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Love a storyline? Want to throw the remote at the screen during others? Our Two Scoops columnists feel the same way. Each week, they provide their own commentary on the action in the Two Scoops column.

Every week, our Two Scoops columnists share their thoughts and opinions in the Two Scoops commentary columns. Those columns are archived to allow fans a chance to make sure that they've read every opinion for every week. This archive features columns written about The Young and the Restless in the 2004 calendar year.

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Michael Graziadei
May 24, 2004
It seems obvious Daniel was never told, nor apparently never bothered to inquire about, the reason for the lack of a motherly figure in his practically parentless life.
Sharon Case
May 31, 2004
A few storylines managed to creep a centimeter closer to closure.
Eric Braeden
June 7, 2004
It appears Nick and Victor have indeed each placed one well-shod foot on the path toward reconciliation.
Bryton James
June 14, 2004
The new gathering ground for those aged 12 to 22 is the building many fans have caringly christened the 'Wreck Center.'
Peter Bergman
June 21, 2004
Life has been a bit trying for some of the major movers and shakers of Newman and Jabot lately.
Jess Walton
June 28, 2004
What makes a couple captivating? When it comes to Genoa City, who passes the chemistry test and who doesn't?
Eric Braeden
July 5, 2004
Eyes gleaming with smug self-satisfaction, Victor took great pleasure in the flabbergasted faces of those assembled inside the Jabot boardroom as he announced his take it or leave it offer.
Sharon Case
July 12, 2004
In memory of the man we barely knew, a moment of silence for his untimely demise.
Michelle Stafford
July 19, 2004
The twisted tale of Cameron Kirsten has dragged on for far too long.
Eileen Davidson
July 26, 2004
Ashley has been warned repeatedly to think long and hard before opening Pandora's Box.
Melody Thomas Scott
August 2, 2004
The cavalier and downright cruel manner in which Victor has been treating the alleged love of his life lately, demands that a big helping of payback be in his future.
Sharon Case
August 9, 2004
Tick, tock, tick tock, go the hands of the Cameron cuckoo clock. Creeping ever closer to a cataclysmic close.
Joshua Morrow
August 16, 2004
A story once scribe-described as enormously 'explosive' finally fizzled fitfully to an anticlimactic close.
Eileen Davidson
August 23, 2004
By the end of the week, Ashley Abbott had caused the blood pressure of many fans to climb into the stratosphere.
Jerry Douglas
August 30, 2004
John finally decided it was his turn to have a love interest parked conveniently on the premises.
Kristoff St. John
September 6, 2004
This is your soap too, and each column will now feature a section where your comments and feedback will be featured.
Bryton James
September 13, 2004
Dru continued running down her reasons for wanting to keep Devon clasped closely to the family breast.
Michelle Stafford
September 20, 2004
Did the residents of Genoa City swallow amnesia pills along with their orange juice this past week?
Michelle Stafford
September 27, 2004
Our columnist was on a short break this past week, but you can still enjoy an encore of one of our previous columns.
Eileen Davidson
October 4, 2004
For years, fans, along with his various wives and in-laws, have inquired in vain as to Brad's unseen and unsaid family roots.
Bryton James
October 11, 2004
Although fans can be a nitpicky bunch, always able to find things to rant and rage about, there were still plenty of things to love this past week.
Jerry Douglas
October 18, 2004
At least in John Abbott's case, the age old axiom implying there's no fool like an old lonely fool would appear to contain a grain or two of truth.
Sharon Case
October 25, 2004
Brides and their sentimental guests often shed tears of joy during a wedding, but for the Hodges-Marsino nuptials, most of the weeping will probably take place long before the big day.
Eileen Davidson
November 1, 2004
Bravo! Bravo! Let's give a round of applause to Brad!
Melody Thomas Scott
November 8, 2004
Realizing that for Brittany, Bobby was the big man of her dreams, J.T. decided not to divulge his feelings of devotion.
Joshua Morrow
November 15, 2004
What a difference a day makes, or in this upside down city, a minute.
Michelle Stafford
November 22, 2004
Not wanting to be known as a woman who learns from her past mistakes, Phyllis decided to take matters into her own manipulative mitts.
Kristoff St. John
November 29, 2004
In Genoa City, Thanksgiving was, for the most part, ignored by its residents.
Eric Braeden
December 6, 2004
It will soon be time to rehash all the highs and lows of cataclysmic Genoa city events.
Shemar Moore
December 13, 2004
Much like they did when Damon was the new boy toy in the borough, the scribes seem determined to dip Malcolm into every plot pot simmering on the grease-spattered stove.
Joshua Morrow
December 20, 2004
Genoa City, the ultimate land of make believe; the place to go when one needs relief from one's repetitive real life toils.
Michael Graziadei
December 27, 2004
We wish for a normal city, we wish for a normal city, we wish for a normal city, and we wish it right now!

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