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Port Charles Recaps: The week of January 5, 1998 on PC
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Monday, January 5, 1998

Scott's trial resumed and Eve, Gail, Jake and Rhonda were forced to testify for the prosecution. Scott's friends all did their best not to damage Scott's already shaky case and Lee tried to reverse some of the damage when he questioned the drug dealer. Scott was grateful for his friend's attempts to help him and took comfort in the fact that they had all been labeled as hostile witnesses. Rex learned that the herbal pills he stole from Lucy's hotel room were for fertility and Rex figured out that Lucy hadn't really broken up with Kevin. Rex then went to Lucy with a sample of an herbal stress relief product and suggested that Lucy market it through Jacks Cosmetics. Lucy had the product tested and learned that the pills were harmless and exactly what Rex had claimed them to be. Later, Rex arranged for an unsuspecting Lucy to receive a batch of poisoned herbal stress relief pills. Ellen's brother, Winston, refused to let Ellen enter Alice's room after Alice suffered a second heart attack.

Tuesday, January 6, 1998

Eve and Scott enjoyed their dinner together and Eve surprised Scott when she arranged for Serena to come to the restaurant. Scott and Serena spoke privately and both admitted that they had been comforted by Dominique. Lucy arrived at Rex's for their business dinner. Lucy told Rex that his herbal stress relief pills seemed to be on the level and she agreed to go into business with him. Meanwhile, one of Rex's henchmen broke into Lucy's hotel room and replaced her herbal pills with other ones. Lucy made up a story in order to get a look at Rex's passport to try and determine if he had ever been in the Cayman Islands. Rex's passport seemed to check out, but Lucy then caught a glimpse of a second passport on Rex's desk. Rex showed Lucy a photograph of Scott supposedly in the Cayman Islands. Rex explained that this evidence needed to be introduced at Scott's trial and suggested that Lucy produce the photo and testify against Scott. Lucy told Rex that she would think about using the photograph at Scott's trial and Rex then pulled Lucy into a kiss as she was leaving. Later, Lucy shared her dilemma over the photograph with Kevin, who warned her about the consequences of perjury. Frank was notified when Lark was brought into the hospital after suffering a possible concussion. Frank tried to question Lark, but she remained evasive. Later, Julie, Joe and Frank decided to call Child Services on Lark's behalf. Mary urged Alice to reconcile with Ellen, but the distance between mother and daughter remained. Winston told Matt about how Ellen's relationship with her family had deteriorated after she got married. Ellen heard Winston badmouthing her husband and Ellen then shocked Winston when she told him that her husband was dead.

At the coffeehouse, Devon spilled his drink. Kay approached him and asked if he needed a hand. Devon said he was just clumsy. Kay offered to help Devon if he ever needed a hand.

Wednesday, January 7, 1998

Lucy was torn over whether or not to come forward with Rex's fabricated evidence against Scott at the trial. Kevin advised Lucy against using the phony evidence and feared that Lucy could be prosecuted for perjury. Before heading to the courthouse, Lucy threw away Rex's tainted herbal pills and replaced them with her own harmless vitamin C pills. Later, Lucy took the stand at Scott's trial. To Rex's joy -- and everybody else's shock -- Lucy then presented the evidence that showed Scott had been in the Cayman Islands when the incriminating bank account was opened. Ellen told Winston that she hadn't left town in the manner he thought she had and said that Alice had thrown her out. Winston, however, was angry that Ellen was speaking ill of their mother just before her surgery. Later, Ellen broke down in front of Matt after explaining how Alice had hung up on her the day Ellen called to say that her husband had died. Julie, Frank, Karen and Joe continued their crusade to help Lark. The Child Welfare department gave Lark's home a clean bill of health, but Karen still wasn't convinced. The group then went to Lark's home themselves and discovered that Lark's mother was mentally unstable.

Thursday, January 8, 1998

Photo Courtesy of ABC Daytime Lark confronts Joe at the hospital and demands to know what happened to her mother. Joe reports that her mother has been admitted so that her mental health can be evaluated. Her resentment towards them grows when a man comes to take her to the juvenile hall until her mother is able to care for her again. Frank approaches Lark and updates her on her mother's condition, saying that she is going to be treated for her problems. He offers her help but Lark told him to "shove it." Lee argues with Scott when Scott wants to take the stand in his own defense. Lee won't allow it because of what he might unknowingly reveal but Scott insists that it's the only way to battle Rex. Eve blasts Lucy for her damaging testimony earlier but Lucy claims that it's all part of the plan. Eve suggests she has gone too far. Later, an angry Karen lays into Lucy when she asks how her father is doing. Kevin is the next to take the stand and does his best to rebut Lucy's testimony. After he's done, Scott threatens to fire Lee if he doesn't call him as his next witness. When Scott takes the stand, Lee finally convinces the judge to allow Scott to voice his claim that Rex is behind the attempt to take Serena's trust fund. When Mr. Crier takes over the cross examination, he tries to force Scott to admit that he stands to gain as much as Rex does if he keeps custody of Serena. Crier then offers his closing statement to the jury, painting Scott as a troubled, drug-using man who kidnapped his own daughter so that he could get his hands on her money. Lee does his best to convince the jury of Scott's innocence.

Friday, January 9, 1998

Scott is convinced that the jury is going to find him guilty. He meets secretly with Lucy and admits his fear that her testimony about the phony photograph was the final nail in his coffin. Lucy announces her latest plan to keep Rex busy so that she can search his apartment for information that will clear Scott's name. After telling Rex that she is so impressed with his stress reduction pills, Lucy told him that she wants to do a photo shoot and start the marketing campaign. When she describes Eve in glowing and sexy terms, Rex offers to attend the photo session. Lucy then approaches Eve for help and sets up a photo shoot in order to try and distract Rex. Her plan shows some sign of success when Rex opens up to her about his past. But later, Rex suffers from a terrifying flashback that shows he was lying to Lucy. Frank asks the others about taking a big step to help the girl, despite Lark's fury. Though Eve warns him against the idea, Joe and Julie like it. Later, Julie reminds Frank that they won't be sleeping together if Lark moves in. Frank then approaches Lark and offers to be a foster parent to her until her mother gets better. When she moves in, he's unaware that she has brought some drugs with her. Matt reports to Ellen and Winston that he and Monica will be operating on their mother. Alice went into cardiac arrest again during her surgery.

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