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Monday, April 5, 1999

Today's recap was written by TFaust9197

Hank and Joan tell Sara that Ben wants Benjy to move in with him and Meg and they tell her that Casey is with Meg. Sara went to find them, when she does she asks Casey if her and Meg can be alone. Sara asks Meg what she is going to do. Meg told Sara that Ben and Maria have a child together and she has to deal with it. Sara says that maybe Tess and Maria fixed the paternity test. Meg told Sara to let it go, that Benjy is Ben's son and that Ben is going to be a part of his life and that she can handle that.

Ben told Maria that the best thing for Benjy is to move in with him and Meg. Maria agrees but, only if she moves in to. Ben told Maria that that is impossible that Ben, Meg, and Maria cannot live together. Maria says that everything has changed since Benjy came along. Ben says not everything that he still wants a divorce and that he loves Meg and intends to marry her. Ben and Maria continue to argue over where Benjy should live, neither one of them wants to be a part-time parent. They agree that they are at an impasse and Ben finally gives in. He told Maria that she can stay, for now. But first he must talk to Meg to make she will be okay with the arrangement. They then start talking about making Benjy feel at home. Ben talks about buying him one of those race car beds and Maria told him that he is trying to live vicariously through their son. Meg comes in. Maria says that Ben and Meg need to talk and she leaves. Ben told Meg that she is not going to like what he has to ask her about bout that it is the only solution. He told her about Maria staying. WHAT?? Ben told Meg that if she can't handle that then he will understand. Meg told him no, that she is not thrilled with the idea but they have to do what is best for Benjy.

Sara is daydreaming....Casey and Brad are walking on the beach. Brad wants to know what it is like to be able to get any woman that he wants. Casey says that it feels great but that there is only one girl that has been on his mind. Brad says that she must be hot and Casey says that she is. Brad asks who it is, Casey points and says THAT GIRL. It looks like Casey is pointing to Sara and there is a sequence like the opening of the THAT GIRL TV show. Then Casey says no not you, and points again and says that other girl, and is pointing to Meg.

Casey taps Sara on the shoulder and says it seems like you were a million miles away, were you thinking about me. Sara says yeah that she was, about how she would like to be alone with him. Just then Casey gets a page and has to go to the beach for an emergency. Sara is left standing there and she says that she is not going to lose Casey but if Tim told him the truth or if Ben and Meg break up that Casey will turn to Meg. She then says that she knows that she made a promise but there is only one thing left to do.

Vanessa is sitting at a table. Michael comes in and apologizes for being late. He told her that she looks beautiful and she says that he is handsome and remarks on his tie. They talk and smile a lot. Then Michael and Vanessa start to toast to new beginnings. Just then Tyus walks up. He told Vanessa that he has heard that she is not going to press charges against Dr. Green. She says that is right that he was a victim of Virginia to. That they all need to move on. He then leaves. Vanessa and Michael seem tense. Vanessa says that it is no use, that her lie will always be there and that it really is over. She gets up to leave. Michael stops her and says that it will take a lot of work and that it will not be easy but that they should both try to give it a shot.

Gregory told Mr. Gordon (Olivia's attorney), he and his lawyers will pull out all stops and all of Olivia dirty details. Mr. Gordon told Gregory not to get cocky, that he has every intention of winning. Annie overhears and asks Gregory to let her help. Gregory told Annie that the only reason she is still around is for appearance sake and that if Olivia gets custody of Trey, he will have Annie arrested for kidnapping. Caitlin comes in with Trey and told Annie and Gregory that she left Olivia being questioned by Ricardo and that the gun that was found in Cole's car was registered to Olivia. She also says that she told Ricardo that Olivia threatened to kill Francesca. Cole is at the bar and AJ comes up. AJ and Cole discuss Francesca's murder investigation and Cole's affair with Olivia. AJ says that they need to resolve their differences. AJ asks Cole to stay with him until he and Caitlin are able to get back together. Someone arrives and gives Cole a package. He opens it up and it is a restraining order that Olivia has taken out so that Cole cannot see Trey. Cole says that Olivia is not going to get away with this. AJ reminds him that his past as a jewel thief can be used against him. Cole leaves, AJ says that this time Olivia is not going to get her way.

Olivia talks to Mr. Gordon and told him that when she told him that when she told him what she has on Gregory that she will come out looking like Marie Osmond. She hangs up and Sean comes in. Sean told her the he stood by her when she was accused of shooting Del without asking questions but he needs to know, Did you shoot Francesca. Olivia told him no, that she was at home, and that Amy saw her. Sean then offers to help Olivia bring Trey home. Olivia leaves and Emily comes in. Emily wants to do with something with him, he says that he can't that he has to help his Mom. He leaves and Bette comes in. Emily told Bette that she thinks that she has blown it with Sean. Bette offers to help her set up a romantic dinner for the two of them. They leave.

Gregory asks if Caitlin knows any other info that they can use against Olivia. Annie says that they should be celebrating because Olivia is probably being arrested. Olivia comes in and says guess again!! She told them that she has come to get her son. Caitlin doesn't want to give Trey to her. Gregory told Caitlin that there is nothing to do, that Olivia has a court order, and that it is only temporary. Caitlin reluctantly hands Trey over to Olivia. Olivia starts out and Sean says he will be there soon. Caitlin asks Sean how he could take Olivia's side. Sean says that it is not about taking sides that Olivia is Treys mother. He leaves. Caitlin says that she needs to be alone and went for a walk.

Annie says to her self that if she can get rid of Olivia and help Gregory get Trey back that he might forgive her.

Gregory is standing there and asks Why didn't I think of that before.

At Bette and Olivia's, a shadowy figure sneaks in and has a gun. The figure walks around and then hides a gun.

Tuesday, April 6, 1999

Ordering her to keep Cole from finding out that he is Trey's father, Gregory reminds Annie that her immunity is only conditional and he can have it yanked anytime he wants. At The Resort, Caitlin complains to A.J. about Cole keeping the secret from her and assumes that she will eventually divorce him, though she's not sure about anything these days. When A.J. hints that she might have had good reason to kill Francesca, Caitlin went on the attack and claims that A.J. had the real motive for killing Francesca as did her mother. Meanwhile, Sean told Cole to forget about Trey and leave his family alone. Cole does some fast-talking in front of Sean and urges him to do what he can to keep Trey with Caitlin. Sean remains suspicious of Cole's real interests. Threatening to go to Ricardo, Amy presses Olivia to invite her to the dinner that Emily is planning for Sean. Later, Amy panics when she arrives at the station house and discovers that Brad is being questioned. Annie overhears Cole talking with his lawyer about forcing a paternity test. Ricardo asks Antonio to marry him and Gabi.

Wednesday, April 7, 1999

Today's summary was provided by Elnin930 Annie/Cole/lawyer/Antonio:
As Annie was eavesdropping on Cole and his lawyer, Cole was saying that he should get another paternity test to prove Gregory is not Trey's son. Then Annie jumps in and says you can't do that and Cole says why not. The lawyer said she must getting going and Cole says okay I'll walk you out and he turned to Annie to stay put. So Annie did. Cole walked out with the lawyer and said I push Annie's button about the test and the lawyer said maybe. They talk for a few minutes. And Cole came back to Annie and said how come your so interested for Trey getting another test. Annie said well, I'm doing it for Trey and Cole doesn't believe it. Cole says for sure you are not doing it for Trey and Annie says well I'm doing it for him and Caitlin and Cole says what does Caitlin have to do with this. She says so she doesn't get hurt, you are like rubbing it on her that she's not Trey real mother. Annie said I just want Caitlin to be happy and if she's happy Gregory is happy. Then Cole said Gregory doesn't care for you after you stole his baby your marriage is just a piece of paper. Then Cole left. Annie sat down at a table and talk to herself while drinking wine. Cole went to the mission and he saw Antonio. Antonio said hi and Cole said hi back and they talked about if you change time and fix anything....then Cole said, "never mind you wouldn't understand" and Antonio didn't say anything and Cole left. Antonio then said to himself Cole I do understand and he went into his office.

Olivia ran into A. J. in front of the Richard's home and they talked about Francesca murder and how they use to love each other and how they broke up with each other. A. J. told Olive when it comes to you and my son, my son comes first. Now Olivia says this is what's its all about not taking revenge on my cause I broke up with you. Then they had an argument and Olivia left. Back at the house Bette and Emily were fixing the dinner until the doorbell rang it was Sean. Then Bette went back to the kitchen and Emily and Sean talked. Then Sean took Emily somewhere they can be alone and he did and they kissed and talked more. Then Bette came out of the kitchen and no ones there. Then she sits on the couch and feels something behind her and grabs it and its a gun. Then she has flashbacks of Olivia and Francesca. Then Olivia walks in and asks what's that Bette and Bette says, "Oh my God Olivia you shot Francesca didn't you?!?!"

When Amy arrived at the police station Ricardo made her go in a room and she saw Brad in there. Ricardo said Amy you are lying. Amy said no and then finally she said Ms. Richard's made me lie and Ricardo ask why and Amy said I don't know I couldn't say no to her. Then Ricardo left and then Amy said why did you tell him that didn't you get my message and Brad said yes but after I got grilled by Ricardo last night. Then Ricardo comes in and says you can leave and Brad said finally but Ricardo said but you can't leave the station I'm not done with you guys yet. Then Amy turns around and says is that from Francesca's room and Ricardo says yes and Amy says why do you have Bette's necklace there. Ricardo looked surprised. Then Ricardo said are you sure this is Bette's' and Amy said yeah I live with her and she wore it to Halloween.

Back at Ricardo's place Carmen comes in and says what tape and Gabi and Antonio had to make up something fast. Then finally Antonio and Carmen leave. Buy Carmen returned to talk to Gabi. She asked her what will make you stay away from Ricardo and Gabi said nothing because I love him. Carmen said you are in love with another man. Then Carmen grabbed her face and looked into her eyes and said you made love with another man. Gabi said no I didn't and she said yes you do I see it in your eyes. Gabi got really upset and told her to leave and she said no this is Ricardo's home and then she left. Gabi then left and went to see Antonio and when she got there she was really, really upset and Antonio wanted to know why.

Thursday, April 8, 1999

Today's recap was provided by WakiJacky.

Gabi was putting the tape in the player and got frustrated and said "I can't do this!" and Antonio asked her what was wrong and she told him about how his mother came back. They got really close and both were having flashbacks from in the cave and almost kissed! but didn't. They listened to the tape and Gabi heard a radio station on in the beginning that they don't get in Sunset Beach. She figured out that she was in the mountains. She called the police station and they had a print out of her credit card bills, Gabi wanted to go and see if maybe she had charged a cabin rental and maybe the tape would be there. Before Gabi left she told Antonio that she thinks they will find the tape. he said he would be praying for her, they hugged and as they were hugging Carmen walked in and got mad.

Ricardo was at the police station and he got a note that was written in cut out letters of magazines it said "The murder weapon you are looking for will be found at the house of Olivia Richards" he left to go right over there.

Bette accused Olivia of shooting Francesca. Olivia said she didn't shoot her and if she did she wouldn't be stupid enough to leave the gun lying around. Bette said that whoever was around the house last night must've broken in and planted the gun. They argued over what to do with the gun and Emily walked in. Olivia quickly put the gun in her purse and they were acting all suspicious, Emily said she wanted to go for a ride with Sean and Olivia and Bette kept saying go right ahead take as long as you need we will eat the turkey later. Emily asked if they were ok and they said they were. As soon as Bette pushed her out the door they figured out what to do with the gun. They were going to throw it in the ocean but Olivia knew a secret way so that no one would see them just as they were about to leave, Ricardo told them to open up it was the police and he had a search warrant he busted the door down and walked in he asked Bette whey she didn't answer the door, she said she was going to if he didn't burst down the door. Then Ricardo asked Olivia but then said "What is behind your back?"

Hank and Casey were talking outside and Hank suggested that Meg move back in with Meg. Sara overheard the whole thing from inside the house and she opened the door and told Hank that she didn't think it was a good idea. Casey said the same thing. Then Joan came out, Casey had to leave for work, a buzzer went off and Joan said she was baking pies because she needed to do something normal during all this.

Ben was on the beach with Benjy playing and Tess walked up and said no she realized that she was did the right thing by bringing Benjy to him. Maria walks in carrying her suitcase and Meg is there Meg asked her where she was going and then realized that she was moving back in TEMPORARILY, they started to fight and Ben came in and said that he thought Meg was ok with the living arrangement and she said I said it was ok but that doesn't mean I like it. Then in ran Benjy saying "mommy!" Maria said that she was going to take Benjy and Tess to meet Carmen. They all went to Carmen's and met her. Carmen told Tess and Benjy to go in the kitchen and have some churros they went. Maria asked Carmen what was wrong with them and she kept telling her nothing was wrong but Maria knew there was. Tess walked in and Maria told her to go back to Ben's she went and Maria and Benjy went for a walk on the beach. They met up with Casey and he took Benjy to the lifeguards office to see it and Maria went back home (to Ben's). meanwhile at Ben's Sara came and gave Meg a pie that Joan made, Sara said she wasn't there to cause trouble or make Meg upset. Meg went upstairs and Ben came down and saw Sara and said that she better not say anything to upset Meg again, Meg came down and Sara said she had a sudden headache and asked if she had any aspirin Meg said it was upstairs. Sara snuck into Tess' room looking for some clues, then Tess came in and asked her what she was doing.

Friday, April 9, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Megan

Ricardo and the search for the murderer:
Ricardo and the other police officers break the door down at Bette's house and asks why they didn't answer. He then hands them a warrant allowing him and the other officers to search the house for the gun. Certain that they are hiding something, he told them that they need to go downtown for some more questioning. They are outraged. Once at the police station, Ricardo tells Olivia that Amy changed her story and therefore she has no alibi on the night that Francesca was murdered. Olivia says that she has already been in contact with her attorney. Bette tries sticking up for Olivia but it only gets her in hot water when Ricardo asks her how her necklace wound up on the floor of Francesca's hotel room. Bette reminds him that she was there, and had caught AJ trying to kill her.

They have finally left the police station after Amy changed her story. They go back to the house so that Amy can gather her things. While there, Brad sees the Turkey and breaks off a drumstick to eat. He sees the gun that Bette and Olivia were able to hide before the police knocked down their door.

Gregory shows up at Cole's hotel suite and hands him an envelope. At first Cole doesn't want to take it, but with Gregory's urging he does. It is a one way plane ticket for him to leave. Gregory even promises double the mileage if he leaves that day. Cole rips it up. He then decides to check with Tyus about having the test of paternity ran again. He meets with Tyus at the Java Web where Tyus told him that nothing will change except that he will just hurt Caitlin more by reminding her of his affair with Olivia. Tyus leaves and Cole refuses to give up.

Maria hears Meg accuse her of using Benjy to win back Ben and is upset, but she refuse to fight so she went upstairs. Tess who is already upstairs finds a snooping Sara in her room. Sara manages to lie her way out of it and as she leaves the room runs into Maria. Maria told Tess that she doesn't want to add anymore stress and to keep what Sara did to themselves for a while. Tess leaves to take Benjy to the beach and Maria sets off to find out what is going on with Ben and Meg who have already left to go to work. Sara and Casey take a walk on the beach and Casey praises Sara for not getting involved in Meg's problem. Sara is feeling guilty.

Annie went looking for Maria but instead ends up with Carmen reading her cards about her future. It says something like "fly her to her future."

Carmen walks in to find Gabi hugging Antonio. Gabi leaves and Antonio speaks with his mother about the ways he is acting and how she will end up losing Ricardo forever. Antonio reminds Carmen that Gabi will be her daughter-in-law soon. Carmen accuses Antonio of knowing who it is that Gabi bedded while sharing a bed with Ricardo also. Antonio told his mom to drop it and she does, but after she shuts his office door told herself that she can't forget it.

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