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Monday, July 25, 2005

Coop and Lizzie arrive at The Beacon to spend a quite evening alone in the Spaulding suite. Lizzie is nervous as Coop turns on the charm and scrambles away from him for some breathing room. Coop guesses she is nervous about going all the way and asks if this will be her first time. Lizzie prattles on unconvincingly about her past 'experiences' and assures him that while she is not a 'ho-bag or anything' she knows what she is doing. Coop recognizes that she is not telling the truth and that she is a virgin which embarrasses her so that she locks herself in the closet.

Since she refuses to come out, Coop tells her through the door that she is beautiful and he is happy she chose him because he has chosen her, too. Lizzie is moved by his admission and opens the door and jumps into his arms. They resume their passion only to be interrupted by Gus who is there to inform Lizzie that he is the new head of Spaulding. He surprises them by saying he agrees with their relationship and has arranged with Rick for Lizzie to occupy the Bauer garage apartment so the two won't have to sneak around anymore.

Edmund and Dinah arrive at Company unaware that Cassie is to have a surprise baby shower. Dinah complains about the huge belly and her desire to be rid of it to the shocked ears of Blake, Tammy and Mel who are listening in the hallway. When Cassie and Jeffrey arrive the women reveal themselves and demand that Dinah tell Cassie the truth about Dinah's pregnancy. As Edmund and Dinah search for words to defend themselves, Tammy chimes in that Dinah hates being pregnant. Edmund is relieved that the truth is still a secret. He leaves the party after telling Cassie she looks beautiful. Outside, Jeffrey warns Edmund that he is playing with fire if he is manipulating Dinah into believing he cares about her. He reminds him that Hart is the last man Dinah was crazy about and Hart is now six feet under.

Inside, Dinah grows increasingly uncomfortable as Cassie shines the spotlight on her and thanks her for carrying her baby. Dinah accepts the praise but rushes outside. Once away from the party, she tells Edmund that if he doesn't tell Cassie the truth, she will. No one - not even Cassie - deserves what they are doing. Edmund appeases Dinah by hugging her but stares menacingly over her shoulder.

Alan has been processed and led to a cell where he demands to make a phone call. He calls the doctor in charge of Phillip and is barely able to speak before the doctor tells him that she needs payment for Phillip's care. Alan becomes angry and tells her he has no access to his money but will have it for her soon. He demands to speak to his son. Gus arrives and snatches the phone saying 'your son is right here.' Alan thinks Gus is there to help him but is quickly disappointed when Gus says he is only to inform him that he has taken over as the head of Spaulding. Alan is desperate when Gus announces that all of his accounts will be frozen. He begs Gus to reconsider as he is his father. Harley arrives in time to hear Gus tell his dad he will be in jail for a very long time for killing Phillip.

Alan unravels and shouts that Phillip is still alive. Harley is momentarily shocked but recovers as Gus makes jokes about already knowing this as he has seen Phillip at the gas station complaining about gas prices. Alan is not amused and re-states his claim that Phillip is alive. Harley remains unconvinced until Alan warns her that if Phillip is released, he will come after her and finish the job he started. Gus ushers Harley away from the cell since Alan is crazy. He kisses her goodbye in the hallway and leaves to take care of family business. Harley returns to Alan's cell and offers to help Alan to get out of jail if he will take her to Phillip. He agrees.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Frank agrees to take Mallet, Harley and Alan to the place where Alan swears he is keeping Phillip, who he says is very much alive. But when Frank opens the door to the room it is empty except for a few boxes and old filing cabinets. Alan pleads with them to believe that is where he has been keeping Phillip, but frankly, nobody believes him. Alan goes into great detail about how he decorated just like the Spaulding board room so Phillip would be comfortable there, including a model of Springfield, on which Phillip used to spend hours working. Still, no one believes him, and Frank escorts him back to jail. Frank asks Alex for her help and Alex talks with Alan. She is absolutely shocked when he tells her that Phillip is alive. Alan tells her that she has to help find Phillip, that he is too delicate a state to be away from a doctor's care. She tells Frank that she thinks Alan has finally cracked and that Phillip is dead. Frank tells Alex that Alan will spend the rest of his life in jail, and Alex replies that justice for Phillip will finally be done.

Buzz is not happy to see Harley with Mallet at Company, and greets him by asking him when he's leaving. Mallet assures him he is leaving, and just when things were getting interesting...Harley explains to Buzz that Alan has declared that Phillip is alive. Buzz jokes about the TV show, "Dallas," and how Bobby Ewing came back to life. They all laugh, but when Mallet and Buzz talk privately, Buzz tells Mallet that Harley shouldn't be involved in the case any longer. Mallet sticks up for Harley, telling her father that Harley was a good cop and couldn't help thinking about it, and since when could anybody tell her anything about what to do. Buzz at least agrees with that. Harley - who has overheard their conversation - gets up to leave, saying she's going to get the kids and go home. However, her cop's intuition has kicked in...she goes back to the room where Alan says he kept Phillip. She looks around and then searches in a wastebasket. She looks at some papers before finding a model of a building...a model of a building in Springfield. "I bet you're missing this, Phillip," she says, knowing that Alan is telling the truth.

Jonathan goes to Tammy's apartment to try to hide. She figures out that he stole the money from Lewis Construction, but he pleads with her and tells her that the police are the least of his worries. She agrees to let him stay, but as soon as he gets into the shower she calls her Aunt Reva. Reva is not alone - Bill, Olivia and Josh are there, discussing what to do about Jonathan and Alfred. After Reva hangs up from Tammy's conversation, she tells the others she is isn't hard for them to figure out why she is going, and they convince her to let them go with her. They go, en masse, to Tammy's and Jonathan is not happy to see them. Josh tells Tammy to go and wait for them at their house while they talk to Jonathan. Things don't even have a chance to go well with Jonathan, though, as Alfred walks into the room. Pandemonium breaks loose and Jonathan runs from the room and jumps off the balcony. He lands, unhurt, and runs out of sight of the people left in Tammy's apartment. Inside, the group wonders what to do about Alfred, who realizes he is far outnumbered. As usual, though, Alfred has thought of everything - he calls out to a police officer whom he brought along for protection. The officer walks him out of Tammy's apartment as Reva, Josh, Olivia and Bill look on in disbelief.

Having overheard Josh tell Tammy to go to his home, Jonathan knew just where to go to look for her. He grabbed Tammy from behind and yelled at her that he couldn't trust her. She yelled back this time, telling him that she called Reva because she is worried about him. He tells her to stay away from him, that he is trouble - he tells her that she should know better. She agrees that she should know better than to mess with Jonathan but they get closer and closer as they say this. Suddenly, they kiss passionately and fall to the floor.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Tammy and Jonathan are locked in a passionate kiss. Suddenly, she pulls back, ashamed of herself and rushes off. Later, after formally filing charges against Jonathan for stealing from Lewis, Sandy comes to Tammy's. Wanting to forget her encounter with Jonathan, she desperately falls into Sandy's arms and they make love for the first time. Meanwhile, fearing for Jonathan's safety, Reva takes off on her own to find Nate and convince him to leave town. But, Bill catches her and insists on coming along. Later, Reva encounters Jonathan instead and a big confrontation ensues. Jonathan reveals that Nate told him he killed Marissa and Reva is thrilled that they finally have something to use against Nate. Promising her support, she convinces Jonathan to go to the police, return the stolen money and give a statement about Nate's confession. Jonathan leaves, promising to do the right thing and Reva tells Josh she finally believes she's gotten through. But, later, Jonathan goes to find Tammy and sees her making love to Sandy. Danny, fearing he's being watched by an old mob contact, confronts the man following him. But, he learns Michelle hired the tail in an attempt to check up on him and Marina. Meanwhile, Marina is picked for a special undercover assignment.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Reva tries to reconnect with Joshua. He reminds her not to make promises she can't keep. He wonders when Jonathan will return the money he took from Lewis. Frank tells Joshua that Sandy filed the complaint against Jonathan.

Jonathan sees Tammy and Sandy making love. Jonathan remembers her telling him how much he had hurt her.

Sandy tells Tammy that he loves her. She says she chooses him. They're interrupted by a phone call from an angry Joshua. When Sandy leaves, Jonathan arrives. He says he's giving the money back because of Tammy. He takes her in his arms and she pushes him away. He tells her their kiss was real.

Reva harangues Sandy for turning in Jonathan. He thought the best way to protect Tammy was to get Jonathan out of her life. Joshua tells him that his job is safe but Sandy should not disobey him again. Frank returns and asks Joshua how much he knows about Reva's relationship with Alfred.

Jonathan apologizes for scaring Tammy and says she should be with Sandy. He turns to leave but she grabs his hand and says he has made her happy. Sandy returns and finds Jonathan with Tammy.

Alan tries to convince a guard to let him out so that he can find Phillip. Harley ponders over the model building that she found in the warehouse. She remembers Alan telling her that Phillip had a model of Springfield in his room at the warehouse. Harley hides it from Gus. He tells her that he has to move back into the Spaulding house before he can move into a home with her. She says she will move into the Spaulding mansion with him. Gus cheerfully replaces Alan's stuff with his. Alexandra tells him that he's just what the family needs. Beth disagrees and says he doesn't know what's best for her or the family. She warns that he can not erase the memory of Phillip and Alan from the house. She says he will not play 'Daddy' to her children.

Lizzie visits Alan in jail. She tells him that she wants him to rot in there. He reveals that Phillip is not dead and begs her to help him get out. She says he is sicker than Phillip ever was. Harley comforts Lizzie. Harley tells Alan that she is starting to believe he is not a murderer. He grabs her and pleads with her to believe him.

Lizzie gleefully helps Gus give the mansion a makeover. Harley arrives at the mansion and is filled with bad memories. She tells Gus tearfully that she just can't move in there again.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Sandy sees Jonathan in Tammy's room and demands to know what's going on. When Sandy accuses Jonathan of worming his way in, Tammy defends Jonathan and admits that she let him in. Sandy gets angry and shoves Jonathan against the wall and tells him that he's not going to disturb their lives. He tells Jonathan that Tammy chose him (Sandy); Jonathan doesn't get everything he wants. Hurt, Jonathan walks out. Alone with Tammy, Sandy tries to comfort her by telling her that Jonathan won't be a problem anymore; he made sure of that. Sandy tells Tammy that he was the one who turned Jonathan in to the police. Tammy is shocked and upset. She tells him that it wasn't his place to do that, but he defends his decision stating that he did what no one else in the Lewis family would be able to do. Sandy seems upset with Tammy's attitude and asks why she keeps letting Jonathan into her life. An upset Tammy insists that she's not letting him get to her anymore. Sandy assures Tammy that he did what he did for her. Jonathan will be arrested and will never bother her again.

A sullen Jonathan is now skulking when Nate approaches him asking where the money is. Jonathan refuses to give it to him and so Nate brings up Tammy and Jonathan's feelings toward her. After belittling Jonathan by calling him a stray mutt who doesn't have a chance with Tammy, Nate departs. Suddenly, Jonathan finds himself face to face with Tammy. Tammy admits that she's been looking for him and offers to help him return the money. That just makes Jonathan upset and he demands to know what she wants from him. He grabs her and tells her just to hate it--it'd make things so much easier. She tells Jonathan that she could never hate him and tells him that it was Sandy who turned him in. Jonathan understands why Sandy did it--to protect her for him--and he walks away.

Frank stops over at the Lewis house to ask Josh some questions about Reva and Nate's relationship. Franks states that witnesses have reported that they were "an item." Josh doesn't know anything about that and goes into the house to talk to his wife. Reva's upset because she can't reach Jonathan. Josh picks this time to ask her if she slept with Nate. Josh tells her that he and Nate were seen kissing on more than one occasion and were apparently "an item" Reva admits to the kissing but insists that they never slept together. She admits that she and Nate flirted but that's it. She goes on to say that they could have ended up sleeping together but then she found out he was Alfred. That doesn't make Josh too happy since now he thinks that was her only reason for not sleeping with him. Reva tries to reiterate that she never betrayed him, but Josh isn't satisfied. He maintains that she can be selfish sometimes and wonders what kind of excuses she fed herself to make her rationalize her behavior toward Nate. Josh tells her that he's getting tired of not being enough for her. Reva tries to tell him that he is but he doesn't believe it and walks out. Later, alone, Reva finds a receipt for a boat rental the date that Marissa was killed. After calling the company to get information, she discovers that Alfred Randall has reserved the boat for a future date. Reva realizes that Nate's going to kill Jonathan. Just then, Josh returns but Reva's too upset about what she thinks Nate's going to do to talk to him. Josh accuses her of shutting him out. He suggests that maybe they need some time apart. Focusing on Nate, Reva calls him and tries to lure him to the house by telling him that Jonathan's ready to hand over the money. Meanwhile, Josh tells Billy he needs to hire a private detective to keep an eye on Reva.

The Coopers are having an engagement party for Harley and Gus at Company. Also in attendance is Lizzie, though Beth is trying to convince her to leave and come home with her. She tries to talk Lizzie out of moving in to the Bauer's, but Lizzie's is bent on doing it.

Having been spurned by Lizzie, Beth visits Alan in jail at his request. Alan tries to convince Beth that Phillip is alive and he did what he did for the greater good, but she doesn't believe a word of it. Alan tries convincing her and tells her that he thinks she can lure Phillip out of hiding. An upset Beth tells Alan he just needs to accept that Phillip is dead for everyone's sake, especially her children's. She starts telling him about her worries for Lizzie; she doesn't think Lizzie's ready to be in a relationship. Alan agrees that Coop is all wrong for Lizzie and offers to help Beth if she helps him. Alan tells Beth that if she cuts Lizzie off financially, she'll come home. Although it's drastic, Beth warms to the idea since a parent will do anything to protect that child.

At Company, Lizzie shocks everyone by giving the restaurant back to the Cooper's. Afterwards, there's a knock at the door. Harley answers--it's a delivering man delivering pink petunia's to Lizzie Spaulding (which Lizzie earlier mentioned that her father gave her everyday) Even though she knows Gus doesn't want her to pursue the "Phillip is alive angle", Harley makes an excuse to go and locate Phillip. She goes to the warehouse and is shocked to see Phillip with his back toward her. She tries to exit quietly when suddenly, he grabs her from behind!

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