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January 7 to 11, 2019
Laura was elected mayor of Port Charles. Drew and Kim received the heartbreaking news that Oscar's tumor had not responded to the experimental treatment. Peter was horrified when Anna complained of a headache then suffered a medical emergency that left her blind. Griffin explained that they might not be able to restore Anna's sight. Jordan reached out to Tiffany Hill and Sean Donely for insight about the Ryan Chamberlain murders. Mac confided to "Kevin" that Jordan and Curtis had discovered that both the serial killer loose in Port Charles and Ryan had taken their victims' driver's licenses as mementoes. Franco was stunned when "Kevin" decided to stop seeing him as a patient. "Kevin" suggested that he and Ava leave town for good. Jason and Sam remained suspicious of Shiloh despite Shiloh's willingness to answer their questions. Drew spoke on Cam's behalf when Cam faced a judge for purchasing marijuana. The judge decided to put Cam on probation and warned him to stay out of trouble. Nina was taken aback when Liesl warned that there was something that Nina needed to know about her daughter.
January 14 to 18, 2019
Laura was sworn in as mayor of Port Charles. Crimson hosted a launch party for Lucy's new book. Franco discovered that Aiden had a secret passion for baking. Aiden blossomed when his family supported and encouraged his love for baking. Willow revealed that Charlotte had cheated off a classmate, but Nina accused the other girl of copying Charlotte's test answers. Liesl warned Nina to keep her eyes open because Valentin was not to be trusted. Sam was uneasy when Kristina shared a painful memory about Kiefer during a Day of Dawn session with Daisy. Oscar was heartbroken when he learned that he had less than a year to live, but he was determined to check off as much of his bucket list as possible. Anna regained her eyesight, but the virus that had caused it was tracked to a doctor who had once worked for the DVX. Mike turned violent during one of his memory lapses. "Kevin" asked Ava to leave Port Charles with him and start over somewhere else, but Ava refused to leave Avery behind. Ryan set his deadly sights on Sonny and Carly. Ryan changed plans when Lulu called asking him about a list of Ryan's victims that Laura had mentioned. Ryan stopped by Lulu's office.
January 21 to 25, 2019
Oscar and Josslyn decided to explore the catacombs, but their adventure ended when Oscar had a seizure and the teens became trapped in an old mine. Drew, Carly, Jason, and Sam rescued the teens. Disaster struck when the floor gave out and Jason fell deep into the catacombs. Jason made his way out, but he was overwhelmed by the cold water in the harbor. Sam saved Jason by reaching him before he drowned. Jason and Sam returned to the penthouse and made love. Lulu was horrified when "Kevin" revealed that he was Ryan then attacked her. Lulu was stabbed, but she escaped and reached help before collapsing. Lulu was rushed into surgery, but she remained unconscious. Ryan suffered a headache that left him temporarily blind, but he managed to flee the crime scene without arousing suspicion. Peter was surprised when Jordan asked if he had an alibi for the time that Lulu had been attacked. Robert Scorpio paid Anna a visit to share some important information. Sonny and Carly agreed that it was time for Mike to move into a long-term care facility. Shiloh put his best foot forward when he met Alexis. Franco and Elizabeth were shocked when Jake shared that the kids taunted Aiden by calling him "Gayden."
January 28 to February 1, 2019
Sonny decided that it was time to send Mike to live at the long-term care facility. Laura was overjoyed when Lulu woke up. Ryan's vision was restored, but a second attempt to kill Lulu failed when he was nearly caught trying to smother her. Lulu was unable to name her attacker. Ryan planted evidence that had Jordan and Chase looking at Franco as a possible suspect in the recent spree of murders. Ryan refused to get medical help for his twin when Kevin lost his vision following a headache. Kevin claimed that he and Laura had signed a prenup. Elizabeth talked to Lucas and Brad about Aiden's bullies. Julian warned Brad about Willow. Daisy confessed to Sam. Sam decided that it would be best if she and Jason pretended to break up because Sam could use her relationship troubles to get closer to Shiloh. Alexis attended a Dawn of Day seminar with Kristina. Anna realized that her twin, Alex, might have had contact with Dr. Cabot. Liesl was shocked when she realized that Maxie had taken off her wedding ring. Olivia worried that Dante's disappearance indicated that something had gone terribly wrong.
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February 4 to 8, 2019
Sam took steps to get closer to Shiloh. Jason confided to Carly that his breakup with Sam was just an act. Sonny turned to Anna for help locating Dante, but Anna explained that Dante was too deep undercover to contact without endangering his life. Finn uncovered that Dr. Cabot was living in Sweden. Elizabeth arranged for Lucas and Brad to spend the day at the ice-skating rink with Aiden. Jordan asked "Kevin" to help Lulu recover her memory of the attack through hypnosis. Ryan made certain that Lulu recalled that Franco had attacked her then he planted evidence to frame Franco. Jordan arrested Franco. Ava and Ryan quarreled. Ryan became jealous when he saw Griffin comfort Ava, prompting him to lure Griffin to the hospital's rooftop. Sasha paid Nina a surprise visit. Valentin warned Sasha to avoid Liesl. Maxie persuaded Peter to give Liesl a job. Liesl was not pleased when she realized that Maxie and Peter were close. Oscar was delighted when scans revealed that his tumor had stopped growing. Terry warned Kim and Drew that Oscar had only been given a short reprieve from the inevitable. Alexis met someone new.
February 11 to 15, 2019
Following Franco's arrest, Cam was roughed up defending his mother's honor. Drew officiated Franco and Elizabeth's Valentine's Day wedding in jail. Jordan realized that Franco was innocent and paid him a visit. Jason went to Beechers Corners to get some answers about Shiloh. Kristina felt a spark of jealousy when she saw Sam spending time with Shiloh at the Dawn of Day Valentine's Day party. Shiloh reminded Kristina that she needed to invest more money to attain a greater level of enlightenment. Spencer turned to his uncle for guidance. Sonny was stunned when Carly announced that she was pregnant. Nina announced that she had accepted Valentin's marriage proposal. Peter and Maxie theorized that Liesl had been blackmailing Valentin because Sasha was not Nina's daughter. Finn, Robert, and Anna went to Sweden to confront Dr. Cabot, but the doctor refused to share vital information until his blindness had been cured. Despite Neil Byrne and Alexis' unorthodox introduction, Alexis decided to give therapy a try. Laura decided to follow "Kevin" when he talked to her about their prenuptial agreement. Ryan made arrangements to visit Kevin at Ferncliff.
February 18 to 22, 2019
Laura was stunned when she followed "Kevin" to Ferncliff and found her husband locked up in one of the rooms. Ryan managed to knock out Laura then spirit her and Kevin to the basement, where he held them captive. Ava accepted "Kevin's" marriage proposal. Franco agreed to work with Jordan to lure the killer out of hiding by pleading guilty and taking credit for the murders. Jordan warned Franco that no one, including Elizabeth, could know the truth. Elizabeth refused to believe that Franco had committed the murders, but she couldn't understand why he had pleaded guilty. Cam and Josslyn made plans with Oscar and another friend to drive to Niagara Falls. Kim confirmed Carly's pregnancy, but Carly and Sonny agreed to keep the news about the baby to themselves for a bit. Robert gave Sonny an update on Dante. Shiloh invited Sam on a short trip out of town to see a special place that he promised would be transformative. Harmony warned Shiloh that Jason posed a threat to both Shiloh and Dawn of Day. Maxie took steps to have Sasha's DNA tested. Dr. Cabot revealed that Anna had been a part of a covert experiment on memory transfer. Drew was hit by a blinding headache and passed out behind the wheel of his car. Jordan was struck by Drew's car while walking in the hospital's parking garage.
February 25 to March 1, 2019
"Kevin" persuaded Ava to elope with him to Niagara Falls. Ryan became enraged when he saw Franco in a televised interview, taking credit for the recent murders. Ryan confronted Franco, prompting Franco to tell him about Jordan's plan. Ryan revealed his true identity then stabbed Franco, but Franco managed to escape and leave Jordan a voicemail message warning her that Ryan Chamberlain was the killer. A gravely injured Franco made his way to Elizabeth's house. Jordan suffered extensive kidney damage and required life-saving surgery. Curtis' worst fears were realized when Finn revealed that Jordan needed a kidney transplant. Jason and Drew each underwent surgery to restore their eyesight. Carly told Jason about her pregnancy. Carly warned Jason that Sam might be playing right into Shiloh's hands. Carly caught "Kevin" fawning over his grisly collection. To finance a trip with Oscar, Cam, and Trina to Niagara Falls, Josslyn dipped into a secret "adventure" fund that Jax had set up for her. Maxie and Lulu returned to Lulu's office, where Lulu began to recall snippets of the events leading up to the attack. Lulu and Maxie turned to Mac and Felicia for help. Anna and Robert told Peter about Dr. Cabot's experiment.
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MARCH 2019
March 4 to 8, 2019
Kevin and Laura found a secret passage that allowed Laura to slip out of Ferncliff. Franco survived the stab wound and revealed that Ryan Chamberlain was alive. Kevin was taken to General Hospital, where he underwent surgery to restore his eyesight. Jason feared the worst when he realized that Ryan might have been responsible for Carly's disappearance. Jason and Laura raced to Niagara Falls to stop Ryan. Ava was horrified when she saw Carly bound and unconscious in the trunk of "Kevin's" car. Kevin dumped Carly's unconscious body in a snowy ravine. Ava feared that "Kevin" had suffered a breakdown. Jason and Laura caught up with Ryan and Ava on a footbridge to Canada. Josslyn and Oscar decided to consummate their love, but their plans were cut short when Oscar suffered a seizure. A troubling dream about Julian left Alexis reaching for a bottle of vodka. Daisy was disappointed when Shiloh chose Kristina instead of her for a project. Sam noticed that Daisy became nervous when Sam asked about a tattoo on Daisy's lower back. An undercover operative in Turkey gave Sonny and Robert an update on Dante. Nina introduced Sasha to Michael.
March 11 to 15, 2019
Andre Maddox uncovered that Dr. Cabot had successfully transferred a partial memory from Alex to her twin, Anna. Anna turned to Valentin for help getting a message to Alex. In Turkey, Sonny found an ally in a teenage boy named Dev who helped Sonny track down Dante. Raj gave Dante an extraordinary order. Alexis had a vivid dream about Julian that had her reaching for a bottle, but she called Finn before she took a drink. Molly questioned if Dawn of Day was a cult when Kristina cut off her friendship with Valerie for not accepting Kristina's new DOD friends. Molly informed Michael what Kristina had been up to with DOD. Ryan grabbed Ava as he plunged into the rushing river, but Jason managed to grab Ava's hand and pull her to safety. He also saved Carly, whose baby was safe. Ava was horrified when she realized that the man that she had fallen in love with was her daughter's killer. Ryan's body was not recovered. Elizabeth didn't know if she could move forward with Franco because he had continued to keep secrets from her. Laura confessed that she wasn't ready for Kevin to return home because he hadn't shared with her that Ryan was alive. Chase and Willow agreed to make their relationship official. Sasha warned Valentin that Maxie had questions about Sasha's maternity. Maxie asked Brad to run a DNA test on Sasha's hair sample.
March 18 to 22, 2019
Alex Marick revealed that Anna's implanted memory had been of a man named Boris Mikhailov, who had been killed in an ambush when Alex had failed to adequately protect him. After Alex's eyesight was restored, she hinted to Finn that she had lied to Anna. Anna arranged for the WSB to take Alex into custody. Alex reached out to Valentin for assistance, but he refused to help her. Willow decided to break her lease and quit her job when she learned that Shiloh was in Port Charles. Shiloh paid Willow a visit. Kristina agreed to share an explosive secret to gain admittance to Dawn of Day's elite secret circle known as the Trust. Sonny put his life on the line to rescue Dante. Dante killed Raj. Dante and Lulu enjoyed a passionate reunion. Terry broke the news that Oscar's tumor had grown, and he had less than two months to live. Elizabeth decided to work on her marriage to Franco, despite their trust issues. Cam struggled with his mother's decision to remain married to Franco. Margaux charged Kevin with aiding and abetting Ryan. Ava found support from some very unlikely people. Griffin decided that it was time to leave town.
March 25 to 29, 2019
After Alex Marick was transferred to Steinmauer, Anna asked Robert to dig up whatever he could find on Boris Mikhailov's defection and ambush. Anna and Peter took tentative steps to building a relationship. Dante realized that he'd been brainwashed, so Anna arranged for him to receive specialized treatment at a facility in Wales. Lulu was devastated by Dante's decision to leave town, but she promised to wait for him -- forever if she had to. Kevin urged Laura to file for divorce to protect herself from the backlash of his trial, but Laura admitted that she didn't want a divorce. Kristina began to cut out anyone in her life who didn't accept Dawn of Day. Willow decided to leave town to put some distance between her and Shiloh, but she changed her mind when she saw that Brad had a DOD pamphlet. Jason assaulted Shiloh to send the cult leader a clear message. Shiloh dropped the charges against Jason to score points with Sam. Monica invited Oscar and Kim to move into the Quartermaine mansion. Ava vowed to be ready because she was certain that Ryan would return for her. Maxie received the results of the DNA test that she'd run on Sasha and Nina. Elizabeth had trouble with Aiden's best friend's mother.
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APRIL 2019
April 1 to 5, 2019
Finn confided to Chase that he intended to propose marriage to Anna. Chase was confident that Anna would accept and that Chase would be best man at the wedding. Valentin and Nina had a talk with Principal Schultz about Willow's treatment of Charlotte. Valentin warned the principal that he would not tolerate Willow bullying his daughter any further. Sam took steps to get closer to Shiloh. Margaux scheduled a session with Shiloh. Kristina gave Shiloh the tape recording of the secret that she hoped would gain her entry into the Trust, then she borrowed $10,000 from Julian to pay the entry fee for the inner circle. Jason warned Sam that he did not want Shiloh near Danny again. Oscar and Josslyn spent an idyllic day together until Oscar collapsed and slipped into a coma. Terry warned Drew and Kim that Oscar's condition was grave. Lulu confessed that Dante's departure had devastated her, and she was only pretending to keep it together. Laura urged Lulu to get away for a while with Rocco. Lulu decided to take a trip to Paris. Jordan revealed that Ryan's right hand had been found, but Ava remained convinced that Ryan was alive because Ryan was left-handed, and he would have sacrificed his non-dominant hand to throw off the police. Kevin appreciated Lucy's support, but he reminded her that he loved his wife. Laura was unable to sign the documents ending her marriage.
April 8 to 12, 2019
Things heated up between Peter and Maxie, but Peter pulled back because he didn't want to rush Maxie. Sasha acted as peacemaker between Maxie and Nina. Willow and Chase made love. Drew and Kim told Oscar that his tumor had grown, and there was nothing left to be done. Monica made plans for her grandson to spend his last days surrounded by family at the Quartermaine mansion. Sonny gave Jason the order to take Kristina out of Dawn of Day. Harmony warned Shiloh that Kristina was gone -- as was the distinctive cup that they had used to drug Kristina. Kristina was furious when she woke up in a secluded safehouse and realized what had been done. Sonny hired Neil to deprogram Kristina. Laura, Felicia, and Ava agreed that Ryan was not dead, and they hatched a plan to lure Ryan out of hiding. Finn waited for an opportunity to propose marriage to Anna. Anna confided to Finn and Robert that she feared that Alex might be Robin's biological mother. Spencer and Valentin clashed. Nora Buchanan persuaded the judge to drop the charges against Kevin because Ryan had technically not been a fugitive once the state had declared him dead in absentia. A mystery person spied on Ava.
April 15 to 19, 2019
Sam continued to maintain her pretense of being under Shiloh's spell. Shiloh enlisted Brad's help to deceive Jason. Willow entrusted Michael with her secrets about the son that she had given up for adoption. Michael grew concerned when Willow told him about the ritual to join the Trust, which included divulging a dark secret and sleeping with Shiloh. Alexis was furious that Neil had refused to help her but had agreed to help Sonny. Neil explained that Sonny hadn't given him a choice, and he had only realized once he had talked to Sonny that Alexis and Sonny shared a daughter. Valentin enlisted Nora's help to secure full physical custody of Charlotte. Cameron was suspended from school because he'd beaten up a kid for ridiculing Aiden's sexuality. Franco turned to Nina for assistance. Sasha and Michael hit the sheets. Oscar and Kim moved into the Quartermaine mansion. Oscar asked Ned and Olivia to plan his memorial service. Tests concluded that Ryan's hand had been severed while Ryan had still been alive. A mystery person stalked Ava. Franco told Kevin that he wanted to return to therapy. Laura and Kevin kissed. Kevin received a package.
April 22 to 26, 2019
Oscar made the decision to legally change his name to Oscar Nero Quartermaine. Oscar's friends and family gathered around him in his final days. Oscar asked Jason and Drew to figure out how to be brothers. Oscar recorded a video for Josslyn. Sonny and Carly told Avery about the baby that they were expecting. Anna uncovered proof that she was Robin's mother. Finn tried to find the right moment to propose to Anna, but Robert discouraged Finn from popping the question. Maxie and Peter decided to postpone their first date. Lulu returned to Port Charles, and she proposed writing a story about Ryan from Ava's perspective. Kevin received a package from the Canadian authorities that contained Ryan's left hand. Ava, Laura, Kevin, Felicia, and Mac put a plan into motion to lure Ryan out of hiding. Curtis went to Canada to find out what had happened to Ryan. Jordan confided to T.J. that her remaining kidney was failing. Both Michael and Sasha ended up in the hospital with a nasty virus. Michael heard a shocking confession. Harmony was revealed to be Willow's mother. Willow lied to Harmony about the baby. Kristina's first round of exit therapy with her family did not go well. Alexis leaned on Neil. Shiloh and Jason had a tense encounter. Jason warned Sam that Shiloh had drugged Kristina with narcotics.
April 29 to May 3, 2019
Edward and Lila Quartermaine welcomed Oscar home as he took his final breath. Loved ones were grief-stricken over Oscar's passing. Carly rushed to her daughter's side when Carly received word that Oscar had died. Cameron pretended that he hadn't been deeply affected by his friend's death, but he broke down in solitude. Kim was touched by the outpouring of love for her son, and she leaned on Julian during her time of sorrow. Shiloh tried to take advantage of Drew's grief, but Drew was not receptive to Shiloh's machinations. Shiloh paid Willow a visit to warn her that he would not give up on her returning to Dawn of Day. Willow asked Michael to arrange a meeting with Kristina because Willow wanted to offer Kristina insight into the real Shiloh. Willow cautioned Julian about Brad's association with DOD. Alexis gave Valerie the slip. Kristina made a small breakthrough. Lulu posted various videos online of Ava and Kevin, designed to lure Ryan out of hiding. Curtis spoke to a man named Timmy, who revealed that Ryan's accomplice had been a woman. Jordan learned that she had developed an infection that jeopardized her failing kidney. Milo infiltrated DOD to help Sam. Sam and Jason plotted their next move against Shiloh.
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MAY 2019
May 6 to 10, 2019
Jax returned to Port Charles for an indefinite stay. Robert suggested that Alex had transferred the memories of Peter's conception and birth to Anna. Anna made it clear to both Robert and Finn that she did not want Peter to know that she was not his mother. Peter whisked Maxie off for a romantic date, but things went awry, and unexpected visitors crashed the date. Finn revealed that Kevin Collins was a donor match for Jordan, but additional tests determined that Kevin was pre-diabetic. Kevin was startled when Ava tried to kiss him. Finn and T.J. asked Jordan about her side of the family. Curtis and Laura joined forces and went to Canada to track down a lead on Ryan. A mystery person spied on Curtis and Laura. Kristina experienced a breakthrough, and she returned home with Alexis. Shiloh was delighted when Kristina turned up on his doorstep, but she accused him of attempting to rape her -- and she demanded that he return her pledge and the recording. Jason attempted to steal Kristina's files, but Shiloh had moved the pledges. Sam suggested that she go through with Shiloh's initiation into the Trust -- and record it. Willow confided to Chase that Wiley was her son. Lucas turned to his father for advice about Brad. Brad sought Shiloh's guidance on how to deal with Wiley's birth mother.
May 13 to 17, 2019
Friends and family gathered for Oscar's memorial service, as he had arranged it, and they planted a field of flowers in Oscar's honor. A special fashion editor joined Nina on the red carpet as the 2019 Nurses Ball kicked off. Jax made an impression on Nina. Maxie and Peter made love. Sam attend the Nurses Ball with Shiloh to keep Shiloh occupied while Jason and Spinelli planted recording devices to catch Shiloh initiating Sam into the Trust. Peter expressed an interest in Molly's proposed exposť on Dawn of Day. The principal informed Willow that she would not be invited back when school started in the fall. Michael and Sasha spent time together. Finn was not pleased when he discovered that Robert had replaced Anna's engagement ring with a copy. Anna jumped to the wrong conclusion when she saw Robert with an engagement ring. Mike proposed to Yvonne. Sonny and Carly received news about their baby. Ryan captured Laura and Curtis. Ava and Kevin seized an opportunity to lure Ryan out of hiding.
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JUNE 2019
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JULY 2019
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October 7 to 11, 2019
October 14 to 18, 2019
October 21 to 25, 2019
October 28 to November 1, 2019
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