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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 28, 1999 on GL
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Monday, June 28, 1999

After Rick reads the note that tells him that Abby is gone, he frantically searches for her at Towers and then heads out to the Santo's Estate. He yells at Danny and threatens him when Danny tries to bring a comparison to the situation between Michelle and Abby. Danny, of course, denies knowing anything about the disappearance of Abigail. Meanwhile, in hiding, Abby begins to regret the scheme that she concocted to teach Rick a lesson.

After Max overheard Jesse spill the beans about his relations to Drew he gets angry and feels lie to and runs out on Drew. Later at his mothers grave, he scratches out Drew's name and apologizes to his mom for ever putting it there.

Carmen surprises Michelle at the hospital and tries to apologize for all that has happened. When Michelle refuses to believe her sincerity, Carmen decides to goad her into attacking her so that Michelle will be forced to remain behind locked doors in the psych ward. Michelle tells Carmen if she and Danny ever have children Carmen will never lay eyes on them. Michelle jumps after Carmen and the doctor comes in and has orderlies restrain her.

When Jim decides not to send his daughter to camp, a disappointed Beth confides in her mother about her feelings for Jim and then puts a plan into action that she hopes will change Jim's mind.

Cassie tells Blake that she is not going to sell Hart's farm even though she needs the money and finds it too expensive to keep. Giving her permission on behalf of her brother, Blake urges her to move forward with her life, something Hart would have wanted.

Tuesday, June 29, 1999

At the Santos home, listening quietly from the other room, Abby hears the agony and panic in Rick's voice as he questions Danny about Abby's whereabouts. Rick and Danny argue and Rick still refuses to free Michelle. After Rick leaves, Abby tells Danny that she feels she has made a mistake by faking the kidnapping because now Michelle is still not free and Rick is in pain. Danny eventually agrees to take Abby back to Rick. After a tearful reunion, Rick is stunned when Abby tells him that she engineered the "kidnapping" herself.

During Carmen's provocative visit, Michelle becomes hysterical. Dr. Bradford walks in just in time to see Michelle lunging and clawing at Carmen and immediately orders a really big tranquilizer. When Rick finally comes to his senses and decides to release Michelle, he discovers that Dr. Bradford wants to keep Michelle for another two weeks, following her violent outburst. Danny is furious when he hears this and engineers an escape plan for her. Donning a doctor's coat, he sets off a code blue alarm and manages to slip into Michelle's room. He finds her heavily medicated and unconscious but manages to escape with her.

When Selena drops by Company to pick up her last paycheck, Buzz tries to rehire her. She is reluctant. When she confronts Buzz about the mystery flowers on her doorstep, Buzz denies that they were from him. As they talk, Buzz eventually admits to feeling jealous of Selena's date with Billy. Selena agrees to come back to work if Buzz promises to give her a raise and not fire her every time he feels jealous.

At Towers, Carmen meets with Ben to tell him about her visit with Michelle. They wind up in a passionate lip-lock and, after some discussion about the consequences, they head back to Carmen's house for a night of romance...Meanwhile, Bill and Pilar have dinner. He tells her that he just got a summer job at SanCorp and is shocked when Pilar tells him that her mother owns the company. He then tells her that he absolutely refuses to work anyplace that is owned by Carmen Santos. A few tables over, Valerie and David are having dinner. When David sees Bill and Pilar together, he seethes, vowing to Valerie that if it's the last thing he does, he will bring down the Santos family because of what they did to his father.

Wednesday, June 30, 1999
by TV Guide

Handing Jim Lizzie's journal from the time she spent at the same camp for kids, Beth urges Jim to reconsider and send Susan there, unaware that Susan is secretly listening.

A desperate Max calls Susan and convinces her to try to sneak away to meet him in the park. Getting past Beth, Susan's thrilled to find Max and tries to convince him to let her leave town with him.

Rick can't believe it when Abby confesses she faked her own kidnapping and asks her how she could put him through this. The two find Danny and Michelle and Rick tries to repair the damage he has done to their relationship. Michelle remains angry, insisting that there is no way he can control her relationship with her husband.

Revealing he may face charges at the hospital for what he has done, Rick does warn Danny that he cannot prevent Michelle from being hurt by his family's enemies. Later, Rick is put on probation.

Selena encourages Drew not to give up on Max forgiving her. Danny surprises Michelle by revealing that he's taking her to San Cristobel.

Hearing about Drew's troubles, Ben convinces her to allow him to arrange for her to adopt Max. While Selena worries about Drew trusting a man like Ben, Ben realizes that Selena reminds him of someone he once knew.

Thursday, July 1, 1999

At San Cristobel:
Reva and Josh arrive on the Island and are approached by a limo driver. The couple get into the car as the driver takes care of their luggage. The driver takes off and is headed for the hotel when Reva yells for him to stop. She recognizes this place, it is all so familiar. Especially this little road side stand that serves Orange Ade. Josh asks the woman who is staring at Reva if she recognizes his wife, but at the Limo drivers urging, she says no, although it is quite clear that both she and the driver know exactly who Reva is, even if Reva doesn't.

At Drew's:
Max comes in to pack his bags. Hearing Drew and Jesse coming he goes to hide. He overhears part of their conversation but not all and misses all the good stuff. He is determined to leave and he calls Susan and tells her that he will meet her shortly at his mom's grave so that they can run away together.
Meanwhile at their house, Susan is caught on the phone to Max and her dad refuses to let her leave, he goes through her things and finds all the money from her savings and guesses that she forged his name to get the money out of her account. Jim is furious that Susan lied to him and was going to run off with Max and decided that he was going to send her to the camp for problemed kids. Drew shows up with Jesse in tow. She questions Susan about Max's whereabouts and Susan refused to tell. When she finds out that Drew wants to adopt Max, she gives in but wants to go with them. Jim doesn't let her and Cassie tries to help Susan understand and feel better.

At the graveyard
Max is waiting on Susan. By the time Drew and Jesse show up, he has already left, leaving behind a note to Susan saying that he can't count on anybody, not even her. Drew notices that he has scratched her name off his mothers marker and it really rattles her.

At the Marler's:
Blake tells Holly that she can take the boys out for the day because the plumbing, and the AC is on the fritz. Ross comes over and finds Blake trying to repair the shower by herself. Ross tries to help, but Blake wants to do it by herself. Meanwhile one of the twins turns the key into the lock, locking their parents into the bathroom, and then dropping the key onto the floor when Holly comes in to retrieve the boys to take them to the movies.

Friday, July 2, 1999
by Soap Opera Central

Today's recap was provided by Christopher T Wimer.

Blake and Ross, still locked in the bathroom with no air conditioning, reminisce about their courtship and marriage and all the turbulent times they had, as well as their passionate feelings for each other. They then share their pain over the moments they realized their marriage was over. Blake then decides to beat the heat by sitting in the bathtub which is filled with cold water. Ross decides that since in the divorce settlement he gave her half of everything, he will now claim his half of the bathtub and plops down there with her. Things turn passionate when Ross playfully dumps cold water over Blake's head.

Reva is enjoying taking pictures of San Cristbel when she overhears two local women discussing the upcoming wedding of one of the princes to his executive assistant, Olivia, who has apparently been in love with him forever. Reva finds this incredibly romantic, but is interrupted by Josh who informs her that the hotel has lost their reservation and won't fix the mistake. Reva goes up to the desk and the desk attendant immediately bends over backwards to give Reva and Josh the honeymoon suite. A local woman gives Reva a bouquet of flowers while the desk attendant makes a mysterious phone call and tells someone that they will never guess who is back and now calling herself "Reva."

Rick and Abby argue about Rick's committing Michelle to the psych ward. Rick tells Abby that Charles Grant has suspended him from the hospital and that he can't convince a bunch of hospital officials that what he did was right when he can't even convince his wife. Abby complains to Rick that their marriage is suffering because of a lack of communication and that they don't trust each other when there is a major problem in their marriage. Instead they each follow their own will. Rick finds a bag packed and blows up at Abby, demanding to know how they can start communicating if she's going to just up and take off. Abby tells him to look in the bag and see that there are Rick's things in there too and that she wants them to get away together and go up to the cabin. Rick apologizes and the two make up.

Danny brings Michelle to Laurel Falls where he has set up a picnic, music, etc. The two decide to renew their vows just for each other, at which point Ray walks up surprising Michelle, who tells Danny he has thought of everything. Danny and Michelle say their vows to each other and pledge their love. Ray leaves. Danny says he has one more surprise for Michelle and hands her a rope. Michelle pulls the rope bending back some branches and revealing a bed set up in the middle of Laurel Falls. Michelle leads Danny over to the bed and the two begin to make love.

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