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Passions Recaps: The week of January 21, 2002 on PS
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Monday, January 21, 2002

Antonio and "Diana" go to the Harmony police station to drop off Beth's keys. Luis leaves to go check out a rumor he heard that Julian Crane was murdered. Antonio and "Diana" wait for Luis at the police station. They are just inches away from the picture of Luis and Sheridan that Luis keeps on his desk.

Ethan tells Theresa that they are finished. He tells her even though he loves her, he can never trust her again. Gwen eavesdrops outside of Theresa's house and is delighted to hear the news. Ethan packs his things and tells Theresa goodbye. Theresa then drops another "bomb" on Ethan. She tells him that she never got an abortion.

Ivy tells Gwen that she is sorry that she wanted to see Ethan and Theresa together when Ethan broke Gwen's heart. Ivy tells Gwen that she is the woman for him. She begs Gwen to try to get Ethan back. She wants to see Ethan settled and married to a woman who loves him and would never betray him. Ivy assures Gwen that even though she is at war with her mother, she gives Gwen her full support to go after Ethan.

Tabitha cannot believe that there is no news of Julian's murder so she goes to the cannery. At the cannery, Tabitha and Timmy find Julian's shredded dinner jacket floating in the boiling vat of tuna. Tabitha fishes the jacket out and places it where two of the cannery workers are sure to see it. The two men find the jacket and see the broken railing on the catwalk.

David is sick of lying to Grace. He is tired of using John in Ivy's scheme. He announces that he and John are both leaving Harmony. Ivy arrives and tries to talk John into staying. She then threatens David once again into doing her bidding. David shows Ivy a picture he snapped of her and Julian at the New Year's Eve party. He says she looks like a woman who could commit murder.

Tuesday, January 22, 2002

Ethan told Theresa they are finished forever as he walked out of her life. Gwen was waiting in the wings and consoled Ethan. She made a tearful and (false) confession to Ethan that she is so sorry that she wished he and Theresa would break up because she can see how much he is suffering. Gwen tells Ethan how much she has missed him. Ethan said he missed Gwen too, as a friend. Gwen confides to Ethan that she wants to renew their friendship and that she must be open and honest with him by confessing how much she wanted his relationship with Theresa to fail. Ethan is of course happy to hear of Gwen's honesty, unlike Theresa.

Antonio and "Diana" are still waiting for Luis to return to the police station while "Diana" sits only inches away from a picture of her and Luis as a couple. Luis walks in as soon as they leave. When he touches the keys to the boat that Antonio and "Diana" dropped off, he feels that Sheridan was just near by.

Theresa confesses to her mother that she cannot give up on Ethan and their relationship. Pilar tells her that she must for Ethan's sake as well as her own.

Tabitha tries her best to get the cannery workers to call the police after finding Julian's shredded jacket. They are reluctant to do so. Tabitha leaves the cannery with the jacket in her hands.

Ivy blackmails David once again into doing her bidding. She makes him stay in Harmony along with John. When Grace hears the news that John will be staying Harmony, she is thrilled. David puts Ivy on notice. He tells her that he will be watching her. The first time she messes up and gives him something he can use against her, he will do it to free himself and John.

He shows Ivy a picture of her throwing Julian some deadly looks at her party. She laughs it off. The news reports that Julian Crane is reported missing and may be murdered. David looks suspiciously at Ivy. Grace fears one of her friends may have done away with Julian. David then openly accuses Ivy.

Luis goes in search of who dropped off the boat keys. He feels that maybe Sheridan had dropped off the keys to the boat because he feels her presence so strongly. Tabitha brings Sam Julian's shredded jacket as proof of fowl play.

Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Due to Tabitha's tip about Julian's shredded jacket, Sam and Luis go to the cannery to investigate.

Gwen tells Ethan that she wants to be completely "honest" with him and tell him about the things she did to spite Theresa. Ethan is appreciative of Gwen's honesty but tells her that she did not force Theresa to lie to him repeatedly. He also tells her that he needs her in his life right now. Grace fears that Eve or TC may have done away with Julian.

Eve tells TC to get rid of the gun he keeps in his desk. TC cannot understand why since he claims that it is always locked up. Grace walks in as TC locks the gun away.

Chad tells Whitney that they need to decide about their future as a couple. He says that they are always together as a couple but they aren't one. He asks her to stop wasting time and to commit to being a couple. He begs Whitney that they should tell Simone the truth and take their relationship to the next level. Whitney explains that she must keep the promise she made to god when Simone was seriously ill. He asks her to go to talk to Father Lonigan about the promise. Whitney refuses and Chad walks out of her life.

Theresa insists that she must go to Ethan. Pilar forbids her. She reminds Theresa she deceived Ethan over and over again. She tells Theresa that she acted selfishly.

Luis goes to the boat and finds Liz there. He tells Liz that he was hoping that his dead fiancÚ returned the boat. Sam's call interrupts them. Liz once again thinks that maybe "Diana" could be Luis' fiancÚ. Brian talks her out of the idea and they all end up on a flight "home" to the island.

Whitney talks to Theresa about her relationship with Chad. Theresa tells her to go to Chad and tell him how much he means to her. Theresa plans on going to Ethan and getting him back, against Pilar's orders to leave him alone and give him time to heal.

Theresa walks Whitney to the Book Cafe. Whitney intends on going in and talking to Chad. She turns and leaves when she sees a girl named Kelly inviting Chad to go skating. As Chad watches Whitney leave, he accepts Kelly's invitation. Theresa goes to find Ethan and sees him with Gwen.

Tabitha takes a can of tuna from the cannery to feed to Fluffy. Inside she finds Julian's signet ring. She is convinced now more than ever that one of the good residents of Harmony is a murderer. She calls Fluffy to come and eat her dinner of CRANE Tuna.

Thursday, January 24, 2002

The residents of Harmony keep incriminating themselves over Julian's "murder."

Theresa sees Gwen consoling Ethan and gets angry. Whitney comes by looking for Theresa and she too sees Ethan and Gwen. Theresa says that she is to blame. She feels that she handed Ethan to Gwen on a silver platter. Whitney tells Theresa about how she did not go to talk to Chad because he was with another girl. Chad and Kelly end up at the park near Ethan and Gwen. Chad tells Ethan that it is finally over between him and Whitney and he has to move on. Theresa vows that they will not lose their men. She says she will think of something to get them back.

Tabitha goes to Sam with her "discovery" from the can of tuna. She hands Julian's signet ring over to the Harmony Police. This proves to Sam that there was a murder.

Sam and Luis begin to make a list of suspects. Sam puts his friend TC at the top of the list.

Ivy and Rebecca begin to spar over Rebecca's place in Julian's life and if she has any claim on the Crane mansion. Rebecca tells Ivy that her son Ethan is with her daughter Gwen right now. Ivy is delighted and lets it slip that all her plans have worked out so well. Ivy tries to cover up the slip and both she and Rebecca celebrate the fact the Theresa is out of their lives. Pilar walks in and angrily asks them what they have done to her daughter. Ivy explains that Theresa brought her misery on herself. Pilar openly accuses Ivy of tipping off the tabloids. Ivy lies in denial. Pilar warns her that if she finds out Ivy tipped off the tabloid, she will get behind Ivy's wheelchair and push her off a cliff. Pilar then warns both Rebecca and Ivy that she will do anything to protect her daughter as well as all of her children. She tells Rebecca that if she was the one to have tipped off the tabloid about Ethan's paternity she will push her off a cliff as well.

Grace worries that TC or Eve may have killed Julian. She worries that Father Lonigan was right about evil coming to Harmony. Theresa tries to talk to Ethan and Gwen stops her. She tells Theresa Ethan would have been so much better off if Theresa never entered his life. He would still be a Crane. He would be practicing law and happily married to her as they had planned before Theresa came along. Whitney sees Chad kiss Kelly. "Diana" falls asleep on the plane and begins talking in her sleep. She says some scary things about taking everything from "him" because he took everything from her.

Tabitha looks in her magic glass and sees the list of suspects....TC, Eve (who goes to confession and asks for forgiveness for committing a mortal sin) Rebecca, Ivy, Luis, Theresa, Antonio, Pilar, Ethan and even Sheridan Crane.

Friday, January 25, 2002

All the suspects in Julian's murder incriminate themselves by showing they had motive, opportunity and they are all seen welding a gun and swearing revenge. Grace shows up at the police station. She seems concerned to see the suspect list. Grace then drops the photos that David took at the party. Sam wants to ask Grace questions about the photos as well as the visit she just had to the Russell's.

Sheridan continues to sleepwalk on the plane. She says that it is done and "he" is dead. The stewardesses get alarmed. "Brian" and Liz cover up for her. "Brian" swears to love and protect "Diana" from now on. Liz realizes how much "Brian" loves "Diana." It is revealed that Brian and Liz were once lovers. Doc urges Liz to investigate "Diana's" past. He says that "Diana's" lover may not be dead but he may think she is. He also reminds Liz that if "Diana" has someone out there for her, Liz may be able to get Brian back.

Theresa vows revenge as she walks away from the Book Cafe where Gwen and Ethan are together. She goes to the Crane mansion. As she peeks in the window and she sees Ivy and Rebecca smiling together. She then realizes that they have been plotting against her. She walks in on them and says "Damn you both!" They dismiss Theresa. Theresa grabs their champagne glasses and smashes them into the fireplace. She says that they have nerve calling her a liar. Theresa accuses Rebecca of sending Ethan's paternity letter to the tabloids. She accuses Ivy of tipping off the tabloids about her pregnancy. Then Theresa pulls rank and reminds them that she is the only real Mrs. Crane. She tells them to listen up and shut up because their lives will never be the same. She tells Rebecca and Ivy that she is still pregnant with the Crane heir and she can play just as dirty as they can. She says watch me and weep. Luis and Sam walk in on the fight at the Crane mansion. Luis then hears the news that Theresa is still pregnant. Ivy wants to call Alistair to take care of Theresa once and for all. When everyone hears about Luis and Sam investigating Julian's murder they all try to throw suspicion onto each other.

Miguel and Reese go to the woods where they had played hide and seek a few weeks before. Miguel thinks that since Charity seemed to change that day that maybe they can find a clue in the woods as to why. Timmy is in the woods with the guys and really feels sorry for Miguel. He wishes he can help without betraying Tabitha. Reese questions Timmy about his "great aunt" Tabitha. The angel girl reminds Timmy that he is the only one who can save the real Charity.

Kay asks "Zombie" Charity about herself. Zombie Charity tells Kay how much she enjoys the suffering of others. Ethan gets a job interview thanks to Gwen. When Ethan realizes that Gwen helped him he refuses the job. Miguel thinks he knows why Charity is acting so weird.

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