other; she warned Todd that his actions might draw Starr and Cole closer together. Todd refused to allow Starr to see Cole ever again. Upstairs, Starr told Langston that she wasn't giving up Cole and planned to meet with him later.

Charlie and Viki found some time to be alone. Viki noticed Charlie appeared subdued and asked if anything were wrong. Charlie cheered up and told Viki that she was the most special person he knew. Viki told Charlie that she was aware that he had something on his mind. Charlie told Viki that he wanted to tell her everything one day, but wanted to forget his problems and enjoy his day with Viki.

Rex apologized to Gigi for interfering in her life. Gigi asked Rex why he cared who kissed her. When Gigi questioned whether Rex thought she deserved a nice guy, Rex told Gigi that she deserved that and more.

Layla arrived at the loft and told Adriana about the fight Rex had with Jared. When Layla mentioned that Rex started the fight because he felt Jared was taking advantage of Gigi, Adriana gave Dorian a knowing look. Adriana told Layla that Gigi wouldn't be any trouble for her. Dorian replied, "No, Gigi won't be any problem at all."

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

At the Buchanan estate, Nora woke Clint up with a kiss. Clint was exhausted, and Nora reminded him that he'd been working all night at Buchanan Enterprises, trying to save the company. She left to tend to Matthew, and as Clint prepared to face the day, he got a call from the office, confirming his suspicions about Asa's old "friend" Warren Cobb being involved in more corporate sabotage. Enraged, Clint put in a call to Lindsay. Over at Bo's loft, Bo and Lindsay were doing a crossword puzzle together. A playful Lindsay begged Bo not to leave for work, but Bo insisted he had to continue getting dressed. After he left, Lindsay received Clint's phone call. Clint brusquely asked her if the file she'd given him on Warren Cobb was accurate. Lindsay said every word was true. "This conversation never happened," Clint said gruffly. "What conversation?" Lindsay asked innocently. After Clint hung up, Nora returned to the bedroom, noticing Clint's agitated state, and asked if everything was all right. "No," Clint said, pondering his choice. "But it's gonna be." Back at Bo's, Lindsay helped her guardian fix his tie. The close proximity led Bo and Lindsay to slowly move in for a kiss, but at the last moment, Bo backed off, saying that he wasn't sure whether it was a good idea. Bo said he liked the way things were between them at that time. Lindsay took Bo's words as rejection and tried to make light of it, saying she knew nothing could ever happen between them again. "I didn't say that," Bo said. He explained that things were going so well with them living together, and that he didn't want to put rules on their relationship or spoil things too soon. Down the road, he said, who knew what might happen between them? Lindsay agreed with him, and after Bo bid her goodbye and left for work, she wistfully repeated, "Who knows...?"

Rex and Adriana shared a tender morning together in bed, and Rex urged Adriana to stay there with him. But the evasive Adriana had other plans, and explained that she had to go out and do some "things." After Rex headed for the shower, Adriana called Dorian and demanded she come to the loft. In an icy tone of voice, she warned her mother to hold up her end of their new bargain, or Dorian knew what would happen. After she hung up, Rex emerged from the shower, asking who she was talking to. Adriana lied that she'd been talking with a lazy wedding planner. She began to subtly press Rex about the previous afternoon, about his working at BE with Gigi, and asked if he was leaving anything out. She hinted that Layla had already told her about Rex and Jared's fight over Gigi. Rex confessed everything, but said that it was innocent, and that he didn't like Jared "taking advantage" of his old friend. Adriana was serene and said she understood that Rex was just looking out for Gigi, but as Rex embraced her, Adriana's face turned cold.

At BE, Clint looked over the Warren Cobb file once more, then put in a call to Bo, asking Bo to meet with Charlie alone at the diner about Charlie's new job. He cited awkwardness between himself, Charlie, and Viki. After hanging up, Clint held the Cobb file in his hands, steeling himself for confrontation. He'd told Bo to take care of Charlie, "and I'll take care of this."

At Carlotta's, Charlie ran afoul of Dorian. He wondered why she was slumming at the diner, only to discover they'd both been called together by Roxy regarding Rex and Adriana's impending nuptials. As they waited for Roxy to arrive, Charlie told Dorian he knew that the last thing she wanted was for Adriana to marry his "son." Dorian defended herself, saying that she didn't want to stop the wedding at all-she merely hoped that the "father" of the groom, and his real son, weren't in jail before the wedding happened. Charlie asked Dorian if she was threatening him. "You're a fool," Dorian snapped, and said she knew they both had too much to lose from Charlie and Jared's secret coming out, but that he had to realize that sooner or later, it would. Charlie said that he just had to hope and pray that it wouldn't come to that. "Hope is not a plan," Dorian retorted. She just wondered who would be more devastated when the truth came out-Charlie, or his beloved Viki? Just then, Adriana called and ordered Dorian to meet her at Rex's apartment.

After Dorian hung up, she prepared to leave, telling Charlie that she actually felt sorry for him, and liked him. She sympathized with Charlie, but asked him if Viki would when she knew the truth. "You live to see Viki hurt," Charlie replied. Dorian told Charlie that he couldn't trust Viki with the secret, and reminded him that the truth was not well-hidden, that even Roxy knew about his not being Rex's "father." Dorian threw up her hands, exclaiming that the whole thing was so incredibly convoluted it was impossible to keep it all straight. Right on cue, Roxy arrived, regaling Dorian and Charlie with her suggestions of a wedding at the racetrack for Rex and Adriana, or perhaps at Nash's vineyard. Mortified, Dorian left Charlie and Roxy to the details, and hotfooted it to Adriana's side.

Forced to spend time alone with Roxy, Charlie endured her sweet-talking and an attempt at a massage to alleviate his "tension." Roxy noted that there was something about Charlie that fascinated her, and said that he really could be Rex's father. Charlie grew frustrated and asked Roxy again why she'd made him a part of her deception. Roxy claimed that the reason it was so important for Charlie to be Rex's "father" was because she actually had no idea who his father really was-only that it was not Wally Balsom. Before Charlie could process this, Bo arrived at the diner to meet with Charlie, shaking his hand and explaining that Charlie had won the contracting bid for BE's "Pine Valley addition." Charlie was pleased, and Roxy chimed in to remind Bo that Rex and Adriana set a date for their wedding. Bo was enthusiastic, and congratulated Charlie on having found his son. He felt confident that Charlie was a "straight shooter" and a good role model for the wayward Rex. The conflicted Charlie took this praise without speaking another word.

Lindsay met with the judge from the Spencer Truman trial in the judge's chambers, and was pleased to learn that Bo had given her an excellent progress report since her release. Nora rushed into the chambers, apologizing for being late. Lindsay was jolted to learn that as District Attorney, Nora had access to Lindsay's evaluation sessions with the court. "Lucky me!" Nora exclaimed. "And I get to ask questions." She sarcastically applauded Lindsay's "progress," and pushed Lindsay on whether she'd "recovered any memories" of her "mental breakdown" in court months earlier. Lindsay said that her doctors explained that those would likely never be recovered. The judge left momentarily to take an urgent call, leaving Nora and Lindsay alone in chambers. Away from public view, the two enemies dropped all niceties, and Lindsay asked Nora if she expected Lindsay to confess all. Nora shot back that she didn't expect anything from Lindsay but lies and deception-that that was all she knew. Lindsay asked Nora when she would move on from her pathetic obsession with convicting her; after all, she said, Nora was with Clint ("God help the man"), Lindsay was living with Bo, and both brothers were too busy to be coddling Nora's neuroses. Nora realized Lindsay knew all about the crisis at BE, and warned Lindsay not to give her any advice on her relationships. "Clint and I were man and wife," the smug Lindsay declared. "I think I know him better than you do."

Dorian arrived at Rex and Adriana's, and Adriana ordered her to keep Rex busy while she went to have a "chat" with Gigi. Rex arrived to greet Dorian, and Adriana lied that she had to go meet with Layla on business for Exposed. After Adriana left, Dorian improvised wildly, saying she had so much wedding business to discuss with Rex, who was less than thrilled. Keeping him occupied with magazine after magazine, Dorian continued playing for time until Rex objected to looking at yet another picture of a flower girl, complaining, "Didn't we admire 'adorable little flower girl' about two minutes ago?" He insisted Dorian tell him what she was really up to. Dorian continued to cover for Adriana, and told him a version of the truth: She was there to make sure Adriana and Rex were happy.

At the Palace, Jessica and Viki met for lunch, and Jessica noted that Viki still had her waitressing instincts. Viki admitted that she missed the "simplicity and peace" of Paris, Texas, but did not miss being away from her family. The subject of Nash and his vineyard was broached, and Jessica admitted she was concerned that Nash had too much riding on his new partners and the new line. She worried that he was in over his head, and becoming far too driven for his own good. Viki reminded Jess that the vineyard was Nash's lifelong dream, and that he could use her support. Jessica agreed, saying she just didn't want Nash to lose his integrity over his success. She stopped herself, saying, "I know he's not going to cross any lines." She changed the subject, asking if Viki was lonely without Charlie at Llanfair. Viki admitted she was a little, but said that her relationship with Charlie was still wonderful, and that he wasn't at all intimidated by her money or class. Viki explained that Charlie didn't see her as an upper-class aristocrat, but rather the woman he fell in love with in Paris, who shared his values, who'd been a waitress. She said she'd gone to Paris to find out who she really was, and realized that she liked herself-a lot. After Jess left to meet with Nash, Charlie rendezvoused with Viki at the Palace, kissing her and telling her he got the BE job. Viki was thrilled and wanted to hear all about it, but Charlie said he didn't want to discuss work-he just wanted to spend as much time as possible with her.

Back at the diner, Nash met with Cristian and Sarah, and offered Sarah her own job with the winery. He explained he needed an event coordinator for his Napa launch event for the new line, and said he wanted her to book a hip band on the West Coast. Sarah suggested something in the vein of Fallout Boy, but Nash replied, "I have no idea what that is." Cristian was concerned about Sarah burning herself out multi-tasking between working in Napa and booking at Capricorn, but Sarah insisted that a West Coast gig would be huge for her career. Sarah agreed to accompany Nash to Napa on the job. Nash left them to meet with his mysterious contact at a nearby booth, and explained that he needed more money from his new business partners in order to set up the Napa launch. The contact agreed to set it up without hesitation, and Nash gleefully told him they'd be making a lot of money together. After his guest left, Nash returned to Sarah and Cristian, only to run into Jessica, who'd just arrived. Nash took his wife into his arms and kissed her passionately. "Get a room!" Sarah joked, and Nash explained the new developments to Jessica. Jessica was startled to discover that Nash was taking Sarah, not her, to Napa to work on the launch, but said she understood. Nash gushed that everything was fantastic. Cris and Jess watched as Nash and Sarah hurried over to a booth to talk over the details of the event, and the two exes hesitantly said they were "okay" with their new spouses working together.

At BE, Clint met with Warren Cobb. Just like with Virgil Webster, the meeting began cordially, and Clint told Cobb he wanted to make him an offer. Cobb assumed that Clint was ready to sell him BE's faltering subsidiary companies, but Clint said he would never unload the subsidiaries. Cobb was befuddled, saying that the subsidiaries were failing and that he was prepared to buy them up at market value. "Which you drove down," Clint countered. Cobb attempted to deflect suspicion, claiming that Asa was one of his greatest friends. "That's what makes this so reprehensible," Clint replied. He knew that with Asa dead, Cobb was out to dismantle BE and take the subsidiary companies for himself. Cobb became irate, and said that no matter how the companies' value had dropped, BE needed to "stop the bleeding." Clint agreed-and handed Cobb Lindsay's file. He warned Cobb to back off, or he'd end up in jail. Cobb reluctantly agreed to Clint's terms, and as he prepared to exit, Bo arrived, unaware of what had just happened. He happily greeted the sullen Cobb, but was shocked when Clint proclaimed that BE was also buying Warren Cobb out for good.

At Llanfair, Gigi prepared a surprise "birthday pancake" (with one candle!) breakfast for Shane as he came down to the kitchen. Shane said he thought his birthday was supposed to be a secret, but Gigi said they could still celebrate it together, and that he even got to go to school late because of it. She sat Shane down and urged him to eat before the candle wax got on the pancakes, adding that he should make a wish. Shane asked if he could tell her his wish. "It's the same thing I wish for every year," he said, "and I know it can never come true." Shane confessed that he wanted to meet his father. Shaken, Gigi helped him open his presents, including a catcher's mitt, a book from Marcie, and a "coupon for one day of fun" with his mother. Shane thanked his mother for the presents, and asked if he could at least tell Rex about his birthday. Gigi quickly said no, and Shane asked why that was-"because of my Dad?" He said he thought his birthday made her sad, because it stirred up memories of his father. Gigi insisted that Shane's birthday was the happiest day of her life, with or without his dad. "Do I remind you of him?" Shane asked. "More than I can tell you," Gigi murmured. Shane got ready to head for school, and Adriana arrived at the house. As Shane left, Gigi fabricated an excuse, explaining she and Shane were having a "special breakfast." She said Viki and Natalie weren't there, but Adriana explained she was there to see Gigi instead: "we need to talk." She noticed the birthday candle in the leftovers from the breakfast, and Gigi covered by saying that Shane liked to pretend it was his birthday. Adriana wasn't buying it, and as the women continued to trade barbs, Gigi became exasperated, finally asking what Adriana wanted. Adriana reminded Gigi of her wedding date, and told her she could think again about screwing things up for her and Rex. Adriana warned her she would see to it that nothing and no one got in the way of her and Rex getting married. Gigi insisted again that Shane was not Rex's son, but Adriana kept browbeating her. She claimed that Gigi had come to town to get Rex back, and guilt him into loving her, but it wouldn't work. "Rex's heart belongs to me," Adriana snapped, and said that Shane being his child wouldn't matter. Gigi continued to protest that Rex was not the father. "What is Shane's father's name?" Adriana demanded, and said she wanted to hear it immediately.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Adriana asked Gigi if Rex was Shane's father. She asked why Gigi was crying in Rex's apartment. Adriana asked why, if Shane had a father, Gigi didn't just announce who the man was. Shane jumped downstairs at that moment. He announced his father's name was Sgt. Brody Lovett, USN. Gigi told Shane to get his backpack. Adriana asked why Shane didn't have his father's last name. Adriana accused Gigi of still hiding something. Adriana said she trusted Rex completely; it's Gigi she didn't trust. Adriana mocked Gigi's involvement with Jared. Gigi told Adriana to get out of her face. Adriana walked out and slammed the door. Shane asked what Adriana wanted with Gigi. Gigi reminded Shane not to tell people who his father was.

Rex asked Dorian why she was his biggest supporter all of a sudden. He wanted to know what changed her mind. Dorian flashed back to Adriana's pronouncement that if Adriana did not marry Rex, she would never speak to Dorian again. Dorian tried to involve Rex in more wedding planning as he tried to call Adriana out of her meeting with Layla. Dorian tried to stop him and Rex wanted to know why. Layla arrived at the door. Rex asked her why she wasn't meeting with Adriana right that moment and demanded to know where Adriana was. Rex called Adriana several times, then bounced out of the apartment to look for her, just as she was on her way in the door. Adriana told Rex she lied to him about meeting Layla because she was really meeting Gigi instead. She questioned Rex about why he got involved when he found out Jared kissed Gigi, and Rex said Gigi was an old friend, like a sister to him. Adriana hugged him and said she knew she had nothing to worry about. They kissed, then Rex left to go to the diner so the ladies could talk about the wedding. Dorian was surprised Adriana told Rex the truth about going to see Gigi. Dorian asked why Adriana seemed so different since coming back from Paris. Dorian says she was not as innocent as she was before.

Jared told Natalie the information he found on Warren proved he was going after Buchanan Enterprises. He told Natalie that Gigi had the morning off, and denied being involved with her. He asked why Natalie was giving him attitude. Jared wondered if it was because she was jealous. She denied it, reminding Jared that he was her uncle. "What if things were different?" he asked, making Natalie more upset. She changed the subject, wondering why Warren, who had been so nice at Asa's funeral, would attack BE. Jared reminded her that people weren't always what they seem.

Bo asked Clint and Warren what was going on. Clint told Bo they'd be buying Warren out, and that it was time for Warren to step aside. Bo wanted to work something out. Clint excused himself and Bo to talk privately. Clint called Natalie and Jared to the room. Bo wanted to know why Clint wanted to destroy Warren. Jared gave Clint the information he'd turned up on Warren. Bo read it. Warren came back in the room. Clint announced he knew everything Warren was planning to do to BE, so they were going to buy him out. Warren asked why he would destroy Asa's business. Clint said they couldn't take the chance; Warren's actions had forced Clint to protect his family. Bo invited Jared and Natalie to leave. Bo was angry at Clint for enjoying the humiliation he'd just heaped on Warren. Clint said he had to finish the job; that was what Asa would have done. Bo asked how Clint got Warren to back down. Clint and Bo argued about Clint's tactics. Clint volunteered to be the one who got his hands dirty so Bo didn't have to. Clint said he realized that Asa used to do the dirty work for all of them, and now without Asa, someone else would have to take that on if they wanted the company to survive. Clint told Bo not to judge him.

Natalie wondered why Clint humiliated Warren in front of so many people. She reminisced about when she came to town. She told Jared she didn't recognize Clint at all. Jared said maybe Clint had good reasons for what he did. Natalie said she didn't like finding out that people weren't who she thought they were. Jared thought she was talking about him, not Clint.

Marcie arrived at the diner and talked to Markko about what was going on at school. Michael arrived. He told her he wouldn't be home until really late, and Marcie was disappointed. They argued about how to move forward in their lives without Tommy. Michael told her she needed to figure out what she would do next. His pager beeped and he had to go back to the hospital. Marcie told him she loved him and Michael told her he loved her, too. He left. Markko sat down and asked how Starr and Cole were doing, and also asked after Tommy. Gigi arrived. Marcie wondered how Gigi stayed so positive with all the troubles she faced. Rex arrived and mentioned Adriana's visit. Gigi left immediately to go to BE.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Alone in the office, Jared and Natalie had a heart-to-heart discussion. He told her that sometimes people got stuck doing things they didn't want to and that their reasons could be well intentioned, even if someone accidentally got hurt. She responded that she would be upset to learn that someone wasn't who she thought they were. Feeling sure that she was speaking about him, Jared leaned in close, about to kiss Nat. They pulled apart abruptly when Clint walked in and announced that he wanted all Buchanan family board members to work off-site at the Buchanan cabin, effective immediately. He thought that all of the recent work with the new Cobb acquisition would cause burnout and that some time working away and a change of scenery would benefit everyone. He asked Jared and Nat to head there right away. Viki stopped by to see how Charlie's interview went and learned that he was concerned that Clint was taking too much of a personal interest in him.

While spending a lovely afternoon off in bed, Jessica worried that Nash was getting in too deep with his new silent partners and the amount of money involved. He asked her not to worry and to trust him because their dream was coming true. She disclosed her fear of his forgetting about her as he appeared to be more obsessed with the vineyard every day. She surprised him with a family photo album that she had made. When Nash received a business call, he assured the party that everything was under control and immediately began to dress. He revealed that his business trip to Napa had been moved up to the next day and he had much to take care of, beginning with a meeting with Sarah.

Over at the diner, Blair met with Antonio and Cris to formalize her purchase of Capricorn. She advised Antonio that he still had all owner's privileges, which included free drinks. Spying Markko, Blair decided to have a chat about Cole and Starr, mentioning that she had found Cole sneaking into the house. Markko admitted that it had been his idea but he thought it terrible to keep Starr and Cole apart. Blair reminded him of how Todd would have reacted if he had seen Cole. She only wanted to keep them protected. They decided that Cole might listen to John. A couple of cops sitting at the counter attempted to tease Antonio about Talia spending lots of time with John, but Antonio practically ripped their heads off in anger, suggesting that they had too much time on their hands. Cris was curious about Antonio's reaction and asked his brother if he had a problem with Talia and John working together. An annoyed Antonio cited the fact that the duo was only concerned with getting rid of Ramsey but he felt that the new head cop was doing everything by the book. Ramsey was even willing to provide him with the resources to clean up Angel Square, Antonio told his brother.

At the police station, Ramsey received a phone call that seemed to put him on edge, as he assured the unseen party that he would find a way to come up with the money. John also received a call, which appeared to result in another dead end, as he and Talia tried to find a way to "stick it" to Ramsey. Leaving their latest report on the commissioner's desk, John and Talia learned that he was not happy with it and he was not receptive to John's instincts regarding the case. Talia wanted to keep on working another case, while John pointed out that he wasn't used to working with someone else, especially someone on offense. Talia stated that she was a double threat, able to work both offense and defense. As they joked together, Antonio walked in and threw them dirty looks. Later, Ramsey made it known that he liked Antonio's ideas regarding Angel Square, and that Antonio would get funds, but Ramsey also had some suggestions. Talia sighed and rolled her eyes, which enraged Antonio. "What the hell was that about?" he asked her. He proceeded to tell Talia off while she in turn told him he was clueless, and that Ramsey was using him. He made it known that he was not happy over her and John whispering and laughing, and that they were not acting like co-workers. As they argued, Ramsey gleefully watched from his office. Antonio took it too far when he suggested that John was out to nail someone else, besides Ramsey. Talia quickly slapped him.

Clint interviewed Charlie and told him that his interest was not personal. He pointed out that the company would be taking on more work and was interested in knowing if Charlie could handle it. Charlie assured him that his work spoke for him and Clint appreciated the honest answer. He did warn Charlie, however, that the family would not want to see Viki hurt. Charlie quickly told him that he wouldn't want to see that either. Jared tried to pick up where he left off with Natalie, who quickly advised him that nothing happened and stalked off. Nigel, there to help the family with their move to the cabin, asked Jared if he was having a problem with his niece. He cited the epic tragedy in place, so Shakespearean in nature. He reminded Jared that he had betrayed the Buchanans also, though Jared still felt sure that Nigel would be forgiven, especially if it were pointed out that Jared forced him to do what he did. Nigel thought that Jared had turned out to be honorable, and more worthy of the Buchanan name than the real heir, David Vickers. Jared appreciated the butler for watching his back, though Nigel didn't think it would be too helpful when the truth came out. Nat went to see Viki, who was waiting for Charlie, and told her she didn't get it. She wanted to know why something that was so wrong in her head felt so right in her heart. Viki advised her that time would work things out. She admitted that she and Charlie were very happy but that it seemed almost too good to be true. She told her daughter to relax at the cabin retreat. Charlie saw his son and thanked Jared for the honest discussion from the other day. Jared acknowledged that he didn't know how much longer he'd be able to keep up the charade. He also no longer hated Charlie, who offered to stand by him. Charlie felt that their relationship was worth everything to him and he hated lying to Viki. Hopefully, she would forgive Charlie if she loved him. Charlie advised Viki that things went well. Clint caught them kissing.

Sarah agreed to meet with Nash at the diner. He suggested that Jess head to Cris's place to pick up his artwork for the vineyard. Jess was worried that Nash was going to ask his new partners for more money. She received a call from Clint, informing her of the upcoming Buchanan quality time at the cabin.

Jess arrived at the studio and admired an old portrait of herself. Cris suggested that she hadn't changed; Jess stated that everyone did. She voiced her concern over Nash and the vineyard and the fact that things seemed to be moving too quickly.

Sarah learned that the presentation had been moved up. Nash thought his decision to hire Sarah was smart and told her it was an informed decision. He added that she was a knockout, which Sarah took offense to. He assured her she wouldn't be on display and that he had merely paid her a compliment. He apologized. Blair asked John to meet with her at the diner. She filled him in on Cole sneaking into her house to see Starr. She defended Todd. She told John that she was scared for the kids and things were spinning out of control. John wondered if she was talking about the kids or herself and Todd.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Despite the snowstorm, Jared, Natalie, Matthew, and Nigel arrived safely at the Buchanan lodge. Natalie appeared uncomfortable when Nigel and Matthew left the cabin to get additional supplies for the upcoming weekend. After observing Jared starring intensely at her, Natalie threatened to leave. Jared assured Natalie that his only intention was to complete his necessary projects for Buchanan Enterprises. Natalie continued to be annoyed by Jared's apparent feelings for her. When Nigel phoned and stated that he and Matthew were stranded due to the snowstorm, Natalie nearly panicked. Seconds later, the storm caused a blackout in the cabin.

At Buchanan Enterprises, Nora and Clint shared an intimate moment before heading to the cabin. Noticing Clint's somber mood, Nora asked what was bothering him. Before Clint could respond, an upset Bo appeared and stated that he needed to speak with Clint. Alone with Clint, Bo expressed his displeasure with Clint's handling of B.E. business. Bo realized that certain measures were necessary, but didn't agree with the method Clint chose to employ. Clint apologized and assured Bo that other enemies of Asa were making plans to attack B.E. Clint asked Bo to join forces with him, and expose the culprits. Bo agreed and decided to join the rest of the family at the cabin. Nora entered the room and told Bo that Matthew had left his laptop, containing his homework, at the mansion. Hoping to save time, Clint suggested that Nora and Bo retrieve Matthew's laptop and travel to the lodge together. Clint promised to meet them there later. Surprised by Clint's request, Nora asked Bo if he had a problem with the two of them traveling together. Bo stated that the trip would only take a few hours and everything should be fine. Later, Lindsay arrived at B.E. looking for Bo. When Lindsay inquired how business was doing, Clint treated Lindsay coldly and told her that he would no longer need her services. Clint said that he and Bo would handle any further attacks made on B.E. Lindsay reminded Clint that Bo would never approve of the tactics Clint used to gain control over Honeycutt and Cobb. Lindsay told Clint that she had heard B.E. was being targeted by others. Upset that he had allowed Lindsay to influence his decision making, Clint asked Lindsay to leave and told her that he was headed to the lodge. Lindsay was horrified to learn that Bo and Nora were on their way to the cabin alone. On the verge of near panic, Lindsay demanded that Clint take her to the cabin, stating that Bo was her legal guardian and she should be in his care.

At La Boulaie, Starr stood in her room staring at a photo of her and Cole. As Starr sadly cradled a small paper bag, there was a knock on the door. Starr quickly placed the bag under her bed and allowed Langston entry. When Langston asked if Starr were sick, Starr nervously asked her friend if she looked sick. Langston was worried because Starr didn't attend class. Starr informed Langston that Todd was home schooling her; he feared Starr and Cole might encounter one another in the school halls. As Starr recounted the restrictions placed on her, an angry Starr told Langston that Todd was ruining her life. When Langston suggested that Cole sneaking into the mansion the previous night might have been a mistake, Starr stated that those few moments were the happiest she had experienced in weeks. Although Starr wanted to be with Cole, she revealed that Todd would send Cole to prison if she made one more mistake. After Langston left, Starr reached under the bed and pulled out the small paper bag. Meanwhile downstairs, Addie approached an aggravated Todd and suggested that he was destroying his family. Addie told Todd that he couldn't keep Starr locked away forever, and expressed her belief that Cole would never hurt Starr. Todd began belittling Addie and even called her insane, but Addie stood her ground with Todd. Addie told Todd that his actions could possibly cause him to lose Starr forever. Addie stated that Blair was becoming afraid of Todd. When Addie reminded him of all the time she had lost in Blair's life, Todd appeared to have a moment of regret.

Observed by several other officers, Antonio and Talia argued about her friendship with John. Talia told Antonio that she wanted to help John discover any wrongdoings that Ramsey might be involved in. When Antonio refused to listen to her and suggested that John was interested in her sexually, Talia became enraged and slapped Antonio. Worried by the closeness developing between Antonio and Ramsey, Talia asked Antonio what was actually bothering him. Talia wondered if Antonio was terrified at losing his inheritance and worried about Jamie's future. When Talia expressed the hurt she felt by Antonio suggesting that she would flirt with his friend, Antonio told her that he felt the situation had gone beyond flirting. A saddened Talia watched as Antonio walked away. Peering from his window, Ramsey smiled to himself as he watched the entire interaction between Talia and Antonio. Ramsey called Antonio into his office and asked him to look over John and Talia's file concerning an impending drug transaction. Ramsey wanted Antonio's advice on whether the informant could be trusted. Antonio promised to check out the informant. Ramsey mentioned the argument between Antonio and Talia, and stated that he didn't want personal business to get in the way of police work. Antonio assured Ramsey that his personal life wouldn't interfere with his job. Later, Antonio told Ramsey that all the information concerning the informant and the upcoming drug transaction appeared to be reliable.

Blair met John at the diner and discussed Cole's recent pursuit of Starr. As Blair pleaded with John to convince Cole to stay away from Starr, John suggested that Blair was afraid of Todd. Blair insisted that she didn't fear Todd and was worried for Cole. Blair revealed to John that Todd was aware of Cole shooting Miles, and assured John that Todd would convince Ramsey to reopen the case. When John refused to believe that Todd would join forces with Ramsey, Blair was adamant that Todd would do anything to prevent Cole from being in Starr's life. After Blair left, John phoned Cole and requested that they meet at the diner. Seconds later, John became concerned when an upset Talia entered the diner. When Talia told John about her encounter with Antonio, John became upset and told Talia that he intended to set the record straight with Antonio. Talia attempted to stop him, but John stormed out of the diner and headed for the station. At the station, John confronted Antonio and told him that he was hurting Talia. The two became embroiled in a heated argument. An angry Antonio warned John to stay away from Talia. John told Antonio he wouldn't put Talia through such turmoil if he truly cared for her. Unable to reason with Antonio, John left. As Ramsey watched the episode from his window, a smirk crossed his face.

When Cole arrived at the diner, Markko warned him that Blair had told John about Cole's encounter with Starr the previous night. Cole told Markko that those few moments with Starr were worth any backlash he might face with Todd. Cole stated that no one would ever keep him from Starr. John met Cole at the diner and questioned Cole about his actions. As John continued to plead with Cole to let Starr go, Cole refused to listen. Once John warned Cole that Starr might be forced to lie to the authorities to protect him, Cole contended that he didn't want Starr to experience any more pain because of him. Cole promised John he would stay away from Starr.

John suggested that Talia steer clear of Antonio for the time being. Talia agreed that perhaps she needed to give Antonio some space.

While driving to the lodge, Nora and Bo encountered the dangerous snowstorm. When Nora asked Bo about his intense conversation with Clint, Bo refused to give her any information. As they continued their journey, Nora and Bo began relating well with one another. They discussed how proud they were of Matthew. As they laughed and shared special memories from the past, suddenly a look of horror crossed Nora's face and she let out a heart-wrenching scream. As Nora yelled for Bo to look out, Bo attempted to gain control of the car. The screeching of brakes was heard and the glare of headlights loomed in the darkness.

On the way to the lodge, Clint suggested that Lindsay warn Bo that she was on her way to the cabin. Lindsay stated that neither Bo nor Nora would be pleased to have Lindsay and Clint show up. When Clint told Lindsay that Bo and Nora would never consider rekindling their relationship, Lindsay reminded Clint of his recent indiscretion. Lindsay stated that under good or bad circumstances, no one could be trusted.

Blair returned home to find a depressed Todd. Todd told Blair that Addie convinced him that he was causing Starr pain. Todd stated that he didn't want to lose Starr and couldn't stand how their relationship was suffering. Todd asked Blair for her advice. Blair asked Todd to give Starr some space. Upstairs, Starr pulled a small box from the bag. Suddenly, Langston opened Starr's bedroom door. A startled Starr turned around-revealing a home pregnancy test. Langston stood in shock.

Back at the station, Ramsey placed a call to someone and stated that he hoped to have the money within a week. Talia approached Antonio and attempted to speak with him, but Antonio walked away.

Forced to build a fire, Natalie and Jared began to relax and enjoy one another's company. Suddenly Jared told Natalie that nothing had changed, and began passionately kissing her.

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