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Every week, our Two Scoops columnists share their thoughts and opinions in the Two Scoops commentary columns. Those columns are archived to allow fans a chance to make sure that they've read every opinion for every week. This archive features columns written about The Young and the Restless in the 2008 calendar year.

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Melody Thomas Scott
January 7, 2008
What happened for most of 2007 went way beyond change and veered into strange and downright unrecognizable territory.
Eric Braeden
January 14, 2008
What a difference a new scribe or two can make!
Joshua Morrow
January 21, 2008
This literally feels like a new show...or, more specifically, the old show that fans fell in love with.
Eric Braeden
January 28, 2008
Once again, it looks like Genoa City's residents will soon be turning to one another and asking who killed Ji Min?
Jeanne Cooper
February 4, 2008
Amber is already reaping the benefits of being Kay's current charitable cause.
Melody Thomas Scott
February 11, 2008
What is it with these Genoa City companies and their job share CEO positions?
Judith Chapman
February 18, 2008
It's always rather sad to see a character take that long ride down the road of no return, but in Hope's case, as she takes her leave, Victor Jr. makes his debut.
Amelia Heinle
February 25, 2008
Ding dong, the wicked old writer has finally been gonged.
Ted Shackelford
March 3, 2008
When it comes to villainy, Gloria and Jeffrey have it in spades.
Melody Thomas Scott
March 10, 2008
While David's partial confession culminated in Nikki arranging for his quarter of a million dollar debt to Walter to be stamped 'paid in full,' he can't really breathe a full sigh of relief just yet.
Eric Braeden
March 17, 2008
It just might be easier to get close and cozy with an angry cornered porcupine than Victor.
Judith Chapman
March 24, 2008
As apparently do the lives of far too many of Genoa City's residents these days, much of the abbreviated week also orbited exclusively around Gloria and her antics.
Judith Chapman
March 31, 2008
How like tunnel-visioned Gloria to believe that John might be haunting her because she kissed Jeffrey.
Christian J. LeBlanc
April 07, 2008
Funny that when Gloria is committing the crime, Michael deems all being done is fair and just, but the moment Jack attempts to retaliate, the thespian leaps onto the stage, full of bluster and hyperbole.
Amelia Heinle
April 14, 2008
When Victoria wasn't whining about Adam to anyone willing to listen, she was smothering Sabrina with effusive affection.
Judith Chapman
April 21, 2008
For so long, Gloria has been all hard angles and hissing hatred, but at long last, her character has been imbued with softness, humility and vulnerability.
Amelia Heinle
April 28, 2008
Why is it okay for some Genoa City residents to do what they do, but when their fellow city dwellers try much the same, there's a huge hue and cry?
Christel Khalil
May 5, 2008
As one baby's life was celebrated, another's was mourned.
Amelia Heinle
May 12, 2008
Remember that childhood game where one kid stood atop a mini-mound of grass or dirt, taking on anyone brave enough to climb up, the goal to send any takers careening back the way they had come until only one was left standing?
Joshua Morrow
May 19, 2008
Much like the crumbling cement in the parking garage of the ill-fated Casino, cracks are also beginning to form in the foundation of the once fearless foursome at Restless Style.
Melody Thomas Scott
May 26, 2008
How else to explain Nikki's frequent flip-flopping? Wasn't it just last week she held an olive branch toward Victor, indicating her sincere desire to call a halt to the hostility between them?
Eric Braeden
June 2, 2008
Once again, Nikki is marring her pretty surface with her ugly ways.
Jess Walton
June 9, 2008
The months of forced celibacy perhaps getting the best of her, Jill has become quite the bitter middle-aged broad.
Judith Chapman
June 16, 2008
It certainly appears Noah is about to step into that magical machine, the dreaded Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome capsule.
Amelia Heinle
June 23, 2008
Looks like Newman and Jabot are poised on the brink of the next round of cosmetic to cosmetic combat.
Melody Thomas Scott
June 30, 2008
Could it be that at last the strident shrieks and hissing whispers of many long-term, die hard fans, begging for a return to the days of more satisfying soap writing, are being heard?
Peter Bergman
July 7, 2008
It was another great week in Genoa that left fans wishing for more.
Elizabeth Hendrickson
July 14, 2008
Even in Genoa City, a town in which desperate dames abound, Chloe crouches head and shoulders above the clamoring crowd.
Eric Braeden
July 21, 2008
Was the decision to remove Sabrina from the canvas made too hastily?
Melody Thomas Scott
July 28, 2008
The week's viewing was bittersweet, as each episode brought fans one day closer to witnessing Sabrina's unfortunate fate.
Eric Braeden
August 4, 2008
Over the past couple of weeks, there has been a definite change in storytelling direction.
Kristoff St. John
August 11, 2008
It's finally safe to say that The Young and the Restless has turned the corner and is on its way to better days.
Elizabeth Hendrickson
August 18, 2008
Why is everyone suddenly labeling what Cane allegedly did as cheating?
Amelia Heinle
August 25, 2008
According to the soap magazines, The Young and the Restless is going to be changing forever.
Daniel Goddard
September 1, 2008
One minute, the storyline future of The Young and the Restless looks bright and shiny and filled with promise. The next, darkness descends, chaos commences and insanity ensues.
Melody Thomas Scott
September 8, 2008
For the Newman faction, this past week picked up where it left off the Friday before, with Nikki stumbling down the sand still screeching Victor's name.
Peter Bergman
September 15, 2008
Does Jack never get tired of chewing chunks of hard to swallow crow?
Eric Braeden
September 22, 2008
According to Jack, Victor is the evil root of every problem he's ever had.
Christian J. LeBlanc
September 29, 2008
Michael's quick forgiveness of father Lowell happened so fast it just wasn't believable.
Michelle Stafford
October 6, 2008
In Genoa City this past week, the theme running through everything was family.
Eric Braeden
October 13, 2008
Adam's beginning to look a lot like that kid everybody picked on in school, the one some bully thought would be the perfect boy to sidle up to and slap on the back, his hand depositing a sign saying 'Kick me.'
Joshua Morrow
October 20, 2008
Fans of The Young and the Restless were subjected to another wildly uneven week as the latest team to write, produce and direct the show struggled to find its footing again.
Jeanne Cooper
October 27, 2008
The Young and the Restless began celebrating a milestone this past week far more profound than the 35 years on the air the show sort of exploited earlier this year.
Eric Braeden
November 3, 2008
And with it, the Sweeps. Here's hoping the payoff will be worth the long wait.
Jeanne Cooper
November 10, 2008
If Jeanne Cooper wins another Emmy for her work on The Young and the Restless, it will definitely be an award well deserved.
Eileen Davidson
November 17, 2008
In the matter of Victor and Nikki and Ashley, things have changed, yet somehow remain much like they used to.
Peter Bergman
November 24, 2008
It's been a long time coming, but the current crew of writers have finally started to right many of the wrongs committed by their previous pen-wielding peers.
Michelle Stafford
December 1, 2008
For a long time now, some Phyllis fans have been dismayed at the docile direction the character had taken.
Jess Walton
December 8, 2008
In whatever direction you peer, or at whatever family you aim your magnifying glass, there's an exciting plot twist looming on the horizon.
Elizabeth Hendrickson
December 15, 2008
Instead of Dorothy, it should be Chloe Ashby beside the Tin Man, skipping down the yellow brick road going a-begging for a heart.
Jeanne Cooper
December 22, 2008
Part one of a special two-part retrospective that examines the best and worst of the past year of The Young and the Restless.
Amelia Heinle
December 29, 2008
Part two of a special two-part retrospective that examines the best and worst of the past year of The Young and the Restless.

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