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Passions Recaps: The week of August 27, 2001 on PS
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Monday, August 27, 2001

Hearing the warlocks whispering to her, Charity wanders off into the woods while Kay distracts a dazzled Reese. Pleased when Father Mike fails to recognize either Grace or David, Sam triumphantly informs his would-be rival that the jig is up. Ethan is devastated when the fishing boat captain reveals that Sheridan must have perished in the explosion. Meanwhile, Theresa leans fretfully over her unconscious brother and Julian's goons quietly report success. Tied to a tree by a vengeful Norma, Timmy cries out for his princess to come rescue him. Ivy reminds Pilar why David's appearance in Harmony has revived her own hopes for a reconciliation with her first love. As Sam moves to arrest Hastings, David attempts to prove to Father Mike that they did meet years ago. Timmy gets nowhere trying to talk sense into Norma. The warlocks promise to tell Charity all about her rival for Miguel's affection if she willingly embraces her ability to see the future. As the hurricane blows in, Whitney worries when Chad volunteers to help Ethan and Luis search for Sheridan. Father Mike finally recalls a salient detail from Grace's wedding to David. Tabitha once again falls into Norma's trap.

Tuesday, August 28, 2001

Ivy is jubilant after hearing Father Mike describe the wedding he performed for Grace and David years ago. In Bermuda, the hotel staff prepares their guests to weather the approaching storm, while Theresa fears that the hurricane is God's way of punishing her for her sins. Meanwhile, a glum Julian phones his father to report that Sheridan is no more. Though Grace is unable to recall anything about her first nuptials, David continues to press her to get past her amnesia and see the light. Julian elects to keep Alistair in the dark about his impulsive marriage to Theresa. As Miguel and the other teens begin searching, Charity is held spellbound by the warlocks' alluring promises. Norma throws Timmy into the pit to join his princess as the stars of the "clambake." Sam feels certain David will be exposed as a liar after Eve suggests reenacting the wedding to see if anything jogs Grace's memory. Chad makes a daring rescue at sea after Ethan is swept overboard by the storm. Later, Julian's henchman gets the drop on the search party but Luis manages to overpower him in time.

Wednesday, August 29, 2001

Ignoring the hurricane raging all around, Rebecca and Gwen arrive in Bermuda and bribe a taxi driver to get them to the hotel. Luis ties Basil up in the boat, then leaps into the ocean to search for Sheridan once more. Blissfully unaware of her intended's current marital status, Rebecca assures Gwen she'll soon be Mrs. Julian Crane. Meanwhile, Julian reminds his young bride that she can count on him in her hour of need. As she and David reenact the wedding kiss, Grace suddenly remembers an earlier ceremony but tells Sam she can't make out the groom's face. Later, Eve snaps at Ivy after catching her gloating in the back of the church. Chad and Ethan fish Luis out of the water as Basil shouts gleefully that they will never find Sheridan alive. Rushing up to Julian, Rebecca urges her flustered fiance to let the nuptials begin. A massive storm surge threatens to swamp the small craft carrying Luis, Chad, Basil and Ethan.

Thursday, August 30, 2001

Fed up with Kay's machinations, Simone threatens to blow the whistle on her fiendish friend. On the other side of the island, Miguel grows frustrated and frantic when he's unable to locate any trace of Charity. As the hurricane intensifies and bears down on Bermuda, the occupants of Basil's boat brace themselves for the worst. Meanwhile, Julian and Bruce decide not to let the storm deter them from enjoying their usual cocktail hour. Standing over their unconscious captive, the warlocks plot to kill Charity and all her friends. Theresa hides the photographic evidence of her inebriated wedding ceremony when Rebecca and Gwen suddenly hove into view. Recalling with a wince her doll's last attempt to play sorcerer's apprentice, Tabitha orders Timmy not to use the warlocks' scepter even if means they must remain in Norma's trap. Later, egged on by Timmy, Tabitha gingerly lifts the scepter herself and calls upon the dark forces for help.

Friday, August 31, 2001

Finally convinced, Grace tells an anguished Sam she must be David Hastings' wife after all. Norma eagerly looks forward to treating her captives to a slow and painful death. A baffled Rebecca demands to know why Julian is leaping to Theresa's defense. Tossed into the churning sea by the hurricane, Ethan, Luis and Chad battle to keep their heads above water. The warlocks' scepter stirs up an ill wind inside the pit, giving Timmy and Tabitha new hope that they'll soon be free. Reese and Miguel speculate that Charity may have become trapped behind a large rock. Meanwhile, the warlocks tell Charity what will be required of her once she regains her powers. Facing harsh opposition from Hank and Eve, David stubbornly maintains that he has every right to reclaim the woman he loves. Charity has a vision--courtesy of the warlocks--of the chaos which has erupted down in Bermuda. Fed up with Rebecca and Gwen's snooty histrionics, Whitney reads both rich bitches the riot act. Later, word arrives on shore that the rescue boat has been lost at sea with all hands drowned.

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