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PS Two Scoops: Two Scoops Archives for 2006
Love a storyline? Want to throw the remote at the screen during others? Our Two Scoops columnists feel the same way. Each week, they provided their own commentary on the action in the Two Scoops column.

Every week, our Two Scoops columnists share their thoughts and opinions in the Two Scoops commentary columns. Those columns are archived to allow fans a chance to make sure that they've read every opinion for every week. This archive features columns written about Passions in the 2006 calendar year.

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Justin Hartley
January 2, 2006
A new war is brewing
There was not a new column this week, so instead, please enjoy a look back at what was happening in Harmony during the week of April 25, 2005.
January 9, 2006
Reader's choice
This week, we're providing a slightly different point of view, as we highlight some of the comments that readers have been sending in.
John Reilly
January 16, 2006
The big letdown
Alistair's (supposed) murder had its high moments, but it also had its share of low points. The flashbacks of everyone threatening Alistair were pointless, especially since the viewers already knew who the culprit was.
Eric Martsolf
January 23, 2006
Another week of nothing special
So Ethan is going to end his Theresa problem by moving half way around the world? Didn't he try this already by running off to L.A.? Didn't his daughter die because he couldn't resist Theresa's charms?
Lindsay Hartley
January 30, 2006
Bye bye birdie
Theresa used to hate Julian, as did everyone in town, but in the softest way, Julian pointed out last week that perhaps Theresa should move on with her life. Theresa defiantly refused to live without Ethan, but Julian's words seemed to make an impact.
Ben Masters
February 6, 2006
The power within
It was great to see Theresa taking control of her life last week, and Gwen obviously knows that Theresa has some power now. Mrs. Alistair Crane tops being the stepdaughter of Julian Crane.
Andrea Evans
February 13, 2006
The truth will out
Last week, Ivy confronted Theresa, and yet again, Theresa denied sending the tabloids anything. Only this time, it struck a nerve with Ivy, and she confronted Gwen and Rebecca, who must be two years old, as they lie with their fingers crossed behind their back.
McKenzie Westmore
February 20, 2006
The real deal
Last week, Sheridan and Chris got engaged. Can they just fall into a volcano in Hawaii now? Of course, Chris is going to die soon anyway; every man who ends up involved with Sheridan dies eventually.
Liza Huber
February 27, 2006
Last week, Theresa manipulated someone into giving Gwen a job, and Gwen all too eagerly accepted. This is one more absurd attempt to lure Ethan back to Theresa, only to have it blow up in her face again.
Eva Tamargo
March 6, 2006
Carnival time
Pilar's current storyline has set up a wonderful conflict. Pilar can't condone Theresa's actions of coming between Gwen and Ethan because then she'd have to accept Katherine doing the same thing. Not that Pilar has ever condoned Theresa's actions.
Eric Martsolf
March 13, 2006
To have and to hold
Theresa is still trying to lure Ethan to Crane. He's so smart that he knows that she is trying to get him back by luring him to Crane. If he had half a brain, he'd realize exactly what she's doing.
Eva Tamargo
March 20, 2006
Blast from the past
Last week, Pilar finally grew a backbone and dumped that loser of a husband that she had. Maybe there is hope for Theresa to do the same with Ethan.
Brook Kerr
March 27, 2006
My boyfriend's back
Poor Whitney. She's obviously in a bad mental state, what with the lashings and all. But what on earth made her confess her sins to the monk last week?
Lindsay Hartley
April 3, 2006
Secrets will out
What makes Theresa an expert on love and fate? Fate has worked so well for Theresa that she has taken to spying on Ethan and Gwen as a means of keeping him in her life. Fancy should've ran the other way instead of sticking around to listen to Theresa last week.
Galen Gering
April 10, 2006
Everyone in town knows that Sheridan is a bigamist except Luis. By sheer word of mouth, the entire town has found out in a matter of minutes, and that is in show time.
Lindsay Hartley
April 17, 2006
The truth behind the lie
It's easy to understand why Theresa is willing to settle for being Ethan's mistress. One minute he is telling her that he loves her, and the next he is telling her that he can never leave his wife. He is abusive towards Theresa, and she deserves better.
Liza Huber
April 24, 2006
It ain't easy
The Ethan/Theresa/Gwen triangle has been hotly debated since day one, yet here we are, almost seven years later, and the same lines are being said, and the same stories are being written. Gwen is never going to give up and let Theresa be happy with Ethan.
Eric Martsolf
May 1, 2006
True lies
Ethan needs to grow a pair, plain and simple. How can he think of himself as a decent human being when he tortures Theresa endlessly? He won't stop telling her how much he wants her, yet he won't leave Gwen. He will never let Theresa be happy with anyone else.
Galen Gering
May 8, 2006
When in Rome
Luis is an idiot, but that is nothing new. After Luis and Chad landed in Rome, two complete strangers showed up as protection, and he didn't even call Theresa to see if she had sent them.
Brook Kerr
May 15, 2006
Suspense for sweeps
The Vendetta storyline is heating up and getting semi-interesting. Last week, Whitney had a moment of clarity and figured out that the monk is not God. She tried to help Chad, but ended up running back to the monk when he professed his love.
Lindsay Hartley
May 22, 2006
Romantic Rome
From day one, Theresa has harped on living the good life like the Cranes. She can't do that with Ethan. Surely Alistair won't let Ethan work at Crane Enterprises when he comes back. Can Ethan make enough money at the garage to make Theresa happy?
May 29, 2006
Roman holiday
Apparently, one of the biggest cities in the world only has one hotel, and every resident of Harmony, including Beth, is staying in that hotel.
Eric Martsolf
June 5, 2006
Sure, couples split up so that you can root for them to get back together, but that payoff shouldn't last for five years. Who even cares if Theresa and Ethan end up together anymore?
John Reilly
June 12, 2006
The truth will out
Why does Whitney still have her disguise on? Half of Harmony has seen her in the disguise, so they know who she is now. And why does she still trust the monk? If a man of God does not know what the word agape means, then something is up.
McKenzie Westmore
June 19, 2006
The big bummer
Alistair is not evil, he's just crazy. Who in their right mind wants to kill everyone just because they don't agree with his psycho ways? Beth definitely is his child.
Eric Martsolf
June 26, 2006
The truth will set you free
Ethan is a moron. How can he not see that Gwen doesn't want him talking to J.T.? If she really and truly were innocent, then what would it matter if Ethan talked to J.T. or not? On some level, Ethan knows that Gwen did this.
Liza Huber
July 3, 2006
Theresa is an idiot. She finally had the goods on Gwen, after months of trying and failing, and instead of keeping her mouth shut and busting her butt, she gloated and gave Gwen the ultimate advantage.
Galen Gering
July 10, 2006
Luis and Fancy are cute together, but she really needs to stop trying to be a heroine and let Luis save his son. Fancy knows that Beth is crazy, yet time and again she refuses to leave Luis and ends up being the reason that he can't save his child.
Juliet Mills
July 17, 2006
Unhappily ever after
Tabitha and Endora are truly the brightest spots on the show. It was hard to imagine that anyone would be able to take Timmy's place as Tabitha's sidekick, but Endora has managed to accomplish the impossible, and makes the show a delight to watch.
Lindsay Hartley
July 24, 2006
Unrequited love
Did Ethan really think that he could spend the rest of his life being married to Gwen and having Theresa pining over him? Did he really think that he could keep telling Theresa to move on with her life, and that she wouldn't take him seriously one day?
Andrea Evans
July 31, 2006
Lost loves, new beginnings
Say what you will about Rebecca, but she is totally and helplessly in love with Julian. And to an extent, she hit the nail on the head last week. No matter how much Eve loves Julian, her guilt is always going to draw her to T.C.
Eric Martsolf
August 7, 2006
New fools, old games
Is it any wonder that everyone in town knows how Ethan feels about Theresa? She got hit on the head with a ball last week, and he wouldn't let another soul near her while he begged her not to die. He even called her 'baby' while Gwen was standing within earshot.
Eva Tamargo
August 14, 2006
Moving on and letting go
Well, Pilar has fallen off the moral tree and hit every branch on the way down, hasn't she? What was up with her insisting that Theresa go after Ethan and be a family with him last week? She even called Gwen collateral damage and told Theresa to wreck their marriage.
Ben Masters
August 21, 2006
Is Julian only interested in his son because Eve doesn't have time for him? In any case, it's great to see that the old Julian is slowly returning. With Alistair gone, we may have a chance to see what Julian is capable of.
Liza Huber
August 28, 2006
A new beginning
Theresa has truly moved on, and Ethan is fuming over it. Meanwhile, Gwen has finally realized that after years of blaming Theresa for her marriage's problems, it was Ethan all along who was to blame.
Juliet Mills
September 4, 2006
Summer lovin'
Why doesn't Kay listen to Tabitha? She's finally found an excuse to legitimately jump Miguel, but she'll lose Fox in the process. But she's doing it to save Fox, so that makes it okay. This storyline just needs to end already.
Eric Martsolf
September 11, 2006
Your cheatin' heart
Ethan has shot himself in the foot. Not only did he jump into bed with Theresa last week, but he doesn't even have a viable excuse this time. Yes, the lights were off, but it wasn't that dark. When the lights came back on, Ethan used Theresa's favorite word...fate.
Galen Gering
September 18, 2006
Somber reflections
Hoorah for Fancy. She stood up to Luis last week and told him plainly that she was not going to be a replacement for Sheridan, and that she deserved someone who was going to give his whole heart to her. Finally, a woman with a backbone.
Ben Masters
September 25, 2006
Mismatched loves
Julian is extremely scary now; the way that he demands all of Eve's time and attention, it's no wonder that she left him. Still, it's great to have evil Julian back; he's much better than the wuss that Julian had turned into over the past few years.
McKenzie Westmore
October 2, 2006
Oh, what a tangled web we weave
Last week, Luis once again begged Sheridan to be with him, but she had adoption papers to sign. Why don't they just get together already and be happy for ten minutes before Sheridan dies again? She's well overdue for another false death.
Brook Kerr
October 9, 2006
Who's cheatin whom?
Apparently, Chad is sleeping with Valerie, but why does Whitney automatically assume that Chad is having an affair with Valerie? Aren't there other women in Harmony that Chad could be sleeping with?
Liza Huber
October 16, 2006
Autumn lovers
Ethan wants to be with Theresa, and he is looking for any excuse to leave Gwen. Of course, he denies this, but it's the truth. He desperately wants out of his marriage, but he doesn't have the cajones to stand up and say so.
Andrea Evans
October 23, 2006
The ties that bind
So for a change, instead of trying to cover her butt, Gwen is scratching her head. Theresa had both Gwen and Rebecca in the crosshairs last week, but she let them walk away scot-free, and neither Gwen nor Rebecca knows why.
James Hyde
October 30, 2006
It was a can't-miss week last week, as Ivy's secret was unexpectedly revealed. The ramifications could be very interesting.
Tracey Ross
November 6, 2006
Happy Halloween
It was selfish of Eve to beg Ivy to keep her out of the fallout; she played a part in breaking up Sam and Grace, too. Eve went along with the plan because she wanted to protect her own secrets, but she never spoke up, even after those secrets were revealed.
Lindsay Hartley
November 13, 2006
The end of the road
Ethan's infidelity shouldn't be swept under the rug; he was wrong, and he needs to pay for it. However, it was great to finally see Theresa one-up Gwen and beat her at her own game last week.
November 20, 2006
Giving thanks
There was not a new column this week, so instead, please enjoy a look back at what was happening in Harmony during the week of November 29, 2004.
McKenzie Westmore
November 27, 2006
So much to not be thankful for
Sheridan is sickening. She wants Luis to be happy...just not with anyone other than herself. Fancy is headed for a huge heartbreak, because Sheridan is going to jump back into Luis' bed the second that she finds out what a creep her husband is.
Galen Gering
December 4, 2006
'Tis the season
What is it with the Lo-Fitz men going at it in public places? First Miguel and Kay, then Miguel and Charity, and now Luis and Fancy. Get a room already!
Liza Huber
December 11, 2006
I can't stop loving you
From the intense stares, to the hateful venom that she's spewing, to the downright-no-she-didn't outing of Luis and Fancy to the tabloid, Sheridan has done her father proud. Last week, she flat-out told Gwen that the whole town knows that Ethan is in love with Theresa.
Galen Gering
December 18, 2006
May your days be merry and bright
Now we know why Fancy has decided to continue being a cop; she wants to be in constant danger, so that Luis can rescue her, much the same way that Luis and Sheridan started out.
Juliet Mills
December 25, 2006
Best of 2006
Part one of a two-part look back at the events of the past year in Harmony. This week, our columnist discusses the best that Passions had to offer in 2006.

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