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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 22, 2001 on GL
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Monday, January 22, 2001

In San Cristobel:

Lizzie, Susan and Beth are playing with paper dolls. They have a Prince, a Princess (Beth), then two younger princesses, Lady Elizabeth and Lady Susan. They are all fighting over who the Prince loves the most when Edmund walks in. He tells them the Prince is a lucky man to have all the attention of three such beautiful women. They ask him, as the Prince, to choose who his favorite is. He tells them he cannot because the two younger ladies have two other suitors who could come at anytime to sweep them off their feet and he will forever be jealous by that. He also tell them that the Prince's heart has been stolen by a Princess and he can never have it back because his heart belongs to the Princess for eternity. Lillian, hearing this, gets very upset and tells the girls to get ready for dinner. She tells Beth and Edmund that she knows what is going on and she is sure that the girls see it as well and she wants it to stop. Beth is taken aback and Edmund asks if he can speak to Lillian alone for a moment. Beth leaves. Lillian tells Ed that the situation is wrong and they are both going to end up getting hurt. She says that Edmund is only an anesthetic for the pain that Beth is in. Edmund sits down with Lillian and tells her that he sees so much beauty in Beth, along with an inner strength that makes her who she is. Lillian doesn't think that Ed has the patience to stick it out. Ed knows about guilt, but wasn't as lucky as Beth with people to love her. Ed says he is in love and puts Beth's needs first for the first time in his life. He is aware of all Beth's faults but he will be patient and help her to grow. He admits that he loves her desperately and is willing to wait for her as long as it takes for her to mourn. He tells Lillian that he is willing to give all of himself and everything he has to make Beth happy. Lillian seems touched by what he has to say and listens to him intently. He says he wants Beth to come to him whole, when she is ready. He asks if Lillian understands and she says better than he knows. Ed decides to quit while he is ahead. He kisses Lillian's hand and goes to get Beth.

Beth comes in and talks to her mom. Lillian paces around the room and throws a book to the ground. She Ed is very dangerous, more so than he appears. Lillian was charmed by him and realizes he must speak to Beth that way. Beth says that weeks before Jim died, they talked about Ed keeping his distance and he has. Lillian says she doesn't trust him in her heart. She reminds Beth of what he has done to Cassie. Beth tells her that she trusts him. They start arguing about Alan and Phil. Lillian says it is not about Phil, but about Edmund himself. She was alone with him and felt the brunt of his physical presence. She says she was devastated that Edmund thought of and mentioned that she was an elderly woman. Beth is surprised.

In a Hotel, New York:

Frank scares Michelle when he picks the lock on her hotel room and enters. He tells her he just wanted to check in on her. She tells him she is fine and that he should report back to Rick that everything is okay. He tells her that she should be worried that he was able to pick her lock so easily. Frank wants to know where Danny is and Michelle accuses him of being there as a cop and not as a friend. Michelle asks Frank to admit he is after Danny. Frank says that he is not convinced she is safe with Danny. Michelle doesn't want Frank to hide behind their friendship to get info about Danny. Frank wonders if they are getting back together and Michelle hopes so. Frank likes Danny but worries about Michelle because Danny will stay in the mob. Michelle says she will stick by him until he is ready to quit the mob. Frank says he wishes Eleni had stood by him like that, but Michelle is putting herself in danger. Frank is offering to protect her. Michelle starts to cry and Frank apologizes, rubbing her shoulder as Michelle rests her head on his shoulder. Just then, Danny walks in and asks Frank what is going on. Frank tells him he was just checking in on Michelle. Danny tells him that he doesn't like coming in and seeing him holding his wife. Frank reminds Danny that Michelle is his ex-wife and he was just comforting her. Danny tells Frank to leave and throws his jacket at him. Frank gives Michelle a card with his work and cell numbers and tells her to call for anything. Michelle asks Danny why he was so rude to Frank. Danny asks her if she wanted the police after him. Michelle tells him that Frank is there friend and came because he was concerned about the both of them. She tells him that she only wanted to be with him and that is why she followed him but wonders how they will ever find their way back to each other if he doesn't trust her. Danny said he doesn't trust Frank. He sat on the bed and bowed his head. He tells Michelle that he didn't like coming in and seeing another man holding her. Michelle sits down beside him and strokes his arm. She tells him that she realizes he was jealous and that he still has her in his heart. Danny jumps up off the bed and tells her that he can't. She tries to talk about the baby and he asks her how she could want his hands to hold her baby. She tells him that their baby was created out of love and that is all she and the baby will see. She tries to touch him and Danny leaves.

At the Lewis':

Noah calls and tells Reva that Perdita called him and moved up their meeting from 7:30 to 5:30 and instead of meeting in the dining room it will be in her suite. He asks Reva to come bust up their meeting. Reva thinks Perdita is up to something and she isn't sure what. She tells Noah that Marah and Shayne are busy so she can swing by and help him out but wonders what her excuse will be for coming over. Noah reminds her that she had asked Perdita about being on her show so she can use that as an excuse.

Father Ray comes in for a visit with Reva. She is dressed to go out but will give him a few moments. She thanks him for taking Catalina under his wing and helping her so much. He tells her that he is there to talk to her about Tony. He thanks Reva for Marah's good influence over Tony and tells her he wants to plead Tony's case to allow the kids to see each other. Reva says "Oh, boy". They talk a while and she tells Ray that she is worried about Tony with Marah and wonders if they may be bad influences on one another. She reminds him of the CD scam and then tells him how Marah is talking about not going to college now and wonders if Tony had a part in that. She thinks Marah isn't thinking clearly. She does however promise Ray that she will discuss it with Josh but doubts he will feel differently about it then she does. Ray thanks Reva for her time and leaves. Reva starts to head out to Perdita's when the phone rings. She hears the machine get it and listens as Rick tells her that it is an emergency. She answers the phone. Rick tells her that Shayne had an accident. A lacrosse ball hit him in his chest and stopped his heart. The coach did CPR and he is on his way to the hospital.

At Tower's, Perdita's suite:

Noah knocks on Perdita's door and she tells him to come in. She is in her underwear throwing knives at a paper human target. She offers him some champagne. She talks to him about aphrodisiacs and toasting champagne. Perdita is sitting on the bed showing off her lace bra and panties. Noah is talking about art and she starts talking about Reva. Perdita wants to know if Reva is a threat to the agency and Noah wants to know how he can convince her that she is not. Perdita said she thought he would never ask and she proceeds to move closer to Noah. Noah drinks a little champagne as Perdita reminds him of the time they made love on a boat with swans watching. Perdita throws Noah on the bed and laughs seductively. She climbs on top of him and tells him that he likes her men to beg. He tries to get up and she asks if he wants to be on top. Noah says he has something to tell her first.

At the Airport:

Josh and Olivia are hugging up to each other waiting on their plane. Josh goes to get something before they board. While he is gone his cell phone rings and Olivia sees Reva's number come up. She turns off the phone saying, "not this time Reva." Reva is at home saying, "You picked a great time to turn off your phone, Joshua."

Tuesday, January 23, 2001

At the Bauer Cabin:

Harley and Blake are trying to entertain their kids with a puppet show but they want to watch television. Blake finally gives up and sends them into the other room. Blake offers Harley some tea and sympathy. She tells Harley she can't hide out at the cabin forever. Harley is furious and annoyed with herself for trying to save her marriage for so long after it was Phillip who cheated. She doesn't understand how you can make things right after someone strays. Blake says that her relationship survived her infidelity. Harley reminds her that Ross refuses to marry her and besides that both she and Ross are trying. Harley thinks she is the only one who tried in her marriage. She talks about all the things Phillip has done for Beth and how he is still always putting her first. They hear a car door and check the window. Its Phillip and Harley is none to happy about his being there. Phillip tries to joke with Harley about throwing out his clothes out and leaving him a note. He asks Blake to give them some privacy but Harley says there is nothing to say. Phillip wants to talk but Harley says she gets to make the decisions now. They start to argue and the raised voices make the kids call out. Blake leaves the room to take care of them. She calls Ross on her cell phone and asks if he ratted them out but Ross says he didn't. He says he is on his way to see them and Blake tells him to hurry, she thinks things may get ugly. Harley asks Phillip if he had fun in SC, Phillip says he didn't go there for fun. Phillip says that he went to see the kids. Harley reminds him that Lillian, Richard and Cassie were there. Harley thinks they were safe but Phillip says Susan was down there under Edmund's evil influence as well. Harley says she knows Susan was fine and he didn't need to tell her that. She thinks for a moment and tells him that maybe Susan will respect her now that she has dumped him. She tells him that not only will Susan be happy, but Frank and Buzz will be happy too. Phillip continues to insist he had to go to San Cristobel . Harley says he knew if he went, he couldn't come back to her. Phillip says she told him to go to SC as an excuse so she could throw him out. She owes it to them and to Zach to give their marriage another chance. Harley tells Phillip he should stop telling her what she has to do. Phillip just wants more time. Harley throws it in his face that he slept with Beth and how he can't get away from her. Phillip says she will never let him forget it. Harley says she learned that 50% of married men cheat, she thinks that is disturbing but when she thought about it she realized that 50% don't. She just happened to have never met those types of men. Phillip feels like he is being punished for the sins of other's. She tells him that he has enough of his own sins to account for. Phillip reminds Harley that Blake broke up her marriage to Alan-Michael but now they are friends. Harley says she didn't have marriage vows with Blake and besides Phillip lied to her for months. It is not the same. They argue over all the same things again. Harley tells him to go to Beth and the children. She will find a man to be faithful to her. He says that there is no perfect man out there and she will be alone. She says she would rather be alone than be with him and be second. Phillip says he won't consent to the divorce. Ross comes in and tells Phillip he may not have a choice. Ross tells Phillip that he can try to contest the divorce, but Harley has grounds for it. Harley says that she is charging adultery and the christening picture from the paper is all she needs. Phillip says he will drag out the divorce and get the Spaulding lawyers on the case. Ross says it will only make it more painful and the result will be the same. Ross thinks the time has come to cut their losses and end the marriage. Phillip says he is sorry that Ross and Harley feel that way. He tells them he will consider this a trial separation and will move into the mansion until Harley comes to her senses. Harley says she won't change her mind. Blake come out and thinks it is too quiet. Phillip goes in to see Zach. Blake asks Harley if she is okay and she says no, but she will be. Blake hugs her

At the Lewis':

Reva tries calling Josh again and leaves a message on his voice mail. She heads to the hospital saying she would continue to call his cell phone.

At the Airport:

Josh and Olivia are kissing and about to board the airplane. Josh looks at his phone and turns it on. Just as he does, it rings. It's Reva and Olivia begs him not to answer. He thinks it may be important and answers. Reva tells him that Shayne is on his way to Cedar's. She tells him that his heart had stopped and they had gotten it started again but he is in critical condition. Josh tells her he will be right there. He tells Olivia what happened and asks her to take care of the luggage. She tells him she will and will catch a cab and meet him at the hospital.

At Tower's: Perdita's suite:

Perdita is on top of Noah telling him that if he doesn't make love to her she will hurt Reva. Noah tells her that isn't exactly how to put him in the mood for passion. He gets up and tells her that he cannot betray Reva. He loves her and will not cheat on her. Perdita calls Noah a prude but continues to try to seduce him. His cell phone rings and he goes to get it. It's Reva and she tells him what happened. He tells her he will be right there. He tells Perdita he has to go and she refuses to let him. She grabs his keys and tells him he will have to come get them if he wants to leave. Noah grabs her hand and tells her that she really doesn't want to play that game with him and yanks his keys out of her hand. He grabs his things and leaves.

At Cedar's:

Reva comes in and asks Rick what is going on. He tells her that Shayne's heartbeat is still erratic but that she can see him. She wonders why Shayne wasn't wearing his chest protector but Rick says that he was. If he hadn't had it on it would have been much worse. Reva goes in and talks to Shayne. She takes his hand in hers and he tells her not to let go. Shayne's monitors go off and Rick has to treat him. He sends Reva outside to the waiting room. Josh arrives and comforts Reva. Reva is pacing in the ER and tells Josh that Rick told her this wasn't unusual. Josh says Shayne should have been wearing a chest protector but Reva says he was. Reva says he is from strong stock and they reminisce about the building accident. Josh hugs Reva to comfort her as Noah and Olivia enter the waiting room. Noah comes to see Reva and Olivia goes to Josh. Reva thanks him for coming so quickly. She tells Noah about the V-tac machine going off and Noah says it is normal and it just means Shayne's heart is racing and needs time to stabilize. He goes in to check on things. Rick tells Noah everything is stable. Noah comes out and tells Josh and Reva they can go in to see Shayne. They go in. Olivia tells Noah they are probably thinking the same thing right now and Noah agrees. Josh and Reva talk to Shayne, and talk about him about needing a new chest protector. Shayne says it is good to hear Josh and Reva agree on something. Josh says that when it comes to loving Shayne, they will always agree. Shayne sleeps while Reva and Josh talk. Josh tells her that the important thing is that they are both there for their son. Reva remembers that he was leaving on his honeymoon and she ruined it again. Josh says this is the only place he should be right now. Olivia is at the door and thinks to herself, "No, it isn't, Josh."

Olivia asks Noah if this is as difficult for him as it is for her. Noah says he likes a challenge. He says it is easier for him, since he is just mommy's new friend while Olivia is considered a wicked stepmother. He tells her she is so intense and makes herself an easier target. Noah thinks that if Josh and Reva were meant to reconcile; they would have. Josh married her and eventually they will go on their honeymoon and Noah will stick around with Reva. Olivia wishes she had his confidence.

In San Cristobel:

Susan is on the couch reading a book looking very melancholy. Edmund asks if she is okay and sits next to her. Susan says he doesn't have to entertain her and she will be fine. Edmund says she makes him sound like he is running a summer camp for mourners. Susan says she is afraid that she and Beth will forget Jim. Edmund says he doesn't think Susan will ever forget Jim. Susan says she needs to do it better this time. When her mother died, it hurt so bad she didn't want to think about it and ran to find Harley. Then one day she woke up and couldn't remember the color of her mother's eyes. She doesn't want to do that again. Edmund tells Susan he isn't trying to make her and Beth forget about her father and asks Susan if that is what she thinks. Susan admits she thought that. Edmund says he can do a lot of things but even he could not manage that, even if he wanted to. A loss as profound as hers and Beth's is overwhelming and the heart needs insulation and protection. By building good experiences slowly, the pain can be put in perspective without the loss of memory. That is what he has been trying to do for them; to give them a few simple joys and not to forget about Jim. Susan says she is sorry, but Edmund says she has nothing to be sorry about and hugs her.

Wednesday, January 24, 2001

At the Hotel, New York:

Danny comes back from some meetings and finds Michelle sitting on the bed. He said that he had hoped she would be gone back home. She tells him that she would not be leaving until he comes to his senses. Danny tells her that she used to have more common sense. Michelle tells him that some things in life are more important then common sense. He tells her that she is a mother now and should be thinking of the baby and not him. She asks him if he thought of her while he was away at the meetings. He said that he did and thought about how he should have never stayed over at her house that night. Michelle looks him in the eye and touches his face. He tells her that she is making things very difficult for him. She tells him that she wants it to be so painful and unbearable that he has to come back to her. Danny tells her that he is no good for her and that he crossed a line when he killed Carmen. Michelle tells Danny he is not his mother and they can be free. They can be their own family. Danny doesn't want to hear it. She tells him he saved her life and now he is a part of hers forever. Danny says she doesn't want to be a part of his life. Michelle says the thugs came after her even though they are not living together, so she is not any safer away from him. Danny tries to fight his feelings but Michelle says he is stuck with her and she intends to fight for him. Danny takes off his jacket and fixes him a drink. Michelle is trying to reason with him to let Carmen go. She asks him if he loves her and he finally admits that he does. He says he was afraid that he would destroy her and is trying to keep her away from him. She deserves better. Michelle says he is her world and touches his face. She starts to kiss him and he responds, taking her face in his hands. They kiss passionately and proceed to take each other's shirts off. Danny stops and asks what they are doing. She tells him that he is her husband and it is okay that it won't hurt the baby. He carries her to the bed and they make love.

Later, as they lie together Danny strokes Michelle's tummy. Michelle smiles and tells him she loves him.

In San Cristobel:

Richard tells Edmund that he is going to go to Spain to talk over some trade agreements and will be back in a day or so. Edmund says he may not be there when Richard gets back. He tells Richard that Phillip has made it clear he wants Beth and the children back in SF by the end of next week. Beth interrupts, saying she didn't know about Phillip's demands. Richard leaves. Beth goes to Edmund and gets upset over Phillip and thinks he is being too controlling. Edmund and Beth discuss Phillip and his attitude. She learns that Phillip gave Edmund an ultimatum about Beth and the children returning to Springfield. Beth is angry that Phillip is trying to dictate to her. She said she wanted to put some distance between her and Phillip. She wants him to worry about his own marriage. Beth says she was just starting to feel human before Phillip showed up. Edmund apologizes for upsetting Beth. Lillian comes into the room, telling Beth that Lizzie needs a good night kiss. Lillian admits that she had been eavesdropping and tells Edmund he uses the truth to his advantage. Edmund accuses Lillian of favoring Phillip. He tells Lillian that Beth told him about her painful childhood and how Phillip helped her escape. Lillian is uncomfortable that Edmund knows. Edmund tells her that he is also grateful that Phillip could help Beth back then but Phillip is trying to recapture the past but both he and Beth are different people now. He tells Lillian that Beth knows they can't go back but Lillian and Phillip don't seem to get it. Edmund tells her that he just wants Beth to be free. Lillian asks Edmund if he is sure he just doesn't want to be Beth's new protector. Edmund tells her that he is less than perfect but he would always put Beth's needs above his own.

Edmund asks Beth if she is okay. She apologizes for overreacting. She says that Phillip was just worried about Lizzie and James. Edmund thinks she is worried about Phillip. She says the children connect them and she doesn't want a custody fight. She asks Edmund what he was laughing about when she came in. He tells her he is getting closer to Lillian. Beth says Lillian was insulted when he called her a Dowager. He says he didn't mean it in a negative way and that Lillian is formidable and keeps him on his toes. They differ over Phillip. He asks Beth if she wants to thwart Phillip without actually disobeying his order to return to Springfield. Edmund tells Beth he wants to take her on a trip and while Phillip said they had to leave for Springfield by next week he never said how they should travel. Beth thinks it is funny and sounds great, but doesn't think Phillip would buy it. Edmund says not to worry, they have another week left. He wants to make the most of it and touches her chin. He tells her he will never allow Phillip to cause her or the children any distress.

Richard is on his plane talking to Dax. He says Rourke is at the Excelsior in Majorca. If Rourke cooperates, he can buy himself some freedom otherwise he will be returning to SC with Richard to stay in a dark cell for a long time. He tells Dax he will keep in touch and hangs up.

In Majorca:

Rourke opens the door to Richard and is surprised to see him. He says "Your Highness," and Richard punches him right in the face, knocking Rourke to the ground. Richard says he has come not as a Prince, but as an irate husband.

At Cedar's:

Reva and Josh are talking to Shayne. He asks who won the lacrosse game. He says they don't have to stay with him, but Josh says where else would they be. Shayne would like to be alone with the pretty nurses. Reva tells Shayne he is a lot like his Dad. Olivia comes in with coffee for Reva and Josh. She asks Shayne how he is doing. He apologizes to her and says he didn't do this on purpose. They realize that Marah doesn't know and Olivia offers to call her. Reva tells her she is at the boarding house helping Catalina. Olivia goes to call and Buzz tells her that Marah left for Infierno. Olivia realizes she is with Tony.

Marah comes into the ER and tells Shayne he can't play lacrosse anymore. Shayne wants her to wait on him hand and foot. Marah asks Josh and Olivia got back from Hawaii so fast. Josh says Reva called them before they got on the plane. Shayne asks for Catalina and Marah sends Catalina's regards. Josh asks Marah where Olivia found her and she evades the question. Reva asks Marah where she was and Marah admits to taking Catalina to Infierno. Reva and Josh know she was with Tony and they are not happy. Reva mentions Ray talking to her about Tony and she was going to discuss it with Josh. Josh is against them being together and thinks Marah broke their trust again. Reva doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Marah tells Olivia she had to find her with Tony and she did it just to come between her and her dad. They argue and Josh takes Olivia's side. Marah storms out.

At Infierno:

Catalina says Marah didn't have to drive her there; she could have taken the bus. Tony comes out to see the girls and kisses Marah. Olivia calls looking for Marah and gets Catalina. Marah asks Catalina to lie for her but she tells her that she can't. Marah grabs the phone pretending to be Catalina and tells Olivia "no esta aqui?" Olivia knows it is Marah and tells Josh she found her and will be right back. Marah and Tony go into Danny's office. She asks if he is in charge while Danny is away. He tells her that he is and they kiss. Tony says he is nervous about Olivia and asks Marah if she has spoken to her mother. Tony tells Marah that Ray tried to intercede with Reva for them, but had no luck. Olivia enters the office and says "no esta aqui?" Marah is surprised to see her there and wonders why Olivia is not in Hawaii. Marah tells Olivia to get lost. She thinks Olivia wants to ruin her relationship with Josh. Olivia tells her about Shayne's accident. Marah is upset. Olivia offers to drive her to the hospital or let her go on her own. Marah asks Olivia not to say where she found her. Olivia and Marah argue but Olivia finally agrees not to volunteer any information about where she found her. They leave and Marah says goodbye to Tony. Tony says they were unlucky. Catalina says Shayne was unlucky too.

At the Carriage House:

Ross is on the couch watching Blake running around looking for a bedtime book for the kids, she is crying. Ross asks her what is wrong. She says Phillip and Harley lost the same fight they are fighting, and she is afraid it will happen to them too.

Ross says it doesn't make any sense that they are over because of Phillip and Harley. Blake says that Harley tried, but couldn't forgive Phillip, just like Ross can't forgive her. That is why Ross doesn't marry her. Ross says he has forgiven her and that is not why they aren't married. Ross says it took a long time to get over the anger but he realized he couldn't live without her. He is terrified and sees marriages break up every day. He is tired of seeing marriages end and wants to keep the monster at bay. He thinks that will help to keep their love alive. Blake thinks he is keeping a part of him away from her, so that they won't get divorced. Blake says love is a place for rest; a place to be safe and that is what she wants with him. He kisses her forehead and tells her he loves her. She asks him to get down on one knee and say that. She tells him she will read the kids a story and will meet him in bed. Ross hits the remote and watches their wedding video on TV.

Thursday, January 25, 2001

On the Royal Plane:

Rourke is in handcuffs while Richard looms over him. Richard asks the guards to leave them alone. They are headed to San Cristobel . Richard tells him if he cooperates he can return to Majorca, but if he doesn't cooperate, he will return to SC and be convicted on multiple offenses and spend the rest of his life in solitary confinement. Rourke asks him what the other options are and Richard tells him that the other option is that if he irritates Richard at all while he is interrogating him he will take a flying leap out of the plane over the Atlantic. Rourke looks worried at first but tells Richard to go ahead and take him to SC and he will ruin the Royal Family in the press. Then he reminds Richard of how he believed everything he led him to believe about his wife. He tells Richard that he can make Cassie out to be the biggest whore. Richard tells Rourke that he is annoying him. He gets on the phone and calls the pilot and tells him to go to the altitude they had discussed so he can open the door. Rourke tries to come after Richard but Richard punches him and then grabs a gun and holds it to Rourke's head. Rourke tells him that he is willing to talk now but Richard tells him he doesn't think he will believe him. Richard tells him to tell him who was behind his lies. Rourke tries to stall and tells Richard that he wouldn't know the man but Richard isn't buying it. He pushes the gun firmer into Rourke and he tells him that he, (Richard), already knows who it was, it was Edmund. Richard looks stunned. Richard tells him he is lying and asks him why Edmund would do that? Rourke said that he asked Edmund why and he told him that he wasn't sure; that he had been doing bad things so long he doesn't know any other way. Rourke told Richard that Edmund set up all the photo opportunities that put he and Cassie in compromising positions. He also gave him Cassie diamond garter and instructed him to lose some of the diamonds gambling. The last thing he tells Richard that Edmund did was to dictate Rourke farewell note to Cassie and place it for Richard to find. Rourke tells Richard that Edmund did all this to disrupt his personal life, so Edmund could rule because he thought Richard was unfit for the throne. Richard says he has heard enough and shouts at Rourke to shut up. Richard calls the pilot and tells him to return to Majorca, he has everything he needs from this man.

When they arrive in Majorca, the guard takes the handcuffs off Rourke. Richard tells him he never wants to see him again. He sends Rourke off the plane with the guard. Richard calls the pilot and tells him to take him home. Richard looks at the framed photos of him with Cassie and then picks up one of Edmund and throws it across the cabin shattering the glass.

At Phillip and Harley's:

Phillip gets back to the house and starts picking up his clothes off the porch. Harley comes in behind him with Zach. Phillip gets a small suitcase and puts some things in it. Harley tells him he isn't packing enough clothes. Phillip says he won't be gone long. They argue about her wanting a divorce and him not wanting it. Phillip says that all of his mistakes don't add up to the one she is about to make and he won't let her do it. Harley wonders why he is fighting her. Phillip says he has his second wind. Harley tells Phillip not to push her and maybe they can remain friends. She tells him not to do this to "us." Phillip says they obviously both want the same thing, since she said, "us". He leaves and Harley says, "Zach, you deserve better than this. Rick walks in and asks Harley if Phillip left her. Harley tells Rick how Phillip followed her up to the cabin. She wants a divorce and Phillip won't listen. Rick asks if she has told him all this and she tells him that she had. She wonders why she and Phillip can't sit down and talk about ending the marriage. Phillip made his choice when he went down to SC, now she needs him to go away and he won't. Rick says it sounds like she needs some help. Harley tells Rick it is her problem and he doesn't needs to get more involved. Rick says he is a doctor and doesn't like to see people hurt. Harley reminds him he is Phillip's best friend, but Rick says sometimes it takes a real friend to tell you what you don't want to hear. He tells her he will keep in touch.

At the Lewis':

Tony calls Marah and asks about her house arrest and Shayne. She tells him that Shayne may be coming home today. Tony says he is glad she told her parents about them but worries because even Ray couldn't help them. Tony compares them to Romeo and Juliet but Marah doesn't like the comparison. She thinks they are smarter than they were and will able to live and love each other both. Tony is happy that she is not giving up on them.

At Cedar's:

Josh and Reva are sitting with Shayne while he sleeps. They didn't expect Shayne to get hurt the way he did. Reva says if anything had happened to him she doesn't know what she would have done. Josh says that Shayne looks better than they do and has undoubtedly had more rest. Josh leaves to look for Olivia. She is in the waiting room with coffee and asks about Shayne. He thanks her for the coffee and for her patience. He appreciates her and loves her. Josh tells her that he tried to reschedule the honeymoon but had no luck. Olivia says it is okay because Shayne comes first. Josh says first the wedding and now the accident. He wishes he could make it up to her. Reva interrupts to say Shayne is waking up. Josh tells Olivia if he had the Lewis jet he would whisk her away for their honeymoon right then. He goes in to see Shayne. Reva asks him how he feels but Shayne falls back asleep. Reva tells Josh she is sorry about his honeymoon. Olivia gets an idea and leaves.

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Claire is eating breakfast and Alan apologizes for being late again. She tells him she has learned to enjoy solitude. Alan says he has his work cut out for him. Olivia comes in and tells Alan she would like a favor. Olivia tells him she will reciprocate later. Alan asks Olivia what kind of favor she wants. Later, Alan gives Olivia his plane information and tells her to have a good time on her honeymoon. She kisses him and tells him he is an angel. Claire isn't a happy camper.

Phillip tells Alan he is moving back in. Alan wants to know why Phillip isn't going down to SC to get Beth and the kids. Alan is glad he left Harley. Phillip leaves as Vicki interrupts with business. Meta walks in and tells Alan she also wants a favor. She tells him that she wants to refurbish the old lighthouse and needs his financial support. Alan tells her that he is interested and he will like to talk to her later about it. Meta leaves and Claire asks why he gives to everyone like that. Alan tells Claire that he was thinking of Meta's proposition with Claire in mind. She asks what he means but he doesn't tell her. Just smiles and leaves the room. Claire starts to leave as well and runs into Phillip. Phillip grabs a drink for himself and Rick comes in to see him. Phillip says he is glad for a friend right now. Rick tells him he won't be happy too long. Rick tells Phillip his stance on him and Harley and Phillip seems very upset about it. He asks him if he realizes that she threw all his things out. He tells him that he does. He tries to plea Harley's case and Phillip tells him it is none of Rick's business. Rick says that Harley is determined to get a divorce and he doesn't think Phillip will have a choice.

At Company:

Sam arrives at Company to see Buzz. Buzz tells him that he cannot borrow his motorcycle and asks him if he is trying to impress Marah. Sam says he is no longer interested in her, she is very high maintenance and likes to play head games. Holly arrives and Buzz says, "Talk about complicated." Sam says he likes Holly. Holly sits at the counter and Buzz offers her coffee. She says she never expected him to be a morning person and thanks him for the coffee. She asks Sam if he came over to borrow Buzz's motorcycle and promises not to rat on him to Olivia. Josh arrives at Company looking for Olivia. Josh tells Holly, Sam and Buzz about Shayne's accident. Holly offers to help Josh get to Hawaii through some of her connections. She jumps on the phone and calls a bunch of people, sends Sam to check on some things and has the room hopping. Josh tells Buzz Holly is really something. Buzz watches him with renewed interest. Olivia comes in and tells them all that she has gotten use of the Spaulding jet. Josh is happy and very impressed. He leaves with Olivia promising they will leaves as soon as Shayne is out of the hospital. Buzz tells Holly she did a nice thing trying to help Josh and Olivia with their travel plans. He invites her to dinner and is stunned when she accepts. She tells him to call her at the office.

David sees Frank outside Company and they are talking about Michelle and Danny. David thinks Danny is running the family and wants to know what Frank found out in New York. Frank says he just went to check on Michelle. David tells Frank to stop thinking like a friend and start thinking like a cop.

Friday, January 26, 2001

In San Cristobel:

Edmund is instructing a palace messenger and gives him an envelope to deliver. He tells him to give it to 'her' himself and tell her it is from the palace business office. Beth walks in and the messenger leaves. Beth asks Edmund what that was about and he tells her that he was telling everyone he will be out of reach all day. Then he tells her that he will be out of reach because he intends on spending the entire day with her. Beth tells Edmund she already has plans with Lizzie for sandcastles and ponies. Lillian runs in with an envelope and yells at Edmund. She tells him that she just received a statement of Jim's business affairs. The papers indicate Jim's salary was being docked for debts incurred and Jim signed the papers. Lillian accuses Edmund of blackmailing Jim. Beth looks surprised. Edmund acts like he never wanted the papers to surface. Beth looks at the papers and asks Edmund if it is true. Lillian yells, 'of course it is,' and tells Beth they should all pack up and leave. Beth asks why Jim owed Edmund money, $45,000. Edmund pretends not to want to talk about it and tells Lillian to leave it alone. Beth presses him and he tells her it was a loan. She doesn't believe it and he 'reluctantly' tells her that it wasn't a loan. He was gambling at Infierno and lost a lot of money and Edmund bought his marker. Lillian says Jim worked all the time and was with his family, he didn't have time to gamble. Beth realized what had happened and Edmund confirms that all those late nights he said he was working he was really gambling. Edmund tells Beth that the gambling wasn't Jim's fault; he had a problem. He tells her that he offered him a job after paying off his marker. Lillian is still yelling. Edmund said that Jim was desperate and he owed the money to organized crime. Edmund says he was able to give Jim a job and a way to pay the debt back. Edmund tells Beth the only evidence is in her hand and the marker signed by him and Tony Santos and they should tear them both up. Beth tells Lillian she owes Edmund an apology and she agrees. She apologizes. Beth sits down on the sofa and cries. She tells Edmund she feels sick. Edmund tells her not to, it was just one tiny flaw. Beth says it is a big flaw but she is the one who drove Jim to it. She says Jim wouldn't have done this if she hadn't wanted another baby. It made Jim desperate for more money. She put him in the middle between a millionaire and a Prince and it had to make him insecure. Edmund tells Beth that she only wanted to give Jim the gift of a child and she is a beautiful person. He tells her that many men would want to make her happy. Beth tells him that Jim had choices and he could have told her about it. Edmund agrees but says if Jim were alive they would have discussed this and gotten past it. Jim was a man and had dark places just like any other. He had a problem that he didn't share with Beth and she shouldn't feel guilty about it. Beth says she wanted to believe the last few months were as perfect as she had thought and that Jim was happy. Edmund says that Jim was happy. Beth thanks Edmund for giving Jim a job and not taking credit for it. She says it was a generous and sensitive thing and it spared Jim his dignity. She hugs Edmund. The phone rings. Edmund answers; Phillip is on the line looking for Beth. Edmund holds the phone out to her and says, "Guess who?" Beth tells Phillip he always calls at the wrong time. Phillip asks why she is trying to make him angry. Beth says she is angry and she wants to share her mood. She confronts him about his ultimatum to have the children back to SF. She asks why he doesn't work on his marriage and leave them alone. Phillip says his marriage is over. Beth says she is sorry. Phillip says he has been told about all his faults by several people today and would like to hear a friendly voice, he asks for Lizzie. She tells him that Lizzie is out at the beach but that she will have her call him. Beth tells Phillip again that she is sorry. Susan walks in and learns that Phillip is on the phone. She tells Edmund that she doesn't understand why he has to keep interfering. She asks Edmund not to let Phillip get to Beth again. Beth hangs up and asks Susan if she has talked to Harley. Beth tells her that Harley left Phillip and she may need to hear from her for support. Susan is upset and thinks it will make her life worse. She thinks now Harley will focus on her all the time and Phillip will be all over Beth. Beth tells Susan she doesn't have to worry about Phillip and her. Susan says Beth is half right. Beth says Phillip is not interested in her. Edmund and Susan start analyzing Phillip's tactics in the light of Machiavelli. Beth isn't buying it; until she catches herself feeling sorry for Phillip. Susan says Phillip will come here for her. Edmund says if he tries, he won't succeed.

At the Lewises':

Reva, Josh and Marah bring Shayne home. Josh tells them that he and Olivia are leaving that evening for Hawaii. Marah apologizes for him having to miss his trip and he tells her to stay out of trouble. She tells him that she wants to but she wants Josh and Reva to let her continue seeing Tony. Reva tells her no and Josh asks her why she thinks things would be different today. She tells them that everything at the Rex motel was her fault and she doesn't want to punish Tony as well. All he wanted to do was be with her. They tell her no. Josh says it doesn't matter who is at fault because Marah uses bad judgment when she is with Tony. Marah leaves for school.

At Infierno:

Tony tells Ray not to try to help him next time. Ray tells Tony to be patient; it has only been one day since he talked to Reva. Marah walks in and tells Tony he is banned for life, things couldn't be worse. Ray asks why she is there. Marah says she had to talk to Tony. Marah says her parents found out about yesterday. Tony offers to go talk to her parents. Ray thinks it is a good idea, but Marah says no. Marah tells Tony it would only make matters worse. Tony and Ray think it would show respect to her parents if he stands up and talks to them. Marah doesn't think it will work. Ray tells Marah that it can't make things any worse and it is good for Tony to stand up for things he believes in. Tony leaves with Marah as Ray wishes them good luck.

Back at the Lewises':

Tony and Marah arrive at the Lewis house. Reva is not at all happy to see them together. Tony talks to the Lewis' very respectfully and pleads his case for them to reconsider. Reva asks Josh if he wants to handle it. Josh says he thinks Tony cares about Marah and that he does want to protect her but Josh doesn't want Marah to be put in a situation where she needs to be protected. Josh mentions the Rex motel. Tony apologizes for that and tells Josh that was poor judgment. Tony asks for the chance to prove he can be good for Marah. Marah tells Tony to stop, that they don't care about them. Tony agrees to leave and tells Marah he is sorry. He hugs her and leaves. Josh gets ready to go home. He tells Marah to be responsible about this. He leaves. Marah says she is going to school. Reva reminds her that the last time she said that, she came back with Tony. Marah says she doesn't want to hear it and leaves the house. Tony is waiting outside and apologizes to her for messing up. Marah kisses him, tells him he was perfect and asks him what they are going to do now. Tony tells Marah he can't take this. He thinks he is in love with her. He says he has never felt like this before. Marah tells him not to worry, her parents will come around. Until then she tells him they will just have to keep a low profile. Tony kisses her. Two thugs arrive with knives. They beat Tony and drag him into the bushes and take Marah with them.

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Rick and Phillip are arguing over Phillip's not wanting a divorce. After Rick takes Harley's side, Phillip tells Rick it is none of his business. Rick can't believe it after Phillip has been talking to him over and over about it. Phillip asks him whose friend he is anyway. Rick tells him after 17 years of friendship he should know better. Alan comes in and Rick leaves. Phillip tells Alan not to start in on him. Alan tells him that he has nothing to say about Harley. Phillip is glad. Alan tells him that after the plane crash, Phillip really didn't have a chance with Harley because she finally saw the truth. Phillip stared at him and Alan continued to say that Harley saw that Phillip couldn't resist Beth. Alan asks Phillip what he is going to do about Beth being in SC with Edmund. Phillip tells him he is wrong and leaves. Claire comes in and Alan tells her that Meta will be there in a few minutes and he wants her in on the meeting.

Meta is talking about the necessary renovations on the lighthouse. Alan asks how she proposes to make money. She discusses the black tie parties and media attention. Meta tells Alan that she is looking for corporate sponsorship. Alan offers to foot the whole bill for the gala. He doesn't want to share the attention with other sponsors. Vicki tries to interfere, saying she has to check their donation budget. Alan says he will donate the money on one condition. He wants someone to oversee the project for him and tells Meta he wants Claire. Meta tells him that she will have to look elsewhere for funds then. He tells her that she is a woman who enjoys a challenge and this would be a great challenge. Meta tells him that he is right and that she is looking forward to it. Meta leaves. Claire tells Alan that she hopes that Alan gets everything he desires. She is happy that Meta has to answer to her. Claire says she wants to have Meta jumping through hoops. Alan reminds her not to overplay her hand.

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