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Monday, July 25, 2005

Jessica is overcome with guilt, thinking the disaster is God's punishment for "killing" her john.

Kay becomes close with Fox when he acts as her protector from the earthquake's aftermath.

As TC saves Eve's life, knocking her from the path of a falling street lamp, Liz passionately kisses Julian in a plot to seduce him!

Chad views Whitney's need to be with Miles as proof of her undying love.

As Tabitha joyfully awaits the tsunami that will ravish Harmony, Alistair deletes the public warning.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Ivy and Sam sat in his car watching Jessica hooking on a corner for Spike. When she got in a guy's car, Sam took chase on foot. Spike taunted them saying that Jessica wanted to get paid for sex. Sam started after him, but Ivy held him back. Spike threw it back in Sam's face that he's no longer chief of police and Sam threatened to kill him. Ivy and Sam got in his car and gave chase. Ivy asked him what he'd do when they caught them since the restraining order kept them apart. He said he didn't care about the restraining order. Ivy wondered if Jessica was high and Sam said he was sure Spike got her loopy or she'd never prostitute herself. He called a friend on the police force for a favor, when he lost sight of them. Sam pulled over to talk to his friend via cell phone. His one last friend on the force agreed to run the plate of the guy who picked up Jessica. Ivy got out of the car and told him she was going to drive because he was too upset. He started to protest and she held fast. She decided that they should go to the Blue Note and wait until his friend called them back with info. Sam and Ivy approach the door of the Blue Note and in his anger pounded the door with his fists. An earthquake began shaking everything and Sam uttered, "I didn't hit it that hard." They grabbed each other.

Jessica and her john negotiated and decided to go to his place. When they got there he asked her name and mentioned that she looked very young and he hadn't seen her out before. She assured him she was of legal age. When he asked how long she'd been working she didn't answer and he asked hopefully of it were her first time. She giggled nervously and denied it. He was sad that she wasn't a virgin, but accepted it and pushed her onto the bed. As he was kissing her, she hesitated and he told her he'd get her a drink. As he took a big swig of beer, she spied a pair of scissors on the mini fridge. He pushed her onto the bed and started fondling her. She suddenly pulled away and said she couldn't. He complained that he'd already paid Spike. Jessica promised to get him his money and he said that wasn't what he wanted. He backed her up against the wall where she could reach the scissors. The earthquake started and Jessica held the scissors like a weapon.

At the Blue Note, Edna left quickly, but not quickly enough to get home with her two hunks before they turned into rats a' la Cinderella at the stroke of midnight. Edna headed to Tabitha's with a need for men on her mind. Noah and Fancy refused to believe Edna's claim that they'd be lifelong partner's and Fancy flounced out with the Vegas hoods on her tail. Noah recognized them and ran outside in time to see them stuffing Fancy in their car. Julian proposed to Eve, giving her a bigger ring than Rebecca's and Rebecca came up and started making a stink about him getting engaged while still being married to her. Julian told her he'd discuss the divorce with her in the morning, but before she would quit squawking, Liz came up and threatened to kick her out. That is until she found out what the fuss was about. T.C. joined the fracas asking Julian what Alistair would think. Julian said he didn't care what Alistair thought and T.C took another jab at Julian saying it's too bad he hadn't treated Eve that way and stood up to Alistair all those years ago. Whitney came up to them and found out that her second parent was getting remarried. She asked her mother if this was what she meant when she told her about fairy tale endings when she was a little girl. Liz announced Whitney's next set on stage and Whitney sang about love while Eve and Julian danced. Liz and T.C. stood at the bar listening and T.C. got more upset about Eve. Liz nervously asked him if he still wanted to marry her and he distractedly replied, "of course." Ethan and Gwen confronted Theresa and Alistair demanding that he keep his paws off of Theresa. Ethan asked her why she was with Alistair after she told him she wouldn't. Alistair told them they were on a date. Gwen tried to hold him back and told Ethan that this was what she was afraid would happen; Theresa was so desperate that she'd joined Alistair. Ethan and Theresa glared at each other. Ethan refused to believe Theresa had gone with Alistair of her own volition and Alistair told her to tell Ethan and Gwen whose idea it was to get together. Theresa grinned evilly as she told them it was her idea to get together. Ethan reminded her that Alistair destroyed everyone. Theresa swore that he would help her get her child back that they stole. Gwen countered with the old "the courts awarded temporary custody..." and Theresa swore she'd get Jane back. Ethan begged her not to lower herself to Alistair's level. Alistair recommended that he and Theresa go somewhere more private and Ethan tried to stop him. Alistair had enough of Ethan interfering and pulled out a gun. He aimed at Ethan who said he wasn't scared of him, but the earth quaked throwing him off balance. He ended up shooting Theresa in the belly, knocking her to the ground, blood flowing out from under her. Everybody in the club screamed and ran, trying to find protection.

Noah followed the Vegas goons, driving 80 mph and above in order to keep up. They drove recklessly trying to shake Noah and the entire time they explained to Fancy (who thought she was merely being kidnapped because she is a rich Crane heiress) that they wanted their boss's money back. The light finally dawned that the men holding her at gunpoint were from the casino. (She flashed back to playing with the money and then taking it.) The driver swerved and went off the road. Noah pulled off the road to get Fancy and when he opened the door to pull her out, found the goons all unconscious with wounds. He grabbed an unconscious Fancy around the waist and pulled her out. As soon as she came to in his arms, she pushed him away and hollered at him. She said it was his fault she almost died; chasing the car like that. He yelled that he'd just saved her life again and she told him it was because of his disaster in Vegas. He yelled that she'd been the one to take the money. He asked her if these goons were from Vegas. As they ran away over a grassy knoll, the earthquake began splitting the ground near them.

At the park Sheridan clutched a little boy resembling Marty, sure that Luis had found him and brought him home. The little boy's mother entered the park and demanded Sheridan give him back to her. Sheridan explained that her little boy, Marty, was kidnapped and she's never giving up again now that she has him back. Maureen, Mark's mother compassionately explained to Sheridan that she was mistaken and pulled Mark away enabling Sheridan to see that she clearly made a mistake. She apologized profusely. Maureen remarked that it was late and they should all go home, and then added, "That is if you have one." Maureen commented that there was going to be a storm because the crickets were silent and offered that Sheridan could stay with them if she didn't have anywhere to go. Sheridan politely refused and then agreed to go have a cold drink at their apartment across the street. They entered the shabby apartment and though Maureen was a very gracious hostess, Sheridan began asking a lot of personal questions about where they'd come from, where Mark's father was, if Maureen had a job, etc. Maureen got upset and snapped at Sheridan for interrogating her. She later apologized for snapping and they put Mark to bed on the sofa. Sheridan lingered at the door, giving Maureen a card with her phone number on it, when an earthquake began rocking the place. Maureen grabbed Mark and the three of them stood in the doorway, riding out the quake.

At Tabitha's house, Fox and Kay played with Endora who seemed to adore her big brother. He started whining about not getting to see Miles. Tabitha brought them some cool drinks and told Endora she had to go to bed. Fox handed Endora over to Tabs and she "innocently" brought up the fact that he and Sheridan were going to miss out on their children growing up. Kay and Fox were puzzled and she explained that Alistair helped Beth escape. They wondered why he'd hurt his own daughter and Tabitha got to spill the beans that Beth is Alistair's daughter too. Kay marveled at that as Edna walked in. They were amazed at her transformation and she wasted no time in reaming Tabitha for her rodent problem. Then she tried to sink her hooks in Fox and Kay ran to check on Maria. Fox couldn't get out of there fast enough, but Endora grabbed him on his way to follow Kay and he kissed her hand. Once Kay and Fox were out of the room, Edna wasted no time in asking Tabitha to whip her up something tasty. Tabitha and Endora conjured up a cool margarita and she said it was a start. When she was finished with her drink, she wanted to party. Tabitha and Endora decided to go to bed and Edna wanted them to leave her some entertainment because they were as lively as a wet noodle, whereupon Endora conjured up a colander full of spaghetti and duped it on Edna's head. Fox and Kay came back downstairs and Kay told him she couldn't believe his grandfather had helped Beth. They walked outside and he said it wouldn't surprise him if Alistair had been helping all along. She wondered if that was all he was going to do about it and he explained that the last time he searched for a baby, his grandfather nearly killed him. She asked if he was afraid to go up against him and Fox said he wasn't afraid, he was just being a realist. He assured her that Luis was doing everything he could to get his son back and Alistair was doing everything he could to hide him. Kay called him chicken and he said she didn't know him. Besides, he has to be here for his son. He can't just go run off. She said he only thought about himself. He sarcastically told her that she's not selfish at all. He told her he'd thought she was okay for a minute, but realized he was wrong. Throwing his hands in the air, he stalked off. She huffed, "good riddance." Kay went inside and told Tabitha that she'd check on Maria and then she was going next door to get Maria's stuffed animal. Tabitha hurried her out so she could deal with Edna who was still picking noodles off her hair and clothes. Tabitha told Edna that she'd granted enough favors for one night and Edna disagreed. She wanted Brad Pitt. They said they could maybe call up a look-alike but Edna wanted the real deal. Tabitha balked so Edna threatened to call the police and the newspapers and tell them there were a witch and a baby witch in Harmony. Tabitha was irate that Edna would threaten Endora/ Tabitha and Endora looked at each other, nodded, and called up power streams. Unfortunately they crossed and the joined stream was too powerful for them. It landed on a globe that went spinning out of control. It flew out of its stand and hit Edna on the head. The house began to shake and her bowl of water was in chaos.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Kay goes to check on Maria before heading to her father's house. When she leaves, Edna turns to Tabitha and demands that Tabitha conjure up Brad Pitt. Tabitha insists that she can't do that, so Edna threatens to call the newspaper and the police and tell them there is a genuine witch living in Harmony. Endora and Tabitha both cast spells at the same time and their beams cross and hit their globe, which rises up and hits Edna, knocking her out. The room starts shaking—they have started an earthquake! Edna wakes up and demands that they stop it. She starts complaining, so Endora levitates a vase and knocks her out. After a while, the earthquake stops and Tabitha and Endora magically clean up their house. Edna awakens only to be promptly knocked out again. Tabitha goes to get Maria and comes back downstairs, wondering where Kay is.

Fox is on the Bennetts' porch calling Chad to make sure Miles is okay (he is) while Kay is inside the house to get Maria's stuffed animal when the earthquake starts. Inside the house, debris falls on Kay and Fox breaks in the door to help her. The fireplace collapses on Kay and Fox digs her out from under the wreckage. She doesn't have a pulse, so he starts CPR and finds a pulse. He then starts mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Kay comes to and slaps him, shocked from having woken up in a "lip-lock." They get up to go. Kay realizes she's forgotten Maria's stuffed animal and she goes back to get it when she falls through the floor!

The roof collapses in Maureen's apartment and falls on Sheridan, Mark and Maureen. Sheridan gets up to find Maureen lying deathly still in the debris. Sheridan grabs Mark and stumbles into the kitchen, where she tries to call an ambulance for Maureen, but the phones are all dead. Maureen slowly gets up and Sheridan tells her what happened. She says they need to go to a hospital, but Maureen snaps that she won't go to one.

The man Jessica is with doesn't want to take "no" for an answer. Jessica tells him that she doesn't want to have sex with him, but he says he is going to get what he paid for. Jessica is holding the scissors, and when the earthquake starts, the man falls into the scissors and is stabbed. She and the man struggle and Spike runs in just as the roof is collapsing. He tears the man off of Jessica and Jessica yells that she didn't mean to stab him. Spike tells her it's okay, but they have to go before the building collapses. The earthquake suddenly stops and Jessica screams and asks Spike if she killed the man. Spike says no, and he wants to leave, but Jessica insists they can't just leave him here. Spike says she's right and he goes over to the bed to see the man. He lies to Jessica that he thinks the man's going to die. Spike pulls out a knife of his own when Jessica's back is turned and stabs the man until he dies. Jessica starts screaming and crying when she sees that the man is dead, not knowing that it was Spike who killed him. Spike tells her that she killed him and calls her a murderer.

Fancy panics as the earth starts to shake underneath her. Noah tells her to come with him, but she screams no and backs away from him—and falls into the crevice that has opened behind them. Noah grabs her before she falls her to her death and promises that he won't let her die. The earthquake has stopped by now, and he struggles desperately to pull her up and eventually succeeds. As soon as they are on stable ground, Fancy hugs him and kisses him and says thank you. They walk away only to be stopped by a gun-wielding thug from Las Vegas!

At the Blue Note, Alistair pulls out a gun as the earthquake begins. He tries to hit Ethan but ends up shooting Theresa instead. Ethan screams for Eve and yells at Alistair that he killed Theresa. Gwen and Rebecca tell Ethan and Eve to leave Theresa and get out of the club, but Eve says she won't leave her. The roof in the club starts caving in and beams smash into the bar. Whitney makes her way out of the ruined club to go to Miles. Gwen tells Ethan to leave Theresa. Alistair taunts Ethan and Ethan lunges at him just as the earthquake stops. Gwen says that Ethan should be thanking Alistair for killing Theresa instead of attacking him. To the disappointment of Rebecca, however, Eve announces that Theresa is not dead and the bullet just grazed her. TC goes to try to call a hospital. Theresa comes to and calls for Ethan. TC comes back and says that the phones are out. Gwen and Ethan are about to go back to the mansion to check on Jane when Theresa stops them and insists that she be allowed to come, too. Alistair says he will take Theresa back to her house, but Ethan warns him to stay away from her. Alistair says fine, and he goes outside where he is chauffeured off the premises. Ethan says that he doesn't think they should go anywhere yet. Gwen says she wants to make sure her daughter is okay, and Theresa corrects her. She says that Jane is her child. Gwen demands that Ethan either tell Theresa she can't come or admit that he'd rather be with her. Ethan tells Gwen that his wanting to protect Theresa is not for the reasons Gwen thinks. He says they're not going anywhere.

Eve tends to people's wounds while TC helps. He congratulates her on her engagement to Julian and seems sincere about it. He goes to the basement to bring up more alcohol for the people with cuts, leaving Liz with Eve. Eve says it looks like Liz has gotten everything she wanted. Eve thinks it would make Liz happy to see Whitney be hurt like Eve was, but Liz says she doesn't want Whitney to suffer, only Eve. Eve says this isn't over, and Liz says she's right. She says it won't be over until Eve is sent to jail, hopefully for life, for three attempted murders.

Whitney stumbles through the wreckage of Harmony, thinking that she has to get to Miles. She says thank God Simone is in California. At his apartment, Chad listens to the radio about the earthquake. He hears about the Blue Note's destruction and is immediately worried about Whitney. Miles starts fussing and Chad comforts him. He says that unless there's a big aftershock, they'll be fine. Outside, Whitney is climbing over some of the debris when she falls, hits her head on a rock, and is knocked out.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

At Tabitha's house, she and Endora watched witch TV while Edna lay on the floor since Endora conked her on the head with an urn. (Tabitha flashed back to the beginning of the earthquake.) Tabitha worried about Kay and went looking out the window after her. Just as she went to rescue Kay, Edna popped up and said that Kay may have kept their secret, but she was going to tell the whole world that Tabitha and Endora are witches. Endora clonked her again on the head with a pot. They wanted to see what was going on with Kay and she asked Endora to project what was happening on the wall. It looked like a flat screen television.

At the Bennett house Kay wanted to run back in to get Maria's stuffed animal. She went in and the floor collapsed. She held onto the edge and Fox told her he'd help pull her out. She was worried that he'd drop her and she kept flailing. She suddenly let go and fell on a bunch of sharp gardening tools. Fox made his way down to the basement and checked her out. She slapped him for "dropping" her. Kay insisted that it was his fault and he told her that he'd saved her. They sparred for a while and then both decided that they needed to be with their babies. As they started to go upstairs Kay wobbled and Fox caught her. They were remarkably close to each other's face. Kay pulled away and asked if he tried to kiss her. They went upstairs. Fox followed her to Tabitha's to make sure she was okay. She asked him to quit following her. He said he wasn't following her, he just wanted to make sure she was safe. He said he couldn't get away fast enough, but he wasn't moving. Kay went inside and saw Tabitha openly using her powers. Kay warned her not to let anybody else catch her. Outside, Fox tried to use his cell phone to call Chad and check on Miles, but it wouldn't work, so he decided to ask Tabitha if her phone worked. When he poked his head in the door, he seemed very surprised.

At the place where the Vegas hoods crashed with Fancy, one of the thugs explained that he had to kill them as payback for taking his boss's money. They explained that they'd found the dead body and money and didn't realize it belonged to his boss. He said it didn't matter; if he didn't kill them, his boss would kill him. Noah told the goon that Fancy is Alistair Crane's favorite granddaughter. They told him they could reward him for not killing them. He asked them how he'd get money from her grandfather and Fancy assured him that there was money in the safe. They thought he agreed and started to go to the car but he said that he'd get the money later. Now that he knew where to get it, he'd kill them first and then rob the mansion. The thug got tired of talking and aimed at Noah who called out that the ground was opening. The thug didn't believe him, but it gave Noah the chance to lunge at the goon. The wrestled for the gun while Fancy stood there quivering with her hands over face. She started yelling for someone to come help them. Noah broke away from the thug and as he got to Fancy, the goon shot him. Fancy fell down on him, crying out his name. She hollered at the thug for killing him. He told her he was just doing his job then drew his gun on her as she slid away cowering. The thug came close to her to shoot her and Fancy begged him not to kill her. Noah reached up and grabbed his gun, then scooped him with his legs, knocking him down. The traded punches while Fancy just sat there. The thug kicked Noah into where the quake had split the ground open.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Martin and Pilar straightened up the living room and Pilar found a broken crystal figurine that Antonio had given her. They had soothed little Ethan and hoped Paloma was okay at her friend's house. She was sure that Alistair would have dropped Theresa at the first rumble. Katherine came running in crying hysterically, yelling for Martin and clinging to him when she came in. Pilar stood there glaring at her. Pilar pushed her away from Martin. Katherine said she had worried about them and brought them water. Pilar insisted that they didn't need her or her help. She demanded Katherine leave and Martin told her she didn't need to be rude. When Katherine went outside, she cried that she missed him so much. Alistair was there when she turned and he told her that since she had broken her promise, he was going to break his promise and tell Sheridan that she killed Katherine's sister Rachel. Inside, Pilar ranted about Katherine getting in the way of them rebuilding their marriage. Outside, Katherine begged Alistair not to tell Sheridan. He angrily told her that Sheridan is a grown woman and needs to know. She said it would destroy Sheridan and he agreed. She told him she'd do anything he wanted. Alistair demanded that they have sex right there in the dirt like she had been doing for years.

At Maureen's apartment, Sheridan told her that she needed to go to the hospital, but Maureen refused belligerently and Sheridan was beside herself trying to figure out what to do. Maureen decided to make something to eat and when she stood up she looked pained and swooned. Sheridan wanted to take her to the hospital, but knew she couldn't get both Mark and Maureen there by herself. She called outside for people to help. She decided to look for an address book to call someone to help her. When she went through Maureen's purse, she couldn't find any identification, checks, credit cards or addresses.

At a retirement home, Sam and Ivy helped the firemen rescue victims from the collapsed building. Alistair and the mayor showed up and told Sam to stop ordering the men around. The Mayor told the firemen to stop following Sam's orders and immediately get to the Crane Towers to stop a flood in his bank before it hurts his artwork. Ivy was aghast that Alistair would let people die and he said it didn't matter because they were old and dying anyway. Sam went after him and Ivy held him back. Ivy hollered at Alistair for firing Sam for no reason. Alistair said he had a reason, the one that Fancy gave him. Ivy told him he was a monster and he seethed that she should never go against the family. Then he and the mayor left with all of the firemen. When they were gone a woman called out for help and Sam decided he'd have to rescue her himself. Sam pulled debris off the woman and Ivy prayed for help with the woman and for the safety of her children. They rescued the woman and then Sam worried about Jessica and who would be there to rescue her.

At Jessica's john's house, Spike told her that he was dead, since he'd stabbed him. He told her that it was her fault and that the police would arrest her. He told her they'd think she was a hooker trying to steal from a john. He told her that she could trust him. That it would be their secret. (He thought to himself that he'd use it to hurt Sam Bennett by keeping Jessica tied to him.). Spike told her that they had to wipe down everything in the apartment to get rid of her fingerprints. Then he told her that they had to get rid of the body in order for her to stay safe. If they didn't get rid of it, she'd go to jail. Spike recommended that they cut him up some more so the police wouldn't know how he died then proposed rolling him up in a rug. They dropped the guy's body and Jessica got upset because Spike was treating him like trash instead of a human being. They shoved the body into the trunk of Spike's car and he assured her it will all be fine.

At the Tsunami Warning Center, two scientists tracked the earthquake epicenter and discovered a tsunami off the coast of Harmony.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Julian tells Eve that when they marry, their lives will be perfect, and Liz and TC look on as they embrace. Rebecca is also watching and she says that Julian will pay for this. Eve goes to talk to TC, who says that he is going to go look for Whitney, but Eve tells him to wait and he reluctantly agrees. Eve starts to get emotional and TC comforts her until she calms down, and then he again leaves her with Liz, who says she wants to congratulate Eve on her engagement. She can't resist the opportunity to rub it in Eve's face that she now has TC, and snaps at Eve to keep her eyes off Liz's fiancée. Eve laughs at Liz and says it's funny that Liz is actually worried TC will come back to Eve. Liz snarls that Eve can't have TC back, and even though she is engaged to Julian, Eve's life is still over. She tells her to just look at Whitney, who seems to be following in her mother's footsteps. Eve is sickened and asks what is wrong with Liz. She says she hopes Liz chokes on her hatred. She tells Liz that now Liz has everything, so she should just shut up and leave Eve alone.

Sheridan wonders what Maureen is hiding and why she refuses to go to a hospital. When Maureen comes to, she again makes it clear that she will not go willingly to a hospital and Sheridan makes her lie down. Sheridan fixes Mark a sandwich and is overcome by memories of her son. She stands up, slips, and is knocked out, and when she comes to, Mark is finished eating, so Sheridan brings him to his bed and reads him a few lines of Curious George until they both fall asleep. We see the door of the apartment open, and someone comes into the room and stands over Sheridan while she dreams of having Marty back. She wakes up and is startled to see...Luis! She asks how he found her. He replies that she is the love of his life and he will always find her. Sheridan wants to know if he has found Marty, but before he can answer, the apartment starts shaking as the aftershock of the earthquake begins!

Fox walks into Tabitha's home and says this is unbelievable. Kay is positive he saw Tabitha using her powers, but all he meant was that it's unbelievable that Tabitha's house looks perfect when the Bennett house was destroyed. Tabitha makes some lame excuse that Fox doesn't quite believe, and when he sees Edna on the floor he is even more suspicious. He asks to use their phone to call Chad, but he is told that the phone isn't working. Before he leaves, he quietly asks Kay if she's sure she's okay. She assures him she's fine, and he leaves. As soon as he is gone, Kay gets up and checks the phone, which, she says, is working perfectly. Edna stirs and mutters something about the earthquake and Tabitha, and Kay realizes that it was Tabitha who started the earthquake. Tabitha says they didn't mean to. Kay is disgusted. She finds Fox's cell phone and goes outside to give it to him just as he is going back to the house to get it. They walk into each other and are talking when the aftershock hits.

Alistair grabs Katherine. He takes out a gun and tells her to go ahead and call Martin, because Alistair would love the excuse to finish him off. He and Katherine climb into the car to go to the mansion, and Alistair confirms with Katherine that when they get there she will do whatever he wants. Alistair rushes her into the study when they get home, but before he can start, Katherine demands to know whether he has done anything else to Sheridan and he tells her Sheridan is safe. They are then interrupted again, this time by the phone. Alistair answers it and is told that a massive tsunami is making its way to Harmony! His contact says that he is going to warn the town, but Alistair stops him. Katherine sees the tsunami warning on Alistair's computer and begs him not to let people die.

Ethan returns to Gwen and Theresa and says that he's gong back to the mansion. Theresa and Gwen bicker over who he is going to take, but Ethan interrupts them to try to explain. Theresa sees two chauffeurs walk into the club and realizes Ethan has arranged for two cars. Seeing an opportunity to look good to Ethan, Theresa apologizes and says that Gwen is right and Ethan should take Gwen with him to the mansion. Ethan says there's no need, as he has two SUVs waiting to take them both. Theresa excitedly thanks him, and they hug. He says he wouldn't forget about the mother of his child. They all walk out of the club. Gwen and Ethan go to the mansion and Theresa goes to her house. When they get to the mansion, Gwen immediately goes to Jane's room and cuddles her, glad that "her" little girl is okay. Jane fusses and Gwen suggests that she and Ethan take Jane and go to get something to eat. Ethan says he can't, and explains that he wants to go help the people outside. He leaves, and Rebecca tells her daughter that Ethan is lying and really going to see Theresa. At the Lopez-Fitzgerald home, Theresa tells her parents that she is going to walk to the mansion to see Jane. She changes her clothes and heads out the door, ignoring Martin and Pilar's attempts to stop her. She is walking to the mansion when the aftershock hits, and she falls in the street, where Ethan catches sight of her underneath a heavy sign that is about to fall.

Chad prays that Whitney is safe as she is unconscious in the street. Soon she regains consciousness and slowly gets up, with only one goal in mind: Get to Miles. She stumbles into the studio, where she passes out in Chad's arms. Chad talks to TC on the phone and says Whitney needs a doctor. TC and Eve make their way to the studio and Julian stays with Liz despite Liz's protests. Liz is trying to seduce Julian and TC is asking Eve not to marry Julian and to come back to him when the aftershock starts.

Fancy screams, thinking that Noah has fallen to his death, but Noah didn't fall down the crevice after all and is holding onto a root-but then the thug from Vegas shoots at him and it seems like Noah really does fall this time. The thug turns back to Fancy and says her boyfriend's dead and now it's her turn. He points the gun at her and attacks her. She screams, and Noah scrambles up from the crevice and he and the thug fight again. The thug from Vegas ends up falling down the crevice. Fancy squeals that Noah saved her life, and they are hugging as the aftershock starts. Noah says that they have to get out of here.

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