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PS Two Scoops: Two Scoops Archives for 2007
Love a storyline? Want to throw the remote at the screen during others? Our Two Scoops columnists feel the same way. Each week, they provided their own commentary on the action in the Two Scoops column.

Every week, our Two Scoops columnists share their thoughts and opinions in the Two Scoops commentary columns. Those columns are archived to allow fans a chance to make sure that they've read every opinion for every week. This archive features columns written about Passions in the 2007 calendar year.

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January 1, 2007
Worst of 2006
Part two of a two-part look back at the events of the past year in Harmony. This week, our columnist discusses the worst that Passions had to offer in 2006.
Liza Huber
January 8, 2007
New year, old storylines
Last week, Gwen realized for the forty-thousandth time that Ethan really wanted to be with Theresa, but she still didn't leave him for good.
January 15, 2007
Wedding bell blues
Why have the women on this show been reduced to being whining, whimpering, I-can't-live-without-him morons? They used to be such strong, independent characters.
McKenzie Westmore
January 22, 2007
Sheridan is so much fun to watch. Somewhere, Alistair is watching all of her machinations and glowing with pride at the thought of the things that his devilish daughter is doing to keep Luis and Fancy apart.
Galen Gering
January 29, 2007
The party's over
Who was shocked when Luis fell out of the pantry dressed as the Peeper last week? It would be interesting if he was the Peeper, but it makes no sense.
Lindsay Hartley
February 5, 2007
The truth behind the proof
You've got to love the Lo-Fitz family. Last week, they were all complaining about how much they hated the Crane power, and then Theresa whipped out her phone to get her brothers out of jail, and suddenly, that same Crane power was perfectly fine.
Brook Kerr
February 12, 2007
One thousand faces
Whitney is the worst friend that a girl could possibly have. Instead of being a shoulder to cry on, or a sounding board, she's just making Theresa's life more complicated than it already was.
Eric Martsolf
February 19, 2007
Valentine's Day massacre
Theresa should just let Ethan go. Last week, he admitted that he was free to be with Theresa, because Gwen has left him, but in reality, he's been free to be with Theresa his whole life; it just took Gwen leaving him to make it happen.
McKenzie Westmore
February 26, 2007
The mystery continues
Fancy is the biggest idiot in town. She is single-handedly letting Sheridan get away with torturing her. Once Fancy realized that Sheridan could have been the attacker, she should've just walked away, but instead, she spilled her guts to Sheridan.
Liza Huber
March 5, 2007
The pied peeper
Why is the Peeper blackmailing Theresa? Apparently, the Peeper doesn't want money; he just wants to keep Theresa dangling. Could Gwen be the person who is stalking Theresa?
Brook Kerr
March 12, 2007
Take it on the run
Vincent is getting beyond twisted in his fatal attraction to Chad. Not only is he threatening to tell Whitney at every turn, he's also taking pictures with her and emailing them to Chad.
McKenzie Westmore
March 19, 2007
Runaway loves
Sheridan has finally admitted that she's in love with Luis. Not only that, but she's also admitted to coming between Fancy and Luis. Of course, Luis is too stupid to realize what she's talking about.
Galen Gering
March 26, 2007
Lovers' hideaway
Sheridan showed her true colors several times last week, and yet Luis still couldn't pick up on her wicked ways. It's funny that he refuses to cheat with Sheridan because he doesn't want to hurt their loved ones; that didn't seem to bother him before.
John Reilly
April 2, 2007
The plot thickens
Whoever the Peeper is, they desperately want to destroy the Lo-Fitz family, which points to one possible source...a Crane. Alistair, perhaps?
Brook Kerr
April 9, 2007
Forever my darling
Last week, nit Whit almost caught Chad and Vincent together, but instead, she now believes that Vincent is cheating on Valerie. Why does she even care about Vincent and Valerie at all?
Juliet Mills
April 16, 2007
Guilty as charged
The month wouldn't be complete without Julian threatening someone for custody of his children, and Tabitha received that honor last week, so Tabby did what she does best when she feels threatened...she caused mayhem.
Galen Gering
April 23, 2007
Not only have the Lo-Fitz brothers been found guilty, but it was announced live on television, and Luis has been sentenced to death.
Eric Martsolf
April 30, 2007
Behind closed walls
Ethan is officially the biggest idiot in town. Last week, he knew that the blackmailer/she-man was inside the walls, and instead of calling for backup or help, he grabbed an axe and chopped the walls apart to get to the person.
Ben Masters
May 7, 2007
Jailhouse swap
Another clue about Pretty was dropped last week. Julian and Ivy took a trip down memory lane to the night when Pretty was conceived. Apparently, Pretty is no longer beautiful. Did Fancy have something to do with it? Did Fancy throw acid on her and make her ugly?
Lindsay Hartley
May 14, 2007
Summer lull
Theresa and Ethan will never learn. It's hard to blame Theresa, since she has never been able to resist Ethan; she even stalked him for a while. However, Ethan is the one who is kidnapping her and hiring stand-ins so that he can canoodle with her in the closet.
Eric Martsolf
May 21, 2007
The better evil
There was not a new column this week, so instead, please enjoy a look back at what was happening in Harmony during the week of May 23, 2005.
McKenzie Westmore
May 28, 2007
The key to the kingdom
Has Sheridan taken lessons from Theresa on how to refuse to believe what a man is telling her? Last week, Luis bluntly told Sheridan that she was his past, and that Fancy was his future, but Sheridan is convinced that he has been brainwashed by Fancy.
Ben Masters
June 4, 2007
The melting point
Now that Julian knows the truth, and Theresa knows that Julian knows, why is he playing this cat and mouse game with her? Why hasn't he just blurted the truth out to Ethan, Theresa be damned?
Juliet Mills
June 11, 2007
The sweet escape
The scenes with Tabitha, Kay, and Endora last week were enjoyable. Tabby was declared a good witch, and the witches committee took Endora to live with them so that they could raise her to be a bad witch, so Tabby and Kay joined forces to save Endora.
Lindsay Hartley
June 18, 2007
Sad endings, new beginnings
Ethan and Theresa still can't keep their hands off of each other. In the name of good friendship and support, they are helping Whitney and Chad, but they still manage to find some time to canoodle in public, where anyone can see them.
Liza Huber
June 25, 2007
Back in black
Gwen is back! It's about time, and it's time for her to let Theresa and Ethan have it for the hurt and humiliation that they've put her through.
Eric Martsolf
July 2, 2007
The end of an era
For years, Theresa stood by and watched as Ethan first married Gwen, then refused to leave her time and time again. Now, all of a sudden, he can't wait one more day for Theresa to leave Jared to be with him.
John Reilly
July 9, 2007
If I wrote the show, part one
Alistair has far too many secrets, and him cowering down to blackmail is just not going to gel with his homecoming.
Lindsay Hartley
July 16, 2007
If I wrote the show, part two
Since Alistair was never really dead, Theresa's marriage to Jared would be declared invalid, and Alistair would immediately divorce Theresa, leaving her free to be with Ethan.
Eric Martsolf
July 23, 2007
Love conquers all
This secret about Ethan Martin's paternity has got to come to an end soon. The way that Ethan is acting now, he'd definitely forgive Theresa for lying to him. He didn't get upset about the last million or so lies that she told him, so what's one more?
Eva Tamargo
July 30, 2007
Death row blues
Poor Pilar. That woman has been through more suffering than anyone should ever have to go through, and now she's been forced to prepare her son's final meal.
Tracey Ross
August 6, 2007
The beginning of the end
Julian is determined to protect the Crane name, at all costs. Does he even realize that Vincent is the one who raped Fancy, and that by letting his murdering butt go free, Julian is enabling Vincent to attack again?
McKenzie Westmore
August 13, 2007
If I could turn back time
Theresa was all set to press charges against Sheridan last week, until Sheridan admitted that Vincent had blackmailed her into killing Theresa in order to save Luis.
John Reilly
August 20, 2007
Deadly intentions
Last week, Whitney overheard Gwen and Rebecca scheming to stop Theresa's wedding, so Theresa devised a plan to lock them in the bathroom. Unfortunately, as Theresa and Ethan were becoming man and wife, Theresa's not-so-dead husband Alistair popped up.
Andrea Evans
August 27, 2007
The puppet master returns
Theresa and Ethan finally got married last week, and while they were enjoying their wedding night, Gwen and Rebecca were trying to figure out where the newlyweds had gone, so that they could bust the marriage up.
Brook Kerr
September 3, 2007
The winding road
Did Chad really think that Alistair wouldn't kill him last week? Alistair tried to kill his own daughter; Chad means nothing to him.
John Reilly
September 10, 2007
The fork in the road
Has Alistair gotten even more evil? He used to be cartoonish, just threatening people and disowning his family. Now he's shot Chad in cold blood, put a hit out on Vincent, and implanted a control device in Fancy that may kill her.
Eric Martsolf
September 17, 2007
Week of woes
There was not a new column this week, so instead, please enjoy a look back at what was happening in Harmony during the week of January 24, 2005.
Juliet Mills
September 24, 2007
New beginnings, more drama!
The boys in Tabitha's basement have taken revenge on the evil-turned-good witch, and have taken her daughter Endora, and the love of Kay's life, Miguel.
Ben Masters
October 1, 2007
Daddy's little boy
Poor Julian. After finally being reunited with his long-lost son Vincent, he is now forced to come to terms with the fact that Vincent is dead...or is he? In fact, Vincent is alive, and he is determined to stick it to both his parents.
Lindsay Hartley
October 8, 2007
Here comes the bridezilla
There was not a new column this week, so instead, please enjoy a look back at what was happening in Harmony during the week of October 10, 2005.
Galen Gering
October 15, 2007
Death becomes him
There was not a new column this week, so instead, please enjoy a look back at what was happening in Harmony during the week of October 17, 2005.
McKenzie Westmore
October 22, 2007
It's a hard knock life
There was not a new column this week, so instead, please enjoy a look back at what was happening in Harmony during the week of May 2, 2005.
Lindsay Hartley
October 29, 2007
Baby blues
There was not a new column this week, so instead, please enjoy a look back at what was happening in Harmony during the week of October 25, 2004.
Rodney Van Johnson
November 5, 2007
Lady sings the blues
There was not a new column this week, so instead, please enjoy a look back at what was happening in Harmony during the week of August 9, 2004.
November 12, 2007
There was not a new column this week, so instead, please enjoy a look back at what was happening in Harmony during the week of May 31, 2004.
Justin Hartley
November 19, 2007
The way we were
There was not a new column this week, so instead, please enjoy a look back at what was happening in Harmony during the week of July 19, 2004.
Liza Huber
November 26, 2007
Catching up with Passions
When will Gwen wake up and smell the coffee? When will she realize that Ethan is not worth her time? She should let Ethan and Theresa get together, because those two are capable of destroying themselves without any help from her.
Lindsay Hartley
December 3, 2007
It's a matter of opinion
Theresa was always the aggressor in the Gwen/Ethan/Theresa triangle. She plotted to separate Gwen and Ethan, and refused to accept defeat, but now she's suddenly a passive character? That doesn't make any sense.
Liza Huber
December 10, 2007
Gwen and Theresa's behavior
It's sad to watch Gwen go down a slippery slope. It makes no sense to deny Jonathan a chance to get a liver donor. Theresa is willing to have Little Ethan (LE) tested, but Gwen is moving heaven and earth to prevent it.
Andrea Evans
December 17, 2007
What has James E. Reilly done to Gwen?
Rebecca is a horrible mother. She is making Gwen's situation worse by pushing her on Ethan. More importantly, why is Gwen being turned into Theresa?
Eric Martsolf
December 24, 2007
The theatre masks of comedy and tragedy
Ethan has disintegrated into a first-class jerk. If he continues to blindly support Gwen, his relationship with Theresa probably won't last another month...not that it was much of a relationship.
December 31, 2007
The year in review
Part one of a two-part look back at the events of the past year in Harmony. This week, our columnist discusses the best that Passions had to offer in 2007.

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