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ATWT Two Scoops: Two Scoops Archives for 2006
Love a storyline? Want to throw the remote at the screen during others? Our Two Scoops columnists feel the same way. Each week, they provided their own commentary on the action in the Two Scoops column.

Every week, our Two Scoops columnists share their thoughts and opinions in the Two Scoops commentary columns. Those columns are archived to allow fans a chance to make sure that they've read every opinion for every week. This archive features columns written about As The World Turns in the 2006 calendar year.

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Jennifer Landon
January 2, 2006
Best and worst of 2005, part two
Part two of a two-part look back at the events of the past year in Oakdale. This week, our columnist Jennifer discusses the best and the worst that As the World Turns had to offer in 2005.
Martha Byrne
January 9, 2006
Off to a good start
Last week, Lily finally admitted that she is only marrying Keith because of her superstitious nature; she made a promise on Luke's life, and if she breaks that promise, then Luke will die.
Colleen Zenk
January 16, 2006
Pistol-packing Emily
Say what you will about Barbara, but when she's right, she's right. Will and Gwen are in no place to have a baby. Finishing high school should be first on their agenda.
Jesse Soffer
January 23, 2006
New happenings in Oakdale
It appears that Gwen and Will are trying too hard to be adults. Will should listen to his parents, even though Barbara does not know the meaning of the word tactful.
Van Hansis
January 30, 2006
Luke's 'boy' friend
Holden's in denial about Luke's sexuality, and who could blame him? The Snyder men do have a reputation with the ladies, after all.
Maura West
February 6, 2006
There was not a new column this week, so instead, please enjoy a look back at what was happening in Oakdale during the week of February 7, 2005.
Michael Park
February 13, 2006
Jack's depression
It's realistic that Jack, an adrenaline-junkie cop, would be less than satisfied with his new gig. His story about how he now spends his days with his co-worker Wilbur, who likes birds and has his own website, was hysterical.
Trent Dawson
February 20, 2006
Story slump
Will the Emily/Henry scheme transition to romance? Henry's diatribe about how Meg wasn't his type because he goes for blondes who are in love with other men seems to fit the Emily situation.
Maura West
February 27, 2006
Carly and Nick's undercover work
This thing with Carly and Nick is going nowhere fast. To have someone come between Jack and Carly again so soon after the thing with Julia is going in the wrong direction.
Grayson McCouch
March 6, 2006
Dusty's 'death'
We all know that Dusty isn't really dead, just fake dead, like Paul, James, Jack, Simon...well, you get the point. In other words, enough with the dead-but-not-really-dead storylines!
Maura West
March 13, 2006
Carly and her schemes
Will Carly Snyder ever learn her lesson? Carly has this preoccupation with scheming, and things always go wrong. When things go wrong, she has to lie and withhold information from her husband yet again.
Ellen Dolan
March 20, 2006
March madness
Last week, the best scenes were between Margo and Casey. Their arguments about parental trust and teenage rebellion were realistic, and their frank talk about sex was something that is seldom seen on daytime or primetime.
Jesse Soffer
March 27, 2006
Crazy, angry, paranoid, and desperate
Will feels that the only way that he can be happy is for him to stay away from his family and be with Gwen; how irrational is that? He might need to see his therapist again.
Michael Park
April 3, 2006
Oakdale, the sitcom
Hopefully, Jack has the number to a good divorce attorney. How can you not feel bad for a guy whose wife did a terrible thing, in a lame attempt to help him?
Grayson McCouch
April 10, 2006
Still going strong after fifty years
What a psycho Emily is becoming. She is losing all of the marbles that she had left; she kidnapped Dusty, blackmailed Henry into helping her, and married the man who left her at the altar.
Terri Colombino
April 17, 2006
Oakdale (not so) confidential
It turns out that Katie is the anonymous author. Apparently, she took a break between aerobics classes and wedding planning to write a novel. Impressive.
Eileen Fulton
April 24, 2006
Last week's highs
Katie's novel is causing quite a stir in Oakdale. Last week, Lisa went after Nancy, because Nancy is covering for Katie as the author. Those scenes were great to watch, as their past as mother-in-law and daughter-in-law was brought to the forefront.
Grayson McCouch
May 1, 2006
Emily's 'suicide'
Last week, Emily took a suicidal leap off of a cliff. It's hard to feel sorry for her, considering the fact that she was ready to ditch her own kid to go on the run with Paul, and the fact that she kidnapped and tortured poor Dusty for weeks.
Jesse Soffer
May 8, 2006
Kids will be kids
Will is his own worst enemy; he refuses to be direct with Gwen about how he feels. He is an insecure guy, and it shows every time he lets his doubts about himself get the better of him.
Van Hansis
May 15, 2006
Luke's secret and Katie's weddings
Luke's gay storyline has been written and performed beautifully. When Luke came out to his parents last week, the scenes were realistic. Lily was shocked and saddened, and she tried to talk Luke out of it. Surprisingly, Holden was the voice of reason.
Maura West
May 22, 2006
The medal mystery
Carly and Katie have similar ways of handling situations, which usually means trouble. It's going to be fun to watch them work together to find out the truth of the St. Christopher medals that are floating around Oakdale.
Van Hansis
May 29, 2006
Another baby switch
Luke's storyline is excellent. Everyone assumed that Holden would be unable to accept Luke's homosexuality, but instead, it's Lily who is having trouble accepting it. Meanwhile, how amazing was Lucinda's heart-to-heart with Luke?
Jesse Soffer
June 5, 2006
Arrivals, returns, and exits
When did Will become a liar, like his mother and brother? Will knows that he did the wrong thing, and that he needs to make things right, because he has never liked those qualities in his mother or brother.
Colleen Zenk
June 12, 2006
Will needs to chill
Maybe Will is going to be the town's next bad boy. That might be interesting, actually. He's had good role models in bad behavior, and just imagine the scenes where Barbara and Gwen bond/bicker as they try to pull Will back from the dark side.
Martha Byrne
June 19, 2006
Straight to camp for Luke
Damian believes that he can fix everything by sending Luke to a camp that will make him straight. Lily was going along with the idea, until she found out that it was a scam. However, it may be too late for her or her baby.
Paul Leyden
June 26, 2006
Baby drama
From the minute that Simon spotted Katie across the hall and broke into that sexy grin, it was on. He's playful, flirtatious, and more fun than a bottle of rum. It's as if they never missed a beat.
Terri Colombino
July 3, 2006
Maddie is hiding something
Katie can really get herself into some tough scrapes. She's such an unpredictable lady when it comes to her men, because her mouth says one thing, but her eyes seem to be saying something totally different.
Trent Dawson
July 10, 2006
Honeymoon hell
Why doesn't Henry have a storyline? He's a leading man, yet he is constantly used as comic relief, or as a supporting player. Give him a past, a former lover, something to do besides gamble and drink martinis.
Maura West
July 17, 2006
The world keeps turning
Carly has accepted that Jack wants to end their marriage, and she's ready to move on with her life. Carly is a woman who needs a man in her life, and it won't long before she gets one, so Jack had better be prepared.
Paul Leyden
July 24, 2006
Holden's parenting skills
Love him or hate him, Simon sure makes things interesting in Oakdale. Poor Katie; hopefully, she's strong. Broke Simon was irresistible, but rich Simon? Let's just say that the sight of him in an Armani may be Katie's undoing.
Martha Byrne
July 31, 2006
Too much death?
Lily has been in a coma for a while now. When she finally comes out of it, there will be a lot for her to catch up on, like the death of Jennifer, the birth of her son, and the fact that her ex-husband may be very ill.
Jesse Soffer
August 7, 2006
A slasher is on the loose
A killer is terrorizing the kids of Oakdale; Maddie is the prime suspect, but she's too obvious. Will has a tendency to disappear before each attack, and he has a history of mental illness, but is he the killer?
Grayson McCouch
August 14, 2006
Slasher suspects and wine cellar prisoners
If you have to be taken prisoner, then the wine cellar at Fairwinds seems to be the trendiest hot spot. Henry spent time there as a pickled prisoner, and now Lucy and Dusty are the newest captives, thanks to Damian.
Van Hansis
August 21, 2006
Fun at the drive-in
Last week, Luke realized that his father wanted to cure him of his gayness, and that Damian was responsible for Lily's accident. Luke showed anger, pain, and, finally, Damian the door. When Lily wakes up, Damian had better hire a bodyguard.
Maura West
August 28, 2006
Henry gets the truth
Carly wants to be with Jack, and Jack wants to be with her, but seeing Jack with another woman has made her more susceptible to Simon and his plans. It will be interesting to see how this affects her friendship with Katie.
Jesse Soffer
September 4, 2006
Raven Lake rampage, and Luke's coming out
Camping in its own right can be a scary nightmare, but it's nothing compared to the slaughter that the teens experienced last week at Raven Lake. The survivors are going to need years of therapy.
Jennifer Landon
September 11, 2006
The slashing ends
Where was Jade when the killings were taking place? She claimed that she was walking, but she was gone long enough to walk all the way back to Oakdale. Now, she's going to continue to mess with Will and Gwen's marriage.
Terri Colombino
September 18, 2006
Dirty divorce dancing
Last week, Katie was happily hunting real estate while her supposed best friend/ex-husband learned that his sister was a serial killer, and his other sister was raped. Did Katie call Henry, or stop by to offer some support? Nope.
Jesse Soffer
September 25, 2006
Emily is on to Paul
Jade is a pathological liar, and Will is such a gullible mark. Jade knows that Gwen is unable to get pregnant, so she's probably faking her pregnancy as a way to steal Will from Gwen.
Martha Byrne
October 2, 2006
Ice storm
It seems that Lily is awake, since her ghost can't physically move her body. Will she remember Holden and her family, or will she be a new woman? Let's just hope that she doesn't wake up as Rose.
Michael Park
October 9, 2006
Another memorial service in Oakdale
It's time for Jack and Carly to get back together. Jack is visibly jealous, and Carly definitely wants him back, but Simon is the obstacle; he has definitely worn out his welcome.
Colleen Zenk
October 16, 2006
Simon the bad boy
Barbara's flirtation with Chaz the bodyguard was hysterical, as was her takedown move on a man three times her size. If her design business doesn't work out, she may have a future as a pro wrestler.
Martha Byrne
October 23, 2006
Craig is Craig
Last week, it was revealed that Jade is Lily's annoying niece. How will this new information affect Jade's machinations? Will she suddenly become a respected citizen of Oakdale now that she is legitimately tied to Lily?
Colleen Zenk
October 30, 2006
Goodbye Hal, hello Adam and Vienna
Hal Munson, and his portrayer Benjamin Hendrickson, received an onscreen memorial tribute last week that was fitting for a hero and a beloved daytime star. Even Henry and Barbara, who normally avoid beer like the plague, choked down a brew in honor of Hal.
Trent Dawson
November 6, 2006
Carly and Simon hit the sheets
Where the heck is Henry right now? He never seems to get the type of story that is worthy of his character. He needs a love interest or something; he always seem to get left out in terms of love and story these days.
Terri Colombino
November 13, 2006
Simon and Katie reunited
There are a few things that are certain in life: the sun always rises in the east, water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and Katie will always love Simon...and vice versa.
Jesse Soffer
November 20, 2006
Jade starts on Will again
The sad part is that the same people who know that Jade is toxic are continuing to allow her in so that she can cause more trouble. How gullible can Will be? Jade is playing on his insecurities, and it's working like a charm.
Terri Colombino
November 27, 2006
Katie's sweet revenge
Katie Peretti is back. The docile housewife, who has been nesting in the cottage for months, has been replaced by the tough-talking, trouble-making, scrappy Katie we know and love. In short, it's on.
Grayson McCouch
December 4, 2006
Craig is shot
Why did Dusty shoot Craig right in front of Lucy as a witness? Maybe he thought that she would not testify against him because she didn't testify against her father, but has he ever heard of blood being thicker than water?
Paul Leyden
December 11, 2006
Simon's stones and Vienna's return
Diamonds are a girl's best friend, unless you're Carly, and you're sleeping with Simon. Then, diamonds may get you ten years in maximum security. Simon's stones have caused nothing but trouble.
Jesse Soffer
December 18, 2006
Snyder girls and the diamond saga
Will and Gwen cannot seem to catch a breather. Now they have to deal with Iris being back in town, in addition to Jade's manipulations.
Van Hansis
December 25, 2006
Best and worst of 2006
Part one of a two-part look back at the events of the past year in Oakdale. This week, our columnist Jennifer discusses the best and the worst that As the World Turns had to offer in 2006.

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