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Passions Recaps: The week of February 5, 2007 on PS
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Monday, February 5, 2007

While Whitney is encouraging Ethan to go tell Theresa that he is free since Gwen is out of his life, Jared is telling Theresa that the engagement is back on. Jared is pouring out his heart to Theresa, but her mind is in a different place. She is fantasizing about telling Ethan the truth about Little Ethan (LE). Ethan is not moving heaven and earth to be with Theresa, so Whitney quickly tells him that it's over between Jared and Theresa, but Whitney doesn't know that Jared is making up with Theresa right that very moment. Jared tells Theresa that he would represent her against Julian to ensure that she keeps LE. He wants to do everything that he can to win Theresa over. He wants Theresa to think it over because she is currently torn between Ethan and him. Ethan goes to see Theresa and tells her that he is free to be with her, and Theresa tells him that she is also free to be with him.

Kay is listening to Dr. Russell's advice to tell Fox that she loves him and will be there for him when he gets out of the coma. Miguel hears all of this and is discouraged because Kay has decided to stay with Fox. Pilar tells Miguel to fight for Kay. Kay tells Eve that she does not think Miguel is the person who ran Fox down with his car. In addition, Kay asks Eve if it's possible to be in love with two men at the same time, and Eve tells her that it's possible, but she will have to make a decision. Miguel takes Pilar's advice and goes after Kay, but Kay tells him that she has to focus on Fox getting better. Miguel wears Kay down, and she tells him that he is the one in her heart.

Fancy is traumatized and Luis thinks she is afraid of him. Luis reassures Fancy that he loves her and would never hurt her. He also promises to go after the real rapist. Sheridan is putting doubts in Luis's head about his feelings for Fancy by questioning Fancy's love towards Luis. After being alone for a while, Fancy realizes that she loves Luis and believes that he did not rape her. She goes looking for Luis.

Chad makes time for his lover and is able to get home to have dinner with Miles and Whitney. He lies to Whitney about his whereabouts again, not that she was asking.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Miguel kisses Kay in front of a comatose Fox, causing Fox's heart rate to skyrocket. When Fox's alarms go off, Julian accuses Miguel of trying to kill his son again. Julian tells Kay it is her fault Fox is in a coma. Miguel is surprised when Charity approaches him in the hospital hallway.

Jared asks Whitney for advice on how to win Theresa back. Knowing Ethan and Theresa might reunite, Whitney discourages Jared. Ethan and Theresa talk about getting back together. Theresa tells him there is something he needs to know about Little Ethan... but she is interrupted by Ethan's cell phone.

Paloma is shocked when Fancy confides her fear about who is behind her attack. Luis wants to help with Fancy's investigation, but Sam is worried about a conflict of interest. Reluctantly, Sam agrees, but only if Luis works with a partner.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Theresa tries, without success, to tell Ethan that he is Little Ethan's father. At every attempt to tell him, she prefaces the actual telling with comments about how important what she has to tell is to their relationship. Before she can actually say six simple words, i.e., "You are Little Ethan's biological father," Ethan's phone rings and he answers it. While Ethan is on the phone talking to his PI about the cases against Luis and Miguel, Theresa dreams of the ideal life with Ethan. Chad and Whitney join Ethan and Theresa in her office. Whitney gives Theresa another pep talk and encourages her to tell Ethan the truth. Again Theresa tries, but Ethan has news that Julian is going to do everything in his power to railroad Luis and Miguel into jail. Ethan tells Theresa that she will need all the Crane power and money to keep her brothers out of prison. In another corner of the office, Chad tells Whitney that it would be better not to tell Ethan the truth, because if Theresa does, she will have to give up all the Crane power and wealth since Little Ethan will no longer be the Crane heir. On the other side of the room Theresa is about to tell Ethan the truth.

Julian is in Fox's hospital room with Kay. He tells her that earlier Miguel kissing Charity in the hospital waiting room. Kay leaves the room and Julian follows. They arrive just in time to see Charity and Miguel embracing. It is a friendly hug on Miguel's part. Charity has just told Miguel that she is leaving Harmony. She has also made him promise not to tell Kay about a kiss that she had forced on him earlier in an unsuccessful attempt to rekindle their relationship. Kay does not know this and is livid. Charity says her goody-bys and leaves. An angry Kay slaps Miguel, who is nonplussed. When she confronts him about Julian's accusation, he remembers his promise to Charity, and lies to Kay. Julian then takes them to security and shows them proof that Miguel and Charity were kissing. Kay does not buy Miguel's lame explanation and leaves him. Out in the hallway a smug Julian pays off the fake Charity, who strips off her mask.

Luis and Fancy are clueless about finding Fancy's attacker or figuring out who framed Luis. Not only has the attacker left no needle mark wound on a drugged Luis, no one has thought to get a toxicology screen either. Nor has any person in the Harmony Police Department considered artificial insemination as a possible explanation for how semen from Luis ended up in Fancy, and despite having fought her attacker while standing on her feet, Fancy does not realize that she is as tall or taller than her attacker which would definitely rule out Luis. When she tries to remember details of the attack that might provide a vital clue, she get hysterical and Luis wants to quit rather than cause Fancy distress. Instead they go to Dr. Eve for hypnosis. Fancy goes under, but again becomes hysterical again as she begins to remember the attack.

Tabitha and Endora return from their trip to the Altered States convention. Tabitha wonders why Endora is distracted by her "witch" pod. She listens in and finds that Endora's favorite musical group is the Scissor Sisters. To catch up on things in Harmony, Tabitha looks in her magic bowl. She finds out that Chad is having an affair with a man, but when she tries to see who Fancy's attacker is, she is unable to get a clear picture.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Fancy is in an hypnotic spell in Eve's office. Luis sits close by and listens intently to Fancy recount her attacks. Eve questions Fancy about the events of the night that she and Luis were in the Princess Room. Both Eve and Luis are startled when Fancy divulges that her attacker was a she. After Eve releases Fancy from her hypnosis, Luis questions Fancy about who the she is. Fancy has no answer. Eve offers to place Luis in a spell in order to help him remember what happened that night. This time while Fancy is the bystander, her and Eve are shocked when Luis' body jerks and he begins talking to someone.

Also at the hospital, Miguel is with Kay. Miguel is determined that he's going to find Charity to prove that she's the one who kissed him. He and Kay begin walking through the hospital in their search for Charity. Meanwhile, the Charity imposter is talking with Julian in the hallways. Miguel and Kay unexpectedly run into the imposter talking to Julian. The imposter hides her purse behind her back because the 'Charity' mask is sticking out of it. Miguel asks the imposter if he knows her because he thinks her eyes looks familiar. She denies knowing him and runs away when Kay takes Miguel's attention. A few minutes later a note is given to Miguel. Kay reads the note and throws it. Miguel can't believe that the note says that he's the one that initiated the kiss with Charity.

Tabitha and Endora are back at home. Tabitha is eager to watch her magic bowl to see what's been happening in Harmony while they were gone. Endora is on the couch listening to a CD. Endora works her magic and instantly the "Scissor Sisters" are performing a live concert in Tabitha's house. Tabitha goes into the living room to see where the music is coming from. Tabitha tells Endora that she can't keep summoning people on her every whim. Endora likes the singing but zaps the group back to where they came.

At Crane Industries, Theresa tells Ethan that she has something important to tell him. Chad and Whitney are in the background. Chad begs Whitney to stop Theresa from telling Ethan the truth about Ethan being Little Ethan's real father. Whitney says that if Theresa doesn't tell Ethan the truth than they can have no real chance at happiness. Chad reminds Whitney that if Theresa does go through with it then all her power is gone. Along with losing the Crane power, Theresa would be in no position to help both Luis and Miguel with defenses in their cases. Whitney takes a minute to relay this info to Theresa who realizes that she can't risk telling Ethan the truth. Ethan is still waiting to hear Theresa's news but Theresa instead gives him a check to begin representation of her brothers. Ethan leaves and Theresa sobs uncontrollably.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Kay is complaining to Tabitha about Miguel, and Tabitha tells her that her pain is small potatoes compared to What's unleashed on Harmony since someone is about to die. On a more positive note, Endora is having a field day with the Scissor Sisters. She keeps zapping them across the globe for her own childish pleasures. She zaps herself along with the Scissor Sisters to the Blue note for a night on the town, and she is in seventh heaven. She hopes that Tabitha won't figure out what she has been doing, but her mommy has discovered her bag of tricks.

Rae wants to kiss Simone in public, but Simone is not comfortable with it. TC unexpectedly joins Simone and Ray for dinner and is very comfortable with their relationship. He tells Simone not to let doubt creep into their relationship because that's how he ended up losing Eve. Julian walks by and accidentally knocks Rae's drink in her lap. TC did not waste any time because he literally knocks some senses out of Julian. He gets up thinking that he is seeing Pretty, his daughter. Incidentally, he sees Endora twirling around on the dance and thinks it's his daughter. Endora sees that Julian has spotted her, so she zaps herself into a much older Endora. Rae sees someone she does not expect to see and tells Simone that she will be back and to meet her at the bar.

Luis undergoes hypnosis, and he encounters a woman he is resisting. Eve tells Fancy that she admitted under hypnosis that a woman attacked her as well. Eve also discovers that Luis was possibly drugged on the night Fancy was attacked. Meanwhile, Sheridan is at the cottage holding up a picture of Luis and Fancy and saying to herself that they are never going to work out. Chris walks in and hears Sheridan's words. He sees Sheridan drops a hypodermic needle, and she explains away by telling Chris that she used to give herself allergy shots when she was younger. Sheridan calls to checks on Luis and he tells her that Simone's friend, Rae, may have some information on Fancy's attacker, and they will be meeting at the Blue Note. After hearing that Luis and Fancy will be at the Blue Note, Sheridan tells Chris that they will go, even though she told him earlier she'd rather stay in for the night. Chris wonders if Sheridan's decision has anything to do with Luis.

Ivy is upset with Julian for aiding Fox into manipulating Kay; consequently, he is in the hospital fighting for his life. Ivy claims that she is always having sex when she is around Julian, and she makes it very clear to Julian that it won't be happening again.

Theresa promises Whitney that she will tell Ethan the truth as soon as Luis and Miguel's names are cleared. Ethan senses that Theresa is holding something big from him and wishes that Theresa would confide in him. Rebecca is trying her best to talk Ethan into inviting Gwen back to resume their marriage. Theresa receives a text message from Gwen. The message states that Theresa's secret is known and that Ethan is Little Ethan's father.

Chad's lover is threatening to stir up trouble. He calls Chad, and Chad tells him that it's over because he loves his wife. His lover had the best bottle of champagne sent to his and Whitney's table. Whitney thinks she has a secret admirer, but it's Chad's lover playing games with him.

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