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The Birthdays page, part of our About ATWT section, provides a thorough listing of the birthdays of past and present As The World Turns stars.
The Birthdays page, part of our About ATWT section, provides a thorough listing of the birthdays of past and present As The World Turns stars. When available, you'll also see the year of their birth. Some performers have requested that this information not be made public and we have honored their requests.

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Birthdays of ATWT Stars
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    6TH    Scott Bryce (Craig Montgomery)
   13TH   Billy Allen (Louise Griffin)
   15TH   Count Stovall (Roy Franklin)
   16TH   David Bruce (Nichols Benjamin Reynolds)
   19TH   Anthony Herrera (James Stenbeck; 1944)
   20TH   Carl Gordon (Ward Griffin)
   20TH   Colleen Zenk-Pinter (Barbara Ryan; 1955)
   22ND   Linc Lafferty (James Welch)
   22ND   Brian Gaskill (1970)
   25TH   Paul Taylor (Isaac Jenkins)
   28TH   Terri Colombino (Katie Peretti; 1975)
   29TH   Réal Andrews (Walker Daniels; 1963)

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    4TH    Marie Masters (Susan Stewart; 1941)
    4TH    Trent Dawson (Henry Coleman; 1971)
    5TH    Stuart Damon (Ralphie Ciccone; 1937)
    6TH    William Swan (Rex Witmore)
    9TH    Sharon Case (Debbie Simon)
   10TH   Kim Onasch (Jennifer Munson; 1982)
   11TH   Jeffrey Meek (Craig Montgomery; 1959)
   15TH   Kelly Menighan-Hensley (Emily Stewart; 1967)
   15TH   Rene Props (Elinor Snyder)
   16TH   Agim Kaba (Aaron Snyder; 1980)
   18TH   Hunt Block (Craig Montgomery; 1955)
   18TH   Michael Nader (Kevin Thompson; 1945)
   22ND   Lea Salonga (Lien Hughes)
   22ND   Leslie Charleson (Alice Whipple)
   23RD   Jaime Nicole Dudney (Georgia Tucker)
   24TH   Jenny O'Hara (Thelma Dailey) '
   24TH   Jennifer Ferrin (Jennifer Munson; 1979)

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    3RD    Lauren B. Martin (Camille Bennett)
    4TH    Keith Charles (Ralph Mitchell)
    7TH    Mary Beth Evans (Sierra Montgomery; 1961)
    8TH    Mark Pinter (Brian McColl; 1950)
    8TH    David Cryer (Philip Lombard)
    8TH    Dagne Crane (Sandy Hughes)
    9TH    Kerr Smith (Ryder Hughes)
    9TH    Megan and Lauren Ferrara (Bridget and Michelle McKinnon)
    9TH    Finn Carter (Sierra Montgomery)
   14TH   Tamara Tunie (Jessica Griffin; 1959)
   17TH   Sloane Shalton (Harriet Corbman)
   20TH   Chip Zien (Arthur Howell)
   21ST    Kathleen Widdoes (Emma Snyder; 1939)
   22ND    Mick Hazen (Parker Munson Snyder; 1993)
   30TH   Justin Deas (Tom Hughes)

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    1ST    Don Hastings (Tom Hughes; 1934)
   13TH   Terry Lester (Royce Keller)
   18TH   Kristina Sisco (Abigail Williams)
   19TH   Robert Tyler (Spence Davies)
   20TH   Billy Magnussen (Casey Hughes; 1985)
   21ST    Michael Loudon (Ian Duke Kramer)
   21ST    Dylan Bruce (Chris Hughes; 1980)
   23RD   Simon Prebble (Martin Chedwin)
    23RD    Jesse Soffer (Will Munson; 1984)
   23RD   Joris Struyk (Gavin Kruger)
   26TH   Jordana Brewster (Nikki Graves)
   26TH   Heather Rattray (Lily Mason-Walsh)
   27TH   Maura West (Carly Tenney; 1972)   ^ back to the top   


    2ND    Maggie Burke (Dr. Audrey Samuels)
    5TH    Bill Tatum (Arthur Clayborne)
    6TH    Susan Brown (Adelaide Fitsgibbon)
    7TH    Peter Reckell (Eric Hollister)
    9TH    John Howard (Paul Ryan)
   10TH   Judson Miles (Hutch Hutchinson)
   10TH   Laurence Lau (Brian Wheatley; 1954)
   12TH   Laura Baler (Jade Sullivan)
   12TH   Linda Dano (Cynthia Haines)
    12TH    Forbes March (Mason Jarvis; 1973)
   17TH   Aisha Henderson (Zoe Crane)
   17TH   Fiona Hutchinson (Sheila)
   19TH   Leslie Denniston (Caroline Crawford)
   19TH   Alexander Walters (Mark Kasnoff)
   20TH   Paolo Seganti (Damian Grimaldi)
   22ND   Ed Fry (Dr. Larry McDermott)
   22ND   Frank Converse (Ned Simon)
   25TH   Hillary Bailey Smith (Margo Hughes)
   27TH   Mark Collier (Mike Kasnoff; 1971)
   30TH   Scott Holmes (Tom Hughes; 1952)
   30TH   Tonya Pinkins (Heather Dalton)
   31ST   Justine Cotsonas (Sofie Duran; 1985)
   31ST   Meredith Hagner (Liberty Ciccone; 1987)

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    1ST    Jake Silbermann (Noah Mayer; 1983)
    4TH    Lindsey Frost (Betsy Andropolous)
    5TH    Scott Holroyd (Paul Ryan)
    6TH    Jonathan Hogan (Jason Benedict)
    8TH    Linda Cook (Cynthia Linders)
   10TH   Alan White (Chris Hughes)
   11TH   Michael Swan (Duncan McKechnie)
   13TH   Lesli Kay (Molly Conlan; 1965)
   18TH   Elisabeth Franz (Helen Wendell)
   21ST   Duane McLaughlin (Dallas Griffin )
   25TH   Steve Basset (Seth Snyder)
   25TH   Michael Sabatino (Peter Wentworth; 1955)
   29TH   Ruth Warrick (Edith Hughes Frey; 1916)
   30TH   Brian Bloom (Dusty Donovan)
   30TH   Tony Musante (Joe D'Angelo; 1936)

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    5TH    Joseph Breen (Scott Eldridge)
    6TH    Tom Wiggin (Kirk Anderson)
    8TH    Robin Morse (Pamela Wagnet)
    9TH    Ewa da Cruz (Vienna Hyatt; 1977)
    12TH    Judi Evans Luciano (Maeve; 1966)
   18TH   Susan Marie Snyder (Julie Wendell Snyder)
   18TH   Jensen Buchanan (Victoria McKinnon; 1962)
   19TH   Andrew Kavovit (Paul Stenbeck Ryan)
   20TH   Michael Park (Jack Snyder; 1968)
   22ND   Christopher Tavani (Luke Grimaldi; 1993)
   26TH   Kathryn Hays (Kim Hughes)
   27TH   Wolé Parks (Dallas Griffin)
   28TH   Alexandro Chando (Madeline Coleman, 1986)
   28TH   Tom Pelphrey (Mick Dante; 1982)
   30TH   Mark Tymchyshyn (Gavin Kruger)
   30TH   Richard Burgy (Glenn Harrington)
   30TH   Ben Jorgensen (Chris Hughes)
   31ST    Annie Parisse (Julia Lindsey)

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    2ND    Lisa Brown (Iva Snyder-Benedict)
    7TH    Graham Winton (Caleb Snyder)
    8TH    Peyton List (Lucy Montgomery)
    10TH    Jon Prescottt (Mike Kasnoff; 1981)
   16TH   Dee Hoty (Karen Matell)
   24TH   Frank Runyon (Steve Andropoulis)
   22ND   Elena Goode (Jade Taylor; 1982)
   25TH   Christian Jules LeBlanc (Kirk McColl; 1958)
   26TH   Jon Hensley (Holden Snyder; 1965)
   26TH   Benjamin Hendrickson (Hal Munson; 1950)
   29TH   Jennifer Landon (Gwen Norbeck; 1983)
   30TH   Anne Sayre (Mitzi Matters)
   31ST    Lee Bryant (Hanna Lafferty)

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    1ST    James Rebhorn (Henry Lange)
    3RD    Helen Wagner (Nancy McClosky; 1918)
    5TH    Bill Shanks (Casey Peretti)
    6TH    Judith McConnell (Valerie Conway)
    9TH    Scott Defreitas (Andy Dixon; 1969)
   11TH   Henderson Forsythe (David Stewart)
   12TH   Mary Kay Addams (Neal Keller-Alcott)
   13TH   Eileen Fulton (Lisa Grimaldi; 1933)
   13TH   Roger Howarth (Paul Ryan; 1968)
   18TH   David Forsyth (Burke Donovan)
   19TH   Rex Smith (Darryl Crawford)
   19TH   Randolph Mantooth (Hal Munson; 1945)
   22ND   Lynn Herring (Audrey Coleman; 1958)
   24TH   Greg Watkins (Evan Walsh)
   25TH   Hunter Garner (Billy Ross)
   25TH   Van Hansis (Luke Snyder; 1983)
   26TH   Wayne Maugans (Bill Harper)
   27TH   Christopher Cousins (Colin Crowley)
   27TH   Peter Simon (Ian McFarland)
   28TH   Todd Rotondi (Bryant Montgomery)
   30TH   Christopher Cass (Scott Eldridge)

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    2ND    Jill Powell (Marcy Breen)
    2ND    Kathleen McNenny (Marcy Breen)
    2ND    Catherine Kellner (Kathy Evans)
    4TH    Mary Ellen Stuart (Frannie Crawford)
    7TH    Lamman Rucker (T. Marshall Travers)
    7TH    Jill Larson (Judith Clayton; 1947)
    8TH    Alice Hastings (Angel Lange)
    9TH    Spencer Grammer (Lucy Montgomery; 1985)
   12TH   Keith Douglas Pruit (Frank Wendell)
   12TH   Antonia Ray (Rosa)
   12TH   Marie Wilson (Meg Snyder; 1974)
   15TH   Jeremy Ian Zelig (Luke Grimaldi; 1994)
   15TH   Chauntee Schuler (Bonnie McKechnie)
   16TH   Ellen Dolan (Margo Hughes; 1955)
   16TH   Holly Cate (Janice Maxwell)
   18TH   Jon Lindstrom (Craig Montgomery; 1957)
   22ND   Charles Keating (Niles Mason; 1941)
   23RD   Ann Mitchell (Jane Bingham)
   23RD   Yvonne Perry (Rosanna Cabot)
   23RD   Augusta Dabney (Ann Holmes)
   23RD   Jessica Dunphy (Alison McDermott; 1984)
   25TH   Tom Eplin (Jake McKinnon; 1960)
   26TH   Allyson Rice Taylor (Connor Walsh)
   27TH   Mr. Lindsay (Steve Holden)
   29TH   Grayson McCouch (Dusty Donovan; 1968)

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    1ST    Anna Stuart (Donna Love; 1948)
    4TH    Peter Boyton (Tonio Reyes)
    5TH    Keith Coulouris (Reid Hamilton)
    5TH    Craig Lawlor (Adam Munson)
    7TH    Bronson Picket (Diego Santana)
    7TH    Julie Pinson (Janet Ciccone; 1967)
    8TH    Parker Posey (Tess Shelby)
   11TH   Peter Parros (Ben Harris; 1960)
   11TH   John Reiley (Dan Stewart)
   12TH   Ann Flood (Ruth Mansfield)
   12TH   Ashley Williams (Dani Andropoulis)
   14TH   Joanna Rhinehart (Jessica Griffin)
   14TH   Lisa Lawrence (Sarah Kasnoff)
   15TH   Margareth Reed (Shannon O'Hara)
   19TH   Paul Korver (Christopher Hughes)
   19TH   Glynnis O'Connor (Margo Hughes)
   20TH   Dan Frazer (Dan McClosky)
   20TH   Ming-Na-Wen (Lien Hughes)
   24TH   Sarah Jane Hyland (Alison McDermott; 1990)

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    3RD    Nicholas Coster (Eduardo Grimaldi)
    3RD    Jenna and Kayla McGrane (Bridget and Michelle McKinnon)
    8TH    Shawn Christian (Mike Kasnoff)
    8TH    Michael Levin (John Eldridge)
    9TH    Anne Stuart (Lyla Peretti)
    9TH    Francis Reid (Grace Baker; 1913)
   11TH   Patrick Tovatt (Cal Stricklyn)
   14TH   Elaine Princi (Miranda Marlowe)
   14TH   Benton Greene (Derek Coburn; 1972)
   14TH   Noelle Beck (Lily Snyder, 1968)
   16TH   Daniel Cosgrove (Unnamed role; 1970)
   17TH   Paul Leyden (Simon Frasier; 1972)
   17TH   Napiera Danielle Groves (Bonnie McKechnie)
   18TH   Shawn Christian (Mike Kasnoff; 1965)
   21ST    Larry Bryggman (John Dixon; 1938)
   22ND   Elizabeth Hubbard (Lucinda Walsh; 1933)
   23RD   Martha Byrne (Lily Snyder and Rose D'Angelo; 1969)
   26TH   Colleen Dion (Dahlia Ventura; 1964)
   27TH   Ken Garito (Dave Egan)
   30TH   Cassandra Creech (Denise Maynard)

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