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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of February 1, 1999 on SB
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Monday, February 1, 1999

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Antonio told Ricardo that since they are brothers they should look out for each other. Sister Betrill interrupts before he can talk to Ricardo. Ricardo says Gabi will be at the party and Antonio says if she is busy then let it go. Ricardo looks at him suspiciously.


AJ starts telling Gabi about her duties and she is distracted thinking of saying goodbye to Antonio. AJ told her she can leave early if she wants to go to Antonio's goodbye party. Gabi says she doesn't have to go because they have said their good-byes. Gabi agrees that the project should move smoothly. Gerard arrives and told AJ he is needed elsewhere. When AJ leaves Gerard asks Gabi how she likes her job. Gabi says it should be great. Gerard's wife, Karen arrives with lunch. Outside Gerard asks if she has found out anything about Gabi. Karen says only that she spent the night with Ricardo Torres. Gerard says if she is a plant then she will be sorry.


Cole asks Annie why she is so upset about the death of Dr. Brock. He also voices his suspicions about his suicide. Annie says that she is only protecting Gregory from reminders of losing his son. Cole says it doesn't add up because Gregory would not be that protective of her. Annie says the whole thing was Olivia's fault for getting drunk and losing the baby. Cole says things don't add up. After she leaves Cole says he won't stop the search because that baby could be alive and his.


When Francesca arrives in her room Olivia is waiting for her. Olivia and Francesca immediately start having words. Olivia says everything can be settled if she leaves town forever. Olivia told Francesca that Cole had an affair with Bette. Francesca laughs at that idea. Olivia says that if she breathes a word to Caitlin and breaks up her marriage to Cole, he will never speak to her. Francesca is upset at the possibility. Olivia told her to give up and leave town. Olivia starts to stroll out of the room and tells Francesca she will fit in with the EURO-Trash. Francesca told Olivia she can pretend with her accent all she wants but she invented the word because it describes her. Francesca also told Olivia that before she leaves town without Cole she will make sure that Caitlin knows that her mother slept with her husband. Olivia turns around and told her that she will KILL HER if she does anything to hurt her daughter.

Bette is at the door listening. Olivia told her she would kill her in a heartbeat. After more words are exchanged, Olivia goes for Francesca's throat. Bette rushes in to stop the fight. Francesca can't believe that Cole could possibly love Caitlin that much. Before Bette drags Olivia out of the room she told Francesca they have undying love and that Cole had just used her like so many others. Outside the room, Bette fusses at Olivia for threatening to kill Francesca. Inside the room Francesca calls Gregory and agrees to their deal.


Ricardo asks about her new assignment. Gabi says that she thinks she can break the case in 2 days. Ricardo says he can't figure out why Carmen suspects Gabi of seeing another man. Gabi says that he shouldn't have asked him to stay. Gabi explains that Antonio is a priest and he is needed in Guatemala. She says that he should start acting like a priest again. Ricardo ask what she means by that and she says he has been acting more as a family peacemaker then a priest. Ricardo doesn't buy this lie.


Gregory calls the doctor to tell him to do more tests. Caitlin walks in to hear Gregory telling Dr. Manning that maybe this time they can have an alternative course of action. Caitlin assumes that Gregory is sick. Gregory told her that he only has high blood. Bette tries to get Caitlin to talk about why she isn't happy. Caitlin said Francesca. Caitlin admits that she makes her nervous although Cole loves her. Gregory interrupts their conversation. Gregory asks Caitlin if Francesca is still bothering her. He says with one telephone call he can get rid of her. Caitlin refuses the offer.

Annie arrives with the newspaper in hand and told Gregory that Cole has been asking too many questions. Annie told him that he has been suspicious since seeing Caitlin in the alley with $1Mil. Annie tries to seduce Gregory. It appears to be working until he told her that he can pay for those types of favors. He says that the only reason they are still together is so people won't ask questions. After Annie leaves, she tries to figure out how to get Gregory back on her side.


Olivia is upset at the fact that Francesca has the nerve to accuse her of sleeping with Cole. Bette reminds her that she did. Olivia repeats again that she will kill Francesca if she hurts Caitlin.

Gregory told employees that he hopes they have been giving Trey the enthusiastic ohhhhs and ahhhhs he deserves. He says nothing is too good for the future CEO of the company. Cole arrives and as Gregory flashes back to thoughts of Cole and Olivia he breaks a pencil. Cole told Caitlin that he can't have lunch with her but he will make it up to her tonight. Gregory talks to Dr. Manning and asks him to recheck his test. The Dr. agrees with the new findings that Trey will be his son.

Franny secretly puts cameras all over AJ's office so that they will be able to catch all the X-rated scenes she plans to make for Olivia's benefit. As she is leaving his office AJ arrives.

Antonio realizes that if Ricardo keeps digging he will figure it all out. Antonio calls to move his flight time up. Ricardo told Gabi that he thinks she knows why Antonio is leaving.

Tuesday, February 2, 1999


Antonio is calling the airport to request an earlier flight to Guatemala when Maria walks in and hears him on the phone. Carmen is reading her tarot cards. Gabi accuses Ricardo of believing his mother that another man will come between them. Antonio told Maria that he is in love with Gabi. Carmen went to see him at the mission and told him that he must leave before it is too late.


Tyus told Vanessa that he would like to be her Lamaze coach. Michael looks at the letter that came to Vanessa from Dr. Green and wonders why the stamp has not been postmarked. Since Michael found that Virginia was at the Doctor's office he asks her if she thinks it's odd that the letter is not postmarked. She does not think it is unusual. Michael leaves but he listens from outside the screen door and hears Virginia calling Dr. Green's office. Tyus and Vanessa discuss the baby situation further. Michael went to see Dr. Green and he told the doctor that Virginia sent him to get another letter.


Francesca is caught coming out of AJ's office by AJ. She told him that she is looking for a job. He sends her to personnel. She kisses him and Cole walks in; she slaps AJ's face. AJ and Cole ridicule her tactics at the seduction game. AJ says that she is doing this so that he will stop asking why she is in his office. She leaves and Cole challenges AJ's feelings for Francesca and warns him of her wiles.

Cole later told Francesca that he loved her before because she was smart, confident, and had integrity, which she no longer does so he will never be with her again.


Gerard finds out that Gabi is the plant and told his wife that he will have to take care of her. Takes a utility knife out of his pocket and opens the door to AJ's office where Gabi is working.

Wednesday, February 3, 1999


Meg walks on the beach and flashes back to all that has happened since Maria came back. Ben brought her a white rose on the beach. He wants Meg to come home. Meg wants him to make a decision.

Annie comes to see Maria and wants to borrow $20,000 from her. Maria says she'll help her. Annie says that she wants to disappear for awhile. Maria told her that she has a plan to get Ben back, that she wants to recreate their second honeymoon. Annie says that she'll help but Ben makes her leave when he gets home. He agrees to go with Maria on the trip to Palm Springs. Ben says that he still loves Maria and Meg.


Dr. Green asks Michael what Virginia needs another letter for and Michael makes him tell him everything now that he knows there is a connection between the two of them. Virginia went to Dr. Green's office and is yelling at the back of his chair, the chair turns around and it is Michael. He told her to stop lying, and he wants to know what he did to her to make her try to ruin his life like this. She told him she did it because she wanted him to be a father to Jimmy and she loves him.


Carmen insists that Antonio must leave immediately. Antonio agrees to leave right away but he is convinced by a sister to do one more confessional. While doing confession Gerard's wife told him that her husband is embezzling from the resort and is going to kill the person who discovered it. Antonio takes off running to the resort.

Gerard's wife also told Ricardo that her husband is going to do something terrible. Gabi calls Ricardo to tell him that she solved the case, Gerard hears her conversation. Gerard sets up a bomb outside her office. Ricardo arrests Gerard for stealing from the warehouse and he told Ricardo that it is too late to save Gabi.


Tim's plan that he needs to be with Meg in a secluded place is being carried out with the help of Sarah. Casey gives Sarah a freesia hairpiece as a gift. She wants to spend time alone with him. He planned a party for Meg to cheer her up. Annie sees Tim and told him that Ben and Maria are going to Palm Springs together.


Antonio bursts in to get Gabi out of the office just as the bomb explodes.

Sarah calls Tim and told him that she is helping him with the plan.

Thursday, February 3, 1999


Virginia told Michael that the baby really isn't his. He told her to stop because he knows the truth. Vanessa meets with Meg and they update each other on what has been happening.


Maria booked the suite they had for their 2nd honeymoon with an adjoining bedroom. Ben told her not to get her hopes up. She says that she wants them to be honest and open. Meg sees Ben and Maria at the Java Web buying some coffee before they leave.

They get to Palm Springs and Maria shares her memories of the room and the love they shared.


Antonio and Gabi are trapped inside the resort under the rubble from the bomb but they are okay. Ricardo wants to get Gabi out of there.


Sarah is talking to Tim on the phone saying that she "hopes that Meg doesn't find out what they're up to" when Casey walks in and hears her say that. Casey wants to make sure that Sarah will not upset Meg anymore. Sarah wants to spend some time with Casey alone. Casey and Sarah go to the Java Web to see Meg. Meg told them that Ben and Maria went away together. Sarah says that the three of them should go away to Palm Springs. Meg agrees so they go off to pack.


Gerard's wife shows up at the scene and told Ricardo that she confessed to a priest at the mission and he ran off when she told him what was going to happen. Ricardo then knows that Antonio and Gabi are both in there.

Sarah calls Tim and told him that the plan is in action.

Maria says they won't have to order room service because they brought the strawberry muffins along. Ben told her the story about Meg and the strawberry muffins for Casey and she gets very angry.

Vanessa went to see Dr. Green and Virginia is there. She wants Virginia to tell her what is going on.

Friday, February 5, 1999

Today's show is in memory of Rick Bennewitz.


Maria told Ben that her whole life has been taken away. They went away to see how they feel about each other. Getting her memory was like waking up and she doesn't know how to let go of him.


Sarah asks Meg if they can take two cars to Palm Springs so that she and Casey can have some time alone. Meg says that's fine. Sarah takes the distributor cap out of Casey's car. Tim has a fantasy sequence where he dreams that Meg will see Ben and Maria together and will come running to him.


The resort was built into the side of the mountain. Carmen shows up at the explosion site, Ricardo told her that Gabi and Antonio are inside. Gabi told Antonio that she feels the same way about him that he feels about her. They agree that neither of them wants to hurt Ricardo.


Michael runs into Surf Central, looking for Vanessa and out again. Casey talks to him about what is going on and Michael told him that Virginia is not the person they all thought she was. Virginia and Vanessa are arguing, Virginia told Vanessa that she will never get Michael because she doesn't deserve him. Virginia told Vanessa that she took care of it and Vanessa wants to know what she means by that. She told her that she impregnated her with Tyus' sperm. She also told Vanessa all of the other things she did like the blackmailing, etc.


Virginia and Vanessa are arguing and Virginia pushes her down when Vanessa says she's going to go to the police.

Meg is driving in the rain, she is wiping the windshield and screams as the car suddenly veers. Casey told Sarah that they can still go to Palm Springs even though the car is not working.

Maria and Ben go outside when it starts raining and they start kissing on the balcony.

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