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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 29, 2000 on GL
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Monday, May 29, 2000

Due to golf coverage, Guiding Light did not air today. Today's episode will air in its entirety on Tuesday.

Tuesday, May 30, 2000

At Drew's:
Jesse and Drew are on the bed about to make love. She starts unbuttoning his shirt and sees his scar and stops. She pushes Jesse away and tells him she is scared and can't go through with it. Jesse tries to tell her that he is fine and will be okay. He understands and tells her that it is not such a big thing and they should take it easy, there is something they can do that is almost as much fun.
They are on the bed holding each other talking about how much they love being together. Later, Jesse is sketching a picture of Drew. He tells her she inspires him, he again tells her he is all right and he wants her to tell him when she is ready. He goes over and starts kissing her and I guess she has decided that she is ready and they start to kiss on the couch.

In SC:
Cassie tells Richard she wants to cancel the agreement and make love. He wants it too but wants to make sure she is sure. She says she is and they kiss. She asks Richard to give her a few minutes. He says he will be there soon and tells her he loves her and Cassie leaves.
Meanwhile, the guards are taking Rob out to the firing squad. He wants to see an attorney, the American Embassy, Cassie, anyone. The Guards tell him it will do no good and they carry him off.
Back in the Courtyard, Richard is standing there thinking when a guard comes in and tells him that the firing squad is ready and asks whether he wanted to witness the execution or not. Richard asked what they were talking about and found out. He demanded to know who issued the order and ran to stop them.
Richard gets to the guards just in time and orders them to stop. He takes the hood off of Rob and apologizes for the horrible mistake. Rob says he is leaving he runs to the stairs and collapses. Richard runs after him and they help him up the stairs. Richard has the order and wants to know how this happened. Richard says the document was forged, Rob says he is going to sue, Richard tells him to remember why he came there to begin with, with intentions to blackmail them. Rob says he will tell the press, Richard says fine he will explain all to the press and they will decide, Richard goes to find Dax Cassie comes in the door and wants to know what is keeping him, Rob tells her. Richard explains to Cassie about the order of execution, Rob tells them it is phony sympathy now. She asks what he wants; he says the price just went up. Now he wants a night in bed with Cassie. Richard and Cassie were not happy.

At the Spaulding's:
Lizzie talks about the surprise she and Susan have for everyone. Selena wants to know what it is but Lizzie wont says anymore.
Outside, Noah tells Beth and Phillip that the new blood work is in and it is not good. He tells them she is on the maximum amount of chemotherapy available and it isn't working. He tells them that they have little choice; Lizzie needs a bone marrow transplant. Beth is terrified. Phillip asks about the donor. Noah tells them that it is hard to find a donor that is compatible and he really thinks they need to test the baby since siblings and even half siblings have the best chance of matching.
Buzz and Frank talk about Eleni and Buzz tells him that he needs to get to LA and talk things out. Frank says she needs space. Reva comes in. Susan greets her and asks her what she is doing there. They hug. Susan tells her she saw her on TV. Susan explains about the party being for Lizzie but they weren't supposed to let on. Reva understands. Lizzie tells Jim what song to play for the surprise. She is coughing and breathless, Jim is worried about her but she says she is just out of breath.
Back outside, Noah tells Phil and Beth they have to approach this one step at a time. He tells them not to panic in front of Lizzie they need to channel the fear. He asks about testing the baby again. Phil wants to wait till morning to tell Lizzie. Phil says he will call Alan. Beth and Phillip are both in tears and try to comfort each other. He says they must be focused and positive and take one step at a time. They will test the baby. Jim comes out onto the porch and sees them crying and holding each other. He asks what is going on. Phillip tells him about Lizzie and needing the baby tested. Lizzie come out and tells them they are needed inside. Lizzie tells Noah that he is just in time for the entertainment. Susan introduces the most amazing act the "Lemading" (LeMay + Spaulding) sisters, they dance while Beth whispers to Lillian what is going on. She is crying. Lizzie stops she is having a hard time catching her breath but tries to go on. They finish and she starts coughing again. Beth is crying and Susan asked if she was okay. Lizzie tells her not to worry, her mom always cries when she does a good job. Beth tells her that is right and she did wonderfully.
Frank and Buzz continue to talk, Frank says Eleni and he had been having problems for a long time. Buzz tells him to clear it up before it goes any further. Selena asks Abby how she is going to fix things with Rick. Reva and Noah talk about how he was talking about Lizzie to Phil and Beth. She asks about marrow donors he explains that a lot of people do not know about the marrow programs, she says she know a way to inform more people. Beth and Lillian talk, Lillian does not know anything about Beth's father. Reva says she will do a piece about the donor program on tomorrow show. Rick talks to Lizzie about the name of the group. Abby comes up to him he tells her they need to support Phillip and Beth. She says he needs support too but she is here now if he wants her to be. Frank leaves. Phillip and Lizzie dance she wants to have parties like this more often just to have fun. There is always something to celebrate. Noah and Reva talk about the TV show, he wants to go back to his place and talk about it, she say he never gives up. He says ok over a cup of coffee at a diner. Abby tells Rick he would be a wonderful father and maybe she has been selfish. Susan wants to know what is going on, there is a weird vibe and she and Lizzie don't understand. Jim tells her about the marrow transplant. Susan is very upset. Beth tells her Lizzie thinks of her as a big sister. Lizzie is sitting on the steps Susan sits with her. Lizzie wants to know if they should change the name of the act but they decide not to because it says a lot about them and because they are sisters, they hug. Phil is on the porch he sits down and cries Harley shows up sits with him she has seen Noah he told her everything. She holds him as he cries.

Wednesday, May 31, 2000

At Edmund's:
Edmund comes into his apt and notices a note on the coffee table telling him about the break in. Rick comes in behind him and tells them that all of the tapes are gone, every single one of them. Edmund says he no longer needs the tapes since the baby will exist. And he knows as soon as he tells his story, Harley will wonder and want a blood test, Rick says he will fix the blood test and that if he tells he will have burned all his bridges. Ed says he is ready to blow it all wide open and wants to go over there right now. Rick tells Ed Phillip and Beth made a mistake and if he goes over there he will destroy two marriages. Edmund tells him he is wasting his time trying to make him feel guilty. Rick then tries a new approach and tells him that Lizzie is worse, and if Ed tells them he will devastate the little girl. Rick wants to know why he hates Phillip. Edmund replies that he has everything and still messes up everyone's life around him. They start yelling. "Don't do this to Lizzie! You may not give a damn about any of us but I know you care about Lizzie! Don't do this to her!" But Edmund stays firm and Rick leaves saying "what was I thinking." Ed goes over to the phone and calls and asks for Harley Spaulding.
Later, Edmund has a call. He answers the phone, it is someone from San Cristobel . Edmund asks how Rob's execution went. They tell him it didn't. Edmund thinks for a minute and wonders if Rob may still destroy the wedding.

At the Spaulding's:
Beth wants to know how to tell Lizzie about the bone marrow transplant. They discuss it and decide that they will have the baby tested in the morning. Jim says he and Beth must talk about it. Jim says there is risk to the baby; he wants to take a breath. Phillip tells them it is their best shot. They are yelling back and forth, Lizzie comes down the stairs and Harley tries to stop them but Lizzie overheard a part of the argument and thinks that she has made the baby sick. Lizzie is very upset; they tell her the baby is fine. Phillip wants to know why she is up, Beth asks if she is feeling bad, she tells them she feels bad, she hurts all over and she can't sleep. She knows she is not getting well, Beth tells her she needs a new treatment. The medicine isn't as effective and they want to try a bone marrow transplant. They explain it to her and Harley tells her she has been looking for someone who matches. She wants to know if it is hard to find somebody. Jim tells her that they are looking everywhere and will even test the baby. Phillip tells Lizzie about the donor registry and if the good cells match they will get them to her and she will be fine. She thinks she can sleep now; she wants Jim to take her up so she can ask him something privately. He carries her up; she wants him to teach her how to speak baby language. Beth goes outside for some air. The maid comes in with the phone for Harley, she answers, it is Edmund, he wants to talk to her. Phillip tells Beth Jim is a good guy, they talk about the baby a mistake that they made on the mountain may save their baby's life. Harley wants to know what he wants. He asks about Lizzie she cuts him short. He asks for a recommendation from her of a good detective someone broke into his apt. Harley hangs up on him. Rick comes in and asks what Edmund wanted. Later, he asked how Lizzie was doing, Harley tells him what had happened.

In San Cristobel:
Cassie wants to know what Rob wants, he tells her a night in bed with her. Richard says he is a sick man. Cassie tells Richard to leave the Courtyard so she can take care of it. She wants to talk to Rob alone. She says he will go to the tabloids and she is the only one who can convince him to not hurt them. Richard leaves. Rob says he just wants what is rightfully his. She tells him no matter what he will get nothing. Take the money, if he makes it difficult nobody wins. He says he will not sign unless he gets to see Tammy alone tomorrow, take it or leave it. Cassie refuses to send Tammy off with him alone, he says she can come along too. Rob says he only wants to tell her he loved her and that he does care. All he wants is a day with Tammy is that too much to ask. Richard walks in and says over my dead body. Richard does not like this at all. Cassie says it may be a good thing for Tammy she needs to know it is not her fault. He says ok but will send a bodyguard, she says no, he will sign the papers and by this time tomorrow they will be free. In the hall Rob holds the order of execution up and crumples it in his hand.

At the Firehouse:
Coop comes into the room where Selena and Buzz he wonders why Selena is there with all those boxes. "I am moving my things in but don't worry I won't change anything and this will still be your home. And you don't have to treat me any differently." she asks if he understands and he says yes he was just wondering why she and dad got home so early. He goes to bed and buzz asks what was that all about. She tells him. He tells her it is no big deal she is moving in as far as the boys are concerned. He notices that she is taking a long time unpacking and wonders if she is having second thoughts about moving in. Buzz wants to know what is bugging her. She gets her purse and shows him her checks that have his address. She says it is now in print. Before it was just visiting and now the trouble starts, he tells her that her fears are about someone she lived with before but she says she never lived with anyone before. She tells him that she never got this far before and doesn't know what to do. He says this is exciting and he wants to know why she hadn't told him before. He tells her she is a perfect companion. Selena is nearly done she has only an oil lamp to find a place for. He says he will help her find a place. She says again that there will be trouble, he tells her now she has someone to share the trouble with or someone to blame it on. He gives her a present it is two lottery tickets She wins $5 he wins nothing, but says he hit the jackpot.

Outside Company:
Marah and Susan meet. Susan says she needs to go to the party at the cave Marah wants to know why Max isn't taking her. Susan says Max is out with someone else. She talks Marah into taking her. They turn around and run into Max he has just left the party and wants to explain things to her. Marah says she should go, Susan asks her to stay. Max wants to know if they are going to the Cave. He says it wasn't much fun, She yells at him and breaks down crying then she tells them about Lizzie, She tells Max to leave her alone. He holds her as she cries. Marah leaves, Max apologizes for leaving her tonight, he did not want to be with another girl, he would rather have been with her even if things were bad with her. She wants to know if he feels sorry for her. He says yes and it makes her angry. He tells her he hasn't been thinking about her all night because he feels sorry for her. He kisses her. She is glad he is there.

Thursday, June 1, 2000

At the Jail:
David and Frank are going to see Carmen. Frank is upset and David tells him to leave, he can handle Carmen. Frank leaves and Danny comes in. He asks what Carmen wants. David says she wanted to see him and ask him a small favor before she left. Carmen says she will testify to protect her family and will have a new identity. She will never be able to see them again and wants to be with her family one last night to say goodbye. Danny looks skeptical. She tells him that she loves him and Pilar so much; they have been her entire life. She isn't asking for his forgiveness she just wants him to know that she had to take over the business when his father died. She knows that he will understand since he is working so hard to protect his child. He tells her that they will all be safe after she testifies. She says she is testifying for him and for the grandchild she will never see. She wants to be together as a family before she leaves. She knows she has made mistakes but there will be no greater punishment for her than to be separated from them. She just wants to be together one last time.

At Company:
Noah comes in and hands Reva a book on the bone marrow donor program. He tells her that he will tell her whatever else she wants to know. Noah tells her he found her compact and wanted to return it. They chat awhile when Noah has a call. He is arranging for Lizzie's hospital stay. He tells them to treat her like royalty and make it fun for her. Reva is impressed by his devout compassion and asks him what made him become the doctor he is today, taking one patient at a time and never charging for any of his treatments? Noah tells her a bunch of stories that she knows aren't true, trying to make light of the situation and not be as serious.
Outside, Harley tells Buzz that Eleni is staying in LA and she is seeing someone else. She says it is serious and doesn't know how she will tell Frank. Frank walks up behind her and tells her that she just did. Frank is shocked, Harley tries to comfort him. He said he knew they had problems but was hoping they would work it out. Harley says Eleni didn't know how to tell him. Frank wants to fly to LA to talk to her but Harley tells him to wait. She wants to prepare him.
Finally, he tells her about a woman he knew a long time ago who was sick. He said the woman didn't have much money and even thought there was a cure for what she had, as soon as she ran out of money she ran out of time. Noah told Reva that it was his mother and it really effected him. He didn't want anyone to suffer like his mother did before she died. He became a doctor and vowed to treat for patients free of charge.
Harley tells Frank she talked to Eleni for hours but couldn't get through to her. She says he should talk to Eleni but she is a different person. She is not the Eleni he fell in love with. Harley says the same thing happened with her and Mallet. You fall out of love with people and they fall out of love with you. Frank is very upset. Harley wants him to think about his marriage and what he wants to say before he visits her. Frank says he has to be with Carmen tomorrow anyway. Harley says it is better that he waits and she hugs him. Frank is devastated. Buzz comes out to see Harley and Frank. He says he will be inside if there is anything he can do. Harley asks Frank if he will be okay. He says it hurts like hell but his little sister kept it from hurting more. They sit together on the bench.

At Cedar's:
Jim asks the doctor about risks to the baby during the testing. The doctor tells him there is a little more risk now then if they had done it earlier. Jim leaves the room and goes out and finds Phillip. He is a little upset. Jim tells Phillip that it is his wife and his baby in the hospital and not his. He tells him he thinks he has crossed the line when it comes to them.
Lillian is in with Beth getting ready for the test. Beth is hoping for a perfect match. Lillian says it may not be a perfect match. Beth says that she believes this baby as well as the whole situation with Phillip in SC was meant to happen. She thinks the God gave them this baby to save Lizzie. The doctor comes in and does the testing. Afterwards, he tells Beth and Jim that the testing went fine. Lillian comes back in to sit with her while they wait. Lillian tells her that they will have to wait until the baby is born for the transplant. Beth thinks that even if it is a perfect match, Jim doesn't have to find out Phillip is the father. Beth doesn't want to lose her family.
Jim goes out in the lobby and tells Phillip that everything went fine. Phillip apologizes to Jim. He says he is focused on Lizzie and didn't mean to step on Jim's toes. Jim says the baby is his and Phil should remember that. Lillian and Beth look at the ultrasound and laugh. Lillian comes out to tell Phillip that the test went okay. He goes in to take Beth some flowers. Jim goes in to see Beth and she tells him that she and Lillian had looked at the ultrasound and the baby is a boy.

At the Bauer's:
Claire is remembering her conversation with Carmen. Michelle enters and is surprised to see her in the Bauer kitchen. Claire says she is returning a photo album from the garage apartment. There are a lot of photos of the Bauer barbecue. Claire asks if there will be one this year. Michelle says there will be and Abby is in charge. Claire wants to have real memories with Michelle, family memories. Michelle tells her she has to take things slowly. Claire knows she has to hold back, but she wants to have a relationship with her. Claire mentions the baby but Michelle wants her not to talk about it. Rick and Abby enter and want to know why Claire is there. The phone rings; a call from Dr. Grant. It is for Claire, she had her calls forwarded. She is interested in returning to obstetrics at Cedars. Michelle tells Claire they have better pictures upstairs and they leave the kitchen. Rick and Abby are going to go on a picnic. Abby says Claire keeps turning up wherever they are and wonders what Rick is going to do about Claire. Rick says he is going to concentrate on their marriage and forget about Claire. They stayed up last night talking and feel closer. They kiss. Abby wants to know if Rick is still worried about Claire revealing his secret. Rick thinks if Claire is working at the hospital she has as much to lose as he does, not to mention her telling will jeopardize her relationship with Michelle. They leave. Meanwhile, Claire talks to Michelle about Danny. She wants to explain herself. Claire is concerned about Carmen's influence on him. Claire says that a mother's influence is strong even when she is not there, for instance, she says that Maureen is there between them even though she is gone. Carmen can be a negative influence in Danny's life. Danny enters and says he needs to talk to Michelle about Carmen
Danny tells Michelle about Carmen's request. He says Carmen wants to come to their house. He says it was okayed by the Feds. Michelle is upset and Danny says there will be plenty of security. He says it is the only way to insure that Carmen testifies. Michelle says he can do it without her.

Friday, June 2, 2000

At the Spaulding's:
Lillian asks Lizzie if she is okay. She tells her she is tired. Lillian tells her she will be fine after the transplant. She tells her that everyone, including the baby is being tested. Lizzie thinks Alan may be pulling strings for her. Lizzie tells her grandma that she will beat the Leukemia. Lillian tells her she knows she will and reminds her that she beat breast cancer and Beth has survived a lot as well. They leave for the hospital.

At Company:
Holly comes in to meet up with Ross and Blake. Holly is wondering about the next chapter of Blake's book but Blake says she doesn't want them to see it yet.
Outside, Billy and Josh are talking about how busy Josh has been. He mentions the list of things he has to do and says something about seeing a divorce lawyer. Billy is upset and he asks what that is all about. Josh doesn't want to talk about it. He tells Billy that they have already broken up. Billy wants to talk about it and tells him that he thinks it was a bad idea to have moved in with Olivia. He isn't so sure that Josh has moved on at all. Josh tells him that he will always love Reva but there are many reasons they can't be together. They argue about Olivia and Noah. Josh leaves to call Olivia. Billy says he will stay there and enjoy the view. He looks over at Holly. Holly is reading a bit of the chapters Blake didn't want to share. Billy goes over to the table and Holly goes to sit with him. She pretends she was going to meet him all along and thanks Billy for saving her. They talk. Billy tells her she shouldn't be embarrassed about being alone. She tells her that it is just hard being there with Blake and Ross as happy as they are. Billy tells her that he is used to being around lots of folks. He tells her how he went to prison and lost Vanessa and now he is alone. He asks her to go to dinner with him sometime. Across the room, Ross and Blake are speculating about Holly and Billy. Ross says it is odd that they are the stable couple for once. Blake tells him how happy she is to be with him. Ross notices that every time he brings up marriage, she sidesteps the issue.
Josh says goodbye to Olivia and tells her that he misses her. He goes over to the bartender and asks him to turn the TV on WSPR. Meanwhile, Holly tells Billy he deserves better than her. She doesn't have anything more to give right now but would like to be his friend. Billy appreciates her honesty and leaves to look for Josh. Meanwhile, Josh is watching Reva on TV. She is interviewing Noah. He is explains about the bone marrow registry and how it is important for people to get tested.
Reva mentions that Lizzie needs a bone marrow transplant. She interviews Phillip who gets very emotional and says the whole thing is a parent's worst nightmare. He pleas for help, saying that it could happen to any child and he knows that someone out there will be a match for his little girl. Reva takes a break.

Reva asks Selena how things are going with Buzz. Selena, always the pessimist, says it is great for as long as it lasts. Reva's producer, Margo, meets her for a story. Reva wants to do a story at the hospital about bone marrow donors. Margo isn't interested but Reva stands her ground. She tells her that as long as her name is on the stories they will do them her way and if she didn't like it she was fired. Margo storms out. Selena and Reva laugh. Reva tells Selena she can be her new producer. Selena is skeptical but Reva encourages her until she agrees. They leave for the hospital.

At Cedar's:
Beth and Jim tell Phillip that the baby is a boy but they don't know if he will be a match for Lizzie yet. Harley comes in and they tell her too. Beth and Phillip look kind of nervous. Noah comes in and asks if Lizzie is there yet. Beth says that she is with Lillian and will be there soon. Phillip and Harley talk about her trip to LA. She fills him in on Eleni. Phillip is sure that Frank and Eleni can get past it since they love each other. Harley tells him that something's can't be fixed and Frank will see her dating another man as a betrayal. She tells him that once the trust is gone you just can't get it back. She says she doesn't think infidelity is something that can be fixed in a marriage.
Reva and Selena are in the hospital setting up for the show. Noah says he wasn't expecting them. Reva didn't know she was supposed to call ahead. She tells him how she had to fire her producer. Selena calls out that she only has 2 minutes to airtime. Reva says to start shooting. The hospital administrator arrives and tries to get in their way saying that Reva did not clear anything with him. This was forgotten when Selena called out that there was only 10 seconds to air. Reva starts to speak. Lizzie arrives at the hospital. They tell her she will have a baby brother. Lizzie asks Beth if the baby will give her bone marrow. She is worried that if he doesn't she will never get better. She notices Reva's setup and asks about the televisions show. She asks if she can be on TV. Phillip thinks it is a good idea. Lizzie really wants to tell people about her illness instead of having people talk about her. Reva asks Lizzie how she is feeling. She says she is tired. Lizzie says she doesn't want anyone to get hurt but she needs bone marrow. Noah says that it won't hurt that much and Lizzie will get better. She says she wants to get better to be a healthy big sister for the new baby. She tells Reva she is a survivor. Reva says that Lizzie will get well with help and asks for donors to be tested. Reva is fine but starts to get emotional as well. She raps up the show and Selena goes back to the studio. Reva breaks down and Noah hugs her.

In San Cristobel:
Richard is in the courtyard when Tammy and Cassie come down the stairs. Tammy wants to know if Richard is coming on the picnic with them. Tammy doesn't want to go with Rob and wonders if his being there will effect his adopting her. Richard reassures her. She tells him she is afraid and doesn't want to go on the picnic. Cassie sends Tammy to get a blanket and tells Richard that she has to go through with this in order to get the divorce. Richard says she is out of her mind for her and Tammy to be alone with Rob. This afternoon will seem like a lifetime. Rob arrives and tells Cassie she looks beautiful. Tammy comes down the stairs. Rob tells her he missed her but Tammy is not very friendly. Cassie tells Richard she will see him later. He is not a happy camper. They walk awhile until Rob finds a place he thinks looks like a good spot for a picnic. He gives Tammy a present--a polar bear's tooth necklace. He wants to put it on for her. She starts talking about Richard being her dad. Rob says Cassie got her a rich father because she thought he wasn't coming back. Rob sends Tammy to make a sandcastle. He accuses Cassie of turning Tammy against him. He tells Cassie she got her big score. Cassie says she loves Richard. He tells her it won't last. Rob says she wasn't meant for this kind of success and reminds her of Hart. Rob is a reminder of all her failures and who she still is. He says more of her past will come up and spoil the wedding. Cassie says that what she has with Richard is different and she is different. Rob thinks it is about money. She says she loves Richard because he loves her unconditionally and he loves Tammy too. Rob doesn't want to leave. He starts coming on to her, pushing her down and ends up on top of her. Richard comes out of hiding and pulls him off. Rob wants to know what is going on. Richard says the deal is off. He asks Cassie if she is okay. They hug and Rob hits Richard on the head with a big tree branch. Cassie helps Richard up. They look for Tammy. She is gone

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